Sindhunagar at Glance

What is Sindhunagar?
Sindhunagar is another name for Ulhasnagar city. Since there are lot of Sindhis in this city. This name is in practise from long time now. (Inception of Ulhasnagar City)

What is Sindhi
Sindhi is a community of people orignially from Sindh (now in Pakistan). Although there is no existance of Sindh state in India but It is one of the Indian National Languages. Sindhis can be found in all the parts of the world.

What are Sindhis doing in Sindhunagar?
When they were forced to leave their houses at the time of India’s Partition, some group of sindhis were alotted this space for survival. Originally Sindhunagar was Millitry camp formed under British Rule used in World War II. After British Govt left India, this place was vacant.

What is Sindhunagar famous for?
Sindhunagar is famous for good quality Garments, Furniture, Electronics, Bags, Material Printing at very economic prices.

Is there any other name assigned to Ulhasnagar?
Yes, Ulhasnagar also became famous with the name as USA, which stands for Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association.

Why is Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar also called as USA?
During the business transition phase, when people were crazy for imported products. To protect the economic growth of the country and maintain the foreign exchange, some of the businessmen came out with idea of selling items as MADE IN USA.

But nowadays things are quite different, Sindhunagar do not need to depend on any country brand for selling. Products/Services have reached those quality standards. Today Garments manufactured in Sindhunagar are exported to the whole world. Sindhunagar’s furniture is famous in all parts of the nation.

Where is this City?
This city is in Maharashtra State, which is one of the western state of India. Sindhunagar is at the distance of about 60KM from Mumbai/Bombay.
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