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(Recognized By Government)


Managed by: Seth Gobindram Memorial Foundation (REGD)
Plot No.53, Pawai Chowk, Police Line,
Ulhasnagar 421004
Phone 0251-2583555 / 0251-2585903


Message from the Chairman

Hare Krishna N.C.T Convent High School is a co-educational school open to boys and girls of all communities in the heart of Ulhasnagar. The school was founded in the year 2001 and is governed by Seth Gobindram Memorial Foundation(SGMF) consisting of various members who are committed to the cause of education. The school prepares its students for examination conducted by the Maharshtra state Secondary Board Of Education. The school has created ample opportunities for the personality development of each and every child. Activities likes Games and yoga, meditation, aerobics, sports, Music, dramam, Craft, Debates, Quiz, Dances, Swimming, Community Service and much more are conducted to prepare the pupils to face the challenges of tommorrow. Hare Krishna N.C.T COnvent High School is dedicated to provide students with ahead start in todays competitive world. Our mission is to educate children through a comprehensive academic curriculum, critical thinking skills the child develop every fact of his/her personality. Effort are directed at preparing the students to be disciplined, fearless, curious and well trained human beings in a rapidly changing world.

Shri Prakash Chowdhary
Founder Chairman



Shri Prakash G.Choudhary-Chairman
Shri Ghanshyamdas G.Choudhary
Shri .Tikamdas G.Choudhary
Shri Rajkumar G.Ahuja
Shri lal N.Tanawni Advisory Counsil
Shri Hardas makhija (Ex.mayor.U.M.C)
Shri Ramesh Ahuja (Social Worker)
Shri Kishore Rohra (Tax consultant)
Shri Prakash Ahuja (M.D of Prakash Auto)
Dr. Sanvjeev Balani (Eye-surgeon)
Shri Narender Soneji (Advocate)
Shri Mangat Dudani (C.A)


From the Principal's Desk....

We at Hare Krishna N.C.T Convent High School believe in Multifaceted development of each and every student. We aim to foster a love for learning, good working habits, the ability to analyse and solve problems, excellent academic standards, high moral, social and cultural values, mutual respect and understandings.

Hare Krishna N.C.T Convent High School is a school with high academic standards exciting extra curricular activities and commitment to the ethical and spirituals growth our students.

The guiding principal of Hare Krishna N.C.T Convent High School is that students are rewarded for positive achievement, rather than penalised for an accumulation of errors. The school encourages not just the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of oral and practical skills; the use of initiative to solve problems; application of skills, knowledge and understanding and the ability to undertake individual project and to work as part of a team.

The training methodology at N.C.T includes, besides classroom lecture; creative debates, group discussions and presentation. We believe in developing every child's talent. The Syllabus, the programme material, the teaching methodology and the examination papers are all provided and assured, ensuring quality standards. It is also backed by an uncompromising commitment to maintaining the highest standards of reliability and integrity. You really have to experience it to believe it.

A Creative teacher matches her teaching style with the learning style of the student...

Mrs. Cynthia Gomes
M.A. (Eng.) B'Ed, C.T.E.,
P.G.D.H.E., M'PHIL (Eng),





  1. Air conditioned classrooms
  2. Education through multimedia
  3. Teachers student interaction
  4. To lessen the burden of school bags children carry text books on text books on text book day and notebooks and workbooks on days when notes are given
  5. Well equipped science lab.
  6. Sophisticated Computer lab.
  7. Reading room and library
  8. Multipurpose room reserved for co-curricular activities like art,craft,music and dance
  9. Regular General Medical Checkup and Dental Facility
  10. Close circuit cameras installed in all classrooms,lab and corridors for security purpoe
  11. Karate,Aerobics,P.T.,Dance,Music,Yoga,Sports classes
  12. Swimming pool
  13. Centrally Air Conditioned Banquet hall
  14. Bus facility
  15. Lift facility
  16. Sports playground and Auditorium
  17. Situated in the Heart of Ulhasnagar



Jr. K.G. Classroom


Independence Day Salute


Yoga Class


Medical Check-up Camp


Swimming classes


Annual Function Dance


Bus Facility


Computer Classroom


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nikita masand      [ 2011-10-30 ]
     [ 2011-08-14 ]
it is a nice school
     [ 2011-07-22 ]
hare krishna convent school is the most worst school of ulhasnagar.........they dont have enough no of teachers..forget about facilities they promise to give..................a pta member
Nitika Khemani      [ 2011-07-12 ]
N.C.T. is a very good school
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