Raj Juriani released new album “Sindhi Sufi Sugandh”

Raj Juriani is Famous Sindhi Singer from Ulhasnagar / Sindhunagar. His songs are widely used on Sindhi events all over the world. This Cheti Chand while he was performing in Hong Kong, he released new Sindhi Album “Sindhi Sufi Sugandh“. His last album “Pyara Sindhi” was released in year 2010.

raj music release

Cover of new Album “Sindhi Sufi Sugandh”

Sindhi Sufi Sugandh Audio CD

New album has 6 compositions. These are very old compositions revised by Raj with new generation Music and his soul full voice.

  1. Sikka Mein
  2. Nangda Nimani Da
  3. Pere Pavandisaan
  4. Jod Jutia Jo
  5. Jiyan Jogiada
  6. Boondh Birha Ji

In today’s times when most of the Sindhi singers copy Bollywood tunes and make the songs, Raj has created an example. All the songs are very old, but Raj has given new kind of music to attract young and old both generations towards old Sufi Lyrics.

This album is priced at Rs. 75, which can be purchased from Swami Sangeet Sansar music store near Nehru chowk, Ulhasnagar-2.

You can listen to all the tracks for free at Sindhyat.com website.

Video release of the song:

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