New DP – Development Plan of Ulhasnagar 2018

Ulhasnagar city has not seen much Civic Development from many years because of no consensus between the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation and residents of the city. Many families have lost their hopes and left the city for better life in Kalyan, Ambernath & Thane cities nearby.

In Year 2013 a Ulhasnagar Draft Development Plan was proposed by UMC for infrastructure improvement of the city. This draft DP proposed wider concrete roads, Gardens, Recreational space and dedicated space for commercial establishment. However this invited many complaints and shortcomings in the proposed DP plan.

After discussing each and every complained property, SCHEDULE 1 is proposed which has Sanctioned Modifications. This was recently published with the date 21st April, 2017. This plan divides the Ulhasnagar city into 4 sector maps. Massive Road widening of different categories is proposed in this new DP Plan. There are streets & roads widening proposed in range of 9 meter, 12 meter, 18 meter, 24 meter, 30 meter and 36 meter. (30 feet, 40 feet, 60 feet, 79 feet, 98 feet, 118 feet)

36 meter or 118 feet road is the widest one which goes across the Ulhasnagar city from the border for fastest movement of the vehicles.

There is also proposal of Monorail line in the new Ulhasnagar DP map.

There are very much the chances that new DP plan will be implemented in year 2018 and major development in Ulhasnagar city may begin soon. There is no doubt that this DP plan is going to impact thousands of the families and business establishment of the Ulhasnagar city for better or worse.

You can go through the original Ulhasnagar 2013 DP and recent modified DPs with Sanctions from this link.

Ulhasnagar new DP 2018


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