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2011-09-23MLA mixes up flag colours, again
MLA mixes up flag colours, again Mumbai | Mid-Day.com | Updated: September 23, 2011 11:19 IST MUMBAI: The saffron comes first, then the white, and lastly, the green, as any child who ever drew the national flag in their sketchbook knows. But it's a lesson reportedly difficult to learn for a certain elected representative from the saffron party. It is the same public figure, who held the flag upside down during a victory celebration in his constituency, Ulhasnagar, after the Cricket World Cup 2011 in April. This time, BJP MLA Kumar Ailani committed the alleged blunder at an award function. He gave out mementos bearing the flag upside down claim those who received them. Though the MLA maintains that he intended the "design" to be that way, he has recalled all the keepsakes after complaints from some social workers and expressions of perplexity from the recipients. Ailani had promised the Ganesh mandals in his constituency that he would award prizes for pandal decorations and other such criteria. As per his promise, last Sunday, Ailani orchestrated a grand function at the Town Hall of Ulhasnagar, where all prominent mandals were present. "We all gathered at the Town Hall, where Ailani distributed trophies and cash prizes to pandals for their performance during Ganeshotsav," said an awardee. "I was shocked to see that the flag colours were upside down: green, white and orange. It should have been orange, white and green. We told one of his loyalists about it," he said. A close associate of Ailani said, "I was surprised myself when I first saw the mementos, and immediately informed others. But nothing was done about it. Now, after complaints, we had to recall the trophies." "There was the same problem with our memento," said Narendra Lakhani, a member of MM Group that bagged a cash prize of Rs. 51,000 for the best pandal decoration. The Assembly Member would do well to get himself a copy of the Flag Code, critics said, which explicitly states that any insult to the national flag, including gross affronts or indignities to it, as well as using it in a manner so as to violate the provisions of the Code (see below), are punishable by law with imprisonment up to three years, or a fine, or both. So which one is it going to be, if any? Prem Prakash Jha, a social worker from the area said, "This is the second time he has done it. It is just to gain publicity. The government should take strict action against the accused this time." The other side MLA Kumar Ailani said he never intended for the flag to be on the mementos in the first place: that's how the pattern was supposed to be. "The mementos carry a design of three colors. It was not the national flag that was there on the memento. There is no Ashok Chakra on it," said Ailani. "But I have called all the 200 mementos back after several complaints." Flag code The display and usage of the flag is governed by the Flag Code of India, 2002 (successor to the Flag Code - India, the original flag code), the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950, and the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.
MLA mixes up flag colours, again
2011-09-15Woman commits suicide after fight with neighbours
Woman commits suicide after fight with neighbours TNN | Sep 15, 2011, 12.34 AM IST MUMBAI: A woman, Indu Rajbhar (20), committed suicide at her Ulhasnagar home, allegedly after a tiff with her neighbours over her relationship with a youth from the locality. Family alleged that few hours before the incident the victim had argument with neighbors over the same issue. The victim identified as Indu Rajbhar, she is resident barrack number 735C of Ulhasnagar 3 number. According to S P Surve, senior police inspector, Central police station, "Victim's body was found when her elder sister Bindu came to residence and found her hanging with ceiling rod on Wednesday afternoon". According to police, victim was living with her elder sister as their parents had died few years ago. "On Wednesday morning before committing suicide neighbor had started argument with victim over the same issue and that is why she was depressed and had taken this extreme steps of committing suicide" said, Ratan Bharti family friend of victim. "So far in this matter we have registered accidental death report and further investigation about families allegation against neighbor is going on and if we found them guilty we will file FIR against them' said Surve.
2011-09-15Save our stores
'Save our stores' 2011-09-15 Mumbai After a spate of thefts at jewellery stores, Ulhasnagar traders go to police station, demanding speedy justice With six attacks on jewellers in a span of three months, businessmen in Ulhasnagar are a disgruntled lot. And Monday's incident, where robbers attacked and looted Murli Ahuja, a jeweler, proved to be the last straw. A group of 100 jewellers marched to the police station, and demanded that the cases be solved and the guilty be brought to book at the earliest. Former MLA Pappu Kalani, who led the protest to the police station, alleged that, "There are some history-sheeters who operate in the area freely. They should be externed from the area immediately. The Federation of Sindhu Nagar of businessmen led by Naresh Dughani approached me for help and then we went to the police station. The jewelers, as well as local leaders, have asked the police to crack the cases quickly." Around 1,500 shop owners were planning to call for a bandh yesterday in protest of the increase in robberies and attacks in the area. However, Kalani convinced the traders to give the police some time to investigate the cases. "Our officers and staff have been combing the area in search of the suspects. We are hopeful of nabbing the accused in the Ahuja case and will crack the case soon," said Dr Shivajirao Rathod, deputy commissioner of police, Ulhasnagar. The last straw On Monday, around 11 pm as Ahuja was closing the store, three unidentified men attacked the jeweler and looted valuables worth Rs 6 lakh. Ahuja sustained injuries to his face and his eyes. He was rushed to Jupiter Hospital, Thane and his condition was stable. Senior inspector Arvind Patil, Ulhasnagar police station, said, "We have identified the accused, and they will soon be arrested."
Save our stores
2011-09-14Expelled student commits suicide
'Expelled' student commits suicide Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Sep 15, 2011, 01.16 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: A 21-year-old student of third-year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT) committed suicide by jumping in front of a train near Badlapur railway station on Sunday morning. The victim's parents alleged that their son, Mayur Karande, had been depressed after his college principal rusticated him. The college, though, said that the student had only issued a showcause notice to the parents of 40 students who had allegedly submitted forged mark sheets and that the victim was one of them. Mayur, a Badlapur resident, studied S S T College in Ulhasnagar. His father Baban Karande said, "After receiving the showcause notice, we met the principal to ask him about the exact reason. But he refused to speak further on the issue and told me that my son had been rusticated." Baban said, "On Saturday, my son left home at 7 pm saying that he was going to meet his friends who also had received the notice and that they had planned a strike in the college. But he never returned. The next day, on Sunday morning, we received a call from the Kalyan GRP police that his body had been found near Badlapur station on the railway tracks." J C Purswami, principal of the college, said, "I had not said anything about rustication as we had only issued showcause notices to parents to find out the real culprits who had prepared the forged mark sheetsFollowing the fraudulent act, as per university norms, we issued showcause notices to seek information." The Kalyan GRP registered an accidental death report.
2011-09-11Sindhi filmmakers ditching the preaching
Sindhi filmmakers ditching the preaching KAREENA GIANANI | Sun, 11 Sep 2011-08:00am , Mumbai , DNA Sixty four years after Sindhis made India their home, the difference between the status of the community and their film industry couldn’t be starker. During the Partition, Sindhis fled Pakistan leaving large properties and families behind. In Indian refugee camps, many Sindhis set up make-shift food stalls or small businesses, and soon found success. The Sindhi film industry, however, awaits a messiah to deliver it from obscurity. Director Gopal Raghani hopes to be a part of the change, if not the messiah himself. Next month, his film, Halyo Aahe Putt Actor Thavan (The boy is set to be an actor) will be the second Sindhi film in the last decade to be released in multiplexes across India. And that isn’t the only thing that’s unusual about the situation. Halyo Aahe Putt Actor Thavan’s (HAPAT) story, too, is — one can dare to use the oft abused term — different, at least when compared to what the industry has been churning out in the name of culture. Produced by Bihari Kandari, HAPAT is a comedy about a simpleton who wants to make it big in Bollywood, and consciously allows himself to be duped by a producer because he has a different agenda. In the first half of the film, Laloo, played by actor Pradeep Lalwani, pays his producer, Kundan, to arrange for an audition that never works out. Kundan then demands Rs60,00,000 to cast him in a Sindhi film and Laloo agrees only on a queer condition — that all cast and crew will be Sindhi. “If it does well, it may bring about a revival. It’s one of the few recent films which don’t preach to a community about preserving their culture,” says Raghani. He even has a term for the ones who did — the ‘how-to’ films. “None of them saw multiplex releases, and are lying around in obscure DVD stores. That’s not how it always was with our industry...” Sindhi films did make it big in India after partition. Films like Abana (it launched Sadhana in 1958) did just as well as an average Hindi film then. Most Sindhi films, says director Kamal Nathani, discussed social issues and woes of a lost identity. “That’s where we lost our audience. Sindhis lost interest in films that only spoke of a glorious past.” Somewhere in the 1980s, Sindhis like Nathani were jolted to see that the community was scattered and quite clueless and indifferent about its culture. “Our children didn’t even speak the language. It hurt some do-gooders, who started making films again. But we had lost three decades, and nothing could bring that back,” says Nathani. The money that poured into Sindhi films either came from NRIs or businessmen in India who wanted to earn the ‘producer’ tag before someone else in their social circle could, says Nathani. Most refused to shell out money for promotions and distribution, and films were released on DVDs or watched in Sindhi pockets in Mumbai like Khar, or in Kalyan and Ulhasnagar. Before Raghani, some filmmakers tried to bring in the entertainment in Sindhi cinema, and have been successful. PB Chand, an impassioned 84-year-old writer and theatre actor, began making relevant Sindhi films two decades ago with his pension money. But it was Zindagi Hik Naatak (2009) that cut it. The film followed the life of a theatre actor who must choose between his passion and his family. It was released in theatres in Ulhasnagar and Kalyan and was well received. Another film, Vaeesar E Gum (2009) was a comedy of errors involving a stolen diamond, a mafia don’s hysteric girlfriend and a corrupt officer set to strike a deal at a New Year’s Eve party. It was released in multiplexes in Mumbai and made profits, too, says Nathani. Relevance, says producer Asha Chand, is key to Sindhi cinema’s survival. In 1990, Chand started Sindhi Sangat, an NGO that promotes Sindhi culture. Since 2006, she has been rallying for support to start a Sindhi TV channel, and managed to get a weekly 40-minute slot on DD Gujarati in 2007. The programme, Sindhi Surhaan, plays music, dance and telefilms. “It is difficult to keep our culture alive because we don’t have a state in India. A TV channel will really help us,” says Chand. Chand makes up for the loss by making telefilms with contemporary themes — a couple unexpectedly falling in love after their divorce, a girl obsessed with finding an NRI groom, a woman who must choose between her paralysed brother and her beloved, and so on. “I cannot spend much on sets and locations, but I am very clear about exploring complex relationships in my films. Viewers were initially surprised when the protagonists in one of my films fell in love after getting divorce. Or when a girl rejected at least seven guys before settling down. I said, why not? These are our real issues and Sindhi cinema had better wake up.”
2011-09-092 get life imprisonment for kidnapping businessman
2 get life imprisonment for kidnapping businessman TNN | Sep 9, 2011, 01.07 AM IST PUNE: Almost six years after a businessman and his driver were kidnapped for a ransom of gold worth Rs 15 lakh, special judge S S Gadge on Thursday sentenced two abductors to life imprisonment and slapped a fine of Rs 2,000 each on both of them. The convicts Dilip Kishore Baviskar (30) and Rakesh Gorakhraj Rajput (38), both residents of Ulhasnagar, were further sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment and fined Rs 500 each for possessing firearms. Both the sentences will run concurrently. Five other suspects, including criminal Deepak Sapke, were acquitted due to lack of evidence. Businessman Mohan Gunjal and his driver Bhimrao Lone were abducted by two people on November 15, 2005. Pronouncing the judgement in an open court, judge Gadge observed that there are no criminal antecedents against Baviskar and Rajput. There is no circumstantial evidence to prove that all the accused had entered into a criminal conspiracy for kidnapping the duo and there is no evidence to prove that the offence was committed by an organised crime syndicate. According to Gadge, the allegation of organised crime could not be proved as the link between the convicted and the acquitted could not be established. Gadge said there are cases pending against other suspects, but under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) there should be one chargesheet filed against the suspects. According to the prosecution's case, Gunjal and Lone were abducted by two people demanding a ransom of gold worth Rs 15 lakh on November 15, 2005. They were held captive in a flat on Nashik Road and the abductors made extortion calls to Gunjal's family from a cell phone. Investigating officer Balkrishna Agashe, who had solved the case, said that Gunjal and his driver were kidnapped near Kamla Nehru Park and were taken to Nashik Road in a car. When Gunjal did not return home, his family members registered a 'missing persons' complaint with the Deccan Gymkhana police station and later informed the police about the extortion call. Agashe said the duo was rescued on November 17 from a flat belonging to the brother of one of the suspects and Baviskar and Rajput were arrested. Two revolvers and two cell phones were seized from them. Baviskar used to work in a grocery shop while Rajput was unemployed. Special public prosecutor Vikas Shah had examined 28 witnesses and relied on the evidence of Gunjal, Lone and other witnesses to prove the guilt of the convicts. Shah said that the accused had purchased 10 sim cards in fake names, which were used for communicating with each other and also for making ransom demands. Shah prayed to sentence the duo to life under section 364(a) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), while defence lawyer Vinod Shete pleaded for a lenient view. The prosecution had received assistance of police naik Anil Ghadge for securing the presence of witnesses. The court acquitted Rajesh Gupte, Bhagwan More, Prashant Shete, Deepak Sapke and Deva Chakravarthy under relevant sections of the IPC and MCOCA. They were represented by lawyers Vidhyadhar Koshe, Dayalsingh Pawar and P B Birajdar.
2011-09-08Mother of premature twins jumps from Hospital
Mother of premature twins jumps from Sion Hospital 2011-09-08 Mumbai Madhuri Nikam jumped off the first floor leaving her paralysed from the waist down; doctors say she may have been suffering from postpartum depression Unable to fathom the fact that her two bundles of joy were premature babies and fighting to keep fit, a 22-year-old woman jumped off the first floor of Sion Hospital yesterday morning. Madhuri Nikam was brought to the hospital on August 26 after giving birth to premature twins - a boy and a girl - at a central hospital in Ulhasnagar for treatment and recuperation. Yesterday at 9.40 am, after feeding her twins, Nikam went to the first floor of the hospital and jumped out of the window rendering her a paraplegic. Explaining her condition, a senior doctor said, "Even though she fell from a small height, she landed on her neck, injuring her spinal cord. She has suffered irreversible damage. Her legs are paralysed and surgery will be of little help." Some doctors attribute Nikam's suicide attempt to postpartum depression. However, Dr Sandhya Kamat, dean of Sion Hospital, said, "I have spoken to doctors about Nikam and they say that she did not display any symptoms." Dr Kamat also added that after Nikam gained consciousness she would be sent for psychiatric counselling also. Her husband Ravi was in a state of shock. He said, "I had gone to get some breakfast for her. When I returned I was told that my wife had jumped from the hospital. She was such a jovial person, I don't know why she would do it." The family is also afraid of the mounting hospital bills. "I have paid Rs 2,500 for a CT-scan and have had to buy a neck collar for her from outside which cost Rs 600. I cannot bear these costs," said Ravi, who is a painter in Ulhasnagar. Sub Inspector, Sion Hospital, Ganesh More, said, "We have not yet registered a case but have taken the statements of the family members. Once she gains consciousness, we will record her statements."
Mother of premature twins jumps from Hospital
2011-09-06Mystery shrouds death of 16-yr-old college boy
Mystery shrouds death of 16-yr-old college boy September 06, 2011 21:23 IST Three weeks since Principal Mahesh Matai found his 16-year-old son dead outside their Ulhasnagar residence, the Mumbai Police is still clueless about the case. The bereaved father is exasperated that his son's death still remains a mystery for the police. On the early morning of August 21, Hitesh, a class 12 student of HR college, was missing from his room. The search for the boy ended when his father approached the building gate and found his son's body lying outside the compound on the road. Hitesh was rushed to the hospital. However, he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors. "The police were initially looking to register an accident case. I was adamant that a case of murder must be registered and sought the help of local leaders and politicians in this regard," Matai said. The previous evening, Hitesh had attended a birthday party of his friend Pratik at a local fast food joint, which concluded at 8.30 pm. A hour later he informed his mother that he would be going down to meet his friend, who had called him on his phone. He returned home 30 minutes later. "When we last saw Hitesh, he was awake till 1.15 am doing his college project work. Later, his mother woke up around 4.30 am and found the main door unlatched and her son missing," Matai said. Senior Inspector Arvind Patil of Ulhasnagar police station said that as per the autopsy report Hitesh had received injuries on one side of his face, ribs and abrasions on his palms. "For a death to be investigated as a case of murder, one of the three aspects ought to be known -- the murderer, the weapon and motive. In this case, barring the eyewitness account of a minor boy nothing is known about the cicrcumstances leading to the death of Hitesh," Patil said. A minor nephew of the watchman guarding the building said that he saw a white car hitting a person outside the building. This has been corroborated by another witness from a neighbouring building who came to her window upon hearing a collision noise. The watchman and his nephew, who hail from Nepal, have since fled to their native home. The mobile service provider to which Hitesh had subscribed had submitted the call records details till midnight of August 19. "We have sent a letter to the mobile company to provide details till the last call was made," Patil said, adding that the police had sent Hitesh's phone which is locked with a password to Forensic laboratory at Kalina to know about his call details preceeding his death. "Our investigation is focused on trying to find out why did Hitesh leave his house and come down the building in the wee hours of the morning," Patil added.
Mystery shrouds death of 16-yr-old college boy
2011-09-06Driver flees with jammed tempo
Driver flees with 'jammed' tempo Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Sep 7, 2011, 06.19 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: A tempo driver, to whose vehicle a jammer was attached by a traffic constable as it was parked in a no-parking zone, fled not only with the vehicle but took the jammer along too. The incident took place near Sheetal Chowk in Ulhasnagar (W) on Monday. Traffic constable Tanaji Rathod said around 6.30 pm, he found that tempo parked in the no-parking zone. As there was no sign of the driver, Rathod fixed a jammer to the temp. "After three hours, I realized that the tempo owner had not come back to pay the fine. I went back and found that the vehicle was not there." The traffic police registered a theft case against the driver for allegedly stealing the jammer worth Rs 2,500 and violating rules. They are taking help of the Kalyan RTO to get details of tempo owner.

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