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Thahirya Singh Darbar

Largest Prabhat Pheri of world – 2012

Prabhat Pheri 2012
Every year Ulhasnagar waits for this¬†gigantic Prabhat Pheri Event. There are many Gurudwaras in Ulhasnagar & each has their own followers and Prabhat Pheri schedules. Prabhat Pheri organised by Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singhi Sahib Ji is worth watching. There is Prabhat Pheri every early morning from 16-Nov and size of […]

History of Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Sahibji

History of Sant Baba Thahiriya Singh Sahibji
Do watch the historic video of ¬†SaiJan, and also refer this to your wholesale nfl jerseys friends and relatives to ? watch this. This video cheap nba jerseys of Tipno/Panchang History September of Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Sahibji is created by: Adi cheap jerseys Amma Group, Dhan cheap mlb jerseys Guru Nanak Darbar, Dera Sant […]