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List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for census2010
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love j. kakkad      [ 2011-09-19 ]
sindhi boli amar rahe...proud to be bole sonihar...sastriakal....shree wahe guruji ki khalsa shree wahe guruji ki pateh....
Ramesh Belani      [ 2011-07-29 ]
Intresting sight.Curios to know more about sindhis.I am proud to be sindhi, Ramesh
Himanshu motwani      [ 2011-07-06 ]
Proud to be a sindhi maakhe paanje sindhi hujan te daado daado garva aaye
abdullah khowaja      [ 2011-04-27 ]
hello all sindhi hind & sind God will meet again
Girdhari Panjwani      [ 2011-03-10 ]
You r doing a great social work to promote Sindhi language n culture. Hope, one day we will get a separate Sindh state in India in Inda.
gdvaswani      [ 2011-02-21 ]
Thanks for nice/Enthusastic comment Mr butani
Kanu Butani      [ 2011-01-20 ]
Hello All sindhis, Gurunanak has said in Gurban, Sukhmani Saheb: Come what may, you should never forget or convert from your caste, creed, religion and language in which you are born. You should dedicate your whole life in it , live with it and die with it. Let your religion, caste, creed and language be as much bad as it be. When God has given you birth in that caste, love it, respect it and do something for your caste and then die. This will give you salvation. So its an appeal to all my Sindhi friends that do not feel shy to call your selves sindhis and declare that you are a sindhi, and speak in Sindhi. This is required.
Dinesh Aswani      [ 2010-07-01 ]
I m proud to be an sindhi.And I appriciate the efforts made by the people to learn the sindhi language
RAMESH SHARMA [SINDHI ]      [ 2010-06-19 ]
there is no value of sindhi in ulhasnagar my son got in ssc 2010 99.64% but no one sindhi give contrats even our knes and MLA SHRI KUMAR AILANI MIGHT BE HE IGNORE SINDHI CHILDREN
Chanda      [ 2010-06-02 ]
feel proud to be sindhi, good to see the growth of sindhis
rohit      [ 2010-05-26 ]
jai jhulelal.. tavanjhe hin samaj utthan je kaaj laye maa tavanjho aabhari aaya, hin kaaj ke iyan hi kanda rahoon , taaki asan vapas pahanji khotal pahachan paae sakun
Kanu Butani      [ 2010-05-16 ]
Thanks for this downloaable link. It will be easier for me to teach my daughter Sindhi now.
kamal ochani      [ 2010-04-30 ]
people should be asked to give correct information for Cenusus 2011 not shy for telling that I am a Sindhi we should be proud of our mother tongu, we have got the world famous saint in Sindhi today that is Sant Shri Ashram Bapuji, Bapuji is printing sindhi magazine Darvesh Darshan for the wlefare of sindhi community .
Sumit Navani      [ 2010-04-28 ]
CD will be very very useful, thanks alot
Reena gangwani      [ 2010-04-27 ]
I wish you all the Best. May your efforts will be rewarded.
Rahul Hinduja      [ 2010-04-25 ]
Hi, Thanks for awareness. Kindly let me know how to enroll for censes. Sindhi abani boli mithdi abani boli.. Jai jhulelal
Ravi Malani      [ 2010-04-18 ]
For Sindhi [population count please also arrange for e-mail submission of information, photo ID/proof etc. as your survey team members may not know where all Sindhis stay all over India. Also use other Sindhi organisations to assist like etc.
Balraj Thakwani      [ 2010-04-18 ]
Assankhe khape t sindhi boli ghar me khalain lai samjhain, Chho t Samjhe har ko tho par ghar me bahir ghalain pasand natha kayooo.
Ravi      [ 2010-04-14 ]
Hello All, Please try to circulate this page to as many as possible. Proud to be sindhi! Ravi
Sarang Solangi      [ 2010-04-03 ]
I really appreciate this suggestion and will try to circulate it to all and friends. Thanks for making this special efforts to save our language.
ashok sukhumal aswani      [ 2010-04-01 ]
Duniya men hik ee juban methi ahe, sa ahe muhenji jijal ma SINDHI..ashokaswani
Narendra Bhagtani      [ 2010-04-01 ]
I appreciate the efforts & Will forward it to my all friends.
Sikander Ali Memon      [ 2010-03-21 ]
I appreciate allthe efforts you are making to keep the lanuage alive
GhanshamDassVaswani      [ 2010-03-14 ]
I appreciate this suggetion and will try to circulate it to my family and friends.


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for census2010
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