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Drqadir discovered a photo on      [ 2011-10-18 ]
munjhi sindh aamer
Vinod Kumar Kaneria      [ 2011-10-18 ]
i am Hindu from Karachi Pakistan I visited Ulashnagar in 1982 i love it
Prashant Jain      [ 2011-10-12 ]
pls give me contact num of head/secratory/member of ulhasnagar sindhi association..
Kamal      [ 2011-09-26 ]
I am from Ulhasnagar - 421005. Did my SSC from New English High School (on Netaji Chowk) and graduation from Chandibai in Physics. I currently live in USA and love any and all updates from UNR / Sindhunagar.
tariq aziz      [ 2011-08-31 ]
sindhis are great nation
Hi i am Fahim jagirani from ka      [ 2011-08-25 ]
I love sindhis of ulahasnagr. I pray for my indain sindhi bros . Sadaiy kush rahn. R ye sindh b ap logo ka ghar hy. Hope one day we meat. Jai jhulay lal.
halo      [ 2011-07-09 ]
5 th. July, 2011 Dear Sir, Re: Vanishing Sindhi Language and Sindhi Nation / Community of India. There are thousands of Sindhi Association throughout the world especially in India (Almost every city), Pakistan (Almost every city / town of Sindh), America (Every county), U.K (Every county), Europe, Africa, UAE, South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia etc), Hongkong, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russian states etc. But what purpose these associations serve which may be: • Social gathering and networking, • Business networking, • Protect the existence of Sindhi as a nation and Sindhi Language. The first two objectives or any other objectives are ok but has any body thought over about the third (03) purpose i.e: 1. Are Sindhis known as a nation in the world, 2. Is Sindhi language known language in the world, 3. Does their young generation write, read and speak Sindhi language except Sindhis living in Sindh, 4. Do these associations at large serve the purpose to “Save Sindhi Culture / Language”? 5. Has anybody ever thought of existence of Sindhi as a nation and Sindhi Language especially those living in India with population over 6.0 million? If no concrete steps are taken by them, they as Sindhi nation and Sindhi language are to vanish in next 50 years. Is it not their sacred duty and obligation to save it? How to save it? No nation and language can survive if they don’t have their own land. Sindhis living in India are very progressive, adventurous and intelligent. They have the people like Motwanis, Advanis, Gidwanis, Malkanis, Kriplanis, Hirwanis, Ramchandanis, Panjwanis, Waswanis. They are capable of doing any positive thing. In a short period of 64 years after partition, they have proved that they are none next to any nation in the world in the field of education, business & trade, law, politics, social work etc. What they have not is their win land, and are therefore spread all over India and the world. Therefore, it is the necessity to have own land. Example of Jews. They were disturbed and wandered here and there in the world for 1400 years. Then they thought of the land for them and when they had, they are the most powerful nation of the world in terms of business / trade, armed forces, technology, research. If they had no land they could have done nothing till even today. So, you have to adopt the same strategy or you as a nation and language are to vanish for ever. Likely problems 1. People will avoid next migration to new land as they are well settled where they are living presently. Answer: They are right but they have to do it as Jews did migrate as it will not be the migration like that of partition in 1947. Don’t migrate in one go but in bit by bit with time. It may take many years but remember it is a movement which may give results in centuries. 2. There will not be business and industrial platform for migrants at new land. Answer: Yes, but it will be done with time till don’t wind up your present business / shelter where you are living presently. Infra structure for Industrial estates, business centers / towers, airports etc will take no time to be built. 3. Security: Answer: Government which will be fully owned by Sindhis, will provide securities and facilities to make the migrants settled down and establish themselves as early as possible. My (A Sindhi) request: 1. Impress upon the Indian Government to give a separate land for your Sindh province, which will however be part and parcel of India. 2. Accept the land even if it is a desert in Rajasthan (I believe you people will make it prosperous), 3. Name the land with word Sindh attached to it, 4. The land may preferably have the sea. But if there is no sea port, it is no big problem as at present times the business and travelling is done by air ports. 5. The land may preferably be adjacent to present Sindh where population of Sindhis (purely sons of soil) is 40.0 million. It will facilitate joint efforts to grow as Sindhi nation and Sindhi nation. Important: The above is my humble submission. If Sindhis living in India still don’t wake up to this cause, then they should be ready to vanish in next 50 years. The Sindhis living in Sindh (Please don’t argue religion as this time) will however continue to exist for ever. Request to note: Please forward my this email to all the sindhi associations (what ever nature) especially in India. Thanks a lot. Regards, Halo
Sanju Sachdev      [ 2011-06-24 ]
G.L.Kateja      [ 2011-06-13 ]
sanitation/cleaniness system must be improved in Ulhasnagar
Vicky Aishwani      [ 2011-05-31 ]
Hi Every body I am Vicky Aishwani from Ulhasnagar - 421005. jai Jhulelal
Amit Daswani      [ 2011-05-16 ]
really i am missing ulhasnagar now i am live in dubai.
kunal akhade      [ 2011-05-02 ]
this city is really developing, and also struggling hard for the better development but, the municipality should allow the builders to build the big- towers as we see in mumbai suburbans and metropolitian mumbai as these towers can be used for residential purpose , shopping complex, offices, and for many other purposes. moreover it adds beauty and attraction to the city. even though ulhasnagar city runs according to municipal corporation, development regarding buildings point of view is under-develop in my point of view, this my suggestion to my city ulhasnagar .............jai hind
mushi      [ 2011-04-07 ]
jeay jeay sindh good deen dharm jy dhoky lutji neeth akh aa asan kholi hn sindh sawa ghal na thendi samho bhal achy goole
imtiazmemon from thatta sindh      [ 2011-03-28 ]
i love ulhas nagar .i like all sindhis of ulhas nagar .
AMAR B. SIDHWANI      [ 2011-03-23 ]
Hello every Sindhi, I am Amar Son Of Bhagwandas Sidhwani From Sindhunagar-421004. I love SINDHUNAGAR, Go East Go West Sindhunagar Is Best, Ayoo Lal Sabhee Chow Julelal
Amar Bhagwandas Sidhwani      [ 2011-03-17 ]
Jai Jhulelal, every body, Hello, I am Amar B. Sidhwani From Sindhunagar Camp-4. I am Sindhi, & am Very Proud to Sindhi, I Love Sindhunagar, Go East Or GO West But My Sindhunagar Is Best.Jai Sindhnagar.
Rocky      [ 2010-12-20 ]
I live in ulhasnagar, but never get i chance to visit this site. But when I travel and get ample of time. I surf through lots of ulhasnagar stuff available on net. I would request all to put more effort on making known ulhasnagar as a good place of sindhi community on net. This is the most powerful and cost effective tool to spread awareness globally.
poonam pahuja      [ 2010-11-22 ]
Hi guys i am glad to listen your comment about sindhi. My freinds ever tease me about wrong things specialy "duplicate" word but i never annoyed with them becz they will not understand our culture, religion and customs. I want to tell you guys that i am there with you always for saving our culture
DR HAMEED SINDHI      [ 2010-11-01 ]
سائين، اوهان جي ويب ساءِيٽ ڏسي، پڙهي دل الاهي خوش ٿي ته ڇا ٿي پيو جو حڪومتي ۽ سرڪاري رويو سنڌ ۽ سنڌي ٻوليءِ ڏانهن ڌاريو رهيو آه پر پوءِ به انيڪ ذهن، دماغ سنڌ ۽ سنڌي ٻوليءِ لاءِ ادارن کان وڌيڪ ڪم ڪن ٿا. اوهان ان کي اڃان به وڌايو، ،ويب ساءِيٽ جي سجاوٽ تمام بهترين آهي . اسان پارن هڪڙي صلاح ته ڪڏهن به حالتن کان مجبور ٿي ههڙو عظيم ڪم اڌورو نه چڏجو. سنڌ سلامت، ساٿ سلامت DR HAMEER SINDHI
Jasroop das      [ 2010-10-22 ]
I m a sindhi from umerkot sindh, pakistan we miss u all sindhies who live in ulhasnagar and all over world. I wish to com here. I want to invit all of plz come here and visit its ur same sindh.
Sameer      [ 2010-08-13 ]
i like this site and im so happy about ulhasnager that theres mostly people are sindhi,im a sindhi from karachi pakistan and proud to be a sindhi and i wish i could come ulhasnagar.
Hemant Khanchandani      [ 2010-08-11 ]
i love sindhi and i wnat all sindhi support one another and unite together
jeetu      [ 2010-07-16 ]
its was nice and good
MUNEER      [ 2010-07-13 ]
SINDH sa ehri jind lagi jo bya dil wara wesri waya... JEAY SINDHU DESH MAHAN
Anil Nagpal      [ 2010-06-28 ]
pankaj wadhwa      [ 2010-04-26 ]
i left ulhasnager but i always miss ulasnagr spl the nashta snkas.papu puri one can compite with the taste of unr.
sidhant kulshrerstha      [ 2010-04-22 ]
truly sindhis r developing now days, new generations are aware of eucation, they are lively and cheerful, but they need to be more senesitive towards our defence forces, they dont have many personal in forces. they must represent their community in forces too. I LOVE SINDHIS.
Dhanraj kapoor      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Sindhis are like Air , everywhere in the World.. World at large would be world at dark without Sindhis. But agony is Sindhis are united. It is appealed and requested humbly to all Sindhis to unite together and make a place of your own "Sindh"
motikripalani      [ 2010-03-08 ]
adjeet      [ 2010-03-04 ]
iam sindhi i live in ulhasnagar and i say that ayoo lal jhule lal well guys good job kept it up bole amarlal ki jai
smaheshlalwani      [ 2010-02-22 ]
i like usa as my all relations live there i stay in madras
subashchand chouhan      [ 2010-02-19 ]
Iam not a sindhi but i like the city bcoz almost i had spent a precious time of my life over there as iam a student of CHM college and currently doing a law from Nari Gursahani Law College
Valecha Damodar Ramchand      [ 2010-02-17 ]
I am proud to born in Sindhunagar & also I am Sindhi.I am Editor of Sawdhan Bharat newspepar I love all sindhis & also Sindhunagar...........................
Bharatraj      [ 2010-01-18 ]
sutho lago site disee kare, para asanjha sindhi bhauro ain bhenaro tawha sindhiyat laye kuch ta likho. Biyo kuch na ta ghat mein ghat jeko diso-budho tha unheeya jo hee zikr kayo, ta asaan chaun bhaee sindhi manhu samaaj khe keeyan disee rahiyaa aahini. Khaali I LUV ULHASNAGAR, FOR I M BORN & BROUGHT UP HERE likhana saa chha theendo. Aseen sabhahee waqt moozib hin site te pahinja tajurba (experience) bidhaaye saghiyun tha. Roz waqt na mile, ta hafte mein hik dafo hee sahi. Sabhani khaa pahiriyo tawha ulhasnagar jee ka bi hik suthee ain hik kinee gaalh bidhaayo.(tawha moozib)
Ajeet Gerani      [ 2010-01-09 ]
hi its gud to hear that frm last few years ulhasnagar is been developed.....en i dosent matter how ulhasnagar is coz i love my my ulhasnagar is my birth place.......
Jagdish.Lalwani      [ 2009-12-18 ]
I am proud to be sindhi, not born in ulhasnagar but did spend few years there. Now I live in Taiwan I feel ulhasnagar city is very dirty...pls keep it clean.
AMAR SIDHWANI      [ 2009-12-07 ]
i love sindhunagar jai jhulelal jai amarlal
karan kukreja      [ 2009-11-21 ]
hi i am a sindhi and very much impressed by this web . ilove my sindhunagar . web founders keep up the good work
vijay      [ 2009-11-18 ]
i would like to know abt the approach of sindhi community on marriage, what abt concept of love marriage? if the boy is having lesser age, is it the sindhi community will allow such love marriage?
vijay jeswani      [ 2009-11-17 ]
i love ulhasnagar bcoz my grand parents built it with his own hands for us and its our duty now to made as butifl as we maintane our home and pass to coming genration and respect our city and our Sindhi Language.
KAJAL      [ 2009-10-19 ]
no matter how ulhasnagar is i love ulhasnagar coz this is my brith place n i feel proud of been born n brought up in ulh.
raghu      [ 2009-10-16 ]
hi iam not a sindhi . iam US citizen. i happen read about Jhulelal, Cheti chand, Bharana saheb etc on the internet, i even tried learning few words and phrases in sindhi. the strength of the culture is in its practice than its number. i am very happy to know you all keeping your culture alive. in my next visit i will visit Jhulelal mandir and get blessing.
Tushar Kashikar      [ 2009-09-18 ]
I had visited this site for the first time. I got a lot to know about Ulhasnagar. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
RAVI      [ 2009-09-09 ]
atul manglani      [ 2009-08-29 ]
hi...i m atul...i m proud to be a sindhi...
kamlesh ladkani      [ 2009-08-28 ]
Hi, I am citizen of ulhasnagar & i am proud to be Sindhi.
RAKESH KISHNANI      [ 2009-08-25 ]
i liked the website very much, very good information
pappu gupta      [ 2009-08-11 ]
main jab bombay men 1985 men aaya to mujhe ulhasnagar bahut pasand aaya aaj main 25 saal se ulhasnagar men rah raha hoon bahut khush hoon. I love ulhasnagar.
preeti      [ 2009-08-06 ]
i love ulhasnagar
suraj rajani      [ 2009-08-01 ]
i am very proud to be sindhi ,iam born in ulhasnagar
Kishore P. Harchandani      [ 2009-06-15 ]
It is nice to know about Ulhasnagar on I am proud that I born in Ulhasnagar today I have visited more than 50 countries I have learn alot from Ulhasnagar in my life in My childhood
Laveena Ajwani      [ 2009-05-30 ]
Hi I am laveena from ulhasnagar, I am proub to be sindhi and an USA citizen. I have being using this site long back to check railway time table. Great Site made by great sindhis of ulhasnagar. Jai Mata Di!!
prakash manglani      [ 2009-05-26 ]
powerful sindhis like ram.jethmalani and niranjan hiranandani and others should take the lead and buy big land in some poor country and make a mini sind for hindu sindhis all over the world.jai jhulelal
Krish Sewani      [ 2009-03-26 ]
I am from Ulhasnagar - 5, i have progressed and working in china now. Proud to be a Sindhi from Sindhunagar. God Bless us
Muhammad Iqbal      [ 2009-02-22 ]
i am sindhi and love sindhi and feel great excetment while reading about sindhi, listening and viewing sindhi heart touching words. no doubt i am proud to be sindhi, sindh is my life, my existance is connected with sidhiat
Deep Punjabi      [ 2009-01-31 ]
u can take out a sindhi out of ulhasnagar, but u cannot take out the ulhasnagar from a sindhi. Jai Mata Di.
sunny chhabria      [ 2009-01-03 ]
hello i am sunny i proud to be a sindhi and i more proud that i born in such a lovely place that is our ULHASNAGAR AYOO LAL SABAHEE CHAOWO JHULELAL
YOGESH K. SEWANI      [ 2008-12-20 ]
sujal panchal      [ 2008-10-27 ]
i like ulhasnagar because i am living there
amit      [ 2008-10-14 ]
Most loving,heart touching details.I love ulhasnagar.
-Hemant K Shinde      [ 2008-08-25 ]
Thiss is a very site and it gives important information about our Ulhasnagar Reagrds
amol datar      [ 2008-06-19 ]
this is the best site for our information
Matani jaikumar      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Cut off Loadsheiding..
RAJU AADWADE      [ 2008-05-31 ]
sidhant kulshrestha.      [ 2008-05-15 ]
hello friends, I am not sindhi but born and brought up on this land. I love sindhis, i love their dishes: sindhi currey, buteer papdi ...... need to have more civic sense, personal hygine, humble request to all my Sindhi friends.
Naresh Binhani      [ 2008-04-19 ]
I wish our sindhi brothers could also think of community services / welfare. Its hightime that we realise this need of the hour. God bless us all.
Sajan Ramtani      [ 2008-04-04 ]
I hope my ulhasnagar will be neat.
mangtani naresh      [ 2008-03-24 ]
sindhi are best
Nitin Binhani      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Alas, our sindhunagar would only remain virtual, thanks to uninterrupted inflow of other caste and huge exodus of sindhis from Ulhasnagar!
Kusum Rohra      [ 2007-08-20 ]
I agree with Mr.Khemani. We definitely need more information, specific names, data etc about the development of ulhasnagar
Kusum Rohra      [ 2007-08-20 ]
I agree with Mr.Khemani. We definitely need more information, specific names, data etc about the development of ulhasnagar
Tinkesh Gyamlani      [ 2007-07-10 ]
sindhis are the only community who have risen from zero,jai jhulelal
Sanjay Khemani      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Guys your work is impressive.But there should be more information on our history.
Hemant jagtyani      [ 2007-04-21 ]
Tavha jo kamu kabile tareef aa,je tavhan sindhi boliy jo istemal kandav ta gaalh wadheek suhani thindee
Manoj Mangtani      [ 2007-01-31 ]
increase in ara of ulhasnagar
Vinod chandwani      [ 2007-01-28 ]
I love my sindhunagar
Devika      [ 2006-12-08 ]
I agree with u Vijay, Please add some more details about SIndh, partition, cultura and languare for generation next.
Deepak      [ 2006-09-24 ]
I am from bareillythis is a great site for sindhis and i will about thi to all my relatives & friends
praveen      [ 2006-09-06 ]
i dont have words to say any thing abt this step taken by u people... wenever i meet people of mumbai..they say ulhasnagar that duplicate village..... i use to get agressive.. but now i m goin to give jus name of this site... no 1 is goin to utter any word after it..thx friends contact me wen ever u need help in doin any thin for sindhunagar.... thx again
Jitu Khatri      [ 2006-08-05 ]
Great Job. The site is wonderfully build. It makes you to revisit. Latest news and events are also available
Vijay Ramchandani      [ 2006-07-21 ]
Great Job! Just wondering if some more details could be added in it giving the information about the sindhi culture also,
Dilip      [ 2006-04-15 ]
Well... I m not a Sindhi Guy.... But i hav a very nice friend from Sindhunagar..... Very Nice..... I call her Chingi !!!
prakash katariya      [ 2004-06-07 ]
well guys good job keep it up.
thakurgopalani      [ 2004-03-12 ]
it is piece of work. it willbe better if inf is given how name came as ulhasnagar and who inaugruated it . etc
sandeep      [ 2004-03-01 ]
you shuold also give details about the pollution in ulhanagar


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for history
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