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Where is this City?
This city is in Maharashtra State, which is one of the western state of India. Sindhunagar is at the distance of about 65KM from Mumbai/Bombay.
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 Why should I visit Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar?

There can be three interesting reasons you can visit Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar for

See, listen and speak Sindhi Language everywhere.
Shop & Bargain, because this is biggest manufacturing place. (World-class variety of Clothes, Furniture, Electronics available at lowest price)
Experience the lifestyle of exclusive city.
Ambernath Temple (1500 years old uncrowded Shiv Temple structure you can touch with your hand)
Swami Shanti Prakash Temple (Well known Spritual Dynasty since 108 years)
Swami Shanti Prakash Chowk –
Statue of Swami Shanti Prakash inaugurated by Shri L.K. Advani (Deputy Prime Minister of India)
Puj Jhulelal Mandir – Temple (Jhulelal is God of water Worshiped by Sindhis)
Barracks made in the times of British rule for keeping soldiers & ammunition
Netaji Garden (Enjoy the fresh air and peace early morning)
Gol Maidan (Most happening circle of Sindhunagar where you can also find Statue of the Sadhu Vaswani)
How can I reach Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar?

By road: There is no good bus service connecting to nearby cities. Autorikhshaws (Three wheeled vehicles with the capacity to carry 3 passengers) are considered the best. One can hire the four wheeler return trip from Mumbai for travelling Sindhunagar for whole day at aprox Rs 600 to Rs. 1000.
By Railway: You can reach to ulhasnagar easily by getting down on any of these stations
(Kalyan, Vithalvadi, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, Shahad)
By Air: Nearest International and Domestic Airport is in Mumbai/Bombay. From Mumbai one has to take either road route or Rail Route.
How is Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar designed or structured?
Sindhunagar is structured in the shape of ‘Y’ character. There are 5 camps in Ulhasnagar.
1  2
Camp 1,2,3 are densely populated and camp 4,5 are not so densely populated. Camp 3 acquires the maximum land compared to other 4 camps. Camp 3 is also center most location.


Which are the famous restaraunts in Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar?
These are very nice hotels one can take his/her spouse for lunch or dinner. You can also visit these hotels with your family. Be careful they can be bit expensive for you. Expect between Rs 75 to Rs 300 per person for Lunch/Dinner.

Hotel Shiv Sagar – Ulhasnagar – 4
Hotel Jacky Plaza – Ulhasnagar – 4
Hotel Vijay Palace – Ulhasnagar – 4
Hotel Palace – Ulhasnagar – 4
Turning Point – Ulhasnagar – 2
Hotel Bansuri – Ulhasnagar – 2
Hotel Glamour – Ulhasnagar – 3
Hotel Jawahar – Ulhasnagar – 3
All of these mentioned hotels have Air Condition.

How expensive is traveling in Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar ?
There is low cost bus service available. But since Autorikshas( 3 Wheelers) can be hired on seat basis. It is quite easy to travel by Autoriksha. Traveling from one end of Ulhasnagar to other end will take maximum of Rs.15 per seat. These are few of the standard rates charged on per seat basis mentioned below. ( Autorikshaw Fairs are raised by Rs. 1 per seat with effect from 25-Mar-2003)

Ambernath Station to Ulhasnagar 5 : Rs 6
Ulhasnagar 5 to 4 : Rs 5
Ulhasnagar 4 to 3 : Rs 6/7/9 (varies based on location)
Ulhasnagar 4 to 2 : Rs 9
Ulhasnagar 1 to 4 : Rs 11
Ulhasnagar Station to Ulhasnagar 4 Market : Rs. 4

What is the ideal time to visit Ulhasnagar?
This depends very much on your purpose. If you are here to see temples and gardens, before 9:00am is ideal time. If you are coming here for shopping. most of the Good well known shops open after 11:00am.

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