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List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for TithiTipno2011
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bablu one      [ 2012-01-20 ]
No 2012 Tithi Tipno for the year 2011
Bhagirath Devjani      [ 2011-12-27 ]
I am looking Tipano for 2012 new year
rukmani chatlani      [ 2011-07-24 ]
I was looking for Tithi Tipro and I found it. Indeed, you are providing great service to our Sindhi community.
Rajni chandwani      [ 2011-07-07 ]
Fantastic work.thanks a lot for taking d effort.
Mahesh Jan      [ 2011-04-11 ]
tipna net pay jari karny k liey "bundle of Thanks". Meinb is hi ko dekh kar festivil celeibrate karta hoon magar April mein 1 proble face karna par raha hai ap k tipny mein visakhi 13 April ko likhi hui hai magar visakhi 14 April ko hai Aisa kiyoon??????? plz Rply
sumeet Kumar Nki      [ 2011-03-06 ]
Excellent! u r doing a nice job.
Punit Nathani      [ 2011-02-11 ]
A good work. But it would have been better if it were in a downloadable format. Cheers!
deepak premchand poptani      [ 2011-02-09 ]
dado sutho tho lage aherun sindhi sites disikare..please more update me for sindhunage news....
Kavita Masand      [ 2011-02-08 ]
Good I liked it very much. very useful.thanks.
jewan      [ 2011-01-26 ]
I like my culture @
jagdish udasi      [ 2011-01-11 ]
very nice
Divya      [ 2011-01-08 ]
very good sindhi site keep us update about UNR thanks for tipno
Prakash Harumal Nathani      [ 2011-01-02 ]
I am very happy to see this website for sindhis. more power to you. Thanks/Prakash Manila,philippines
GD Vaswani      [ 2010-12-31 ]
Sukur aha kah th tipno dinyo.Ghansham Dass Vaswani


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for TithiTipno2011
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