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sanjit kumar      [ 2014-06-04 ]
Sir i want to know about durga puja as which date durga puja celebrate in the year of 1993
muthyapu naganna      [ 2012-02-10 ]
sir i saturday 9pm born i dont now year but nagula panchami ki mundu 3 days janminchanu as for ssc records 1982 undi mari chota 1983 undi sravana masam lo vastadi kada e year lo ante tuesday panchami ayindi kada date month and year chepagalaru sir plz
Rajeev kumar pal      [ 2012-02-07 ]
pl send me a mail about shubh mhurat. i want purchase a nano car in feb 2012 month. my date of birth r 26-03-1978. time 23;45 place roorkee dist haridwar.
HEMANNA      [ 2012-02-03 ]
i was born on 1988, day of gouri hunnime, please tell me the date of gouri hunnime.
HEMANNA      [ 2012-02-03 ]
i was born on 1988, day of gouri hunnime, please tell me the date of gouri hunnime.
madhu      [ 2012-02-03 ]
plz tell me about our married life date 15-11-1976 time 10:25pm
vani      [ 2012-02-03 ]
plz tell me about our married life date 12-3-1980 time 8:27am
hari      [ 2012-01-30 ]
please tel me my rashi is gemini and which one ratna may i can use (my birth date 20 june 1974 thursday morning, please mail me thank you
piya vaswani      [ 2012-01-26 ]
Pls can you send me sindhi tipano for 2012.
ranjan kumar      [ 2012-01-26 ]
1992 me diwali ke din kya date ti please mujhe janana hai.
SANDEEP      [ 2012-01-26 ]
please me best gruha pravesha muhurtham - dob 31/10/1984, tob - 6-25 AM, pob - karimnagar (a.p.)
Uttam      [ 2012-01-13 ]
Pls tell me the actual date on paush krishna paksh 1 in the year 1947
Jai      [ 2012-01-13 ]
Please upload Panchang/Tipno for year 2012. Thanks.
mangalam sridharan      [ 2012-01-04 ]
sir, my mother in law had born in margazhi(tamil month) and parthiba varusham(tamil year) uthiram sar. approximately of dec. month of 1945. i want to know the exact date of her birth. please help me
Sagar yadav      [ 2012-01-04 ]
My brother name-mahesh Ramesh yadav date of birth-4/5/1988 time of birth-7.30am day-wensday on the feature when permanent on present job
Mahesh Jan      [ 2011-12-28 ]
Plz Sir upload the Tipno/Sindhi calander of 2012 because i celebrate all things according your released tipno. THX
avinash      [ 2011-12-21 ]
Please suggest a good muhurat for Godh-Bharai during 28th Dec 2011 - 27th Jan 2012.
kumar chitransh      [ 2011-12-18 ]
sunita ke sath prem saband or wo wapas aygi ki nahi
Anurag      [ 2011-12-17 ]
Sir,mai ye janna chahta hun ki 1987 me gurunanak jayanti ki date kya thi?
VASU J. LULLA      [ 2011-12-09 ]
I have purchased lottery for 22/12/2011 the lottery number is 12621. i was born on janmashtmi in 1956. what are the possiblities to gain the lottery.
kalyani      [ 2011-12-07 ]
hi my sons was born on 3rd february at 1.16 AM. plz send me nakshatram,padam and also tell me if any dhosam is there at the time of birth and tell me whether i have do any shanthi
L.Chandrasekharareddy      [ 2011-11-30 ]
Sir my birth 1973 karteekam 3rd monday so i want day &date , please send details
S.Avinash      [ 2011-11-29 ]
please my name avinash DOB-15-01-1987 4.30 to 5.00 morning my life jobs career and rasi
Rakesh Butala      [ 2011-11-24 ]
I want to do flat ragistration. Cna you pl tell the dates in ist wk of dec11. My birth dates is 22/11/1976
harpal singh      [ 2011-11-21 ]
kindly tell me the shubh muhrat for four wheeler purchase in Nov & Dec2011.
sasmita sahoo      [ 2011-11-21 ]
i am born in 1991, june month, before 3 days on amabasya. but i know pure birth day. please tell me proper date of birth
SONAM      [ 2011-11-19 ]
mayur      [ 2011-11-18 ]
i am 27 year boy .i want to know about my carrier,my family.birth date 23/09/1984.birth place nagpur.
priya      [ 2011-11-15 ]
25/11/1984,sunday-4a.m. pls let me know rasi,gan,lagna,nakhatra
alpesh parmar      [ 2011-11-14 ]
dob-27/8/1986 tell me about my marriage date and engagement date. for quckly , near this two ya three month
Anurag      [ 2011-11-12 ]
Please tell the date on which chaitra navaratri started in the year 1965, 1964?
pslakshmi      [ 2011-11-11 ]
dt of birth 22-1-1961 . well has been dug last friday 29 oct when should i start constructing house in november
shweta      [ 2011-11-11 ]
my daughter is 2years 4 months old i would like to do mundan at durga ma temple in vijaywada pls suggest muhurtam for her date of birth 16 july 2009 at 7.50am
Venkat      [ 2011-11-05 ]
Pl suggestion good dates for plot registration between 09-16 Nov11. My birth star Rohini paada-1
bharti      [ 2011-11-02 ]
born on 17th September 1984 at 11.00 am tell me was the born time was Shubh or not
Bharathi      [ 2011-11-02 ]
Hi,plz send date of ugadi festival held in 1980(if any one knows)
Sunil      [ 2011-11-02 ]
Sir, I am planning to take my car delivery in next week. Please suggest some auspicious days in next week. what wil be color. My DOB is 01/11/1976 time 07:10am. Birth Place: Ghazipur (UP) Please suggest.
Karan      [ 2011-11-01 ]
Plz tell me the shradh dates in 1964 and 1965
Parvathi      [ 2011-10-31 ]
Pl tell me an auspicious day to take the delivery of a new car in the first week of November 2011.
Narasimman      [ 2011-10-31 ]
our company wanted to strat contruction of factory in November 2011
k.rukmani and l.b.ramji      [ 2011-10-29 ]
our date of birth is 31-08-1959 and 10-05-1987 respectively. kindly tell us the auspicious day for registration for a loan for a flat within november 2011. thank u.
ravi raj      [ 2011-10-26 ]
1985 me mahaveer jyanti kab tha plz tell me. that day is my birth day
sindhu      [ 2011-10-24 ]
i want to know about my kismat shadi date n future
A.Kumar      [ 2011-10-21 ]
My date of birth is 01/11/1979,time 7.20 a.m.please tell me my nakshatra.
Sunil Kumar      [ 2011-10-21 ]
Plz. tell me, when i strat contruction of my house in November 2011.
kurra prashanth      [ 2011-10-18 ]
please tell me the gruha pravasham muhartham. Date ; 12-04-1980 at 1 PM Hyderabad born. wife :soumya 17-09-1984 at 9.15 PM In november month
Lakshmipriya      [ 2011-10-15 ]
My date of birth sept 28th 1984 at 6 .10 pm .tell me about my marriage and job sir
sunil      [ 2011-10-12 ]
1986 me diwali ke din kya date thi
surbhi taneja      [ 2011-10-08 ]
Panditji, my daughter was born on 30 dec 2010 11:25 am in delhi. Plz tell me auspicious dates for her mundan in oct nov dec 2011.
Fateh Singh      [ 2011-10-05 ]
I want to purchase a byke, please suggest the that when I should purchase the byke
bagaylakshimi      [ 2011-09-27 ]
pls tell me good moharat fro ravati nakshatram for land registration on october month
meena patel      [ 2011-09-25 ]
please tell me the actual date of (tritiya of krishna paksh of 1992)..
shilpi      [ 2011-09-20 ]
my dadi was born on diwali in 1922 or 1923...i want to ask the english date....plzzzzz reply..its urgent
mANJEET      [ 2011-09-14 ]
Mundan sanskar muhurut for my son who born in august 2009 at 5.15 pm on MONDAY
swetarani      [ 2011-09-09 ]
sir, please send me the actual date of maha shivaratri celebrated in the year of 1965 ?
shyamali som      [ 2011-09-08 ]
we renovate our old house to new flat... I want to know sir is the day of mahalaya 27.09.11 could be suitable for grihapravesh? pls. suggest
prahlad singh kushwah      [ 2011-09-07 ]
date of birth 1987
deepak dwivedi      [ 2011-09-01 ]
hari om sir kindly provide me the mahurat for sagai in this month of date of birth is 1/7/1987.time was morning 7:30 am.
NEETA LULLA      [ 2011-08-31 ]
Suraj Singh      [ 2011-08-28 ]
My date of birth is 24/12/1991 time 6.30 PM Place Chandigarh what is the best time for me to buy a motorbike
Suraj Singh      [ 2011-08-28 ]
My date of birth is 24/12/1991 time 6.30 PM Place Chandigarh what is the best time for me to buy a motorbike Plz. send me a email
Dhruvdu Dangeti      [ 2011-08-26 ]
I want to know exact date their is little confusion on date of birth is it 1st jan or 2nd jan 1976 time 2.30 am but my mom says the name Dhruvdu as been kept on the basis of rashi and nakshtra can you sugest me the exact date and time when i was born.
veena.c.n      [ 2011-08-26 ]
date of birth, 02, febuary, 1965, name veena.c.n. what it say her astrology and what age she going to marry. and to whom she will marry.
S      [ 2011-08-25 ]
i have to submit my exam form online before 30-08-2011 can u suggest shubh time for submmission
sant kumar kushwaha      [ 2011-08-25 ]
date-20 day of friday tithi-teras -1972 month of-kartik what my date of birth
satish makhija      [ 2011-08-24 ]
i want marry with kiran uikey. Are this in my futur? Plz give me answer.
TUSHAR CHAKRABORTY      [ 2011-08-17 ]
my date of birth 15th june 1982.please give me a suggesion for my astro life.i born at kolkata(west bengal).show my astrology & numorology chart. give me a suugession for my career
DINESH      [ 2011-08-11 ]
sir,mera d.b. 18.8.1973 ,time 9.32am in mumbai , mujhe new bike lani hai so kon sa din samay & muhurat accha hai august 2011 me bataye. aur numelogy ke hisab se bike ka kya number lena chhiye bataye.
praksh chand gupta      [ 2011-08-11 ]
what is my bright future
dipika      [ 2011-08-09 ]
PLEASE tell me on which date Mahalaya was celebrated in 1981 and 1983.
garima kaushik      [ 2011-07-28 ]
pl. let me know the right time to invest in property between 29-30th July 2011. My dob is 16.3.1974, saturday 5.30 a.m approx.
krishna kumar rajak      [ 2011-07-12 ]
iss saal apna ghar bana hai griha pravesh kab karun
sachindra T. thakur      [ 2011-07-12 ]
my niece born on july 12th 2011 at 6.25 am sir please send me her,rashi,star and her name start from which word (name also suggest me) all details
AJAY KAMBLE      [ 2011-07-11 ]
i want to buy a NEW BIKE ON 14 JULY TO 19 JULY can you give the best muhrat for the same
shashikant Nikam      [ 2011-07-07 ]
Ground floor is old construction but First floor new constructed please suggest muhart date in July/Aug. 2011.
     [ 2011-06-29 ]
Please tell me getting married on the 29th March 2009 was a good day , we married in south africa
AMARNATHSINGH      [ 2011-06-27 ]
Bajrang Prasad      [ 2011-06-24 ]
pandit ji sadar namaskar! mera naam Bajrang Prasad mer DOB 07-07-1983 mera bhagyoday kab hoga or abhi 1 may ko maine NCDEX MCX Share market me broker ka kaam shuru kiya hai. isme mujhe kuch laabh hoga ya nahi. Plz reply answer on my email add. thanks
satish      [ 2011-06-18 ]
inform me details of amavasya janma shanti vidhi ( darsha dosh shanti)
Sreeji      [ 2011-06-14 ]
My car can be delivered in this or the next week. I wanted to know 1 or 2 best dates for the delivery. My DOB is September 17th 1980.
kv sailaja      [ 2011-06-02 ]
pls let me knw muhurat for sagai in june 2011. my dateof birth17 june 1989, 10.45 pm nanded maharashtra. my fiance details ramesh verma 11 aug 1979, 10.20 am delhi
megha verma      [ 2011-05-30 ]
megha verma & sidharth nanda the best dates to marry in nov &dec 2011
Satish Makhija      [ 2011-05-27 ]
This is Satish Makhija presently living in Bolivia, I was born on 16th December, 1977, I would like to know if it was Satyanarayana or Ekadashi on that day. Please suggest me. Thanking you, Satish
Devika      [ 2011-05-25 ]
I need to know Shubh Mahurat For Marriage from August 1 to 10, 2011
Shashikant      [ 2011-05-23 ]
Hi, I was born on 24.09.1971 in jamshedpur (tatanagar) at 10:32pm. Kindly advice me the date for housewarming in june 2011. Thanks in advance.
Ashutosh Singh      [ 2011-05-18 ]
I want to build my home in november. Please tell me the subh muhuret to start the programme. birth date is 12th july 1980.
suman      [ 2011-05-16 ]
pl.send me grihapravesh muhurat in may17 ,2011 to15june,2011
pawan      [ 2011-05-10 ]
shubh maharaj for griha pravesh in july 2011
archana      [ 2011-05-09 ]
Pl send me the auspicious dates from June 2011 onwards for Griha Pravesh. My DOB is 12.12.1956 and my husband DOB is 26.6.1955
Geeta      [ 2011-04-27 ]
my date of birth is 29-11-1984, time :- 8:10 am, place of born = delhi. and my fiancee date of birth is 17-10-1982, time:- 2:30 PM, place of born :- rothak( haryana). what will be suitable date in may and june to get married. kindly advice.
neeta Jhangimal      [ 2011-04-23 ]
i want to buy a car end of april can you give the best muhrat for the same
narendra      [ 2011-04-23 ]
pls tell me good mahurat in april 2011 for two wheeler purchase
VMANJULA      [ 2011-04-20 ]
please let me know the date for grahapravesam for our new house in the month of end of April and first week of may 2011
Raju.B.M      [ 2011-04-18 ]
Dear sir,i was born in 1992. But i dont no actual date of birth. According to school my birth date is 01-06-1992.but i know when i was born before or after two days kar hunnime is present.
RAJESH SHARMA      [ 2011-04-12 ]
suresh      [ 2011-04-09 ]
I want to purchase a car in april 2011 month, so tell me the muhrat for the same
Nagamani      [ 2011-03-29 ]
i born on 24-11-1993 i want to know my rashi sir
rashmi      [ 2011-03-23 ]
please tell me shubh muhurat for buying a car on 25 march 2011,will it be a suitable time for it?
REMAN SHARMA      [ 2011-03-17 ]
plz tell me wt months in desi language on 1 august 1987
Lakshmi      [ 2011-03-12 ]
jai mata di panditji, please let me know the best date for sale agreement/registery between 25th March to April 30th as itseems there is some mudham in April.Please let us know if we can do the same during this period. April 14th is a good date?
SANJAY      [ 2011-03-11 ]
anita      [ 2011-02-28 ]
my daughter born on june 18th 2009at 7.30 am please say thidi,star and all details
Harmeet kaur      [ 2011-02-23 ]
Main apni study ke bare janana chati hu
bhumika dixit      [ 2011-02-20 ]
i m going to maary on 17 march plz tell me its a right date or not
katherasala srinivas      [ 2011-02-11 ]
Sir. I was born in the year 1977 exzactly i dont know date but right, one weak after DEWALI satuarday, on the morning between 8.10am to 8.40am. Nearest city sirpur kaghaznagar belongs to adilabad district AP. A birth palace tolodi village, please send my panchangam, birth name, and nakshathram thanku very much.
rajkumar chaudhry      [ 2011-02-03 ]
plz. Tell me shubh muhurat of bhoomi pujan in feb. 2011
Gurpreet Kaur      [ 2011-02-03 ]
Shubh Mahurat for marriages in 2011(April/May)
jagdish      [ 2011-01-30 ]
I purchased a Laptop online and it will be received between Jan 31 to feb 3, so when I should received it? means what date it will best to start OR PUJA Of laptop?
hema      [ 2011-01-26 ]
wich date came mahalaya amavasya in 1981 to 1984
prakash santani      [ 2011-01-25 ]
please give me shubh mahurat time for my daughter wedding nisha born on 3-3-86 10.36am and boy dinesh born on 22-9-83 6.20am
tushar      [ 2011-01-23 ]
my date 08/09/1986 02.48 garldate13/02/1986at19.16 please vivah subh date at march april
Girish Patel      [ 2011-01-21 ]
I want to know exact date on Akhatrij 1969 (I believe Month was MAY )?
Savita      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Hi, Are there no mahurats in august 2011? Its for my brothers marraige born date is 18th jan and girl is born on 19th july. Many Thanks Savita
Dhanyaarun      [ 2011-01-16 ]
pls send me the house warming muhurthams in this month(january 2011)
Raj      [ 2011-01-15 ]
want to know on 5th jan 2011 from 11 am to 12:30 was it a shubh time or ashubh time
srinivas katherasala      [ 2011-01-13 ]
sir. I want details of my panchangam, birth name and nakshathram. iam sending my details, please inform me by email. I was born in sirpur belongs to adilabad dist andhra pradesh in between 8.00am to 8.20am on satuarday right one weak after dewali in november 19977
bharathi      [ 2011-01-04 ]
please let me knwo which day is good to perform naming ceremony of my daughter makar rashi , shravana nakstra
Vinod Kumar      [ 2011-01-03 ]
I want to purchase bike on 3/01/2011, tail me the muhrat for the same.
Chetana      [ 2010-12-25 ]
i want to know shubh muhurat or shubh time to performe my godh bhari on 2nd Jan 2011
BINOD KUMAR SHARMA      [ 2010-12-25 ]
jai mata di panditji, please let me know the best date for sale agreement/registery between 27th. and 31st.of december 2010 as due to the current period of kharmas upto 14th. jan 2011 weare in confusion if we can do the same.
Amit      [ 2010-12-22 ]
Kindly guide can we perform bhoomi poojan on Vaastu shanti muhurt & if yes kindly guide about vaastu & bhumi poojan muhurt in Jan 2011
dharmistha      [ 2010-12-16 ]
i want to know shubh muhurat or shubh time to performe my godh bhari on 19th dec 2010.
Vinod Kushwaha      [ 2010-12-14 ]
What date was paush amavasya in 1986 ? Because I want to confirm of my date of birth & rashi.......?
Karthik H.M      [ 2010-12-14 ]
Hello sir please inform me what the exact date and month of Bharatha Hunnime in the year 1972 and 1973....... Thank You
Avijit      [ 2010-12-07 ]
my date of birth is 14th november 1980 at 7:30 a.m. please tell me my rashi,nakshatra,gan,and my future
sagar      [ 2010-12-03 ]
i need 2011 hindi calender
Natasha Tendulkar      [ 2010-12-02 ]
i want to know muhurt for bhumipujan in december 2010
janvi mordani      [ 2010-11-27 ]
I want to know the date of Guru nanak Jayanti in the year 1943
Subhajit Banerjee      [ 2010-11-26 ]
Sir, Please give some griha pravesh dates & also Upanayan dates in April & May 2011. We stay at Kolkata.
bharat      [ 2010-11-23 ]
hello sir iwant the exact date, thidi,rasi and nakshtra and the festival of dasara in the year 1973
rahul      [ 2010-11-18 ]
i want to know the baisakh purnima of 1977. which day n date was on baisakh purnima
Ajay kumar gattle      [ 2010-11-18 ]
which is the subh mahurat date for engejment for me in november 2010. from 20/11/10 to 30/11/20
punitha.v      [ 2010-11-18 ]
Please tell me graha pravesham dates on march and april 2011,to organise our holidays.
Varsha Patel      [ 2010-11-17 ]
jay mataji panditji..pls send me a mail for shubh muhurat in dec-2010 for godh birth date is 19-06-1982
Mradula      [ 2010-11-17 ]
mai jan or feb 2011 mai shadi karna chati hu hamare name mradula & neeraj h please koi accha sa mahurat bataye.
sanjay      [ 2010-11-14 ]
shub mahurat for buying car in nov 2010
Mitha Ram      [ 2010-11-13 ]
My Name is Mitha Ram, but in certificates name is Mithoo date of birth is 16-10-1977, that is not exactly right. I have no exacutly my date of birth, but it is said that I was born on saturday according to hindu months, magha. So how can i find my date of birth right
Swarup Chakraborty      [ 2010-11-09 ]
I want to know the exact date of bengali nil puja according to english calender in 1972.
R Dev      [ 2010-11-09 ]
Kindly send the best moorat (date, time, methods) for bhumi poojan at Agra, Uttar Pradesh
ramaathan      [ 2010-11-09 ]
i want to get married on 9/9/2011..need the time of marriage. Im kanya rasi born on 9/1/1980 at 1158hrs. Pse advise
Sridevi      [ 2010-11-08 ]
what is the date and day of sriramanavami in the year 1973.
sanjay      [ 2010-11-08 ]
aur sindhi filme banao jeevan chakra jaise
Rajesh Khulbe      [ 2010-10-27 ]
I want a car on sunday 31-10-2010. is it a suitable day for purchase a car. If it is not a good day than please tell me when i should
Chinmayee Dantale      [ 2010-10-27 ]
Please can you tell the shubh muhurat dates for performing mundan of baby girl born in 24 July 2008 at 9:47 p.m.
pvijayalakshmi      [ 2010-10-20 ]
please information my future life my DOB 7-9-1979 at morning 4.30 clock
chinmaya bari      [ 2010-10-15 ]
17th oct.2010 date is good for my godh bharai?
Shilpa      [ 2010-10-14 ]
plz tell me godhbharai mahurtas in october2010
meena bisht      [ 2010-10-12 ]
jut i want to know that my weif was born on 23 gate ashwin 1965, so please tell me what was the date on that day. thank you.
KALI SHANKAR SARKAR      [ 2010-10-11 ]
May i know what is the Auspicious dates for Bhumi Pujan in October 2010.
prabir      [ 2010-10-09 ]
can i take home a new car on 12th october. My dob is 29/08/1979.
gulab butany      [ 2010-10-08 ]
I am interested in getting the 2011 tipno asap.... could you help???
Lal      [ 2010-10-05 ]
Hi can anyone please tell me what was the Sindhi month on 21 January 1984. And what would be the Sindhi month on 28 January 2011? Thanks for your help. Regards Manohar
uma      [ 2010-10-05 ]
in the year 1984 december which date Karthigai deepam thirunal. pl tell me
vijay kumar      [ 2010-10-03 ]
Hi, we want griha pravesh in october, 2010. House is in melbourne facing north entrance to the property and east entrance to the house.
SUNNY      [ 2010-09-26 ]
my mom passed away in year 2000 in may 11. i want to know which day will be her shardh in the year 2010.
naresh      [ 2010-09-19 ]
can i know whois my best life patner?!
Sailesh Nain      [ 2010-09-18 ]
The calendar / Tipno should have major events shown in Hindi/English; maybe at bottom of calendar
pavithra      [ 2010-09-18 ]
could u please tell me about the future
baburao      [ 2010-09-15 ]
what is the date month & day of ugadi festival in the year 1974
Niraj chauhan      [ 2010-09-12 ]
Sir i m niraj chauhan, i want to know that when get governmdnt job. My birth time is 21 april 1980 time 12:30am. Plz tell me.
ramavtar sharma      [ 2010-09-10 ]
pls confrom with year year1971,1972,1973 karwa chourthi in friday birth date time 4am and dewali year 1971,72,73 date and wwek day my birth date not confrom
menaga      [ 2010-09-09 ]
can you please tell me as 01.07.1974 is a suba muhurtha day i need details
Sangeeta      [ 2010-09-04 ]
I bought a car Wagon R. My birth data is 28/12/1975, Time 10.45pm. Place Pune. Please let me know on which day and at what time i should take possession of Car or bring the car at home in this week. Thanks. Regards.
raam      [ 2010-09-03 ]
I m born on 1979 Tuesday but not date confirmed. That is gouri hunnime..please inform which date i was born.
Jignesh desai      [ 2010-09-03 ]
i want to buy a new car in the month of Sepetember 2010. Can you please suggest what date i should buy the car. My birth date is 26 may 1978
DEEPAK SAHA      [ 2010-09-03 ]
My date of birth is on the akshya tritiya day of 1973,Monday.Please mail me my English DOB.
rakesh      [ 2010-09-02 ]
plz send me the muharat of mundan in monthof december
Avijit Pan      [ 2010-09-01 ]
Please send me the date of mahalaya in 1992 & 1993
Mahesh      [ 2010-08-30 ]
I was looking for sindhi calandar as i was born on 28th Asoo 2042 how can i know my date of birth in english.
nandan      [ 2010-08-27 ]
hi plzz tell me when i will go to abroad AND WHEN I WILL SETTLE IN MY LIFE my DOB IS 22/07/1989 7.20PM
Nitin      [ 2010-08-27 ]
Please let me know that 5th sep is good muhurt for for marriege. Its very urgent plz let me knw
Ramesh Das      [ 2010-08-26 ]
My suggestion is in this regard that no body knows how the coming days will be. Therefore, please do not ask any questions
aastha      [ 2010-08-24 ]
Please suggest me some godd mundan mahurats in september & october2010
Navin      [ 2010-08-22 ]
Dear sir ... My wife jus got a baby girl on aug 17th 2010 ... Time 12 28 pm ... Could u suggest an initial for her name please ... Thnk u :)
shalini      [ 2010-08-20 ]
Hi My date of birth is 16/06/1978 please tell me about my future and when will i get married.
Pr.Parisapuli      [ 2010-08-20 ]
please infm me which date(working day) is auspious between 24.08.2010 to 15.09.2010 for regist of land Regards
rupali      [ 2010-08-19 ]
i want mr conform birthdate can u help me?
saloni      [ 2010-08-09 ]
I wanted to know that when is thadari??
kiran khanna      [ 2010-08-08 ]
Pandit ji hari om. We want to do bhumipujan for construction our house in aug 2010.Can you suggest me good date and time to go ahead with this.
jai      [ 2010-08-02 ]
My girl baby DOB is 14.06.2010. Can u Please tell what is her rashi & nakshtra? Pl suggest suitable starting letter of her name. and suggest some names also.
santosh s oza      [ 2010-08-01 ]
My Birth Date is 24-2-1972 barirth place sangli maharashtra at 4.30 morning i sufrring from last two year so plz told me about
ramesh      [ 2010-07-31 ]
DOB is 13 july 2010.[west africa] i would like to know name rashi,gan nakshatra etc. pls help
Suman      [ 2010-07-26 ]
my name is suman I had purchased a new flat what will be the muhurat for grih Pravesh in 2010
shivkant      [ 2010-07-24 ]
pl. reply for our new home vastushanti muhurat on sep.2010 day , date & timing my birth date -dob-27/12/1954 wife birthdate - dob-24/08/1959
sanjay kaloo      [ 2010-07-24 ]
My DOB feb 7, 1967 ,9.20am kashmir .jauum & kashmir - kindly advise me how to suceed in life
Deepak Singh      [ 2010-07-20 ]
manoj      [ 2010-07-20 ]
what is full form of V.T.C ground?
Rajender Kumar Abichandani      [ 2010-07-17 ]
kindly send me subh mahurat for marrige in Oct. Nov. Dec. 2010
govindchawla .c      [ 2010-07-16 ]
when i will get my old debts &when my leg will be ok jai jhulelal
suresh chander      [ 2010-07-11 ]
I born in baisakh 26 gate on monday around 8:15p.m IST in Ranikhet UTTRANCHAL INDIA.1972 I want the actual date of birth of 1972.and zodiac sign. That day was a fair near our village and it is still celebrated the last monday of baisakh.
venugopal      [ 2010-07-01 ]
i want to on which time krithika nakshtra strat including charans
Vipin Singh      [ 2010-06-30 ]
Please let me know if 25th July 2010 is an auspicious day. I am planning to enter my new home this day. Please help
kb      [ 2010-06-22 ]
hi i wont to know shubh muhart for mundan for my son his dob is 11/09/2010 in july 2010.
sriniwas kumar      [ 2010-06-22 ]
please send me subh date & time of griha prevesh between 20 july 2010 & 7 agust flate on 3rd floor facing main door in south. Thanks you for your this web site.
gourav singh      [ 2010-06-09 ]
my name gourav my birthdate is 25/09/1986 and birthtime 02.10pm my lifepartner name mamta birthdate is 31/08/1989 and birthtime 08:30am
Deepak Kalwani      [ 2010-06-07 ]
Please provide shradh dates of 1962.Thanx.
ratna aggarwal      [ 2010-06-05 ]
my birthdate is(16-09-1986)and time is(20:10pm)i want to know that when will i got married plz tell me.
sujatha      [ 2010-06-04 ]
my son name is mayur he was born on 24th july 2009 can i know his future ?
Beena Sonawane      [ 2010-06-02 ]
Can you please tell me when was posh poornima in the year 1972
Nitin Bhirud      [ 2010-06-01 ]
Which is the good day from 07-Jun-10 to 13-Jun-10 to purchase bike? My DOB is 08-Jan-10
K.BHEEMESHWAR      [ 2010-05-30 ]
raman, DOB/6-12-1985      [ 2010-05-30 ]
please tell me on which date i get married, iam already anged,my faiance DOB is 6-12-1984,so give me the answer
jayanta kumar      [ 2010-05-29 ]
pl send me a mail about subho din for bastu land registy in june,2010 pl urgent response
jeetendra .lalchandani      [ 2010-05-28 ]
jai mata di panditji i want to know if my new business is gonna work out? pls suggest
krishnamurthy      [ 2010-05-17 ]
i want to know the date and day of sriramanavami in the year 1972 and 1973 to know my date of birth exact date and year
Ashis Chakraborty      [ 2010-05-15 ]
My DOB is 25.08.1972. Please tell/write me what is my rashi, gan & nakshtra?
Aruninder Kaushal      [ 2010-05-11 ]
Want to know conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Juptier & Venus in 11th house. Rashi is Kubh, Lagan is Kanya. DOB 09-08-1979 regards Aruninder Kaushal
maheshwari      [ 2010-05-09 ]
my name maheshwri my birthdate is 26/05/1986 and birthtime 08:45pm my lifepartner birthdate is 23/07/1984 and birthtime 09:30am
sjayasree      [ 2010-04-27 ]
pl suggest whether 16th may 2010 for poosam and poorattadhi for grahapravesam at chennai
Malhar      [ 2010-04-26 ]
What are the Vastu shanti muharatsin 2010, My DOB - 14 April 1977
vikash      [ 2010-04-24 ]
hello pandit jee mujhe septmbar or octobar me saadi ke mahurat date batiyte,,,,dhanaywad
rajesh      [ 2010-04-19 ]
i want to know the date of year 1969 as per hindu month ashaad ki panch was my day of birth
priyanka tiwari      [ 2010-04-11 ]
hello dada, my dob is 19/02/1985,time-4:05 am,please tell me which year i am going to marry...i am facing very tough period my life.....and previously i had two broken relationship about marriage.....please tell me in my kundali...there is vivah yog or not?
DHONDIRAM JONDHALE      [ 2010-04-10 ]
i want shubh mohrat for the marrage my date of birth is 27-07-1985 in may 2010
Bijay Kumar Das      [ 2010-04-09 ]
My date of birth is 12.04.1983 and my (Rasi is pisces) so I will purchase a new bike please tell me which colour suitable for me.
     [ 2010-04-09 ]
when date did cheti chand fall in the years of 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1924
arjun      [ 2010-04-07 ]
boy name is Rajinikanth DOB 15 Oct 1979 place sathenapalli and girl name is venkata ramana DOB 02 jul 1979 place gurazala.Please tell me will their rasi maches or not and marriege muhurtham from 8th april to 30th april.
Reena Katalkar      [ 2010-04-07 ]
My Name is Reena[28/03/1977 and my fiance is Dinesh - 30/04/1973] kindly suggest a suitable date and time for engagement in themonth of April or May 2010 - also for marriage after diwali
vanita bhise      [ 2010-04-06 ]
my grahdasha is very bad My whole life marriage yog yes or not
anradha kumari      [ 2010-04-05 ]
Plz.send me baisakh buth purnma date on my mail id.for that i m very thankfull to u.plz kindly send me date of baisakh buth purnima date in 1977.
toshi      [ 2010-04-05 ]
my dever marraige on 13th April kya ye shubh hai ya nai
Gautami      [ 2010-03-31 ]
My name is Gautami (4/2/1986 and my fiance is Gaurav (23/1/1983)...Kindly suggest a suitable time on 30th April 2010 for us to get married
priya      [ 2010-03-29 ]
My brother got a boy baby in LANDON march 29,2010 at6.55a.m. can you please tell me which letter start with his name,rasi and star.
Sandeep Kalsi      [ 2010-03-29 ]
plz. send me my janam kundli 13 Dec.1985 20:05 Ludhiana(punjab)
alpana      [ 2010-03-28 ]
i want to know the day of durga astami in chaitra in 1985
s .k puri      [ 2010-03-27 ]
Please tell me some auspicious date for marriage of my daughter dob 06.03.1984 (chandigarh 12.50 p.m.) with boy whose dob is 02.12.1984 ( 12.45 p.m. mansaur ) IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER 2010 - I SHALL BE GRATEFUL
NP Jain      [ 2010-03-27 ]
My date of birth 25.9.1967. Tell me the muahrat for grihpravsesh between march 28-april 05
ROHIT      [ 2010-03-26 ]
Please tell me 12/13 or 14 APRIL2010 ARE THE GOOD DATES FOR MUNDAN CEROMANY?????
venkatesh      [ 2010-03-26 ]
can u please telle me Krishna astami on 1981,1982 and 1982
SHANKAR      [ 2010-03-25 ]
Kailash Singh Kilanot      [ 2010-03-23 ]
I want to know subh date of new grih pravesh in April 2010
Dinesh Bhatia      [ 2010-03-23 ]
Pls tell me the corresponding english date Cheti Chand (Sindhi new year)for year 1969. Was born on that day.
K.V.NAGESWARARAO      [ 2010-03-20 ]
my name is kanda nageswara rao my wife name is padmavati. we have purchased new house in vizag.what is best date on my name for april-10 for gruhapravesham
Dinesh Bhatia      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Pls tell me the corresponding english date Cheti Chand (Sindhi new year)for year 1969. Was born on that day.
Roshni      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Hi, Could please tell me if 24th june 2010 is a good wedding date. Wedding will be in mauritius, date of birth for bride 24/07/85 (BORN IN London,England) and groom 12/01/1981 (BORN IN MAURITIUS). Wedding will be in mauritius.
YOGESH      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Please tell me 12/13 or 14 APRIL ARE THE GOOD DATES FOR MUNDAN CEROMANY?????
lav      [ 2010-03-15 ]
can u tell the which is best day for house shifting in the month of apr 2010 ,my date of birth is 18-9-1989 lavanya
Indra      [ 2010-03-14 ]
Pls tell good date for house warming in April to May.Can move new in month of Chitirai
Arjun Thapa      [ 2010-03-11 ]
I want calender for 1985 bhadra 27 so need calender for bhandra of 1985
pavan gudala      [ 2010-03-11 ]
I have a boy(Name: Varshith) 9 months old and I just want to know the good days for his mundan before 5TH July 2010 thanks
deepak      [ 2010-03-11 ]
I saw this web site and really appreciate the great work you people are doing. Kindly either send me the exact timing of abhijit muhurat on 16th March 2010. I will be obliged Thanx and regards Deepak
Virender Singh Rana      [ 2010-03-07 ]
Subh Muturat in Month May 2010 for house constration and My date of birth is 21 Oct. 1965.
sunitha devi.h.s      [ 2010-03-03 ]
please tell me which date and day mysore dasara vijayadarshmi falls for the year 1961 and 1962
Rakesh Bhardwaj      [ 2010-03-01 ]
Please tell me the date of deepawli in year 1982. i was born on the day, but no one is sure of my birthday
Renu Kumari      [ 2010-02-26 ]
Hi! Pl. tell me the exact english date on Panchmi of Shukla Paksh of Pausha month in the year 1982.
OM PRAKSH GOND      [ 2010-02-23 ]
Ashish Gupta      [ 2010-02-23 ]
Sumit      [ 2010-02-22 ]
Hi, I married on 27th February,2009. Can you please tell me how auspicious and fruitful would it be for both of us (me & my wife), to marry on this occassion......
Hiinaa panjwani      [ 2010-02-22 ]
Hi, My name is Hiinaa DOB 17/01/1976 and my fiancee name is Sujeet DOB 04/08/1973 - can you let us know what is an auspicious date to get married in may to july
yogeshdudeja      [ 2010-02-22 ]
hello my name is yogesh dudeja my date of birth is 25/07/1980 my rashi is dhanu pls help my marriege good time for months
praveen sharma      [ 2010-02-19 ]
sir plz tell me about my marriage date my b.o.b 4 feb 1987 and time 11.15am
VK SWAMY      [ 2010-02-18 ]
kishore makhija      [ 2010-02-18 ]
I want to know in 1965 which date falls of gudipadwa to know about my health at present
Poonam Jain      [ 2010-02-17 ]
Marraige Muharat for Poonam Jain(27.11.1985) & Nitin Gadia(4.12.1984)
Preeti Shroff      [ 2010-02-16 ]
Please let me know an auspicious date for Godh Bharai between 1 - 14 April 2010.
Nitin Tanwar      [ 2010-02-14 ]
i want to know Subh Mahurat for Sagai Rasam or Kab kab subh muharat hai..... Plz pandit ji Jaldi Reply karna .
Mousumi Saha      [ 2010-02-14 ]
Dear Sir, Please tell me shubho lagna for marriage in detail in this year 2010.
Sajan      [ 2010-02-14 ]
Please Tell me what is the correct day on 1987, jyesyh mah ki krishan paksh ki chaturdasi ko...
RAGHAVENDRA PRASAD.S.V      [ 2010-02-13 ]
PUSHPKANT.R.TRIVEDI      [ 2010-02-13 ]
Daughter born on 18.09.1981 at 1.25 AM in Mumbai & son-in-low born on 07.10.1977 at 11.45PM in mumbai, suggest me Dt. of marriage as per hindu gujarati panchang
mukesh      [ 2010-02-11 ]
please tell me shubh mahurat for doing vastupooja on february 12, 2010 thanks
pooja      [ 2010-02-10 ]
my self is date of 17 sep.1981.time amritsar.when i get married.
SUNIL KUMAR BAGRODIYA      [ 2010-02-09 ]
pooja      [ 2010-02-08 ]
my self date of birth 17sep.1981.time 10:45 pm.when wiil i get married?
Debadatta Giri      [ 2010-02-05 ]
Any good dates for start my house. I want to start at Bangalore, Karnataka. The earliest good date. Thanking you
kumkum      [ 2010-02-04 ]
can you tell me, what was the date on 1984 navratri in chaitra. i have to figure out my DOB.
Ajay      [ 2010-02-03 ]
Please tell me a date for marrige in february 2010 Ajay Kumar 25/10/1982 Simran 12/101982
Raja      [ 2010-02-02 ]
pls send me suba muhurta marriage dates from oct 2010 till dec 2010. thank you
Prem S.Katariya      [ 2010-02-02 ]
I am d president of Bhartiay Sindhu Sabha Jalgaon I want to know if take efforts to collect mobile No.of maximum No.people of our community will it be frr of charge ? if yes then only I will proceed further .As I am in touch with S.P.Sir throgh E-mail Thanks Prem Katariya
meena      [ 2010-02-01 ]
actually i born on 3rd december.i dono the year exactly.but my born date is karthigai deepam on that day only.year is during send reply.tell me the correct year
Kalaiselvan      [ 2010-02-01 ]
Please send me marriage date in March 2010 boy DOB 24-3-1986 Girl DOB 15-11-1985
dinesh rawat      [ 2010-01-30 ]
please can u tell me subh vivah muhurth for me Dinesh and Ranju
Alok Jangle      [ 2010-01-30 ]
I want to purchase a bike in January-February 2010 Pls suggest me on which date I should buy a bike in Jan-Feb 2010
vishal soni      [ 2010-01-29 ]
My name is vishal soni i was born on 23rd January 1983 at 5.30pm in jaipur i want to know when is my marriage yoga and what is my nakshatra and will mine will be a love marriage or arrange marriage
shelly      [ 2010-01-28 ]
please send me lagaan dates for the month of april and may thank you
Asha Chand      [ 2010-01-27 ]
Wonderful information. I want tipno in xls format to plan for our Sindhi Surhaan episodes for big subh days of Celebrities and also of auspicious dates. Can u email me? Thanks Asha
neetu      [ 2010-01-27 ]
24th march,2010 ka shubh mahurat kesa hi. ple. suggest me.
venkadalakshmi      [ 2010-01-26 ]
Hello sir, I want to know the shraddha thidi for the below mentioned date on urgent basi, how can i find that. please advise me. date: 10.12.2001,morning 5.30 am.
vipin kumar      [ 2010-01-25 ]
I have a boy 10 months old and I just want to know the pavitra date for his mundan before 6TH march 2010 thanks
Vikas      [ 2010-01-19 ]
Can you please tell me the Shaadi muhurat after 26 march 2010 Or 17 Feb to 28 Feb. thanks
siva      [ 2010-01-18 ]
Can u pls send me the suba muhurtam date and time for bhoomi pooja(house construction). My dateofbirth is 26-4-1979.
karan      [ 2010-01-14 ]
Please tell me Shubh Mahurat For Marriage in feb. 2010
suman dhawa      [ 2010-01-13 ]
I would like to know about the griha prabesh date in the month of JAN 2010
sarika      [ 2010-01-13 ]
I wanted to get my bike in jan can u tell shubha muhurat to take it at home. Please reply urgently.
Neeraj      [ 2010-01-11 ]
My son name Idhant,DOB 24.09.2007,time 5.15 pm,place mumbai.We want to do Mundan,Please tell us the recent date. Heartily Thanks Neeraj
sangeeta mali      [ 2010-01-09 ]
hi sir pls send me subh muhurat for engagement jan , feb in 2010 pls give 2-3 dates and send it to my e-mail address.
Venkat      [ 2010-01-08 ]
BOy DOB 31 March1983 star Visakha 1 pada Girl DOB 26 July 1984 star ardra.suggest a good day for getting engaged in FEb-March2010
RAHUL SHARMA      [ 2010-01-07 ]
eswari      [ 2010-01-06 ]
i want to know date of birth,star andzodiac sign of my mother who born in 1966,amavasya,4th padam,margasira masam.
BHAVIKA THAKKAR      [ 2010-01-06 ]
please tell me is 9th feb,2010 suitable date for me to get married.i am 22/f,born on4/9/1988.getting married to anand,33/m,born on 8/8/1975.please mail me urgently
Shrikanth Bhosale      [ 2010-01-06 ]
Please provide me the list of dates in the month of January-2010 suitable for Griha Pravesh. My nakshatra is Rohini, Raashi- Vrushuba, DOB-17-12-1975
Sreedhar      [ 2010-01-05 ]
Is it 11th Jan 2010 is shubh mahurat for buy a car. Please suggest.
gizelle pereira      [ 2010-01-05 ]
please send me d time for d muhurat born on 25/08/1986 n mukesh nathani born on 14/04/1981 between 16-21may 2010.. thanks..
Chiman & Nilam      [ 2010-01-04 ]
Can you please tell me shubh mahurat for vivah in 2010 January and February month what date
Gizelle      [ 2010-01-04 ]
Can u pls give me d time for d muharat of all days between 16th may -21may 2009. Gizelle Pereira 25/08/1986 Mukesh Nathani 14/04/1981 thanku...
mrs nidhi kangla      [ 2010-01-03 ]
my date of birth is 02july1981 and have been married 16 dec 2006;pls tell me suitable dates in march for my GOUD BHARAI
Suja      [ 2010-01-02 ]
Would like to have a auspicious marriage date in Dec 2010. Boy 10.08.1982 Girl 30.07.1982 TQ Nandri
Jeevitha.G      [ 2010-01-02 ]
Female DOB:10.03.1986 Pooratathi, Kumba rasi can u tel me which date suit for my marriage
Rakshit Sinha      [ 2010-01-02 ]
Plz recommend a wedding date between 25 April to 9 May 2010 for my sister . Her date of birth is 03/02/1985
Anand badi      [ 2010-01-01 ]
plz give me vivah muhoorth at may 2010 for applying north Karnataka boy DOB 07-12-1981
Sreeja      [ 2009-12-30 ]
Please send me the good date to shift flat between 31st december to 5th january
uday dwivedi      [ 2009-12-26 ]
Dear Sir, I dont, know my date of birth, iwas born on the day of Sravan Astmi( Tuesday) confision is year 1971-72&73 pls help
raj      [ 2009-12-25 ]
pls advice if the date 20-jan -2010 is advisable for marriage. waiting for your kind reply. thanks raj
renuka singh      [ 2009-12-24 ]
can u plz tell me for marriage date in feb or march boy DOB-8-10-80 and girl DOB-30-9-81
gautami      [ 2009-12-23 ]
can you tell us shub muhurat of marriage in jan 2010
seemashukla      [ 2009-12-22 ]
hi i am getting married to mukesh 27/12/1974 rashi vrisabh shukr ..nakshatra rohani 1 and mine is seema 29/11/1979 rashi meen guru..nakshatra revathi1..wich is good date for marrige in 2010 please guide asap.
Vijendra Shukla      [ 2009-12-22 ]
my date of birth-04/01/1985 & female birth - 17/02/1985 kindly select of marriage date at Jan-april 2010
MAMTA SINGH      [ 2009-12-22 ]
i m staying in mymbai i want to marry in mnth of jauary pls suggest a date which is good for our marriage life
Tracy      [ 2009-12-22 ]
Plz tell me the lagan dates for April 2010 thanks peace!!!!
Gopal Singhi      [ 2009-12-22 ]
pls send me marriage date in feb"2010 boy DOB 5-2-1978 Girl DOB 12-12-1985
rakesh kewlani      [ 2009-12-22 ]
awesome site very good thing apart from business doing something for the community.
ANIK DAS GUpTA      [ 2009-12-21 ]
please tell me is it best time in the end of january or first week of february to shift my residence.
Yogesh      [ 2009-12-21 ]
My name Yogesh,DOB 22.11.1984 wanna get married on 15.01.2010 with girl name Rashi DOB 30.07.1984, pls email me urgent Thanks
santosh chauhan      [ 2009-12-19 ]
kindly provide me year 1978 calender in hindi
rohan dagare      [ 2009-12-18 ]
i want marraige muhurat between 15 Jan 2010 to march 2010
Neeraj      [ 2009-12-18 ]
pls suggest a shubh mohurat beetween 15th april to 25th april
kdsharma      [ 2009-12-16 ]
Please tell me is there good muhurtha for purchasing a car between 17 December 09 to 31 December 09
Meena Mehta      [ 2009-12-16 ]
Boy: Yudhit Mehta ( 24.6.1983) 8.p.m. Girl: Nidhi Babbar (29.9.1984) 6.55 a.m. What is the marriage date in 2010 (Shubh Date)
Niraj kumar      [ 2009-12-16 ]
plz tell me on which date of august 1984 ekadashi fall on
geeta      [ 2009-12-15 ]
plz can u tell me subh vivah mahurat based on name. geeta and harish
Rikesh Shah      [ 2009-12-15 ]
u had given Feb-2010 mahurat for marriage while many people believes that after dec-09 , mahurat comes directly in may-10, pls, clarify on this..Thanks
Abhilasha      [ 2009-12-14 ]
may u provide me the details of subh vivah mahurat based on name. abhilasha and Gagan in December 2009 or January 2010
Ravita      [ 2009-12-13 ]
mera janmdin hy 09/07/1978 and hone vale husband ka 04/08/1976. hamara gandharve vivah hy.Feb 2010 me hamare vivah ke liye shubh muhurat kya hoga please aap batayenge. Thanku
toshi      [ 2009-12-12 ]
i am thinking buy a alto car when i purchase in Dec,2009 and colour of car my date of birth 24.3.1971
M. Indumathi      [ 2009-12-12 ]
Can anyone suggest me a goodday for Sale deed registration and date for Grahapravash. I thought of to do the registration on 14th Dec, 2009. Whether it is good. My DOB 7th Nov, 1976, TOB: 09.15PM and POB : Chennai, India. pls advise me asap, bcoz my builder wants money as early as possible.
Pramod Ramkrishna Bhor      [ 2009-12-11 ]
My sisters name is Savita and her Birth Date is 04 August 1984 , Time - 9.00 to 9.30 AM Place - Nandadgaon, Tahsil - Igatpuri, Dist- Nasik (Maharashtra) I want to know that, what is her best chances of marriage and please suggest the SHUBH MUHURAT for her Marriage. Thanks
Janhavi      [ 2009-12-10 ]
is it true that from 16/12/2009 to till full month We cannot step forward in any marraige discussion?
SURENDER KUMAR      [ 2009-12-10 ]
ARAVIND B K      [ 2009-12-10 ]
I have born in 1983 on the day of Mahalaya amavasya , please send me the date and the day of the mahalaya amavasya in 1983
manisha patravali      [ 2009-12-10 ]
I need to do vastu shanti of flat in 2010 send me the details of should i perform it and a suitable good date for the same
pallavi      [ 2009-12-09 ]
i want to know my mother birthday excatly she says her birthday is in dec may be on 8th dec 9th dec 10th dec she is not confirmed only know that her birthday son is 1964 and birth son is dec so plz tell me in 1964 on what date in dec magar ki ikkiis falls
dgjog      [ 2009-12-08 ]
I want to know wedding muhurtas in may 20 to june 7,2010
shikha      [ 2009-12-08 ]
Please help me to find out if 12th or 13th december is good for godbharai Rasam or not.I live in Melbourne. thank you very much.
rashmi praveen      [ 2009-12-07 ]
I my birth day is 21st nov,2010. I want to know about my career and finance in 2010. I am a business woman. Will my business flourish
neetu      [ 2009-12-07 ]
plz can u tell me subh vivah mahurat based on name. Pushpendre and neetu
pradeep      [ 2009-12-07 ]
my date birth 20/07/1981 my brother date of birth 18/09/1980 please give me Nakshtra and rashi and marriage,job, etc
Suraj Nath Mukherjee      [ 2009-12-06 ]
Kindly send me the dates of thread ceremony for my son from February 2010 to January 2011
rupesh      [ 2009-12-05 ]
time for marriage in 08,09,10 dec 2009
Archana K.      [ 2009-12-04 ]
Hi, im from bihar. planning to get married in Feb2010. can u pls let me know the shubh dates for marriage in FEB 2010 as per bihari panchang. thanks in advance.
gaurav maurya      [ 2009-12-03 ]
please can u tell me subh vivah muhurth of my brother mrg. saurabh and amrita
lal narayan sinha      [ 2009-12-03 ]
pl tell me the most auspious day in january for bhoomi puja in 2010 in mumbai and start house construction
Neelima      [ 2009-12-02 ]
Could you please suggest dates for marriage of Vinay Krishna Date of birth 26 th Feb 1979 and Sushama Date of birth 9th May 1986
balbir singh rawat      [ 2009-12-01 ]
Please tell me the shubh vivah lagna for balbir and aarti in May and June 2010.
mahesh      [ 2009-11-30 ]
hi iam born in 4 july 1973 and wants to get married in december 2009 plz advice me
sunita      [ 2009-11-30 ]
Hi, My daughter was born on May 15, 2009 in California, USA. Could you pls let me know good muhurtha for her first hair removal ceremony? Thank you. -Sunita
Prakash Harumal Nathani      [ 2009-11-30 ]
Jeevan Ghot ki Jai, I was born in Kurla, Murli Manoher Society,Agra Road, Kurla Bombay and since childhood i use to get Asis from Jeevan Ghot because he use to come Kurla and use to stay in house of Mr.Arjandas and his son is my good family friend. I was looking for sindhi Tipno on internet i saw your Sindhu nagar Tipno and became so blessed and Happy..Now i am staying in Manila,Phillipines with my family but my onre brother Mr,Gurmukh and sister Rajkumari are staying in Kalyan 25 section near prabhat takies.. please keep updating your Tipno and need your Blessings. Bolo Jeevan Ghot ki Jai and Vasan Sha ji Jai,, bhool chuk maaf Kandha...
MANOJMALHOTRA      [ 2009-11-29 ]
My date of birth is 26 june 1982 time is 3.30 pm plz tell me, meri job kab tak lagegi aur main india or foerign ma job karonga,
ANURADHA      [ 2009-11-29 ]
please advise marraiage date for my brother in this month as my dad has expired on 1st feburary 2008.
om prakash kurmi      [ 2009-11-29 ]
sir,plz give the subh lagan for marriage during jan to April 2010,as my DOB is 25thfeb 1982,place of birth Assam..
Suraj Nath Mukherjee      [ 2009-11-27 ]
Sir, I want to know the subhmuhrat dates in April2010 to December 2010 for Upanayan (Janeu/Thread ceremony) of my son.
harshada      [ 2009-11-27 ]
i want to know the lagna muhutat in between jan 2010 to march 2010
Sree      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Can u pls send me the marriage dates in Jan & Feb 2010 Boy - DOB-17-10-1978 NAKSHATRA-ASWINI Girl-DOB - 24-2-1984 Nakshatra- Anuradha
dilip singh & renu      [ 2009-11-26 ]
my date of birth-23/09/1987 & female birth - 02/04/1992. kindly select of marriage date at april/may 2010.
Ajay neeta      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Can you please tell me shubh mahurat for vivah in 2010 August and september month what date
poonam jaikar      [ 2009-11-25 ]
please tell me is 22nd jan,2010 suitable date for me to get married.i am 27/f,born on1/6/1982.getting married to vinod,32/m,born on 25/5/1977.please mail me urgently.
vimal kumar      [ 2009-11-25 ]
plz can u tell me subh vivah mahurat based on name in month of jan,Feb 2010
Abhishek patwa      [ 2009-11-24 ]
hi sir pls send me subh muhurat for engagement in 2010 pls give 2-3 dates and send it to my e mil address.
ALOK KUMAR      [ 2009-11-22 ]
Hitesh Adwani      [ 2009-11-22 ]
Hitesh Menaka 29/09/1982 31/10/1983 please suggest me marriage datein Feb. 2010
Subhash G.Rathi      [ 2009-11-21 ]
What is The english date on Sunday Paush Shukla paksh ekadashi ,year will be 1965 or 1966
Arun Sharma      [ 2009-11-20 ]
my sister name is sudha and her marriage date has been fixed on 29th of nov 2009 time is arround 2.30am i.e 30th as per calender , plz suggest the nakshatra in which she will be married.
jyoti      [ 2009-11-20 ]
kindly guide me date to have Marriage in december?
RAJEEV TANDON      [ 2009-11-20 ]
Waht is good time for griha pravesh in new house located in New Delhi on last week of Nov. & first week of Dec.09.
BIJENDER SAHARAN      [ 2009-11-19 ]
name-Bijender Saharan DOB-15-10-1982 place Rohtak(Haryana) Bridge Name-Poonam Lathar DOB- 05-11-1985 Place - Jind(Haryana) plz tell me marriage date
sonam srivastava      [ 2009-11-18 ]
name-sonam srivastava dob-17 july 1988 place-gonda (up) name-abhinav sinha dob-3 september 1981 place- gonda (up) please tell marriage date in december 2009
Vishal Garg      [ 2009-11-18 ]
name - Vishal GArg dob - 23-08-1981 place - Aligarg (UP)bride name - Richa Singhal dob - 10-12-1983 place - Bulandshahr (UP) Plz tell me marriage date during Jan and Feb, 2010.
komal (aarti) ahuja      [ 2009-11-17 ]
Dear Sir, My birth name is Sunita my birth date is 16/12/1974 @ 05:45 am my husband name is anil his date is 10/10/1969 @ 04:30 am i want to know that in my life child is there or not please say me sir my marriage happened on june, 2002. Thanks & Regards KOMAL (AARTI) AHUJA
Sukomal Dutta      [ 2009-11-16 ]
Hi my Date birth is 29/01/09. please suggest me a date for marriage from May 2010 to June 15th 2010
deepa      [ 2009-11-16 ]
pls. tell me 27 june 2010 is this day vivah muhurat or not ?
santy      [ 2009-11-15 ]
pls sugeest muhart on 30/12/2009 for a engagement is right or not
khyati      [ 2009-11-15 ]
Hello my name is khyati and i want to know wedding mahurats in oct. 2010 for myself. Khyati :- 17-6-84 Birth time:8:10 kunal :-7-8-83 Birth time: 11:04
ajai      [ 2009-11-14 ]
sir boy: amit, DOB 01-09-81 time- 11:30 AM, Haldwani, Girl: juhi, DOB 19-12-85 time-21:54, sambhal the marriage is fixed but please give the suitable date for marriage in February 2010 for them
PALTUDAS PATEL      [ 2009-11-14 ]
name paltudas patel born date 01/08/1989 , my bride name sonu date of birth 16/11/1992.plz tell me our marriage date.
SK Shukla      [ 2009-11-13 ]
HIndu marriage date for 6 June 2010 . comment
Anshu      [ 2009-11-13 ]
I have to do griha pravesh in my new flat. Could you please suggest dates in Jan or Feb?
veenuwadhwa      [ 2009-11-12 ]
sir kindly tell is it shubh for marriage of arpit and nitika on 20th feb 2010
abhilasha      [ 2009-11-11 ]
plz can u tell me subh vivah mahurat based on name. abhilasha and madhusudhan
Suresh kesaria      [ 2009-11-10 ]
please guide for muhurat of purchase new car on this week.
B Santosh Varma      [ 2009-11-10 ]
My Date of Birth is 02 May 1981. Please send me a good date in Nov 09 to buy a used vehicle
soubhagya      [ 2009-11-10 ]
I was born on 4th november 1984, 7:30PM. Can you please let me know my rashi and birth start. It would be so greatfull of you.
ajay prakash      [ 2009-11-09 ]
name - ajay prakash dob - 18-08-1985 place - kota (rajasthan) bride name - abhishri goyal dob - 23-09-1984 place - kota (rajasthan) plz tell me marriage date
shekhar N koli      [ 2009-11-09 ]
I require tithi for date 23rd June 2006. Whether it cames aamavasaya or good time birth date. the time was 11.04 a.m. I wanted to know kundali for above DOB
susheel      [ 2009-11-07 ]
pl suggest a engagement/marriage muhurat in January 2010 Thanx
satish r. pandey      [ 2009-11-07 ]
meri life ke bare main koi bata do
raju      [ 2009-11-07 ]
Can you suggest me if Nov 12 or 13th 2009 and the time is good for us to move into our new house. My date of birth is sept 07 1964 and my wife July 26 1974. Thank you
chitransh      [ 2009-11-05 ]
what is the best day or time for birth of a child during Nov.2009
mahesh kumar      [ 2009-11-02 ]
kindly provide marriage muhrats during may & june 2010.
suraj      [ 2009-10-30 ]
hi sir i want to know the subhmuharat date in april and may 2010 for merriage plz. send me the mail
navina      [ 2009-10-30 ]
is 23 may 2010 a good day to get married according to hindu calender?
Divyesh      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Please suggest me shubh lagna mahurat between January to May 2010. Please provide me some dates. Thanks.
Ravi      [ 2009-10-29 ]
I wanted to know wedding muhurat for apr, may 2010. Also if u can send me sindhi tipno for 2010-2011. thank you.
vinod gupta      [ 2009-10-28 ]
DOB 09/04/1981 time 7:30 A.M. sir i want to know that there is any sign of my progress in near future and when i got married
govind      [ 2009-10-27 ]
my son name is abhishek gupta and date of birth 7-sep-1979 9.20am at muzaffarnagar and girl date of birth is 16-dec-1980 1.20pm at delhi convey the shubh dates for marrige
kubendran      [ 2009-10-27 ]
Please send me the suba mugurtham date from April 2010 to June 2010 for thiruvoonam boy and barani girl
Sameer Patil      [ 2009-10-26 ]
Born 17.02.1969. Time 9.00 P.M. - Plce of Birth NAGPUR What are my chances of Success professionally & if ever i will get married.
sandeep kumar      [ 2009-10-22 ]
sir kindly tell me subh date of sadi in february 2010.i am a brahmin boy,
Mohinder Pal      [ 2009-10-20 ]
I am planning for doing marriage in Nov Last & Dec. pls suggest auspicious date (Day lagan). Detail is as under:- M P Sharma (M) / Poonam Sharma (F). Mithun Rashi & Mithun Lagan / Kumbh Rashi & Kanya Lagan. Mrigsira -3 / Purvabhaderpda -3
jatinkumar c jajal      [ 2009-10-13 ]
my name is jatinkumar c jajal and the girls name is tarkeshvari m galiv my dob is 25/02/1979 time of birth isevening 5 (1700Hrs)and place of birth is mumbai and her is 28/05/1980 and time of birth is morning 5 (0500 Hrs) and place of birth is aurangabad i wantewd to know wheather our jkundali matches or not and another thing what is the best muhurt for marriage between november 16 2009 to february 2010 for us thanks
kulanand Chaudhary      [ 2009-10-12 ]
Please send me vibah date in 2010 between Jan,2010 to June2010
RAMESH KUMAR      [ 2009-10-11 ]
Sir, I plan to get married in 13,NOV.2009 , My Date of Birth is July 20,1974, Time 11:55 PM on Saturday.My fiance Name is Priti and DOB is Feb.1986.Kindly advise me auspecious date in NOV. also advise whether 13 Nov is aupecious or note Thanks
pooja      [ 2009-10-11 ]
sir, plz tell me that is it possible to marry on basant panchami? is it shubh ? my date of birthis 31-08-81 and my partner date is 4-11-80 and our rashi is kanya (both). plz reply its urgent
mahalakshmi      [ 2009-10-09 ]
hello sir iwant the exact date, thidi,rasi and nakshtra and the festival of dasara in the year 1973
Bikash      [ 2009-10-09 ]
Can you post here marriage date according to North Indian Hindu panchanga for the year 2010-2011
G K      [ 2009-10-09 ]
sir plz guide me the marriage dates for a boy born on 25 4 83 time 7.10am ludhiana and girl 3rd may 1985 place karnal plz adv best dates for the monyh of nov dec 2009 and feb march aprl 2010 thanks
sheetal sutar      [ 2009-10-09 ]
Please tell me exact subha time for eggegment & marraige on 13th november 2009. as early as possible. thanks & regards sheetal
sanjeev sahni      [ 2009-10-09 ]
I intend to know the exact date of Janamashtmi which was celebrated in India in the year 1978
GANESH      [ 2009-10-08 ]
i will plan get engagement in october 2009, Auspicious occasion of engagement My Name Ganesh. Birth Date 26/05/1982 & My Girlfriend Name Vidya.Birth Date 20/06/1982
nitin srivastava      [ 2009-10-07 ]
please let me know if it is good time for griha pravesh in new house located in Maharashtra on 15th October 2009.
Pratheeksha BHoora      [ 2009-10-06 ]
I am in South Africa and will be moving house soon.please let me know what time and date should I move into the house. these are the dates I can move 16 Oct. 17 Oct,18 Oct,24 Oct , 25 Oct, thank you
aditya      [ 2009-10-05 ]
mundan samaroh want to held in dec 09 or jan 2010 which days is best or good.
Smruti Panchal      [ 2009-10-04 ]
Please suggest me good muharat for marriage after December 2009
venkateswarao      [ 2009-10-03 ]
can you tell me which would begood dates for marriage after 20th november 2009;boy birthday19th- february 82;girl birthday 10th august 1986.
veera      [ 2009-10-03 ]
i want see exeact date in january 1983 rahini
NILESH SABLE      [ 2009-09-30 ]
Rajeeb      [ 2009-09-30 ]
Please give me information about shubh muhurt for marriage in between 17th april 2010 to 30th april 2010, give me date & time also as early as possible thanks,
komal (aarti) ahuja      [ 2009-09-29 ]
Dear Sir, I want the best time of grah pravesh on oct, 2009 my new house is at unr 3 behined prakash auto. Thanks & Regards AARTI AHUJA
sherdeep gill      [ 2009-09-28 ]
sherdeep (male) 14-12-81 mumbai 5.31am ..tejal(female) 19-01-82 9.22 am. my question is when should we get married?? and what about our future.. as i love her very much
jagtar singh      [ 2009-09-27 ]
pls send me the shubh lagan dates in january febuary march
sanjay      [ 2009-09-21 ]
pls give me information about marrege date in 2010-11
shalu pursnaney      [ 2009-09-19 ]
need to know the best date for graha pravesh pooja in mumbai, pls mail me the best muhurat
santosh sarawade      [ 2009-09-18 ]
i am santosh dob 2 sept 1988 getting married on 8 nov 09 to girl named supriya dob 12 may 1988. is it ok to get married on 8 nov 09?
jyoti sharma      [ 2009-09-18 ]
can you please suggest me good mahurat for mundan(first hair cut)before 18 feb 2010 my son in born in feb18 2009 time 8.11am brooklyn ny
SANKARAN.C.R      [ 2009-09-16 ]
sir/madam, one of my friends rememeber that he was born on the gokulashtami day in the year 1962. will you help me in finding out the exact date of birth for the person
chandra      [ 2009-09-15 ]
hi, my D.O.B is 06/10/1982 rasi meenam/ rewathi and his 29/12/1980 kanni/hastam.we are planning to get married on may/jenu 2010. please let me no the best date for our wedding. malaysia
ashok kotai      [ 2009-09-14 ]
iam sindhi ,i want some help,from sindhi comunity, iam working for TATA AIG insurance company,we got good isurance plans ,and ulip plans.please i want to keep some visiting cards .and brochurs to comunity office.i will thankful to sindhi comunity if i will get some help to get so clients. Thanks ragards ashok kotai
unnathi      [ 2009-09-14 ]
could you please give me the date of rathayatra in the year 1962??it was my moms bday she does not remember her birth date i want to give her a surprise..plsssssssss
laksh      [ 2009-09-14 ]
dear sir, i am going to marry january 2010 please give me good mugurtham date
ashwin b savalia      [ 2009-09-10 ]
we require the tithi for the following date-12/6/19975 and 16/7//76 please send me ,thanks
R.Srinivasan      [ 2009-09-08 ]
Can you give auspicious dates for travel from USA to India in July 2010. My star is VISAKA and that of my wife accompanying me is JESTA. Thanks
Preeth      [ 2009-09-07 ]
my husband date of birth is 22.7.1973 and my date of birth is 14.4.1975 please suggest which is the auspicious date in October to move to our new house
S K AGRAWAL      [ 2009-09-05 ]
plese let me know the vivah muhurt in april2010
boky      [ 2009-09-04 ]
kindly provide marriage muhrats during 2010-11
saikat chakraborty      [ 2009-09-04 ]
please give me the available dates for upanayan(bengali thread ceremony) in year 2010
Sanjeet      [ 2009-09-03 ]
Hi. pls send me wedding dates in the month of Sept. 2nd week or 3rd week probably. thnx
Praveen      [ 2009-09-02 ]
Please advise me subh mahurat for marrige in january 2010
Rajeev      [ 2009-09-01 ]
Hi, i want to purchase a new bike.. please provide me suitable dates according hindu relions. rgds RAJEEV
Nils Family      [ 2009-08-31 ]
Hari Om; Child birth in a family is considered auspicious one on itself; can you tell me why people fear child birth during Mahalaya Amavasya; is there any inauspicious thing about it?
Brajesh      [ 2009-08-30 ]
hi sir,i want to know the shubh mahurat for marriage dates feb-march 2010 for Tilak and Barat accorduing to bihar (brahman) hindu custom...its urgent..I am totally confused about this.. Please help me out..thank u!!!
surajchabria      [ 2009-08-29 ]
i want to do puja for my daughter born on 12 th june 2009 at home and navgraha shanti puja same time pls suggest me latest date and what will be the cost of puja it is naming ceremony for the baby
sunita ahuja      [ 2009-08-28 ]
whenshould a hindu boy-DOB 24 Jan 1984 and girl DOB 18 April 1982 marry in Nov-Dec 2009? Please guide Thanks
sunil      [ 2009-08-27 ]
what are the best muhurtham in september to buy a new car
kamal      [ 2009-08-27 ]
our maharaj hve told us to do some shani pooja on 9th sep 2009, for mithun rashi, so pls check the tipno and pls reply asap. thanks kamal
Tushar M      [ 2009-08-26 ]
I am planning to get married on 8/9/10 Dec 2009. Please tell the times on these dates perferably morning
gourav singhal      [ 2009-08-15 ]
I, want to know the good marriage date in november ,dec for Gourav & sakshi
Shruthi ms      [ 2009-08-14 ]
Dear sir, my dob is 5 feb 1983. 0030 am . star is anuradha , place of birth - mysore . i would like to know that the star is correct
silpa      [ 2009-08-13 ]
hello sir, i want to know my rassi,tithin naksatram of mine. Born on 16/12/198 Between 7:00 - 7:30 AM
Assa      [ 2009-08-13 ]
I want to know nice muhurath for marriage from september 2009 to april 2010
ram      [ 2009-08-13 ]
Hi sir, why man will born in kalasarapa dosham Please let me know on this
amol gholap      [ 2009-08-11 ]
I want to know the date of JANMASTAMI and GOPALKALA because my birth is happens at the of Janmastami so plaese give me that date
narsi reddy      [ 2009-08-10 ]
hi sir, i want to know the exact date of ugadhi in 1984 and 1983 pls send me...
Ashok      [ 2009-08-10 ]
February 2010 mein beti ki shadi karani hai.shubha din aur samay batene ki kripa karein.
Govind Haridas      [ 2009-08-09 ]
My son is born on Janauary 7th 2009 at 4.01AM USA time(Pacific time). Could you please let me know his rashi and nakshatra. Also if possible please send me his astrology based on his date of birth and time. Thanks, Govind
Rakesh Mittal      [ 2009-08-08 ]
Kindly let me know if there is a common marriage date in April 2010 for a marwari groom and Bengali bride. Thanks.
keval      [ 2009-08-04 ]
i will plan get mariied in october 2009, pls sggest me auspicious date in october last week
Mridula      [ 2009-08-01 ]
our apt lease is getting over on 19th of nov 2009 so we would be moving on that day to anothert apt , but on line i searched and foung that there is no mohorat of grah pravesh in sep oct nov and dec, what is the solution
Jayshree      [ 2009-07-30 ]
When is Teejri?
k n purohit      [ 2009-07-29 ]
kindly provide marriage muhrats during 2010-11
Sujata      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Please suggest me a good day for grahapravesham in early sept 2009
anil kumar saxena      [ 2009-07-25 ]
punitha      [ 2009-07-25 ]
baby born on 28.06.09 at 2.05pm would u pls let me know what could be rashi and nakshatra of the baby and starting letter of the name also. Pls do the needful
sharmila arumugam      [ 2009-07-24 ]
what letters are suitable for kumbha raasi and pooratathi nakchatra?
Anil      [ 2009-07-24 ]
Hi I am Anil and my Date of Birth is 3/5/1984 and my fiance date is 20/07/1984 and we are making plan to get married in (5-20) April 2010. Please provide me the suggestions. thanks and regards
VEENA SHARMA      [ 2009-07-23 ]
susan      [ 2009-07-22 ]
We wish to have housewarming for our new house at Kerala- kottyam in August. Kindly mail me the good dates for my nakshatra - Chitira on August 2009
RESHMA SAXENA      [ 2009-07-22 ]
pls guruji my name is reshma my DOB 25/08/1975 time 7.30am place mumbai i am still single when i going to get marrige
vibhuti chavan      [ 2009-07-20 ]
what is the meaning of shukraloap
Vishal Tarani Premchand      [ 2009-07-18 ]
jai julelal im from ulhasnagar.5 but now in dubai
Simpali      [ 2009-07-16 ]
My Son DOB is 22nd July 2007. This year 2009 on 14th August 2009 his MUndan please tell me right time to cut his hairs because our family mundan always in Janamasthami its our family tadition.
munni      [ 2009-07-15 ]
please send me the name of the tithi which falls on 1st august 2005.
lalit naryan      [ 2009-07-14 ]
pl let me know what was the date of janmasthmi in 1975
sonu      [ 2009-07-13 ]
please suggest mahurat for doing mundan of myson before 20th october 2009.
nitu      [ 2009-07-13 ]
My birth date i7/01/1977 & i am planning to get marry in November. plz send good dates for my marriage. My would be husband birth date is 19/09/1974. plz suggest me good suggestion. Waiting for reply
Divyesh      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Please suggest me shubh lagna mahurat between October to December 2010. Please provide me some dates. Thanks.
shreya      [ 2009-07-12 ]
can you please give me a date for marriage according to bengali calender in april 2010 and may 2010
NARASIMHAMURTHY.D.N.      [ 2009-07-07 ]
Suggest me a proper name. I was born on June 1, 1979 at 01:28 a.m. at Bangalore, Karnataka, India
sheetal Dhuri      [ 2009-07-07 ]
Please give me information about shubh muhurt for marriage in july 2009,give me date & time also as early as possible thanks,
REVETHI      [ 2009-07-06 ]
im born in 24/11/1981 and my fiancee 04/12/83 we want get marries in january 2010. we want the good mugurtham date for urs.
Subra      [ 2009-07-06 ]
Pls give suba muharta wedding dates in November and December 2010.
Rinkal      [ 2009-07-03 ]
I want to know the date of Teej, which is coming in August.
samrat      [ 2009-07-02 ]
pls suggest me a date for marriage in feb 2010.can marriage be possible on mahashivrathri.i m a hindu and my fiance is also a name is samrat nad her name is rachna.
Krishnan      [ 2009-07-02 ]
please suggest dates during August 2009 suitable for house warming, flat located at Ernakulam, DOB of owner 10 April 1976, star Aslesha.
Akash Deep Sharma      [ 2009-07-01 ]
Nameskar My birth date is 03/05/1980. & i m getting married on November will this good month for me and my wife her birth date is 10.06.1986 plz suggest me good dates suggestion
manjunath      [ 2009-06-30 ]
I was born on 26 october 1983 so will u suggest me about my education,Job,Marriage,and about my future,
Dipal Gaikwad      [ 2009-06-30 ]
Hiii My birth date is 14/01/1985. & i m getting married on july 15 will this good date for me and my husband his birth date is 22/09/1981. plz suggest me good
ARAVIND      [ 2009-06-29 ]
I born on Mahalaya amavaasyaa day in 1983 , please let me know the exact date of this day in 1983?
madhavi      [ 2009-06-29 ]
please send me auspicious dates in the month of august or september first week for gruhapravesham. my nakshatram is kruttika 3 padam and date of birth 03/04/1976. my husbands nakshatra is swati and date of birth is 26/10/1973. please help thank you
madhavi      [ 2009-06-29 ]
my name is madhavi.i was born on 31 dec 1986 ..i wanted to know about my career and when will i get married? any remedies ??
Tripti      [ 2009-06-26 ]
Which are the auspicious date for the mairrage in feb , march 2010 Please let me know asap... Thanks
Jessica Kumar      [ 2009-06-24 ]
Hi I live in Wellington, New Zealand. We are building a house and need to sign documentation and pay deposit before 5th July. Can you please recommend most auspicious date and time for both signing and paying money. Thanks
komal (aarti) ahuja      [ 2009-06-24 ]
Dear Sir, I want to know best muharat for grah pravesh on july ending and aug starting of this year i stay at unr 1 and my new flat is back to bajaj auto unr 3. Thanks & Regards KOMAL (AARTI) AHUJA
kumar      [ 2009-06-23 ]
which date will be gud for grihpravesh in august 2009
Malkeet Singh      [ 2009-06-23 ]
hi, please tell me the date for marriage in oct 2009. Is 25/26 good
anuradha g      [ 2009-06-17 ]
Hai, I am Anuradha born in 26-02-1985 at midnight 2:07 am in nellore district andhrapradesh state,India. i think mine is krithika first padam ,please give me my prdictions. Thanks & Regards G.Anuradha
Diana      [ 2009-06-10 ]
hi, please let me know a date early July 2009 to move into our newly built home. We live in Melbourne, Australia.
radhika      [ 2009-06-10 ]
My birthday is march 10,1982(Time 7.20am,Mumbai , India). Can I take further education? When I will get job?
Vikas Kumar      [ 2009-06-09 ]
Please give me the subh muhrat date for the marriage in march 2010.
Sneha Sawant      [ 2009-06-02 ]
Hiii My birth date is 17/01/1987. & i m getting married on November 29 will this good date for me and my husband his birth date is 12/07/1980. plz suggest me good suggestion
robin ray      [ 2009-05-31 ]
interesting and informative. please suggest me wedding dates in May 2010 according to Bengali calendar.
keshav      [ 2009-05-30 ]
please tell me Subh vivah lagan in june 2009 Thanks regards keshav
vijay      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Namaskar. Could you help us with dates for a shubh mahurat for marriage of boy (DOB-22.3.75 at 22.10 )and girl(DOB-13.7.84 at 4.45). plz suggest me 26 jun 2009 is right date for maraige.
Nisha Jaiswal      [ 2009-05-23 ]
Hi, please tell me a good mahurat for grah pravesh on 23rd May, we are based in New Jersey, USA
srinivasa      [ 2009-05-21 ]
can u plz tell me the date of ugadi in the year1984
santa      [ 2009-05-18 ]
The marriage date on 12th septermber 2009 is good?
Sudip Chowdhury      [ 2009-05-18 ]
My date of birth is 16-09-68. I am presently residing at Bangalore. I am planning to buy a new car. Can you advice which date/time in May/June (2009) should be auspicious for taking delivery of new car? Thank you.
Divya Kasipathy      [ 2009-05-17 ]
HI , would you be able to let me know the date of krishna Ashtami in 1976. Thank you.
pushpa      [ 2009-05-15 ]
thax for the calender
Hari Om      [ 2009-05-14 ]
What is a good date to buy property in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Thanks
shilpa prajapati      [ 2009-05-12 ]
my birth day 13 December 1985 so just i want to know my self & i want to ask about my driver license. what day i can go for driver license. can tell me please. thank you.
swati      [ 2009-05-11 ]
can we plan marriage on 11 jan 2010
meghna mahesh t      [ 2009-05-11 ]
Sir Please give date for marage 2009 november ,my bathe date 7th june1984,and i anged with chintan his birth date is 13th december 1983 ple give reply thanks Meghna
muke sh gupta      [ 2009-05-11 ]
what is date of basant pachmi in 1983?
Shilpa      [ 2009-05-08 ]
Hi, Please suggest some good wedding dates in August.
mehaak      [ 2009-05-08 ]
pls. tell me the marriage date between 20.12.09 to 4.01.010
Sapna Bhansali      [ 2009-05-07 ]
Can you plz tell me if August 14th 2010 is an auspicious day to have a hindu wedding.
ajitpadia      [ 2009-05-06 ]
please tell by my birth date which date is good for my marrige 09-05-1980
Aakanksha      [ 2009-05-06 ]
pls send the feb murhuat 2010 pls
Gaurav      [ 2009-05-04 ]
wht are the probable dates for Upanayan(Thread Ceremony/Poite) in 2010. Pls let me know.
Neelam Rani      [ 2009-05-02 ]
I am from Gurgan (new Delhi, India) and want to the best dates for marriage of my son. His name is Siddhartha Sing, family name is Mann. Thank you
Suresh Kr. Gupta      [ 2009-05-02 ]
I wants to start cnstrect a new house pl. advice me for subh muhurat
Beena      [ 2009-05-02 ]
pls suggest me an auspicous day for naming ceremony of my son in May 2009, is May 24th appropriate?
v.Kamlesh      [ 2009-05-01 ]
is 27 th August 2009 has muhurtham for marriage
kamlesh      [ 2009-05-01 ]
please let me know whether 27th August 2009 ia aspicious day for marriage and timings
SUNIL      [ 2009-04-30 ]
AMITAVA DUTTA      [ 2009-04-29 ]
Kindly let me know suitable dates for performing puja and for griha pravesh in May & June 2009 (Apartment in Guwahati, Assam)
Balendu Pathak      [ 2009-04-28 ]
please update me regarding how to see a Hindu panchang. Thanks Balendu
radhika      [ 2009-04-28 ]
my DOB is may 4th 1986.please tell me abt my career and marraige(when it will be happend)
Mina      [ 2009-04-28 ]
Hi, Can you tell me good days in June and July 2009 for Grahapravesh.My husband star is Hasta and my star is Moola.Also can we perform house warming when the wife is pregnant?
VASU      [ 2009-04-27 ]
Dhanpal singh      [ 2009-04-27 ]
pl suggest sUbh muhurat for marriage in the month of June 09 Boy date of birth 30 jan 1979 time 10.20 PM. birth Place Ghaziabad UP. Birth date of Girl;14-07-1985 at 10.15 PM delhi thanks Dhanpal
Veejay Bhatia      [ 2009-04-26 ]
Can please suggest auspicious Grihpravesh date/time between 1st May to 15th May 2009 .Am residing In Sharjah UAE .DOB:21/2/1964 Wife : Kavitta Bhatia DOB:21/1/1970.Moving to a rented house in Sharjah itself.
kavitha      [ 2009-04-20 ]
Please suggest me which day is good to buy a car in this week
subash indore india      [ 2009-04-16 ]
pl. let us know grah pravesh in june-july 2009 at indore india.
mahalakshmi      [ 2009-04-14 ]
plz tell me the auspicios date and time for shifting home for april month 2009
Vijay Kumar      [ 2009-04-12 ]
My Date of Birth is December05, 1982. Morning 11:20(AM). Kindly tell me my birth star.
Kiran Sinha      [ 2009-04-11 ]
Please give me a shubh date for greh-pravesh in may or jun 2009
Jaya      [ 2009-04-10 ]
Please send me a good date and time for moving in to new house after 20th April 2009
Nitesh h. Bajaj      [ 2009-04-10 ]
Very nice effort
chandrashekhar      [ 2009-04-09 ]
plesae suggest me the shubh days of april 2009 to purchase the new flat.
Ramesh Ramnani      [ 2009-04-07 ]
What are the auscipious marriage dates in December 2009 and from what date tara is down. Regards, Ramesh
sudha      [ 2009-04-03 ]
My son who livesin California wants to have the housewarming in MAY - June . Can you please suggest afew alternate auspicious dates in both the months .
Surender Paul      [ 2009-04-01 ]
Pl suggest me dates in April 2009 to dig the fondation of my house.My DOB is January 8th 1965
kavi      [ 2009-03-29 ]
please let me know if the 19th oct 2009 is a good muhurtham...we r in malaysia.
naram mahesh      [ 2009-03-29 ]
i want to know my birth time,raasi and star . i was born on 2nd october 1983.plz help me out.
abhi      [ 2009-03-28 ]
pls tell me what is the english date of ashadh mahina ekadashi shukal paksha in 1978
vijay d talreja      [ 2009-03-28 ]
i was born on nov 5 1982 (sindhi date) at about 5 a.m, let me know what is that day, is there any special on that day, is there any festival on that day please........
Shalima Jacob      [ 2009-03-28 ]
is may 15th 2009 an auspicious day for housewarming?
jaya      [ 2009-03-25 ]
Namasteji Which days from Nov-Feb would be auspicious for wedding? I believe this is generally not a good time? I thank you.
richa jaiswal      [ 2009-03-23 ]
My daughter was born on 25h may, 2008. How are 18-19th april for her mundan ceremony? Kindly suggest
rajesh      [ 2009-03-19 ]
i want to know the subh mahurat in june for marriage. please tell me thanks.
varsha paswani      [ 2009-03-18 ]
plz send me date teejri
Anil Kundra      [ 2009-03-15 ]
my date of birth may 9th 1957 at new Delhi 8 am please tell my future
Munesh Kumar      [ 2009-03-12 ]
Hi i m Munesh kumar Lakhani from Umerkot sindh Pakistan
suresh      [ 2009-03-12 ]
hi, my DoB is 15-2-77, and my fiance dob is 15-08-81.please suggest good for marriage date in this month only.
Alok      [ 2009-03-07 ]
Please let me know the Gruh Pravesavam date in March and Apr 09.
Sonal      [ 2009-03-06 ]
my daughter was born on april 22-2008at 1:54p:m...I need to know if April 14,2009 a suitable muhurat or not for mundan.. was born in new jersey usa
Raman      [ 2009-03-05 ]
pl suggest me shubh muhurat to purchase a car in march 2009
ROHINI      [ 2009-03-04 ]
Hi, could you plz suggest me a auspious wedding date and time for my marriage in 2010? Boy : D.O.B 12/12/1982 Gal : D.O.B 8/1/1983. THANK YOU
dolly      [ 2009-03-03 ]
hi. where can i get sindhi tipno 2009-2010 in english? i am from mumbai.
devi harjani      [ 2009-02-26 ]
How can I get the Sindhi 2009 Tipno
asha chavan      [ 2009-02-26 ]
good muhurat to do jeshta/magha nakshatra shanti in july august 2009
shailaja      [ 2009-02-25 ]
Pl send me an auspicious date for house warming in april may
rishi      [ 2009-02-23 ]
Ppl. suggest me shubh day in between 1st March-3rd march,09 to start my juorney for back to home
rishi      [ 2009-02-23 ]
Ppl. suggest me shubh day in between 1st March-3rd march,09 to start my juorney for back to home
Rahul Kulkarni      [ 2009-02-19 ]
Please suggest marriage date in the month of March & april 2009.
monika yadav      [ 2009-02-18 ]
hi...plz tell me marrige date on june and july 2009 of birth....29-7-9-17-1979
vikramjeet      [ 2009-02-16 ]
Please tell us best vivah muhrat and time in april 2009.boy D.O.B. 20th june,1982,Time 9:45am,place jullandhar,girl 9th july 1981,1:00 am(night),place yamuna nagar.please reply us early.
twinkle      [ 2009-02-10 ]
Can you tell me the good date in the month of march for house warming?Is it possible before holi?
Radhika      [ 2009-02-06 ]
please tell me the day and month of ugadi festival in the year 1972
ritesh Gulabani      [ 2009-02-05 ]
my birth date is 08/05/1980 & time is 14:23 and girls birth date is 27/04/1986 & time is 20:25, plz suggest me the shubh mahurat for our wedding from month june 2009 to dec 2009.
Chitra      [ 2009-02-04 ]
My D.O.B is 01/07/0984. Time: 5.30 P.M. Place: Madurai Tamilnadu. I want to know my birth star according to Tamil Panchangam.
anjan      [ 2009-02-04 ]
please tell me the auspicious dates of marriage in asara 1416
VINAY SUKHEJA      [ 2009-02-04 ]
plak      [ 2009-02-02 ]
pls.suggest best muhurat for marriage in july or in 2009
Srikrishna      [ 2009-02-01 ]
My date of birth 07-09-1979 please tell me my jathakam
venkata reddy. gajjala      [ 2009-01-30 ]
i was born on march 3 1983 at about 1 p.m, let me know what is that day, is there any special on that day, is there any festival on that day please........
latha      [ 2009-01-29 ]
dear guru, i m planning my marriage for may or june month ,2009 and it should be on a saturday in malaysia. pls forward me a good date of marriage.
Pushpa      [ 2009-01-28 ]
Plz suggest me a day n time for Shubh muhurat for Grah- Pravesh in Phoenix,USA after 12th Feb,09 preferably on weekend
kusum      [ 2009-01-27 ]
i want all shubh mahurat for wedding inthe month of november 2009
shyamli (1978-08-30      [ 2009-01-27 ]
I want to know about my birth nakshtra.
Kavita      [ 2009-01-27 ]
Please suggest me good muhurat for marriage in March 2009 to May 2009.
Prabhu      [ 2009-01-26 ]
Namaste Guruji. Please suggest me shubha muhurut for Griha Pravesh ppoja in Feb 2009. Also please let me know whether 7th Feb 2009 is an auspicious day for the same. Thanks
m vijay kumar      [ 2009-01-24 ]
please advise me gruha pravesham dates between 26.01.09 to 10.02.09
Pankaj Prasun      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Any grah pravesh date before 06th February, 2009??
SAUMYA VARDHAN      [ 2009-01-22 ]
Saroj      [ 2009-01-20 ]
Please tell me auspicious wedding dates for June and July 2009. Thank you
saumya      [ 2009-01-19 ]
plz suggest me shubh muturt for vivah in month of may-june 2009. my sunshine is gemini and my would be husband sunshine is taurus from our birth kundali. thanks a lot.
pramod k yadav      [ 2009-01-19 ]
please suggest me a auspicious date for griha pravesh in jan 20 to feb 15 2009
Mahesh      [ 2009-01-18 ]
Respected Sir. Mujhy Aap Ki website bhaout Passand Hai ish ki sab cheezain ahem hain magar mujhy sab sy barh kar aap ki website par mujood sindhi celender passand hai jis sy hum poory sal ke tehwar aur degar mazahbi dino k mutaliq jan saktey hain magar aap sy shikayat hai k aap bhaut late celender issue vkartey hain aaj 18 january hai magar website par poory sal ka nahin balkey sirf jan 2009 ka calander majood hota hai yeh shikayat mein ny aap sy jan 2008 mein bhi ki thi aur ab bhi yahi shikayat kar raha hoon umeed hai k aap jald sy jald celender site par load karein gay takey hamarey masaiel hal ho sakeen aur ayenda ish shikayat ka moqa nahin dengey. Bundle of thanks
sukomol mondol      [ 2009-01-14 ]
pls. tell me the marriage date between 14.07.09 to 17.08.09
Mukeshchandra N. Bhaidasna      [ 2009-01-07 ]
My mother passed away on 19-03-1982. Will you please provide me Hindu tithi for that day please
Shweta      [ 2009-01-06 ]
Hi, please tell me shubh muhurat for hindu maharashtrian wedding in the month of july 2009.Thanks in advance
Ranjan      [ 2009-01-02 ]
pls send me marriage date of april and may 2009 with time
mihir      [ 2009-01-02 ]
hi,plz may u kindly send me da sindhi tipno for 2009!
siddaraj b nayak      [ 2009-01-01 ]
sar i want jan months . shubh mahurat for marriage 2009 .jan date
Avinash      [ 2008-12-31 ]
Please let me know the Shubh Mahurat For Marriage for 2008-2009
Dip Narayan Mittra      [ 2008-12-30 ]
Please let me know the marriage dates in Baisak, 1416 B.S.
BHARAT PATANAKR      [ 2008-12-29 ]
pl. suggest me shubh muhurut for bringing home new two wheeler in jan-2009
ALOK KUMAR      [ 2008-12-29 ]
Can u pls. let me know the starting & ending date of Hindi month Phalgun in 2009 as per english calender.
MALLIKARJUN.K      [ 2008-12-29 ]
harshad gurnaney      [ 2008-12-28 ]
our son is borne on FEB 12 th2008 at 3/20 pm at PHILADELPHIA, USA could you plzz. suggest SHUBH DAY for his MUNDAN ?
CHANDRA SEKHAR      [ 2008-12-26 ]
please inform me the date & day of gansh puja in 1977
sanjay singh bagga      [ 2008-12-24 ]
can you please let me know punjabi marriage muhurt in march 2009.
Susmitha      [ 2008-12-23 ]
Please suggest if 24th December 2008 is good day for joining in new job
Arvind      [ 2008-12-22 ]
this is arvind kumar, born 8th oct.1980. i booked a var 7.12.08 and wants delivery on 25.12.2008. kindly advice me on the same or let me know the day for car delivery.
renu      [ 2008-12-22 ]
When are you posting the calendar and panchang for year 2009?
Nita      [ 2008-12-22 ]
kindly let me know grah pravesh day in december 2008
Nehal      [ 2008-12-22 ]
Please suggest the mohurut for greh pravesh in dec 2008 or jan 2009
Arpita Mukherjee      [ 2008-12-19 ]
Is there any date for Upanayan(Poita)during the period 20.05.2009 -15.06.2009? If yes pls.let me know the dates.
Ravi      [ 2008-12-19 ]
Hi Please let me know best day in jan 2009 to get marry in USA -seattle
priya      [ 2008-12-18 ]
can u tell me,is feb 8th is good day to keep marriage
madhavi      [ 2008-12-18 ]
Sir/madam, my date of birth is 19-07-1977,i want to know my birth star and time may be around 4 to 6 am.not exactly we r searching matrimony. thank u.
renuka prasad m p      [ 2008-12-17 ]
Kindly suggest of good wedding date of my brother mr.bheemarao mp. DOB - 07.01.1978, time 5.3o pm with Ms.Sapna s.g DOB - 1.45 pm . kindly suggest.
srinivas      [ 2008-12-17 ]
could you please tell me the date and month in the year of 1977. based on this i can get my date of bith and janma nakshatram.
scmalhotra      [ 2008-12-15 ]
Dear Sir Kindly suggest shubh time for marriage ceremony of my son Rahul ( 31-7-78 ) with Nupur(14 -7 -82 ). Thanks
Babu      [ 2008-12-15 ]
Kindly tell me the MAHURAT for KALSARPA DOSHA SHANTI for the month of DEC 2008
Sandhya K      [ 2008-12-15 ]
is purvabadra one of the nakshatras for the person born on 5th February 1984 ?
Kubeshni      [ 2008-12-15 ]
Hi, My boyfriend is born 28.10.1969, no record of time and I was born 31.05.1975, time 3.30pm. South Africa. We are looking at the 14th of April or there about. Please can I have details around auspicious times. Thank you
Mukesh Verma      [ 2008-12-10 ]
Please suggest me the suitable date for Griha Pravesh in Jan 2009 or Feb 2009 in Pune.
ghanshyam      [ 2008-12-08 ]
please send me auspicious days in april & may 2009 for marriage . days must be monday ,thursday or friday
P. K. BANERJEE      [ 2008-12-07 ]
pl.send me the dates for marriage according to bengali calander year 2009 from the month of april 2009 onwords.
shriram sharma      [ 2008-12-07 ]
pls advise me 1977 deepawali date and day shriram sharma
moon      [ 2008-12-05 ]
pls suggest me a good date for grihapravesh from 25th dec to january 2009. I know usually there is no grihapravesh during paush month according to hindu calender. pls suggest
Nikita      [ 2008-12-04 ]
Can you give me December 2008 vivah Muhurat. my wedding date is fixed on Dt.30.12.08 , i want to confirm the date of 30 is ok for vivah.
rupa kahar      [ 2008-12-04 ]
december 2008 when i can get engagement plz. tell me as soon as possible.
Kapil      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Please let us know good grih pravesh muhurat in december 2008.We just bought a house in Atlanta, ga.USA
kavita      [ 2008-12-01 ]
Hi can u suggest me a auspicious days in Jan 2009 for griha pravesh?
Savita Premjani      [ 2008-11-30 ]
Best 2009 marriage mahurat in april or jun Bride-Savita 22-11-83 time-12:15pm Groom-Vijay 24-05-82 time-06:28pm Shaadi wil be good in april or june- which is best month and date thanks savita
jitender kumar paswani      [ 2008-11-29 ]
subh muharat in feb 2009 for marriage
lalita      [ 2008-11-29 ]
please send me the sindhi tipno 2008-2009. thanks
preeti      [ 2008-11-28 ]
please send me sindhi months also with is almanac
Raju Kumar      [ 2008-11-27 ]
I want know holi in year 1978
santoshi      [ 2008-11-25 ]
Please communicate me a good muhutham for griha pravesh in feb-2009
sumi      [ 2008-11-25 ]
Please send me good muhurtham dates From Jan 28 to March 29 of 2009 as per telugu calendar
Babita sharma      [ 2008-11-24 ]
Pls let me know a suitable date for house warming ceremony in nov 2008 or early dec 2008
Anitha      [ 2008-11-24 ]
Suggest good mugurtham dates in May 2009
Rakesh      [ 2008-11-19 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in January, 2009 and February,2009. Names are Vikas and Prarthana
Jyothi      [ 2008-11-19 ]
Hi, Can you pls tell me auspicious dates for this Dec 2008 and for Feb, Aug 2009, details are here , Biys DOB 10/07/1978, Girls DOB 15/12/1979
sushila      [ 2008-11-19 ]
Please suggest me the date for Griha Pravesh in December, 2008
sarika Tandon      [ 2008-11-18 ]
Muhurath for Grah Pravesh between November 19th2008 to 23rd Nov2008, Hyderabad.
JUHI      [ 2008-11-18 ]
can you please help me out to know the dates for thread ceremony in 2009
paulomi chatterjee      [ 2008-11-18 ]
can you tell me the bengali marriage dates with "subho logno" of Baisakh,[bengali month] 1416[bengali new year].Actually the panjika & the bengali new year calender are still not published,so i cant find the dates.Thats why I request you to kindly find the dates as soon as possible.
paulomi chatterjee      [ 2008-11-18 ]
I want match our kundali Prantik bala[birth date 7th september,1981] paulomi chatterjee[birth date 1st august,1985.I just want to know is there any prolem in our marriage life? will we be spend a happy married life together
Prakash      [ 2008-11-17 ]
Hello, I would like to know if Jan 1st 2009 is a good day to do house warming. If so, can you please suggest a good muhurtham date bettwen Jan-01, 2009 thru Jan04,2009. Thanks for all your help and cooperation.
PINKY      [ 2008-11-17 ]
my dob: 28th feb 1980 timing 11:15 pm his name sudhanva dob : 18-10-1980 timing 6:20 am our kindali does not matches but we are together from last ten yrs and wanna get court married this week please suggest dates
Neetu      [ 2008-11-17 ]
I would like to perform Mundan for my son Kaustubh(born Nov 9, 2006 at 12:10 PM) in Nov 2008. I live in USA. Could you please let me know the good day and time for the mundan…Sincerely, Neetu.
Suresh      [ 2008-11-16 ]
I purchased a new house and I would like to do house ceramny during March first second week or april first or second week. Please anyone help me to find the good day to celebrate the function in the given interval
Venugopal.M      [ 2008-11-15 ]
I Was born on 12th august 1981 time was between 4.30 to 5.10 Pm so i want to know the Janma Kundali
Hima      [ 2008-11-14 ]
can you please send me the list of suitable muhurtams for marriage in between march 28 2009 to may 2009 .
Anthoniz Ramesh T      [ 2008-11-13 ]
Can you kindly suggest good muhurtham dates for marriage during June / July 2009. We are unable to find out the same, in the absence of Panchangam.
Dubey      [ 2008-11-13 ]
Plz suggest me subh muhurat before 25th jan 2009 for mundan ceremony of my dauthter born on 25th jan 2008
bharti chauhan      [ 2008-11-12 ]
pls let me know mahurat for marriage in october and november.2009 as we dnt want to match kundali
Ramesh      [ 2008-11-12 ]
Please send me good muhurtham dates upto June 2009?
lal      [ 2008-11-12 ]
can u let me know mahurat for marriage in feb and march 2009
vinay      [ 2008-11-12 ]
can u please let me know marriage dates for dec 2008. Groom Name---Vinay KB DOB---30/04/1980 Bride Name---Jyoti Misra DOB--08/02/1978
Hari Biradar      [ 2008-11-11 ]
I would like to know the tulsi vivah date in the 1984 Month ,date and day in year 1984.plz send provide this information as it is very urgent.
sunita      [ 2008-11-11 ]
Please suggest me which is suitable date of marraige for me,my date of birth is 06-09-1978.
karunaikannan      [ 2008-11-10 ]
plz tell me the muharat date for marraige in may 2009
jaishree Karira      [ 2008-11-10 ]
Please suggest good mahurat for performing hawan in Jan 2009. I have home in Ulhasnagar and need to do grah - shanti pooja/havan. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Jaishree
rashmi      [ 2008-11-09 ]
can you please suggest me according my kundali when i get married. my dob is 02 feb 1985,at 8pm in delhi
amardeep kaur      [ 2008-11-08 ]
my name is amardeep kaur my dob 27/8/82 time 8.54 friday plz tell me the good date for marrige in feb from 17 feb to between 30 feb thank u
Ravi      [ 2008-11-08 ]
My date of bith 15/11/1976 ,monday but i dnt know my time of birth. It was morning time can you confirm full day kaal.
Atul sarda      [ 2008-11-06 ]
my name is atul sarda & my girlfriend name is neha agarwal pls advise me suitabel date in this december
Sunil      [ 2008-11-06 ]
Hi, Can you please tell me the exact muhurat i mean the time for getting married on 11 November, 2008. Please it is really urgent. Thanks....
Shashi Kumar Govindan Nair      [ 2008-11-05 ]
Appreciate if could kindly give good dates for marriage in June - July 2009.
dinesh      [ 2008-11-04 ]
plz advice aucpious time for child brith on 5th nov 2008
Sukhai      [ 2008-11-04 ]
Dear Sir/Madam, Can you please suggest suitable days for a marriage between April 2009 and September 2009?. DOB of bride: 10 June 1983, born at 06.29 hour DOB of bridegroom: 19 April 1981, born at 02.35 hour. Thanking you in advance,
vikas      [ 2008-11-03 ]
plz suggest vivah mahurats in june 2009
manish      [ 2008-11-03 ]
pls suggestion what will be the right muhurat for grah pravesh in 2009 january
jitender      [ 2008-11-02 ]
can you plz advise us a best time for marriage for my brother name jitender date of birth 10/9/1980 girl name meena date of birth 24/3/1986 best Regards Manoj
rahul      [ 2008-11-02 ]
kindly tell me a good mahurath for neevpooja & bhoomi pooja in novemer. location :lucknow sunsign:cancer
lavanya      [ 2008-11-01 ]
please inform me my janmakundali,nakshatra and rashi. I was born on 4-11-1980 & time 11:30 pm
Ermanno      [ 2008-10-31 ]
Could you please provide me with Grah Pravesh Muhurat on November 2008?
Nalini      [ 2008-10-31 ]
Hi Can u please suggest me good muhurtham to get married in the month of february 2009. Guy:Uttarashada Gal:Chitta Waiting foryour reply.......
jitender kumar paswani      [ 2008-10-31 ]
my birth date 10 sep 1981 pl tell me subhh mahurat date in between dec2008to feb 2009 thanks jitender paswani
Mulchand Lala      [ 2008-10-30 ]
Tipno Feb. 2007 khan Jan 2008 tayeen ahe. Oct 2008 pooro thiyan waro ahe. Nov. 2008 khan dekharyo ta sutho lagando. Mahinan ja nala bi likho to sutho thheendo. Chao Satnaam
Aesha      [ 2008-10-28 ]
Which is the appriopriate date for the mairrage in nov?
kamal k karamchandani      [ 2008-10-28 ]
Please let me know the muhurat for the gruh parvesh from today till Nove 2nd Property in Saurashtra.
mallikarjuna      [ 2008-10-27 ]
i was born in 1983 and amavasya day four days before nagala chavathi,please send me the date and month and the day is tuesday... thanking you
Ritu      [ 2008-10-27 ]
your website is really wonderful,please could u let me know what is the mahurat for diwali pujan on 28 of october 2008 acc to london timings .
Deepali      [ 2008-10-27 ]
Plz gv me the best mahurat in Jan 2009 for marriage
Suresh Prajapati      [ 2008-10-26 ]
i want to know date of griha pravesh in diwali time
margreat      [ 2008-10-24 ]
Im planning to get engaged on 1st FEBRUARY 2009, is it a good date?
JDL Mumbai      [ 2008-10-24 ]
Pls let us know on sunday 26th October, what is the timing for the Diwali pooja.
R.Kamelkumar      [ 2008-10-24 ]
pls. give my Marriage date in april-may 2009 DOB:02-06-1980.
leelamohan      [ 2008-10-23 ]
can u plz tell me the date of ugadi in the year1984&1985 regards leelamohan
alka bhasker      [ 2008-10-22 ]
can you suggest me a date for mundan in the month of oct nov dec for my son who has completd 2 yrs in oct 2008 best reagrds alka bhasker
deve      [ 2008-10-19 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in 2009 may.jun
pinky      [ 2008-10-17 ]
pls let me know mahurat for marriage in november. as we dnt want to match kundali
marina      [ 2008-10-17 ]
I was born in Ernakulam at 7.10a.m. on 12-6-1956. When would be the auspicious time for me to buy a car in October, 2008?
S Sukumar      [ 2008-10-16 ]
Can you suggest suitable Muhurtham days in April- May 2009? Thanks
ricky s parikh      [ 2008-10-15 ]
my date of birth is 26/11/1983 and birth time is 4.30 a.m . so when my marriage will possible and how succeed it is?
Abhishek      [ 2008-10-14 ]
Is 29th december good date for engagement?
Soumita      [ 2008-10-14 ]
Plz send me all the dates for wedding of 2009
sujatha kokkarne      [ 2008-10-14 ]
we bought a house we do settelment on this month 24th please tell me the date to grahapravesh we are in sydney
Anshul Gaur      [ 2008-10-12 ]
Wedding Date 22 Nov 2008, Birth Date 21 March 1982, need to know the marrriage muhurat, plss email me details.
chanchal      [ 2008-10-12 ]
pls suggestion what will be the right muhurat for grah pravesh before the rashi of the house owner required for this?
shankar      [ 2008-10-11 ]
can i know the auspicious and inauspicious dyas in november for business
harsha devnani      [ 2008-10-11 ]
send me the email and patrica of laxmi puja of diwali
santosh patil      [ 2008-10-11 ]
pls. tell me vivah muhurat in march , april, and may 2009
Archana      [ 2008-10-10 ]
I am planning the wedding engagement in jan 2009 after the 15th.Which will the best dat and time(nala neram exactly) for executing the rituals?
Madhuri      [ 2008-10-10 ]
my name is madhuri date of birth is 16/7/88 and my frend name is yadwinder and date of birth is 27/8/82, can v do marriage as we both are manglik, please tell me that this marrage is succeful or not. and please tell me the best dates of marriage in dec 2008 or in jan ya feb 2009. thanks
paragvikam      [ 2008-10-07 ]
interested in selling calanders , distributors for sumangal press(kalnirnay), saraswati publishing house (mahalaxmi calanders.
rajni      [ 2008-10-06 ]
Good Morning, I am planning to get married on the 4th jan 2009. Pls confirm if this date is auspicious.. Pls suggest the auspicious time to tie the knot on this day. Our horoscope details Thank you.
Aniruddha Chanda      [ 2008-10-05 ]
I want to know marriage dates in April, 2009.
jagadish kumar      [ 2008-10-03 ]
my son was born on 06-09-2008 at 2:36 P.M, any khuja,rahu dosha nivaran, kalasarpa pooja is necessary tell me all d details,how is his horoscope
Sushila Rana      [ 2008-10-03 ]
please suggest me auspicious dates for Grih Pravesh. The name of my husband is ranvir singh rana and his date of birth is 1.5.1954. I want to shift in October, 2008.
NEERAJ KUMAR SINGH      [ 2008-10-03 ]
what is the right date for HIndu mahurat for marriage in after Holi
nirupamb      [ 2008-10-01 ]
i was bron on 21 /10 / 1980, i wanted to know my nakshatram and my marriage date my husband name is pj shravan kUMAR ,he was born 10 /05 / 81. his is love marriage and my name is M.B. NIRUPA
Kishor      [ 2008-09-30 ]
Please give auspicious marriage dates in the month of April 2009
satish sukhramani      [ 2008-09-30 ]
please insert the govt. holidays / bank holidays because service people are facing very much problem
Shraddha Singhai      [ 2008-09-29 ]
we want to perform grah pravesh Puja of a newly build flat in the month of Nov, 08. Please let me know the most auspicious dates for the same.
shyam sunder chawla      [ 2008-09-29 ]
Plz. tell me marriage muhurta in the month of Pls suggest marriage dates on my e-mail ID for my daughter in February,2009 Boy: DOB:27.03.1981 03.55 am, Delhi and Girl:DOB 29.10.1983 03.35pm, Delhi Thanks
divya      [ 2008-09-27 ]
Hi, I would like to know if Oct 1st 2008 is a good day to do house warming. If so, can you please suggest a good muhurtham.
khusbu singh      [ 2008-09-27 ]
dt of birth 11 nov,1986 time 11 pm night. please tell shuv muhurtam for engagement after 9 oct to 28 oct 2008 at hydreabad india bksinha
surendra mohan      [ 2008-09-26 ]
Please suggest the best days for marraige in the month of October-2008. I want to marry on 25-Oct-2008.Please suggest me on this also, as how will be this date for me
Amit Ahuja      [ 2008-09-24 ]
JPN Singh      [ 2008-09-24 ]
pl send me subh dates for griha pravesh in october 2008.House is north facing.
Kodandaraman.R      [ 2008-09-24 ]
Good Evening, We are planning to get married on the 15th Feb 2009. Pls confirm if this date is auspicious.. Pls suggest the auspicious time to tie the knot on this day. Our horoscope details are : Groom : Kodandaraman.R (Punarpoosam-Mithunam) Bride : Sri Devi.B (Poorattadhi-Kumbam) Thank you.
Akhilesh      [ 2008-09-23 ]
I want to join new company in october 2008 please provide good muhurth for joining new job in october 2008
Vijay      [ 2008-09-23 ]
Please let me know the date of Vinayaka Chathurdi in the year 1982 as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
Rama      [ 2008-09-22 ]
Can you please tell me the thithi on the 23.07.94. My father passed away on this date. Many Tnanks
harsha devnani      [ 2008-09-21 ]
how do observe mahalaxmi threads thank you
Suresh T. Wadhwa      [ 2008-09-19 ]
Please send shadi muhurt between Dec-2008 to Jan 2009 B.D boy:12-11-1979 1:42 am and girl B.D 26-11-1983 3.40 pm Thanks - Suresh
Rukmani Chatlani      [ 2008-09-19 ]
Namaskar, Can you please let me know the day of"panjay sradh" falls on. I can see sradh started on Tuesday, September 16 but I am not quite sure if panjay sradh is on 20th or the 21st of this month. Thank you Rukmani
heta      [ 2008-09-18 ]
i want to know muhrt for engagment in octorber 2008 and marriage nuhrt for february 2009. thanks
Sheela      [ 2008-09-16 ]
plse let me what is the best date/s to move in new house in the month of october 2008.
Bibhuti      [ 2008-09-15 ]
I m in Bhopal,india Plz send me the mahurt of Griha Prabesh in coming Dusserah(Nabaratri) or near by days
jagadishkumar      [ 2008-09-12 ]
my son was born on 06-09-2008, at 2:36 P.M,HYDERABAD,ANDHRA PRADESH,INDIA,I want to know his star,kundali,complete horoscope
Ashish Goswami      [ 2008-09-10 ]
i want to know what is suitable date for Apoorva (Griha Pravesh) In October08.
Srinath Parshetty      [ 2008-09-09 ]
What is the auspicious day in 10/11/12 th September 2008 for joining New Job.
Mona I. Hemlani      [ 2008-09-07 ]
My daughter Jeena wants to get married on 23rd or 24th May 2009 are these good dates
Yogesh Kumar Saini      [ 2008-09-07 ]
I want to construct a house on Plot no. 2144 at Faridabad during urgently .Please tell me the date & time of subh Muhurat for Neev Pujan at the earliest
dhiraj belani      [ 2008-09-06 ]
jai julelal i m born in 3 / 12 / 1984 so i want toknow hows my future in present will get prosperous in my life or as it is suffering in life
komal      [ 2008-09-05 ]
please give me a suitable mahurat for joing a new job in oct. my DOB is 25-12-77 at 9.20 pm Delhi
Jyoti      [ 2008-09-05 ]
Can you please tell me auspicious date of marriage in NOV 2008 for my niece Pooja DOB 24/07/86 time 9.18 am with Dheeraj DOB 30/05/81 time 11.30 am
Charu      [ 2008-09-03 ]
we are planning to have wedding in March 2009, Please help me with dates for marriages in March 2009, Thank you Charu
AMIT KUMAR TIWARI      [ 2008-09-02 ]
Please tell me dates for marriages(hindu) in month of January 2009 to april 2009 to be performed in madhyapradesh, Thanks.
Onkar      [ 2008-09-02 ]
Can you please tell me any auspicious date during navratras for grah pravesh? Is october a good month for grah pravesh?
sivaprasad      [ 2008-09-02 ]
I want to know the date of Divali in the years 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978. Will you please help me!!
N C RAJA RAM      [ 2008-09-01 ]
We wish to perform the marriage of our daughter during May/July 2009. Can we see good muhurthams during that time now itself, in the absence of New Panchangam
Pritam      [ 2008-08-29 ]
Please tell me dates for marriages in month of Jan to Feb 2009 to be performed in Maharashtra Thanks.
Shyamal      [ 2008-08-28 ]
Please suggest list of grih pravesh & marriage also in month of sept 2008. my birth date 11-12-1978 9.30 morning mumbai. Boys DOB 23-09-1983 11.13 morning in bhachau. we want to marry & grih prvaesh for new house same day. is this posssible for me ? pl. tell me
charu      [ 2008-08-28 ]
dob-23-09-1983 time1.00 Am tell me somthing about my Marriage
charu      [ 2008-08-28 ]
dob-23-09-1983 time-1.00 am place-bathinda(punjab ) tell something about my marriage
sukhvir nain      [ 2008-08-25 ]
Plz provide us auspicious dates for griha pravesh in september 08
Swati      [ 2008-08-25 ]
Hi, I am planning to marry in between Feb-April 2009, I would highly appreciate if you could provide me some good muhurat for wedding. Thanks in advance. Swati Dalvi.
Pradeep Rao      [ 2008-08-24 ]
Pls suggest wedding muharat in dec 2008. My date of birth is 11Feb,80. My to be spouse date of birth is 3 July,81.
N C RAJA RAM      [ 2008-08-24 ]
Can you kindly suggest good muhurtham dates for marriage during June / July 2009. We are unable to find out the same, in the absence of Panchangam.
D P BHARDWAJ      [ 2008-08-21 ]
Santhi      [ 2008-08-21 ]
Please tell tamil wedding date from May 1 - june 31 2009. Wedding @ Malaysia. 10q
Venkateswarlu Muppala      [ 2008-08-21 ]
Hi...Am born on 30 Jan 1979 at 05:30PM ..Can you Pls help me to know my star(nakshatram) in which I was born..
TORAL PATEL      [ 2008-08-20 ]
Please tell me dates for marriages in month of January 2009 to be performed in Gujarat, Thanks. TORAL, 20/8/09
geeta      [ 2008-08-20 ]
please tell me what was date on chadni gayaras-magh day wednesday month year 1974.
Prav      [ 2008-08-17 ]
Hi...Am born on 22nd Jan 1981..Can you Pls help me in knowing my star(nakshatram) in which I was born....
rakesh kumar      [ 2008-08-15 ]
i want to enter my newly built house in november 2008. kindly provide me subh muhurth for grih pravesh.
nandlal      [ 2008-08-13 ]
Hi i am staying in lodon so plz tell me shubh mahurat of rakhshabandhan here.
Prakash Patil      [ 2008-08-12 ]
I want to know the date of deepawali in the year 1978
Chandra Nath Jha      [ 2008-08-11 ]
Please suggest list of grih pravesh in month of october 2008. The entry into new house is in direction of east to west.
Sanjay Gaikwad      [ 2008-08-08 ]
Hi, please suggest me shaadi mahurt in nov2008 my date of birth is 30jul1980 and my would be wifes date of birth is 4 nov 1985
rajkumari dharamdass gidwani      [ 2008-08-07 ]
I am really pleased with this service. Could you also include in the tipno some explanations about the lakshmi sagra - how to do the prayer in English. Thank you
LAKSHMI      [ 2008-08-06 ]
kerry cawthray      [ 2008-08-06 ]
what is the mahurat time for the 2nd November 2008
Tina      [ 2008-08-06 ]
I am in US and would like to know on which date would Teejri fall here
Jitendra Kumar Pandey      [ 2008-08-05 ]
Hi, I am planning to marry in between Feb-April 2009, I would highly appreciate if you could provide me some good muhurat for wedding. Thanks in advance. Jitendra K Pandey
Mohan      [ 2008-08-04 ]
please suggest muhurtha for entering new home in the month august 2008.
Sayali Borkar      [ 2008-08-04 ]
Please suggest some vastu shanti mhrat in august 2008
Milind Shelar      [ 2008-08-03 ]
Please let me know the Shubh Muhurtha August 2008 for Naming Ceremony.
Rajeev Singh      [ 2008-08-03 ]
I would like to know the diwali Month ,date and day in year 1975.plz send provide this information as it is very urgent.
Sanjay Chugh      [ 2008-08-03 ]
PL. suggest me the time as per abhijit muhurat or any auspicious muhurat for starting of my new businees in eye care in delhi warm regards
Vishwanath      [ 2008-08-02 ]
please suggest me if Aug 22 of 2008 at 11.30am a time for new house regestration.
Bhavana Bhardwaj      [ 2008-07-30 ]
I am very disturbed these days. My DOB is 07/10/1980, please suggest me fast / paath or anything else by which i could get little peace of mind.
Jyoti      [ 2008-07-30 ]
August se September ke bitch main shadi ka koi muhurat btaye Boys name piyush (21-09-1978 and Girl name Meenu (3-06-1980)
anjou sarna      [ 2008-07-30 ]
what is a good date for moving into new house.dob.16.10.1927and 30.11.1936
Sushil Kumar      [ 2008-07-29 ]
Please provide us what is the suitable date & time for the marriage of Sushil Kuamr Vs Archna Rani in the month of Nov 2008 Thanks & Best Regards Sushil Kumar
diyalalla      [ 2008-07-27 ]
please can u email me the tithi for my mother passed away on that day and i have forgotten the tithi
payal lakhyani      [ 2008-07-25 ]
please send me sindhi tipna of 2008-2009 as i stay ot of india, im not able to know the auspicious day of sindhi religion
ASHOK BADAMI      [ 2008-07-25 ]
My son wants to have his house warming ceremony on 6 or 7 or 8th august 2008 at Bangalore. His date of birth is 28 /6/1980. at Hubli[Karnatak] His name is Apoorv. Please inform . Thanks Dr Ashok Badami
anil kumar      [ 2008-07-24 ]
Please suggest a shubh shaadi mahurat in August2008,Sept.2008 Boy Makar raashi Girl Kumbh raashi
jilendra      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Can you tell good muharat for Jan-2009 & FEb-2009, we both are maglik
Pranita      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Hi...My hysbad was born on 14th june 1977 4:50 A.M...Pls tell me his star(nakshatram) and padam he was born....
nisha      [ 2008-07-22 ]
i need the timing of ganesh chot fast over i will be appreciate if i can get that every month .thanks
jilani bangalore      [ 2008-07-18 ]
please suggest muhurtha for entering altered home in the month august 2008
MUSKAN      [ 2008-07-16 ]
pls email me sindhi tipna 2008 . as we stays in china and it would be a great help for all our sindhi community. thanks
Pradeep shukla      [ 2008-07-16 ]
Please send me auspicious day & time for birth in August 2008
sudheer      [ 2008-07-16 ]
My birth date is 26-10-1982 time is 08:51am name is sudheer and gals is 19-09-1984 time is 06:31am and name is plz suggest me suitable date in august 2008.thanking u waitimg for ur information.
deepa      [ 2008-07-16 ]
please suggest good time on 20 july for ring ceremony
usha punjabi      [ 2008-07-15 ]
i would like to know when is chomasa starting until when? thanks
parikshit      [ 2008-07-14 ]
plzz suggest any date between 20th july - 31st july, 2008 for grah pravesh
lily      [ 2008-07-09 ]
suggest list of grih pravesh after june 2008
surendra mathur      [ 2008-07-06 ]
Please let me know the dates of the month Ashad as per Sindh calendar for last five years. I am doing a research work. Thank you
varsha      [ 2008-07-06 ]
please email me on sindhi tipno 2008, word formal, really appreciate it, as it would help us know the coming festivals and circulate them here in the philippines.thanks again.
Mahendra      [ 2008-07-06 ]
My birth date is 01-09-1981 time of birth is 18:55 and girls is 20-09-1983 time is 08:05 . So pl suggest me some suitable date in the month of October 2008 .thanking u,waiting for ur information ! PRANAAM
Amita Kamde      [ 2008-07-05 ]
Plz. tell me marriage muhurta in the month of November,2008 Boy: DOB:06.10.1981 8.45 pm, Solapur(Maharashtra) and Girl:DOB 30.04.1983 2.05pm, Mumbai
Ashish Kumar      [ 2008-07-04 ]
I want to have a marraige date between Aug, September or latest by oct,2008. Please send me the best date.
Ankit      [ 2008-07-04 ]
What are the auspicious marriage dates betwwn 9 july 2008 and 30 august 2008.
siva kranthi      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please inform me my nakshatra and rashi. I was born on 05/12/1981 time between 10.30am to 1.00pm
shilpa      [ 2008-07-03 ]
i want to fix my marriage date between september and october coulf pls suggest good dates. Guys nakshathara is uttara(kanya rashi) girls nalshathara is purvabhadra(kumba rashi)
Allaka praveen      [ 2008-07-03 ]
I want to have a marraige date between Aug and oct,2008. Please send me the best date.
binay      [ 2008-06-30 ]
I want to have a marraige date between Aug and oct,2008. Please send me the best date.
rina      [ 2008-06-29 ]
plz tel me what was the date on hindu calendar at Bhadrapada Krishna-Ashtami.
bibhuti      [ 2008-06-28 ]
pl. send the date of ganesh puja in the year 1982 ,1983 and 1984
rashmi      [ 2008-06-26 ]
pl tell me vastushanti muhurta in August 2008, my husband name is ajit & his mesh rass
Rajat      [ 2008-06-25 ]
Is 29th June good day for mundan of my daughter in singapore. Her name is priyal. If not 29th morning then pl do let me know some other suiatble date
MAYUR MISTRY      [ 2008-06-24 ]
Please let me know good day & time for Griha Pravesh before 30th June 2008
Vinita Rajesh      [ 2008-06-24 ]
Plz provide us auspicious dates for griha pravesh in july 08.
sunil      [ 2008-06-24 ]
please inform me my successful business / service side i was born on 5th june, 1974 12:15 am i am a male
naresh yadav      [ 2008-06-22 ]
could you please tell me a, in which date and day gokulashtami fesival celebrated in 1979
kishore mansukhani      [ 2008-06-21 ]
Could you pls tell me what are open wedding mahurat dates in from Jan 1 to Jan 10, 2009.
Ajay Thakur      [ 2008-06-21 ]
please inform me my nakshatra and rashi i was bron on 16/01/1981 4:30pm im a boy
Ajay Thakur      [ 2008-06-21 ]
Pls suggest me, 11th july 2008 is good marriage day or not?
sunita sharma      [ 2008-06-21 ]
Kindly advise the good muhart in new house entry, the property House in uttarakhand in the name of sunita sharma pl advise
Pradipta kumar Lenka      [ 2008-06-20 ]
pl. tell me best possible auspicious date in last week of june,2008 for child birth at bhubaneswar, Mother-DOB-17-02-1979 Father-DOB-08-03-1972
heenaaswani      [ 2008-06-18 ]
please inform me my nakshatra and rashi i was bron on 25/11/1973 07:15am im a girl
divya      [ 2008-06-18 ]
I wish to have contact details of a good horoscope reader in Mumbai, and who can suggest the remedies of the problem therein.
vishana maharaj      [ 2008-06-16 ]
I hope you can help me. I would like to know when is a suitable wedding date between March 27th - April 5th 2009? The wedding is going to be in the West Indies. My D.O.B is 23/02/1984 at 3:40AM in trinidad, west indies His D.O.B is 24/03/1980 at 11:00AM in Hubli, Karnataka, India Many thanks.
jaspreet kaur      [ 2008-06-16 ]
can u plz tell me the marriage date in between 7 october 2008 to 12 october there any shubh muharat for marriage date.plz tell me soon as soon possible.
manoj bohra      [ 2008-06-16 ]
my dob is 24th aug 1978, time of birth is 8:00 am girls date of birth is 16th sep 1981, time of birth is 4.30 pm we both are virgo please let us know the best dates of getting married in july 2008
naina      [ 2008-06-16 ]
I want to know the date of ashadh sudi,saptmi in 2008.Please tell me date as soon as possible.
manoj bohra      [ 2008-06-15 ]
Please suggest the best possible best wedding dates in July 2008
Rachana      [ 2008-06-15 ]
Hi - could you please tell me what the best dates are for an engagement in September 2008? thanks!
Babita      [ 2008-06-14 ]
hello i wanted to know when is the end of jeth...!!!plz ill b waiting fr ya answer..!!
manisha      [ 2008-06-14 ]
this is a very good website .excellent information . thanks a lot
shwetha      [ 2008-06-12 ]
please inform me my nakshatra and rashi i was bron on 17/09/1986 3:30pm im a girl
keerti      [ 2008-06-12 ]
Please let me know which date/time is good between 20th June to 31st June 2008 for Grah pravesh?
prakash kotian      [ 2008-06-11 ]
please send me auspicious day in june 2008 for griha pravesh(sundays would be the first option)its an re sale house
Madhulika      [ 2008-06-11 ]
Can you pls. suggest/predict about my marriage. My date of birth is 14-7-1972
shambhu      [ 2008-06-10 ]
i want to start our new business in stone related processing unit so on which date i start our new business please suggest in july month 2008
Tushar      [ 2008-06-09 ]
What are the muhurat of Engagements in the month of Sept and Oct 2008
Jog      [ 2008-06-07 ]
pl let me know the good mahurat for gruha shanti in the month of june july08
Abhimanyu Narayan      [ 2008-06-06 ]
Please suggest the best possible best wedding dates between July 08 to August 08
shailaja chandran      [ 2008-06-05 ]
Please suggest a suitable auspicious date in January 2009 for the wedding of my son Siddharth Ankathil, dob-06 oct 1981 and Kivya Gupta dob-23 Feb 1983
deepak batra      [ 2008-06-05 ]
boy 24-june 1982 and girl 27 july 1985 so please suggest for wedding in july
p.sandeep      [ 2008-06-05 ]
respected sir I planning to take my gre exam in the month of august can u suggest me the dates acoording to my date of birth 15-10-1986 and i was born at 05:05 pm
nitesh singh      [ 2008-06-05 ]
sir pl suggest me any date for marriage in 23 june to 15 july
Vishal      [ 2008-06-05 ]
when is jeth ending
Piyush      [ 2008-06-04 ]
I am in New Zealand and which is best day to move house during 10 - 15 June 2008
Praveen V      [ 2008-06-04 ]
need to know good dates in June when i fix up my marriage date
Mital Shah      [ 2008-06-03 ]
Hi, Please suggest me an auspicious wedding date for gal 21May 1980 and boy 23 June 1976, location Pune, India. Marriage Date range for June 2008
chandru      [ 2008-06-03 ]
please when is jeth ending
biswanath      [ 2008-06-02 ]
Kindly tell me auspicious day for grih pravesh to a new house from July 1st to August 2008.
natasha      [ 2008-05-31 ]
kindly tell me auspicioys dates for wedding in the month of oct..?why its prohibited to get married in navrate..??
Sumitha Radha      [ 2008-05-30 ]
What are good dates for Entering New Office premise between 3rd to 12th June 08?
Gaurav Jha      [ 2008-05-30 ]
want to know about future incidents what i will be achiving in my life about marriage, about whole family and jobs here is my full details. Birth-21/11/1982 Name-Gaurav Jha
sujith      [ 2008-05-29 ]
give me all date after 20 may 2009 for marriage and vadhu pravesh date in between 20may to 6 june 2009 send me as early as possible
Kamal Joshi      [ 2008-05-29 ]
Guruji Pranam Kamal Date of birth 24-May-1982 3:07 AM Pratibha Date of birth 18-April-1981 3:10 PM Plz suggest shubh lagan in November 2008. Thanks
santok      [ 2008-05-29 ]
dear sir i am looking mahurt for wedding in nvembar
vivek dwivedi      [ 2008-05-28 ]
best days of engagement in the year 2008 ?
s.s. narayanan      [ 2008-05-28 ]
Can you give me the Star for a girl born on 11th Aug. 1984
rahul sharma      [ 2008-05-26 ]
hi can you please confirm if oct 13 2008 is a good date for marriage
Hittesh Morjaria      [ 2008-05-26 ]
which date is auspicious to give a token money for a new shop.recently i have heard that there are no good muharats. my DOB is 02Jan1972,time is 1423,place is Mumbai
VISHAL VILAS KATHE.      [ 2008-05-24 ]
leena      [ 2008-05-22 ]
please give me shubh day for grih pravesh in the month of august 2008
N.Suresh      [ 2008-05-21 ]
Please advise if 20th August 2008 is good for Marriage. Girl DOB 12/June/83. Boy DOB 06/jul/1977. Thanks
Ashish      [ 2008-05-21 ]
Please update the site for latest sindhi panchangs of the months after january 2008. Please try to provide the entire panchang printable online.
ketan Bhabal      [ 2008-05-20 ]
pls can you suggest marriage mahurat for the month of april-2009 to may-2009?
Jay      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Please suggest best wedding dates in june/july for court marriage
sailaja      [ 2008-05-19 ]
I want to know the star of this date of birth "9th july 1977".
Pramada      [ 2008-05-17 ]
Pl. tell me the shubh-muhurat for vastu-shanti in the month of May2008 & June 2008.
Abhijeet      [ 2008-05-15 ]
Please suggest if 24th May 2008 is a good day for Hom-havan/vastu puja. I am resided in Singapore and need this information. Many Thanks.
san      [ 2008-05-15 ]
dear sir i need subh mahurat for my doughter in navembar betwin 16 to 29 har birthdate is 1/1/1980 time 1925 place in india and bor is 17/11/1974 time is 20.05 in kenya
maya      [ 2008-05-14 ]
we have business of taxi i.e. we give taxis on hire, total no. of cars available to us is 8, before we took 8th car it was working well, but know we are facing lot of business problem, sometimes accidents, sometime police haraseement, kindly give some solution, i am really worried.pls help my date of birth is 02/04/75, pune and married in faridabad, haryana.
simran      [ 2008-05-14 ]
i want to know about good mahurat in feb for my wedding . my name is simran and my partner name is mehul
shailly jeswani      [ 2008-05-13 ]
pl give me an auspicious date in june 2008 for court marriage.
shanil modi      [ 2008-05-12 ]
how is 27 may 2008 for visas
Gayatri      [ 2008-05-12 ]
plz tell the shubha muhurat for vastu shanti between may- june 2008.Awaiting for the soon reply.
Praveen P      [ 2008-05-05 ]
Best dates to get married in months of May - June - July - August according to Telugu calender. Please help me out MY DOB: 15/11/1979 Time Of Birth: 2.00 PM
Sijit nair      [ 2008-05-03 ]
I am getting married on OCT 31st 2008 , can u tell me how is the day and is good for marriage
balakrishna sake      [ 2008-05-01 ]
plz tell me17th Aug 2008 good for marriage
H Maurya      [ 2008-05-01 ]
Please send me Grih Muhurat in between July-Aug,2008.
Anand      [ 2008-04-29 ]
Pls suggest me a good day from 20th May to 30th May 2008, for Vastu shanti puja & for Gruh Pravesh. Place: Kandivli, Mumbai.
PRAVEEN      [ 2008-04-28 ]
I would like to Knoe the marriage muhurats today.
sharda      [ 2008-04-28 ]
please send me best dates for marriage in september and october 2008
kuldeep      [ 2008-04-27 ]
plz mere ko batao ki 25 june 2008 to 10 july 2008 se vivah ke liye konsi date sahi h
Dilip mahawar      [ 2008-04-26 ]
Hi, Could you please tell me all possible marriage dates for me july to Nov.2008. DOB for Boy is 04/04/08 rasi meen and DOB for Girl is 26/6/81. rasi mesha
Shweta      [ 2008-04-24 ]
can u suggest marriage date for Shweta 15.09.1982, 5.10a.m and sandeep 16.09.1981, 4 a.m
Deepak Kumar      [ 2008-04-24 ]
i would like to know the diwali date in year 1983 and 1984.plz send date of diwali.
mayank khare      [ 2008-04-21 ]
According to hindu calender is there muhurat of ring ceremoney in the month of may, 2008
sunny rajusth      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Which are the good dates for marriage auspicious in the month of november 2008?
SEENA      [ 2008-04-16 ]
pl send me the details of the fullmoon days of the year of 1984
Shalija      [ 2008-04-15 ]
Please send me auspicious wedding dates as soon as possible in 2008.girl DOB-11 jAN 1976,Time 2:05 PM & boy DOB- 4 AUG 1980,Time 9:30 PM. Thank you very much
Bhupesh      [ 2008-04-15 ]
Could you please tell me if there is any marriage date in the month of May 2008. What people are saying that there is no marriages between 1st May - 1st Dec this year, is it true??? I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
Sunil Anandrao Tadas      [ 2008-04-10 ]
please tell 28 april marrige muhurat date
Devi      [ 2008-04-09 ]
Please send me auspicious engagement dates that available from August 2008 to October 2008
Swaroop      [ 2008-04-08 ]
Require auspicious dates in the month of June and July for wedding. Boy DOB 26/08/78 and Girl DOB 30/03/80.
Shalija      [ 2008-04-07 ]
Hello Sir/Madam,Plz suggest any shubh muhurat as soon as possible 2008,girl details:11 Jan 1976,2:05 PM & boy details :4th Aug 1980,9:30 PM. I am waiting for ur reply,its a humble request to U.Please send me ur mail ID address,if any suggestions want in life so ur guidance is help for me.Kindly help me for shuat bh mahurat of marriage.Thank U .
Nitoo Mayani      [ 2008-04-02 ]
Hello Sir, I have been told that in birth months and 10 days after Chetichand nothing related to matrimony should be even spoken about. Can you explain what is the reason?
aruna      [ 2008-04-02 ]
My baby is due on April 21st 2008. Can you please suggest the nakshathra or rashi in April and the starting letter(s) for naming the baby?
Akhil      [ 2008-03-28 ]
Please give me auspicious dates for marriage in april and may
Niru      [ 2008-03-28 ]
Dear Sir/Madam, Please suggest any shubh muhurat in june 2008,girl details : 03 oct 1979,02:50 AM & boy details : 4th june 1978, 12.50 am.waiting for ur reply.thank u .
jks      [ 2008-03-24 ]
pl give me a good date in june 2008 for my sons marriage
     [ 2008-03-24 ]
Anil Kumar      [ 2008-03-19 ]
My marry done with preeti on 12 feb 2008 at 2:00 am to 4:00 am, can tell us our marry life.
Pankaj Arora      [ 2008-03-19 ]
please let me know good day for grah praves (shifting to new house) in the month of March & April
G Ashok      [ 2008-03-18 ]
Please send me auspicious marraige dates in December 2008
dipak      [ 2008-03-18 ]
how can i find my birth date about on hindu month. my birth date is margsher vad 11,1984 so give me orignal date
Manohar      [ 2008-03-17 ]
Why there is no marriage Mahurat after April 2008. What is Guru asta. Also request marriage date list for 2008.
Gunjan      [ 2008-03-17 ]
Pl.let me know the auspicious wedding date in the month of nov 2008. Groom D.O.B - 16/12/1982 & T.O.B - 7.50 PM Bride D.O.B - 14/02/1983 & T.O.B - 4.00 AM. Thanks in advance.
gunjan      [ 2008-03-17 ]
can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in NOV 2008 for girls birthday 14 FEb 1983 and boys birthday 16 December 1982
Chetna Burani      [ 2008-03-17 ]
pls tell me is 19th march 2008 good day for marriage between me (dob: 14.12.1975) and my partner (dob: 29.09.1976), this is very urgent as we have only one day.
Rajendra      [ 2008-03-16 ]
Which are the good dates for marriage auspicious in the month of July 2008?
Heena      [ 2008-03-16 ]
My baby is due on April 22nd 2008. Can you please suggest the nakshathra or rashi in April and the starting letter(s) for naming the baby? Thanks
vicky jadhav      [ 2008-03-13 ]
Please suggest me an auspicious day to get married in the month of march 2008
anu singh      [ 2008-03-12 ]
please advise ggod date of marriages in the month of june and july 2008
Rini      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Please can u send me auspicious marraige dates in December 2008 according to Bengali calender?
MANVINDER KAUR      [ 2008-03-11 ]
Plz tell me the right time /shubh vivah mahurat as per kundali as soon as in month april Boy : 24/01/1971 (Delhi) AT 09:00 PM Girl : 10/02/1974 (Rohtak)HARYANA AT 08:10 PM
deepankar      [ 2008-03-10 ]
Please advise good dates for marriage in the month of june ,july for marriage in 2008
abhi      [ 2008-03-10 ]
suggest me the wedding muhurat in month of dec 2008.. Boys D.O.B is 16.12.1979 Girls D.O.B is 12.08.1983
Prashant Kumar Sampagaon      [ 2008-03-10 ]
Pl.let me know the auspicious wedding date in the month of nov 2008. Groom D.O.B - 25/02/1980 & T.O.B - 4.00 pm Bride D.O.B - 25/09/1987 & T.O.B - 8.45 pm. Thanks in advance.
Shailendra      [ 2008-03-10 ]
I am a hindu brahmin, my date of birth is 24th october 1982, i wish to get married toa ahindu brahmin girl in the months between october 2008 to december 2008. Kindly advise the best dates which would be blissful to get married in the period as mentiioned above? Thank You & Best Regards
Deepa George      [ 2008-03-10 ]
Pls send me good dates between March 27th 2008 to Apr 4th 2008. My C Section is to be planned and am expecting a boy baby. I want to check on good date and time.
Ravinder Kumar Shah      [ 2008-03-09 ]
Please let me know if there is auspicious wedding dates in the month of april as i have heared that there is no dates from may till november.Girls d.o.b-24/09/1988 t.o.b. 10:00 pm and boys d.o.b-08/02/1977 t.o.b. 06:10 am
A.L.Chaudhary      [ 2008-03-08 ]
what are the auspicious days/muhurats/lagan for marriage in month of December, 2008
tamal bhattacharya      [ 2008-03-08 ]
my date of birth is 22/11/1984.. can u please tell me my RASHI,GOTHRO and NAKSHATRA?????
krishna mahli      [ 2008-03-07 ]
let me know the date of subh muhurat for maariage in the month of april and may 2008
surabhi      [ 2008-03-06 ]
Sir, pl suggest me the detes for mundan of my son akshat after march 2007 , his date of birth is 27-mar-2006
Deepankar      [ 2008-03-06 ]
what are the auspicious day for marriage in month of june 2008
vitthal lohar      [ 2008-03-06 ]
please send immediately april 1st to april 15th, 2008 vivah muruhat. if available karyalya at your end in nigadi, akurdi send information vacant dates or contact numbers.
prashanth H Devagiri      [ 2008-03-04 ]
my DOB is 17/01/1980,pls let me know rasi n nakshatra
Deepa Navin      [ 2008-03-04 ]
We wish to do roka (fixing of marriage ) for my sister in law named Saadhana DOB 30th December 1982 in March. Is there a shubh mahurat after 14th in this month say around Holi time.
BHAVESH      [ 2008-03-03 ]
could you please tell me the muhurat for mundan in march- 2008
vindhyachal tiwari      [ 2008-03-02 ]
sir i want to know the date of saptami of spring(basant)navaratra of the calendar year 1983 and 1984.sir plz its urjent
prashant kedar      [ 2008-02-29 ]
my dob is 21/11/1982 my partners dob is 10/12/1985 plz suggest suitable date for marrige in march 08
mubeshir      [ 2008-02-29 ]
send mahurat for marriage of my sister in2008 her date of birth is 15/11/21976 .and partner d.o.b is 18/1/1975
urmila      [ 2008-02-28 ]
pl send me mahurat for marriage in april 2008 and may 2008 my date of birth is 26.10.1977 and my partner d.o.b. is 11.02.1977 waiting for your rply urmila
mukesh      [ 2008-02-28 ]
Hi, I am of Leo Zodioc , Can you suggest me any marriage date in March , April .
Naveen Singh      [ 2008-02-28 ]
Can you please tell me the wedding muhurat for marriage in October and November-2008
ketan      [ 2008-02-27 ]
please suggest a marriage date in 2008. Boy 04 JAN 1977, 18:28 PM, MUMBAI - GIRL 02 APRIL 1979, 03:10 AM. AHMEDABAD
nisha      [ 2008-02-26 ]
hi can u tell me the wedding muhurat for marriage in april -2008 dob of boy : 1/8/71 time is 9.05pm , delhi and girl 13/9/77 time 7.43am shikohabad
Anshuman Mishra      [ 2008-02-26 ]
Please could you tell me the dates available for marriage between April & May 2008 Boy : 23/24 May 1978 at 02:57 midnight at kanpur Girl : Manisha Pandey place Kanpur in year 1980
Sunny      [ 2008-02-26 ]
Looking for auspicious wedding dates in late August/early september. Groom: Uttaram 1st padam, simha rasi Bride: Avittam. Thanks!
Shona      [ 2008-02-24 ]
Please suggest a marriage date in feb, march, april or may 2008. Boy : 02/04/76 3:55am, mumbai Girl: 18/11/76 09:05 am, mumbai.
NAGEN KUMAR PANDA      [ 2008-02-22 ]
Can you please tell me the wedding muhurat for marriage in april -2008. D.O.B of boy :17/01/1977 ,Time:10.35pm, DOB of girl:31/05/1986,Time :12.15pm
sara      [ 2008-02-21 ]
Hi, Could you please tell me all possible marriage dates for my brother in Oct-Dec 2008. DOB for Boy is 28/9/82 time 9.20am and DOB for Girl is 19/10/82 10.52am .
prince      [ 2008-02-19 ]
hi! i wanna get married on 19th april 2008. iWeather its fine for me pls suggest . my dob is 19/jan/80 girls dob is 01/july/80
Mahesh Paste      [ 2008-02-18 ]
please send me wedding muhurt in May 2008
Krishna      [ 2008-02-18 ]
PLease send marriage date in march 08 for Bride DOB 13 Nov 84 and Groom 3 Nov 81. Thanks
rupali      [ 2008-02-17 ]
Pl.send me marrige date in the month of may-jun 2008.Groom B.D.06-10-1978 bride B.D.10-03-1979
Dr.Bhatt J.D.      [ 2008-02-15 ]
Pl.send me marrige date in the month of april 2008.Groom B.D.20-9-1978 bride B.D.1-1-1983
anju      [ 2008-02-15 ]
can i have list of dates for marriage in 2008
KRITIKA      [ 2008-02-14 ]
my date of birth 13th june 1972 (13.06.72) and my fiance date of birth 27th july 1962 (27.07.62) what is the best date of marriage after may
Tushar      [ 2008-02-13 ]
please send auspicious marriage dates between April 2008 to July 2008 boy 10 June-1978- 4.10 am and girl 23rd June 1979 -12.45 am
vineeet      [ 2008-02-13 ]
is right to have marriage on 3rd march.... if no then tell me some remedy to get marriage on 3 march./.. as soon as possible..
Swatanter Pushp Bhalla      [ 2008-02-11 ]
Kindly let me know the shubh Mahurrat for the sons marriage in between Aug 2008 to Nov 2008 his Date of birth is 27th May 1981.
Rachit      [ 2008-02-09 ]
Plzz can u tell me what are the ospecious dates for mairrages in the year 2008 . and can i know " Taro Kadhin pyo dubay " plzzzzzzzzz reply asap . quite urgent .
Gurjeet      [ 2008-02-09 ]
Pls send me the auspicious dates for marriage between july and Nov 2008
dipti joshi      [ 2008-02-08 ]
i would like to know the marraige dates available for the year 2008
lavanya      [ 2008-02-07 ]
please suggest marriage muhurats in march and april 2008 girl nakshatra is arudra 4th padam and guys nakshatra is pushyami 3rd padam
pankaj kumar      [ 2008-02-07 ]
plz send me vivah muhurt ( utam) between march 2008 to april 2008.
sanjeev kumar      [ 2008-02-05 ]
please send me hindu vivah muhurat between april 2008 - july 2008.
Mahesh Jan      [ 2008-02-02 ]
sreenivasulu a      [ 2008-02-02 ]
Hi, Could you please tell me all possible marriage dates between March-April-2008.DOB for Boy is 15/01/77 and DOB for girl is 18/07.
J.Prashanth      [ 2008-02-01 ]
Hi, My DOB:29/6/1980 at 6.67am My Spause Dob:2/8/1985 at 10.00pm Is there muhurath for the marriage on 15 feb 2008, cause some one suggested that we have a muhurath on that date but later many people are saying there is no muhurath as such. We booked every thing for marriage. Please suggest Thanks, Jai
RENU      [ 2008-01-30 ]
umesh      [ 2008-01-30 ]
I have booked a flat in Pune & now I want to know good mahurat (Probably a Good Day) to get my Flat registered.
pooja      [ 2008-01-30 ]
Please can u post full tipno of full year. That will be more helpful.Thanks
MANOJ SHUKLA      [ 2008-01-29 ]
Please advise about the earliest good dates for Dwiragman (Gavana) after march till December 2008.
Marriagedate      [ 2008-01-28 ]
Please sadvice me on good marriage date for scorpio lagna/moon groom, simha moon/gemini lagna bride in early february. thanks.
jaya      [ 2008-01-25 ]
can you give me the dates for marriage in july or aug d-o.b boy 19/3/1978 and girl 22/1/1981
Mehboob Khan      [ 2008-01-25 ]
Respected Sir/Madam, My marraige fixed on 08-June-2008, yesterday i came to know that shukra-ast would take place from 05-May-2008 till 03-07-2008. Could you please advise me should i postpone my marraige to July 08 2008 or any other solution .. please please let me know .. Thank a lot .. waiting for your email ..
priya      [ 2008-01-24 ]
Auspiciuos marriage dates for May 2008.
mom banerjee      [ 2008-01-23 ]
i want to know the good vivah mahurat between 28th and 29th january2008 plz send me the details
smita mehra      [ 2008-01-22 ]
kindly send auspicious date for mundan date of birth is 5 oct 2005
bharti      [ 2008-01-21 ]
i need tipno 2008 giving occasions/festivals in 2008 in hindi printable format, pls email me.
prakash tilwani      [ 2008-01-20 ]
Can you please send me all the auspicious muhurats for marriage from March-08 to june-08 Thanks
kalu      [ 2008-01-20 ]
plz tell me mahurat of marriage for my date of birth 25.11.82 with girl 16.03.82 in Feburary
Prabu rathinam      [ 2008-01-20 ]
Can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in May/June 2008 for girls birthday 21 August1979 and boys birthday 11 September 1978
ashok sharma      [ 2008-01-19 ]
Could you help us with dates and time for a shubh mahurat for joining a new job in the month of february,2008
Anjali Chowdhary      [ 2008-01-17 ]
please send auspicious marriage dates between april 2008 to May 2008
pavan      [ 2008-01-16 ]
please send auspicious marriage dates between april 2008 to july 2008 boy june-04-1979 and girl 21-sept-1982
Deepak Kohli      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Can you please tell me the muhurat time for the marriage after 25Apr 2008, My DOB 18june79, & girl- 4sep83
Priti Upadhyay      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Could you help us with dates for a shubh mahurat for marriage of boy (DOB-11.3.78) and girl(DOB-22.01.77) in April and May 2008. Is Akshay Tritiya ok for us, as the boy is manglik...
Mitesh      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Can you pleases send us all the WEDDING MAHURATS from 1st April 08 to 31st March 09
Ashish Joshi      [ 2008-01-14 ]
Please send few good marriage dates in April/May - 2008 for Boy DOB:05-Dec-1976 and Girl DOB:28-Nov-1981
Manish      [ 2008-01-14 ]
Please send shadi muhurt bet feb-2008 to may 2008 boy:13-10-1982 4:57 am and girl: 3-11-1984 2:47 am Thanks
sarala      [ 2008-01-14 ]
Can you please tell me the muhurat time for the marriage on 18/02/08
sumit lagwal      [ 2008-01-14 ]
Please send auspicious marriage dates between april 2008 to august 2008 for Boy DOB:26th-July-1980 and Girl DOB:20th-July-1982
nysha      [ 2008-01-12 ]
Please send auspicious marriage dates between March 2008 to June 2008 for Boy DOB: 07-May-1984 and Girl DOB:22-Nov-1983.
bikash rabha      [ 2008-01-12 ]
Can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in March 2008 for girls birthday 11 November1981 and boys birthday 22 November 1980
Nitin      [ 2008-01-12 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in april 2008. D.O.B of boy - 20-05-1981 3:30 AM D.O.B of Girl - 18-09-82 9:25 AM
Amit Makwana      [ 2008-01-10 ]
Please send a good marriage date in April/May - 2008 for Boy DOB:07-Jun-1983 and Girl DOB:14-Mar-1987
Mallikarjun      [ 2008-01-09 ]
Please send good marriage date in april-2008 boy Dob:16-06-1981 girl Dob:07-12-1989
Candice      [ 2008-01-09 ]
please send good marriage date in nov 2008 ,boy dob 23rd sept 1980, girl dob 29th jan 1985
CB Chellani      [ 2008-01-08 ]
Pl send me auspicious wedding dates April-May-June 2008 for girl 19 Dec 1983.
atul kumar singh      [ 2008-01-08 ]
plz advice me good dates after feb 15th 2008 for mundan ceremony of my daughter. her date of birth is 06/02/2008
Divya      [ 2008-01-08 ]
Namaskar. Could you help us with dates for a shubh mahurat for marriage of boy (DOB-21.5.83) and girl(DOB-5.11.83) in April and May 2008. This would be of a lot of help.
Ruma Das      [ 2008-01-08 ]
Can you please let me know shubh mahurat marriage dates for the month of JUNE & JULY 2008. We are planning one of these months. (girl) Ruma Das- 17th Feb, 1981, time of birth 4.50am (Boy) Kanchan Mitra- Aug 30, 1976, time of birth - 11.15 pm. Can you please send me the dates which is appropriate for tmarrige in these 2 months. Awaiting your kind response. Ruma Das e-mail -
vishali      [ 2008-01-07 ]
shubh dates for marriage in nov 2008
jaya      [ 2008-01-06 ]
pls tell me auspcious marriage date for aug 2008
Mitasha      [ 2008-01-04 ]
hiya..dates please for full moon / ganesh chowth ? many thanks mitasha
Alok      [ 2008-01-04 ]
I want to know shubha vivah muhurta in February 2008
vasdev hassamal      [ 2008-01-03 ]
I want to know the dates for CHAND and SAT NARAYAN for 2008. The calendar is not showing the dates yet, please help.I got those dates for last year and they were very helpful to keep up the tradition, especially when one lives outside India.
Suchaita Madhwan      [ 2008-01-02 ]
plz tell me the auspicios date for marrige in 2008. d-o-b boy 26-02-1979 and d-o-b girl 05-01-1981
NYGal      [ 2008-01-01 ]
Please advise if 3rd August 2008 is good for Marriage. Girl DOB 9/Jul/82. Boy DOB 24/Apr/1980. Thanks.
jatinder      [ 2008-01-01 ]
Pl. tell me home cunstruction /Shilanayas muhurat in jan.feb. 2008 DOB 30.12.1973 TIME 03.44AM B.PLACE FAIZABAD
priya      [ 2007-12-30 ]
plz tell me the auspicios date for marrige in jan 2008. d-o-b boy 26-03-82 and d-o-b girl 26-12-82.
kamla      [ 2007-12-30 ]
please can you give mahurat for sep/nov 2008. girl dob 20/06/76 boy dob 21/10/73
sg dubey      [ 2007-12-28 ]
Best site to know abt dates of marriages, but in my opinion, best dates can be given after matching the janm patrika of both boys and girls. So u should give a remark that "these dates are probable and please match janmpatrika for best dates." My one question: pls. tell me probable dates for the marriage which DoB are folowing. Boy 18.07.1976, Girl 21.12.1976. Thanks a lots SGDubey
vijay singh      [ 2007-12-28 ]
please can u tell me wedding mahurats for feb2008 dob of boy: 15/08/1981 dob of girl:03/08/1981
amit      [ 2007-12-28 ]
pl let me know about good marriage dates in month of march 2008 near holi thanks
niddhi      [ 2007-12-24 ]
please can u tell me wedding mahurats for march and may 2008 dob of boy: 13/07/1983 dob of girl:28/10/1984
nishi      [ 2007-12-23 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in april 2008. D.O.B of boy - 30-06-1981 D.O.B of Girl - 12-11-77
Niranjan Shah      [ 2007-12-22 ]
Please suggest an auspicious day to move residense to new apartment in January 2008
Jharna      [ 2007-12-22 ]
can you please give me auspicious dates in the month of January 2008 for an engagement.
suresh      [ 2007-12-22 ]
sir pls tell good marriage dates in feb 2008 boy- 16-01-1977 girl 09-10-1988
Anil      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in July or August 2008. D.O.B of boy - 9-3-1981 D.O.B of Girl - 26-9-1978
jatinder kumar      [ 2007-12-20 ]
let me know the neev aarambh muhurat (to start home cunstruction) in month jan-feb,2008
dheeraj ajwani      [ 2007-12-19 ]
good marriage dates in novmber 2008 boy 16/4/1982 girl 05/05/1984 send on my e mail please
abha      [ 2007-12-19 ]
plz send me dates of pradosh vrat in 2008
Neeru      [ 2007-12-19 ]
Could you please tell me all possible marriage dates for my daughter in April-May 2008. DOB for Girl is 31/10/83 8.25pm and DOB for Boy is 24/10/82 3.15pm.
Shweta      [ 2007-12-19 ]
Can you please tell me muhurat for marrige in January 2008. D.O.B of boy - 26-8-1981 D.O.B of Girl - 7-10-1983
meenakshi      [ 2007-12-19 ]
please send me all pradosh vrat dates for year 2008.
Geets      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Can u pls suggest me any auspicious wedding date on may or so. D.o.B Gal is 6-5-1979(Geetha) and Guy 18-2-1975(Arun)since its love marriage.
Usha      [ 2007-12-12 ]
Hi, Could you please tell me all possible marriage dates for my brother in February-March 2008. DOB for Boy is 24/6/77 and DOB for Girl is 19/9/82.
Priya Mudaliar      [ 2007-12-11 ]
Please let me know if there is auspicious wedding dates in the month of august as i have heared that there is no dates from may till november.Girls d.o.b-28/02/1983 and boys d.o.b-31/10/01981
b ratore      [ 2007-12-11 ]
could you please tell me the best date of wedding in jan, feb 2008 for my brother. D.O.B. BOY sep 06 1977 D.O.B girl july 29 1981 Thanks br
Gordhan      [ 2007-12-10 ]
Jai Jhulelal,Tawhaji website disi dadhi khushithi sindhiat khe kayam rakhad jo tamam sutho kadam ahe. Dec 2007 ju shubh tarikhu (dates)budhaida ta mahirbani. God bless you,Thanks. Gordhan Gianchandani.Bangalore.
pravin      [ 2007-12-10 ]
pleased to see ur web site. pl tell me the subh dates formarriage of my daughter in Oct.08/ Nov.08 her DOB id 25.9.1981
vidhi      [ 2007-12-10 ]
is there any dates in june or jully for marriage
Vivek G      [ 2007-12-09 ]
I want to know the wedding mahurats for April 2008
meeta jayesh khira      [ 2007-12-06 ]
pls let me know shadi mahurats for 2008
Roohi Chopra      [ 2007-12-06 ]
Can you please send the wedding mahurats for April 2008
Aryan      [ 2007-12-05 ]
can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in Feb 2008 for girls birthday 15-May-1982 and boys birthday 15-Feb-1980
Chaola Shah      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Can anyone please list the auspicious wedding dates in January 2008
yakanth      [ 2007-11-30 ]
sir please send me .which date to start jeshta mas. my name is "yakanth" and my would be name is "anitha" which date is currect to fix marriage date.
sayli      [ 2007-11-30 ]
can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in nov 2008 for girls birthday 05 September1982 and boys birthday 30 september 1982
Ram      [ 2007-11-29 ]
Can you please send the the wedding muhuraths for April-May 2008.
rita      [ 2007-11-27 ]
can you send me marriage muhurat for may 2008
DOULAT SADHWANI      [ 2007-11-26 ]
pradeep      [ 2007-11-20 ]
Can anyone please list the auspicious wedding dates in January 2008
Monica      [ 2007-10-26 ]
can you please let me know if there are any dates for wedding in december 2008?
Neeta Khemlani      [ 2007-10-12 ]
When should we expect 2008 Tipno. It is very useful and handy. Thanks Neeta from Washington DC
jeetu      [ 2007-10-11 ]
can u send me the tipno of year 2007 as well as english language or hindi language
Charles Lobo      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Can you send me mahurats 2008.
renu      [ 2007-09-29 ]
can you please send me a tipno. thanks
trupti surve      [ 2007-09-27 ]
can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in May 2008 for girls birthday 08 September1982 and boys birthday 15 August 1982
Sanjukta Baruah      [ 2007-09-26 ]
Could you please send me the hindu calender with the marriage mahurats for the year 2007.
Nitin Fatnani      [ 2007-09-26 ]
pl send me the hindu calender with the marriage mahurats (Tipno) for the year 2008.
timgadh      [ 2007-09-25 ]
can you tell me which would be good dates for marriage in february 2008 for girls birthday 29 january and boys birthday 7 february.
shobha chhabria      [ 2007-09-24 ]
pl send me the hindu calender with the marriage mahurats (Tipno) for the year 2008.
Chandresh Mirpuri      [ 2007-09-24 ]
Hi. Can you please let me know where I can find the Mahurat Calendar for 2008. Thanks. Chandresh Mirpuri.
deki      [ 2007-09-23 ]
what does tipno mean?
Manisha Thawani      [ 2007-09-19 ]
We want to do grah pravesh during last week of october please adive the suitable dates
mahesh      [ 2007-09-19 ]
hi, would like to know which dates in oktober 2007 are good for child birth ? . thks
Thadani Mohan      [ 2007-09-09 ]
Sir Pls. e mail Laxmi Patrika for Diwali Pooja Mohan ( Spain/ Gibraltar)
riya      [ 2007-09-07 ]
we would like to do GREH PRAVESH during the end of this sept month, pls send me ascipcious dates for this.
Morgan      [ 2007-09-05 ]
Please send by email auspicious days for weddings in December, January 2008/9
Ashok Ramrakhyani      [ 2007-09-02 ]
I express my sincere thanks for the efforts taken by you for providing valuable information on Sindhi Community, festivals, panchang etc. Keep it up and all the best to the entire team. Jai Jhulelal
sumesh makhija      [ 2007-09-01 ]
hi i am located in dubai, just wanted to know if its possible to mail me monthly tipno before the start of next month i.e in aug end tipno for sept & so on. pls let me know if there is any subscription form to be submitted. pls reply asap thks sumesh
Asha      [ 2007-08-31 ]
please send me the Tipno of 2007 at my email address.
Rakhi      [ 2007-08-30 ]
Here is the address of sindhi temple in Mulund where teejri is celebrated: Shahani Colony, Navghar Road, Mulund (east)
shakuntala gandhi      [ 2007-08-30 ]
please let me know if sindhi festivals are celebrated at any place in borivali- mumbai
sheru ramchandani      [ 2007-08-28 ]
plese keep sending me a details
madhudia      [ 2007-08-27 ]
kindly inform me abt the 2008 calendar
malika      [ 2007-08-26 ]
pls email me a printable tht i can i can stick it on my fridge
Pramila      [ 2007-08-20 ]
Please let me know if there is any sindhi temple at Bhandup/Mulund where teejri is celebrated.
Neeta Khemlani      [ 2007-08-20 ]
I would like to have Tipno for 2008. Thanks
Amit Nebhandas Udasi      [ 2007-08-19 ]
Plz.send me in details about Sirad(start/end)dates at my e-mail address,mentioned above. Aayolal kayo Jhulelal
dileep kumar      [ 2007-08-09 ]
Dada please send me Tipno for 2007 and 2008. Thanks & Regards,dileep
Sunita Kishnani      [ 2007-08-09 ]
Can you please advice if there is any mahurat for Grah Pravesh in this Aug 07 End or Sept.07 1st week. Thanks
Anita Bijlani      [ 2007-08-06 ]
Dada please send me Tipno for 2007 and 2008. Thanks & Regards, Anita
umi surati      [ 2007-08-03 ]
Please send me auspicious wedding dates for aug 2008 and sept 2008. Thank you very much
devi harjani      [ 2007-08-03 ]
please send me on which days does ummas fall for this year
Paula      [ 2007-07-25 ]
Please send me auspicious wedding dates for August - December 2008. Thank you very much!
joth      [ 2007-07-11 ]
can you kindly send me the tipno of the full year 2007. would be really grateful to you.
star      [ 2007-07-08 ]
Please send me auspicious wedding dates for march 2008
Kohina      [ 2007-07-06 ]
Plz send me the good muhurat dates for marriage 2007 (from July - december 2007). Plz do asap. Kohina
Kumar      [ 2007-06-25 ]
can anyone send the marriage mahurat for April , May 2008
ajitbhagwanani      [ 2007-06-24 ]
Would like to have tipno of the full year(2007). Please email me the same. Thanks & Regards Ajit
vijay      [ 2007-06-24 ]
please send me the dates for my marriage for the month of july 2007 please do it at the earliest.
Dheeraj Idnani      [ 2007-06-17 ]
Very good effort. lot of information is very useful. Its a good site. One suggestion is work out something for job seekers, where in they can submit their CV, and the person browsing the site can help them, incase they have any knowledge of suitable openings matching their candidiature.
nilam batheja      [ 2007-06-10 ]
please send me auspicious days in april 2008 for weddings and janoi
Honey Daswani      [ 2007-05-29 ]
Can u please email me the whole tipno of 2007 in one page. Thanks.
Sonu R. Mirpuri      [ 2007-05-27 ]
Please can you keep this good work up, I would love you to continue sending me every year.Thank You
manisha      [ 2007-05-19 ]
can u plz send me sindhi tipanno 2007 so i can downlad
Soni      [ 2007-05-11 ]
please send me sindhi tipno for 2008 for wedding thanks
Kishore      [ 2007-04-30 ]
Can you please provide detail information about each of the festival. Some of us staying abroad may not know the detail and rituals for each of the festival.
mohandaryani      [ 2007-04-29 ]
please send me sindhi tipno2007 so that i can download.
Anil Kumar      [ 2007-04-26 ]
Roma is right i agree with her
lalwani k      [ 2007-04-24 ]
please send me sindhi tipno.merbani ashukri
Ravi Jashan Malkani      [ 2007-04-20 ]
pls give the whole year calender of sindhi together in one page
shalu vaswani      [ 2007-04-09 ]
please send me sindhi tipno2007 so that i can download itthank u
roma      [ 2007-04-02 ]
pls give the whole year calender of sindhi together in one page
Preeti Vishu Bharwani      [ 2007-04-02 ]
Sindhi Log jai HO! Tamaam suthi gaal ahe. Please let me have the tipno everyone. Really appreciate it. May the Sindhis all over the world persevere to make be recognised!!!
PURUSHOTTAM BHAGWANI      [ 2007-03-27 ]
vandana sadarangani      [ 2007-03-24 ]
this whole concept is awesome.really good.
Divisha. Chatlani      [ 2007-03-21 ]
I had desperately waiting to find some sidhi tipno,this is such an awesome idea to have online, whoever started thanks.HAPPY CHETTI CHAND
Anuradha Aswani      [ 2007-03-19 ]
I think this is a very effective way of keeping in touch with our culture which required often in todays life.
Umesh Raj Daswani      [ 2007-03-16 ]
Great idea to try to get Sindhis to follow the culture and other activities thru a user friendly web site like this! keep up the good work. Jhoolelal!
heena teckchandani      [ 2007-03-14 ]
It was really gr8 to see our very own tippno in comp But its still not complete i wish it cud b made more complete as wen is pradosh vrat etc u see a mormal tippno has much more wish cud b more to it then we wont b at a loss to certain days being so far from our country Thanks heena
Simran      [ 2007-03-14 ]
thamam dadho sutho gaal ae, we sindhis will be close together more!
Ashok Ramrakhyani      [ 2007-03-14 ]
I feel touched to see this website preserving the sindhu culture and make use of the same by a click
Mohan Thadani      [ 2007-03-09 ]
Very Good, Keep it up
Renu Hinduja      [ 2007-03-07 ]
Daily news of ulhasnagar and surroundings like ambernath badlapur, titwala, kalyan etc. should be made available.
Bhagwani Hiro      [ 2007-03-05 ]
This website is good for all sindhunagar because full information available. please give me information about sindhi jokes.
manoher      [ 2007-03-01 ]
very good idea to show the main days of hindu dharam
gope      [ 2007-02-24 ]
i what Sindhi Calendar
deepa khiani      [ 2007-02-20 ]
very good job keep it up send us every year tipno great job thankyou
Sheila      [ 2007-02-19 ]
Good Thing, keep it up and make the tipna for entire year so we could print it out and keep with us instead of having to look up online for auspicious dates and Thank you for that
sonam      [ 2007-02-13 ]
very good idia
sheru      [ 2007-02-13 ]
we are still awaitng your tipra
deepa      [ 2007-02-12 ]
great job keep it up
Rajesh Bhatia      [ 2007-02-10 ]
A very useful and essential tool to plan your day and a must see for young generation great keep it up
prachi      [ 2007-02-10 ]
dadho sutho
harish lalwani      [ 2007-02-09 ]
great job...tipno, is very handy and useful
Punita      [ 2007-02-07 ]
Dipak      [ 2007-02-06 ]
just loved to get this away from home , to remind us of religious days... too good
Nainani T.P.      [ 2007-02-05 ]
Would be highly appreciate if you could mail me every month Tipno as well if possible to link with sindhi directory
savita      [ 2007-02-04 ]
pls send sindhi tipno for 2007
mohan dadlani      [ 2007-02-04 ]
a very good lead to remind us of our ancestorial teachings and the ways and means to be connected with the creator
Lakshman chugani      [ 2007-02-03 ]
vishnu dadlani      [ 2007-02-03 ]
good way of getting information of the various religious festivals
taruna      [ 2007-02-03 ]
thanks a lot.its vgood god bless all sindhis. pls send me every every year.thanks
Rajesh      [ 2007-02-03 ]
HI THIS IS A GOOD INITIATIVE ,WE ARE A RECRUITMENT COMPANY , Let me know how I can be of assistance to fellow sindhis Rajesh Idnani Director
shyam dinani      [ 2007-02-03 ]
very good
TINASAWNANI      [ 2007-02-02 ]
kauraniria      [ 2007-02-02 ]
very happy to get this service and one more thing i want to ask u, can u pls send me monthly tipno on my id
Hiru & Bina Vaswani      [ 2007-02-01 ]
I am excited to see such a useful tool available to everyone via today's technology. We are in USA for 32 yrs and thrilled we can see all sindhi festivals and dates.
Lachman Balani      [ 2007-02-01 ]
Tamam suthi gaal aahey, brothers and sisters. Meherbani kare mukhe har maino dyare mokalyo.Is there not a yearly online version?
SHYAM P. THAKUR      [ 2007-01-31 ]
i want every month tipno thanka lot
mrs...Lata.Gope.      [ 2007-01-31 ]
want every year .thanks .we need for sure .
Rajan Sujanani      [ 2007-01-31 ]
Excellent and good service towards society
taruna      [ 2007-01-31 ]
its g8who ever is thought for this good job .god bless u.thanks
sheru ramchandani      [ 2007-01-31 ]
sapna daryanani      [ 2007-01-30 ]
very happy to know this service is available
Roshni Bhojwani      [ 2007-01-29 ]
Very useful for us here in Singapore too. Please send me monthly tipno. Thanks.
BHAGWAN K NARWANI      [ 2007-01-25 ]
archana      [ 2007-01-19 ]
plz send me 2007 tipno
Sandhya Panjwani      [ 2007-01-18 ]
Hari Om! Thank you for your website. It is very interesting. The tipno is very handy to have online. Sandhya Panjwani (London)
shalu vaswani      [ 2007-01-13 ]
please send me 2007 tipno,as i stay in kathmandu,i dont come to know about or festivals
ria      [ 2007-01-07 ]
Sindhi Calendar
gangesh hemnani      [ 2006-12-26 ]
pl send me a mail on sindhi 2007 tipno in a word format as we can print and circulate in our temple here in lagos nigeria thanks gangesh hemnani


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