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2013-09-23Woman hangs self, toddler dies after crying for ho
Woman hangs self, toddler dies after crying for hours Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Sep 23, 2013, 02.41 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: After a 30-year-old woman hanged herself at her Ulhasnagar home on Saturday, her one-year-old daughter also died, hungry and crying for hours. The Central police said the bodies of Simran Rampal (30) and her child, Kanishka, were discovered in the bedroom of the barrack they stayed in after her husband, Ravi, broke open the door, when he could not elicit any response from inside on returning home at night. The woman was found hanging from the ceiling and a bottle filled with milk was found beside the toddler's body, said the police. Simran apparently ended her life after leaving the milk bottle for Kanishka, but the girl was too young to be able to drink the milk on her own, the police added. Unattended and hungry, the child apparently cried for hours before she died, said the police, adding that the neighbours could hear her cry through the evening. As no suicide note has been found, the police are yet to ascertain the motive behind Simran's action but they suspect a dispute between her and her husband could have driven her to suicide.Simran lived with her husband Ravi (36), parents-in-law and two daughters, Kanishka (1) and Drishti (4). On the day of the incident, her parents-in-law had gone to Sion to attend a relative's funeral. Ravi, a salesman at a garment shop, left home around 11am. Simran was alone at home with her two daughters. Neighbours claimed to have last seen Simran around 6pm when she locked their outside door after her elder daughter, Dristhi, went out to play in the locality. Later, when they heard the child crying, they knocked on the door to ask after her, but failing to get any response from inside, they reportedly went away. Simran's elder daughter meanwhile spent the evening at a neighbour's house, completely oblivious to the tragedy back home. On returning home around 10pm, when Ravi also could not get any response from inside, he broke open the door to discover the two bodies, the police said."I am shocked and cannot understand why my wife committed suicide," Ravi told TOI. "In the evening, hearing my daughter cry, the neighbours had come over to our house, but found no response." Ravi further said, "It was around 10 pm when I reached house and I am also found no response from inside house then I broke down the house and found my wife and daughter died". The police could not find any injury mark on Kanishka's body. After post-mortem, they have sent samples for a chemical test to ascertain the exact cause of death. The officers asked Simran's parents if she was tortured by her in-laws, but they had nothing to complain. Inspector Rajendra Avhad said, "The victim's family is in trauma. Once they recover, we will record their statements." An accidental death report has been registered.
2013-09-22Man sneezes and loses control of car, injures six
Man sneezes and loses control of car, injures six Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Sep 22, 2013, 03.02 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: The sneeze of a motorist led to an accident injuring six people in Ulhasnagar on Friday night.The arrested accused, Prakash Ubale (29), who was suffering from a cold, was on his way home to Manera Gaon, Ulhasnagar 4. Ubale was driving his car from Venus Chowk towards Savitribai road when he lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into nearly 10 people, six of whom suffered injuries. The injured have been identified as Pramod More, Shyam Salunke, Surekha Salunke, Kaushik Khamrohi, Shreekant Podel and Pankaj Kukreja. Vithalwadi police said that following the accident, the accused fled from the spot fearing a mob attack. The police later arrested him from his house, using his car's licence number. The accused was produced before a holiday court on Sunday in Ulhasnagar and released on bail.
2013-09-22Sneezing driver rams car into 12
Sneezing driver rams car into 12 Sun, Sep 22 2013 08:51:34 AM Mumbai, Sep 22 (Mid-Day): A sneezing bout at the wrong time could be hazardous to health. Not just your own, but for others around you too! The Vitthalwadi police in Ulhasnagar detained a 21-year-old youth on Friday night for ramming his car into as many as 12 people. What caused the accident? Apparently, the young man, identified as Prakash Sunder Ubhare, lost control of his car after he suddenly started sneezing. The incident took place on Friday night at Manere Gaon in Ulhasnagar-4. Ubhare was driving his car towards Venus Cinema Chowk, along with a friend, when he suddenly started sneezing. Within seconds the car wheeled out of control and hit as many as 12 people standing or walking along the road. Aghast at what he had done and scared of being thrashed, Ubhare tried to speed off but was caught near Abbu Beer Bar in Ulhasnagar-5. The mob, which had gathered by then, handed over him to Vitthalwadi police station. The 12 victims were admitted to Shivneri Criticare and a government-run hospitals. Some of those injured have been identified as Shyamsunder Salunkhe (46), Surekha Salunkhe (41), Shrikant Podel (35), Kaushik Khambrohi (27), Pankaj Kukreja and Pramod More (27). Others were discharged after receiving primary treatment. “He has been released on bail,” said investigating officer Avinash Mokshi.
Sneezing driver rams car into 12
2013-09-20Cop nearly blinded after cracker bursts in his fac
COP NEARLY BLINDED AFTER CRACKER BURSTS IN HIS FACE By Yogesh Sadhwani, Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Sep 20, 2013, 05.26 AM IST A 31-year-old cop posted in Ulhasnagar almost lost his eyesight during Ganesh immerssion bandobast on Wednesday. Arjun Muthalik, 31, was posted in Ulhasnagar to regulate traffic on an important immersion route when a firecracker exploded near his face. He collapsed and lost consciousness. For almost 24 hours, the doctors were unsure if he would be able to see again. It was only late on Thursday when his wounds healed that the constable was able to see although not clearly. "Around 9 pm, there was a long queue when I was regulating traffic. Just then a sutli bomb flew from somewhere and exploded near my face. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital and not being able to see anything at all," he said. Muthalik's eyelashes, eyebrows and hair are burnt and he has burn marks around his eyes. "The explosion was very close to his eyes. He was very lucky as his retinas are not damaged. He should recover in a few days," said Dr Rahul Chaudhary.
2013-09-18Docs demand police action after mob ransacks hospi
DOCS DEMAND POLICE ACTION AFTER MOB RANSACKS HOSPITAL By Jyoti Shelar, Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Sep 17, 2013, 11.20 PM IST Over 200 doctors from Ulhasnagar's Shivneri Hospital gathered outside the deputy police commissioner's office in the area, demanding action against a mob that ransacked the hospital after a patient died two days ago. The police are yet to take action against the mob. The incident took place on Saturday night at 10.30 pm. The patient, Hemant Khatri, 31, died after doctors administered spinal anesthesia - a special anesthesia where the patient is paralysed below the lower abdomen. The patient is conscious during the course of the operation. Khatri was suffering from a perforation in the intestine and the infection spread to his blood. The doctors decided to operate upon him, but as soon as they administered the anesthesia, he had a cardiac arrest. The doctors revived him, but Khatri had a second cardiac arrest and died. Soon after, a mob of 40 people entered the hospital and ransacked it. "The mob assaulted me and ripped my clothes," alleged anesthesiologist Dr Mahendra Rochlani, adding that the mob assaulted surgeon Dr Prabhu Ahuja as well. According to a relative of Khatri, the mob gathered as soon as the news of his death spread in the locality. "We had brought him to Shivneri hospital after his tests revealed his intestine was severely perforated," said the relative. Dr Prakash Nathani, the vice president of Ulhasnagar Medical Association said it was the work of some random people, who weren't known to the Khatri's relatives. "We have handed a 25-minute-long CCTV footage to the police on Tuesday, which shows the mob ransacking the hospital. The cops assured us that action will be taken soon." Shivaji Rathod, deputy commissioner of police (Zone IV), Thane division, said, "We will go through the CCTV footage and identify the miscreants as soon as possible. We will book the rioters under various sections of the Protection of Medical Establishment and Professionals Act, which are non-bailable."
2013-09-15?Asaram's Ulhasnagar ashram defaults on Rs 58L tax
Asaram’s Ulhasnagar ashram defaults on Rs 58L tax, gets notice Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Sep 15, 2013, 02.47 AM IST THANE: There seems to be no end to woes for Asaram Bapu. After arrest in a sexual assault case, he is now facing the music for not paying the property tax of his Ulhasnagar-based ashram for the last 10 years. On September 4 , the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation issued an ultimatum to the Ulhasnagar ashram authority, giving it 21 days to pay the pending property tax of Rs 58 lakh, failure of which would result in the property being seized and auctioned off.TOI has managed to get property tax papers of the ashram which shows that of the pending Rs 58.22 lakh, around Rs 16 lakh is the penalty fee charged by corporation for not paying the money. After the UMC tax department learned that the media has got hold of the property tax papers, the civic body on Thursday gave an ultimatum to the ashram authority.Santosh Dehrekar, deputy municipal commissioner of tax department, said, "Every year, we send payment notices but the ashram authority has not paid the money. We have given them 21 days to make the payment. If the ashram does not pay the money, we can seize the property and auction it to revover dues." Vishal Gupta, PRO of the ashram, said he is unaware of the status of property tax dues.
2013-09-10Mumbai: Chemists unhappy with tax collection, thre
Mumbai: Chemists unhappy with tax collection, threaten to launch massive agitation against LBT Dailybhaskar.com Sep 10, 2013, 18:58 PM IST Ulhasnagar:As many as 300 chemists from Ulhasnagar near Thane district have threatened to launch massive agitation if the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) does not return money collected illegally from them under the new local body tax (LBT) system. According to reports, the Ulhasnagar Chemists Association said that the UMC charged them higher LBT compared to other cities in the state. Association president Sachanand Goplani has said that as per LBT rules, UMC should charge 0.1% on medicines exported outside the city, while sales in the city are to be charged 2%. But the chemists in Ulhasnagar have been charged 2% on exports— an excess of Rs 1.7 crore. Traders in Mumbai and Pune observed LBT strike against the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for over two months when the tax was implemented earlier this year.
Mumbai: Chemists unhappy with tax collection, thre
2013-09-09Chemists stir likely over local body tax
Chemists stir likely over local body tax TNN | Sep 9, 2013, 02.09 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: Around 300 chemists from Ulhasnagar city have threatened to go on strike if the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) does not return money collected illegally from them under the new local body tax (LBT) system. The Ulhasnagar Chemists Association said that the UMC charged them higher LBT compared to other cities in the state. Association president Sachanand Goplani said, "As per LBT rules, UMC should charge 0.1% on medicines exported outside the city, while sales in the city are to be charged 2%. But we have been charged 2% on exports— an excess of Rs 1.7 crore. If the money is not returned, we will organize a strike across the city. "
2013-09-02Commuters stranded as Asaram followers derail road
Commuters stranded as Asaram followers derail road, rail traffic Somit Sen & Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Sep 2, 2013, 04.42 AM IST MUMBAI: Citizens' Sunday travel plans were hit as hundreds of Asaram Bapu supporters staged rail roko in Sion and Ulhasnagar to protest against his arrest in a sexual assault case. The protesters also took to streets, paralyzing both rail and road traffic for nearly two hours. The train delays and traffic jams left commuters fuming as they struggled to get to their destinations. Asaram's supporters said they will intensify their protest if he is not released. This means that citizens may have to deal with more traffic jams and interruptions in train services. In Sion, the supporters staged a nine-minute rail roko around 3pm and held demonstrations on roads, cutting off traffic from eastern suburbs to the island city. Central Railway spokesperson A K Singh said the GRP was called to clear the tracks. "The protest led to train delays," he said. Among the citizens inconvenienced was Vishwabhushan Kamble who got stuck in a massive traffic jam at Priyadarshini Circle while on his way to domestic airport. "Traffic police personnel stopped us from driving ahead to Sion. They told us that the road outside Sion station was chock-a-block with protesters and traffic had come to a standstill," said Kamble. "Those who wanted to go to south Mumbai had to take a detour via Imax, Wadala, to get on to the Eastern Freeway. And those who wanted to go to the airport had to go back to Ghatkopar and then take the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road." The situation was equally bad in Ulhasnagar where Asaram's supporters staged a rail roko around 12.50pm, delaying CR services by more than half-an-hour. When the tracks were finally cleared around 2pm, CR began its pre-planned mega block on the Kalyan-Ambernath section and train services were suspended for another one-and-a-half hour. Ambernath resident Deepak Karmakar said, "My family wanted to go to south Mumbai but the rail roko upset our plans." A commuter told TOI that several passengers were stranded and some even had to walk on tracks from Vitthalwadi station to Kalyan to take a train. Kalyan and Dombivli stations were crowded as CR was carrying out another mega block here on the Up fast line till 3.30pm, sources said.The self-styled godman's supporters also protested outside Central police station in Ulhasnagar and on the Kalyan-Ambernath Road, bringing traffic to a grinding halt. The protestors in Ulhasnagar even tried to mislead the police, said sources. "They had informed the police that they will assemble at Vitthalwadi station. So, policemen were deployed there for bandobast. The police later learnt that the supporters had gathered on tracks at Ulhasnagar," said a source.Vishal Gupta, spokesperson of Asharam's ashram in Ulhasnagar said, "Bapuji has been falsely implicated. He should be released immediately." Another supporter Mohan Koparani said, "Today, only 2,200 supporters staged protests. But if Bapuji is not released, lakhs will take to streets." The protesters were booked. The police will deploy more personnel on railway premises and main roads on Monday.

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