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mahendra sethi      [ 2011-11-20 ]
hi guys, my mame is mahendra im staying in unr4. working in africa. i fell o glad when indian ppl met me here and ask me that were m staying in india, when he heared the name of ulhasnagar, always m shock then he sys u staying in USA.and i laugh always. i born in ulhasnagar, missing doli nasta house, spl dal from 5 years in africa but the taste of dal samosa still in my toung.
Shilpa      [ 2011-04-27 ]
Can any1 please tell me how much kailash parbat charges for per plate dinner for small party of 50 people??
Nitin Lulla      [ 2011-03-23 ]
its very great site.. all sindhis plz love each other & care for each other Bcoz we r different bodies but one soul.proud to be sindhi, talk to each other in sindhi language &also write... Listen sindhi songs & watch sindhi serial and films..We r born in sindhi cast so don't change ur cast.. Its a sweet language... Love to sindhis helps to sindhis... Jai jhelelal..
ashu      [ 2011-03-10 ]
ulhasnagar is a dream city i was there from my birth upto sixth std know i m at nanded and i loves and miss ulhasmagar too much ttp 7h
Ajay      [ 2011-01-23 ]
Ulhasnagar is famous for making jeans the jeans are make and sell to all over india and in dubai
REEMA HOTWANI      [ 2011-01-12 ]
pls ask all the corporators and muncipal commissioner of umc to make city dust free and stone free
janak      [ 2010-09-13 ]
Acho ta Sab Jhulelal ji jai manayu. Ayo Lal Sabhai Chao Jhulelal
AMIT      [ 2010-09-08 ]
ghanshyam      [ 2010-09-08 ]
i like to suggest to add big temples photo and place and stories of ulhasnager to make more famous
SATISH BHATIA      [ 2010-08-12 ]
Shivaji Sadamast      [ 2010-07-21 ]
New UMC City Bus Service is started after hard oppose of Auto Rikshow Union. The route and Time Table should be made to public.
Kishore      [ 2010-04-28 ]
please add new UMC bus time table on the website, it will be very helpful.
kishore Gurnani      [ 2010-03-17 ]
I want list of SINDHI Dharamshalas in ulhasnagar& charges per day for food accomodation etc.Also needed for ONE MONTH A PLACE TO STAY in ulhasnagar let me know the rent etc.
pawan v wadhwa      [ 2010-03-05 ]
pls add the name of sai vasan shah darbar.darbar me dil se jo maango woo mil jata hai.ishi liye darbar ke liye bolte hai AASHA UTAR DARBAR jai sai vasan ghot saheb jai jhulelal.
Priyanka      [ 2010-02-25 ]
Is ulhasnagar best for trading of embroideried designer ladies suit pieces & Kurtis basically cloths?We want to buy in bulk designer ladies wear.On which day is cloth market closed in ulhasnagar?
Vineet Musale      [ 2009-12-19 ]
on which day the furniture market is closed in ullasnagar
Akash      [ 2009-12-19 ]
Please add names of Restaurants like regency Restaurant, near Chopra Court and Regency Marriage Lawns near Vithalwadi Rly. station. Ulhasnagar - 3.
SACHIN MANE      [ 2009-12-09 ]
this message is for LUCKY, Lal chakki is just a 15 walk from station Approcimate 1.5 km
Lucky      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Hi, I am lucky can someone tell me how far is Laal Chaki from station plz
Surender Nagdev      [ 2009-04-08 ]
Regarding Restaurants in Sindhungar.................You should name these as Restaurants but not as Hotel. For Example: HOTEL SHIV SAGAR should be RESTAURANT SHIV SAGAR
sangita patade      [ 2009-03-06 ]
Jai . L . Ramrakhya      [ 2009-02-02 ]
Hi friends i m frm ulhasnagar this city is realy best frm others there is ful freedom to al that they do what they want to b
Vishal Gurnani      [ 2009-01-29 ]
Hi, I am living in Pune, can anyone tell from where i can get proper material for learning to read and write sindhi language.
ravichand c      [ 2008-11-28 ]
i like to know the reasonably priced hotels for lodging with family and the tourist places around ulhasnagar.
jayant      [ 2008-11-10 ]
plesae send me furniture rates and good resanable prices of chair shop name and adress at ulhasnagar
Girish M Masand      [ 2008-10-25 ]
Two suggestions 1) Travel Directions in details from Navi Mumbai and West mumbai by road and rail 2) Emphasize more on orginality and cheap goods available in ulhasnagar
Ghansham Mulchandani      [ 2008-10-20 ]
Hi, Please also include the name of "Hotel Mayur", it is serving quite good food.
KUMAR VASHI SHARMA      [ 2008-10-14 ]
ajay      [ 2008-10-13 ]
in this site pls keep information of real estate also like ( ownership rates flats rental lease property)
Hemant shinde      [ 2008-08-25 ]
Please give us more onformation about special food item of shndu sanscruti which help person of other communoity to know about the clture of old Prachin sanscriti of sindhu.
ratan thawani      [ 2008-08-09 ]
Please note that it seems Hotel Turning Point is closed and a shopping mall is created.
Dhiraj      [ 2008-06-15 ]
Hi this is Dhiraj and i live in ulhasnagar
Ruchi Mohite      [ 2008-05-08 ]
Its good to lear more about Ulhasnagar from this site. But is it so that only Sindhis contribute to the development of Ulhasnagar. There are many talented & educated people apart from Sindhi Community who are also equally responsible for the development of Ulhasnagar. why they are ignored? I wish to know whether non sindhis can get some guidance regarding how to start a new business & helps for the uplifment fo society where they live in. Regards & Best Wishes
SSMONGA      [ 2008-04-15 ]
nice site pl give hitels tariffs and hotel phone numbers for booking
dinesh bhatia      [ 2008-04-09 ]
ulhasnagar is the very beautiful place to visit speically i like the netaji garden and the sapna theatre which is very beautiful, ulhasnagar is populated with many of sindhi people which is very great.
dinesh jasuja      [ 2008-03-10 ]
your site is beautiful and fascinating this is amazing that people are thinking possitive about sindhi thanking for ur expression
Pankaj Kukreja      [ 2008-01-25 ]
you should all the festivals, occasions, cultures and other material to know sindhis in details. Birla mandhir is the most popular and best place to visit in ulhasnagar. There are two colleges which are trem as best in all the five stations and beyound badlapur from where many students comes to city for making their career. other than netaji and gola maidan, currently one beutiful garden is been made at the middle of the city call sapna garden which gives full freash breeze and clear view of the city. the areial view of the city was shown in depth which make it difficulty to locate important places
shivakumar      [ 2007-12-19 ]
Information in this site is very informative. Could you please let us know any low-cost good hotel in the vicinity of Ambernath
Rajesh      [ 2007-06-25 ]
Dear sir,your site is beautiful with all the detailed information i was eager to know about ulhas nagar.
ajay      [ 2007-06-24 ]
Girish. s      [ 2007-06-11 ]
plz change the names of hotels as they r werst
Pinki      [ 2007-05-21 ]
Pl.change the name of the hotels and restaurants. There are better Restaurants like Regency Restaurant Bar and Banquet Halls and Regency Garden Restaurant Bar and Marriage Lawns. Please modify
Suraj      [ 2007-05-10 ]
The snaps(photos) of exotic places like Sapna Garden, Sapna Theatre, Gol Maidan, Anil & Ashok Talkies, Hotel Mayur, Hotel Kailash Parbat(UNR-2),etc. should be added to this site to add to the glory of this site. Thank You
R Kirpalani      [ 2007-03-22 ]
How do you get there from Colaba? and also the airport?. And approximate cost by taxi?
Monica Gurnani      [ 2006-12-01 ]
Plz change the names of hotels you mentioned cause shiv sagar is pure veg, glamour has been closed jawahar has the worst food. plz mention hotel mayur n little bite. mention the little resturant Kelly's which is near sapna garden. i think sapna garden is much better than netaji garden.mention name of sapna theatre gajanan market japani bazaar, shiv temple which is at powai. birla mandir is much exotic n soothing than the abernath mandir Administrator: Highly appreciate your invaluable suggestions
mahesh narang      [ 2006-10-18 ]
pl give detials of Sindhi dharmshals for all india and world with address and contract person and phones wich help us to reacehed there
satish      [ 2006-09-09 ]
pls. tell me how to add mayur hotel name in this site.
Sunder      [ 2006-07-24 ]
What are some of the best hotels to stay in Sindhunagar? What time of the year is good to visit?
Mini      [ 2005-12-19 ]
Kindly give me details of your contact numbers for advance booking for 31st Dec 2005.
ravindra      [ 2004-05-15 ]
Request to provide Phone numbers of Hotel Jawahar, Illasnager-3
Kanwal Sindhi      [ 2003-04-01 ]
Dear Sindhyo, I am happy to hear you it is greet work your r doing,can you please arange all information about sindhis social political status of sindhis in india.


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for tourist
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