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List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for SindhiNatak
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TARUN PAMNANI      [ 2012-01-03 ]
i like this natak very much and it is too nice
TARUN PAMNANI      [ 2012-01-03 ]
i like this sindhi natak very much and it is too nice in Dewas (M.P)
Nanik das raheja      [ 2011-02-20 ]
zabardast natak
zamir      [ 2011-01-05 ]
sain sindhi natak tamam sutho ahe
Bharatlal.I.Manglani      [ 2010-10-20 ]
Dear Brother I like sindhi people who work for sindhi and help them and together to sindhi and show them sindhi film and dram .and sindhi sanget program of every month at ulhasnagar at difrance place. i see the last sindhi film jeevan Chakar is best film thank to mr.Dileep Lalwani
nanak.p.gurbani      [ 2010-09-17 ]
I like Sindhi Natak & Parody,Play Sindhi Natak in JAIPUR (Raj)
bhavesh      [ 2010-09-05 ]
deewan gorwandhas goplani an amazing act of ulhasnagar jisne ek baar bhi nahin dekha wo zaroor dekhe jo ek baar dekh chuka hai wo baar baar dekhega mind blowing performance 1 KAT ACHI MUNJE MATHE TE VETHO CHAVETO DAULATA DAULATAN DAULATANN
naresh r mohnani NAGPUR      [ 2010-08-29 ]
bharat Manglani      [ 2010-05-21 ]
sindhi drama of every month and one sindhi film of the thater of ulhasnagar and town hall. jai jhule lal , Hari om, Satma Sakhi, Jai shri Kirshn. jeay sindhi boli.
Jharna Israni      [ 2010-03-28 ]
I saw this play in dubai,it was wonderful,after a very long time I had heard pure sindh and it was so nice.I am proud to be a SINDHI....JIYE MUNJO SIND!!!!!
kaviya      [ 2010-02-09 ]
I saw this drama in dubai it was wonderfull.I will never forget that line "ramchandani papa khe chariyo chao".it was too good
shyam      [ 2009-08-11 ]
hin jo hik show dubai me bhi thiyano khape
shahid ali keerio      [ 2009-06-08 ]
jeay sindhi jeay sindi boli sada khosh hojo
AMIT WADHWA      [ 2009-04-25 ]
RAMESH ADVANI      [ 2009-03-18 ]
kailash      [ 2009-03-03 ]
ur work is appriciated gr8 work suthoo
Wasim Memon      [ 2009-02-02 ]
My biggest regret is that having being born in Pakistan after the mess of 1947, I along with many of subsequent generations have missed knowing our hindu brothers and sisters. I love you all!.
Kishore      [ 2008-11-03 ]
Well, looks wonderful site, especially for sindhis who live abroad. However complete video nataks in downloadable format can be much appreciated.
prakash panjwani      [ 2008-07-07 ]
i m a sindhi n sindhi is a very beautiful and easy langague "ayo lal kyo jhukekal bera he paar"
p.kumar chandwani      [ 2008-05-23 ]
this is wonderful excelent web site, to improve sindhi language in whole the world with you.
Ravi S      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Just keep it, we r with u Jai Jhulelal, ashi tavan sa ghad aahayu
REHMAN GUL MEMON      [ 2007-12-28 ]
this is wonderful excelent web site, to improve sindhi language in whole the world im with you.
Khushaldas Ahuja      [ 2007-11-14 ]
I do not have words to express my feeling for such a nice drama performance in our very own community. Hats off to Julie and Team. And thanks to for distributing free Sindhi CDs after the natak.
Balram Motwani      [ 2007-11-14 ]
This play is so good and all the charactors are perfect and well perfoming, and spl thanx to the directorJULIE for making such a good show 4 sindhis
kamal      [ 2007-11-13 ]
jus one word to say awesome
Julie Tejwani      [ 2007-10-31 ]
Hi this is julie tejwani Director of the play,First of all thanks guys for ur comments,from this i can understand that u guys hv seen the play seriously......thank you so much.............. I just want to answer Kamals Question,yes its true that r very poor,they r struggling after th partition,from the thaila business they reached at small bakda at kurla station that is why they had home in chawl n common toilet outside,,,u hv heard th same dialogue if no come again watch on 11th nov, town Hall but thank u so much for watching th play so seriously,we really welcome ur comments...... Thanks guys for supporting us,hoping the same from u in future.
sheetal      [ 2007-10-08 ]
I found Bindiya Mohandas extremely Brilliant and talented in her character.Over all..Good show guys!!!
Kamal G      [ 2007-10-06 ]
This natak looks very old where people didnt had TV at home and children use to go to neighbours house. Thats what Godhu keeps saying and he scares his father Daulat with the name of Ramchandani. I liked the performance of all the participants. You people have re-stored the spirit of Sindhi Culture. BHAGWAN TOHAN SABNI JO BALO KANDO :)
Bindu      [ 2007-10-06 ]
I Like every character. Even if the character of Geedan was small but it was pergect.
Poonam      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Bindiya is the best....acting is outstanding!!!
Tariq Mahesar      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Nice pics and seems good performance.
KIshor Deepchand Lalwani      [ 2007-10-04 ]
A new type of theme, though imaginary but attractive. The starcast is perfect. Director Julie Tejwani deserves kudos.
bindiya      [ 2007-10-04 ]
am of of the artist of the play, feels gr8 to hear good frm the audience,
Deepak Shahiry      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Oh ! Very nice Sindhi Drama betean the Bollywood Films. Thanks for reming those movements throught your photographs.
ritu      [ 2007-10-01 ]
very nice
rashmi      [ 2007-10-01 ]
cool pics.need to be modernized as fashion is changing .d interiors culd be a little better n more modern.
jai keswani      [ 2007-09-30 ]
very good


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for SindhiNatak
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