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List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for Sindhi Surhaan
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Ram Nichwani      [ 2011-12-28 ]
DD Bharti ka Sindhi Prog Kyon Close Ho Gaya Hai?Girnar Ka Prog Bahut Achha hai,Aur Sindhi Prog Daily Aana Chahiye.
Ram Nichwani      [ 2011-07-17 ]
Hamare Isht Dev Jai Jhulelal ke liye sab jagah Film or Natak main Comedy kar ke apni hi Qaum ki insult karte hain Koi hai Sindhiyon ko SUDARNE wala?Kisi Aur Qaum Muslim or sikh isai main apne ISHT DEV ko kitni IZZAT dete hai? hame Sharm Aani chahiye Koi Aawaz nihi Utha raha hai.
radhakishan gurnani      [ 2011-06-09 ]
No matter government has not named any part as sind in india after partition alike for other communities , thats why sindhi people can be found all over the world and in india ,
rahul soni      [ 2011-05-30 ]
Radhakishan gurnani      [ 2011-03-30 ]
Still sindh and sindhis are bond with each other no matter i born in india. Grieved to realise that government has done very less for sindhi people and its culture as compare to other languages causing afeeling of disassociation.appeal for more and more cultural sindhi programmes in north we are less in number but we are number one in courtesy good behavior social service sadai gadh hujo
Radhakishan gurnani      [ 2011-03-30 ]
Sindhu brethran sadai gadh hujo
RAJESH SHARMA      [ 2010-08-02 ]
hello , i m rajesh sharma & going to plublish sindhi newspaper for that what help u can give me tks
Ramesh Asrani      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Where are the Sindhi Movies vavailable in MUMBAI in DVD . Do let know , wish to acquire some. Can you send the titles of all the Sindhi movies made tilll date
Mrs. Gurnani      [ 2009-05-07 ]
Can somebody tell me if these Sindhi serials/movies are also aired in Singapore? Coz I saw Indonesia in the list ... so checking the possibility of have it here in Singapore..pls. let me know. Cha koi iyo budhayindo ki hey Singapore mein be telecast thinda aayan cha?
Lakhi Chandiramani      [ 2009-04-05 ]
I am interested in buying all your episodes to be aired here in the USA. Kindly revert, and advise as of same. Thankyou Lakhi Chandiramani
Muhammad Iqbal      [ 2009-02-23 ]
please keep the recording of sindhi surhan tv videos on this page
Naresh Bajaj      [ 2009-01-17 ]
Hi i m naresh i am 22 years old I am very thankful to the dd gujrati that they are giving a very good opportunity to sindhi samaj for exploring our sindhi language. Jai Jhulelal Beda Hi Paar
radhakishan gurnani      [ 2008-09-18 ]
In north india sindhi population is very less as comparision to other parts of india thats why we had started feeling that culture is slowlly fading but it is a matter of great pride that sindhi all over the world is supreme and considered to be best minds.
mukesh sawai      [ 2008-09-18 ]
this is very good initiative for sindhis as most of the person in our country even wont know that who we are so ireally apprecaited you for such great footstep to bring sindhi community closer
pritam      [ 2008-07-23 ]
I love sindhiSangat Television shows.. and wow Jagjit Singh in SINDHI... dado sutho.
Ghansham Santdasani      [ 2008-05-30 ]
I am over joyed to see many Sindhis have woke up to support our beloved mother tongue. God Bless them and give them full support to be successful
pankaj bhavnani      [ 2008-05-02 ]
I am also sindhi and i think all sindhis should unite and create new channel where in sindhi films, natak and jhulelelal songs can be seen
BHALE DINO      [ 2008-03-15 ]
yes we are sindhi and we want to tell the world that we have also a tradition, language, and we are sindhi. I appreciate you from sindh that you are trying to convince the government to launch dd sindhi. my prays are with you and you will be successful soon.


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for Sindhi Surhaan
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