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2013-07-31Oil attack: Accused wanted to harm girl, kill hims
Oil attack: Accused wanted to harm girl, kill himself Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Jul 31, 2013, 05.50 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: The man who is on the run after allegedly throwing hot oil on his former fiancee had written a note saying he would commit suicide after destroying the girl's life. The note was recovered from accused Ajit Talreja's house on Monday during a search by the police. Ajit had kept the note in a file that contained papers pertaining to the psychiatric treatment he was undergoing at a clinic."What my son did is wrong and he should be punished for it," said Ajit's mother Sushila. Ajit's family members believe that he had taken someone's help to write the note as he couldn't read and write. Psychiatric Dr Varsha Davani, who had treated Ajit, said, "He said he was upset as his girlfriend had rejected his marriage proposal. But he saw me only once and didn't come back for further treatment." The victim on Tuesday showed some improvement and started consuming light food.
2013-07-29Man pours hot oil on girlfriend
Man pours hot oil on girlfriend FAISAL TANDEL | Mon, 29 Jul 2013-06:00am , Mumbai , DNA A 26-year-old man from Ulhasnagar, who had been spurned by his girlfriend, allegedly flung hot oil on the young woman on Saturday evening. The 21-year-old girl, who suffered injuries on the cheek, hand and leg, has been admitted to hospital. The boy, a vada-pav vendor, is absconding. A case of ‘attempt to murder’ has been registered against Telreja at Central Line police station. The incident took place at the clinic where the girl, Radha (name changed), works as a compounder. Radha had recently started avoiding the accused, Ajit Telreja, her boyfriend of five years, as her parents had disapproved of their relationship. On Saturday evening, Telreja barged into the clinic carrying oil in a flask. He allegedly hurled the piping hot oil on Radha. The police said they suspect Telreja, who runs a wayside stall, carried oil from the pan he used to prepare vada-pav and bhajiyas. One of Radha’s colleagues, who happened to be standing near her, has also sustained injuries. Senior police inspector Ashok Sakpal said that the girl had recently discussed her marriage plan with Telreja. “Her parents disapproved of the alliance as Telreja was an alcoholic and he earned a living by selling foodstuff on the pavement,” said Sakpal. “The girl decided to toe her parents’ line so as not to shatter the peace at home. As the girl started avoiding him, Telreja decided to get even with her.” Sakpal said they are questioning Telreja’s relatives to locate his whereabouts.
Man pours hot oil on girlfriend
2013-07-29Man throws hot oil on former
Man throws hot oil on former fiancée’s face Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Jul 29, 2013, 06.36 AM IST KALYAN: A man threw hot oil on a woman on Saturday evening for rejecting him. The attack occurred as Neetu Jaisinghani (21), a compounder , and her colleague were closing a clinic at Shivaji Chowk, Ulhasnagar. Neetu received severe burns on the face and hands. Oil also splashed on her colleague, Nisha Sachdev (40), but her injuries were minor. Both were taken to hospital. The attacker, Ajit Talreja (26), and Neetu, who stay with their families a kilometre apart in Ulhasnagar, became friends three years ago. Four months ago, he proposed marriage. She and her family agreed, but they found two months ago that Ajit, whose family runs a small hotel, had a "bad habit" and withdrew from their agreement to his proposal. Two weeks ago, Ajit reportedly threatened to burn Neetu with acid.
2013-07-29Hunt on for jilted lover who scalded ex-girlfriend
HUNT ON FOR JILTED LOVER WHO SCALDED EX-GIRLFRIEND’S FACE By Divyesh Singh, Mumbai Mirror | Updated: Jul 29, 2013, 11.46 AM IST The Ulhasnagar police are on the lookout for a 26-year-old man who threw boiling oil on his ex-girlfriend's face on Saturday night. The victim is being treated in an Ulhasnagar-based hospital. On Saturday night, Ajit Talreja, 26, who owns a snack shop in Ulhasnagar, threw boiling oil on the victim, a compounder with a private clinic. According to eyewitnesses, Talreja, carrying a thermos flask full of boiling oil, accosted the girl and her colleague as they were about to shut the clinic. After a heated argument, Talreja lost his temper and flung the oil on her face. Some of the oil fell on her colleague's hand. Before anybody could react, Talreja fled. Locals rushed the girl and her colleague to a hospital where doctors immediately treated to them. While the colleague was treated for minor burns on her hand, the woman suffered major superficial burns on one side of her face, but is stable. However, doctors at the hospital believe the burns have done a lot of damage. "She will have to undergo surgery once the injuries heal," said one of the doctors. "Talreja has not only damaged my daughter's face, but also her soul. He should be hanged for this crime. It will set an example for maniacs, who think they can get away," said the victim 's father. He added that since his daughter regained conscious, she had been asking for a mirror to see how badly Talreja damaged her face. "We have no answers for her and can just hold back our tears," said the father. Meanwhile, the Ulhasnagar police have booked Talreja under various sections of the Indian Penal Code such as causing grievous hurt using a dangerous weapon, criminal trespass and criminal intimidation. "We are questioning Talreja's friends and relatives inquiring his whereabouts. We have got some clues and should nab him soon," said a senior police officer from Ulhasnagar police station. Family opposed relationship Talreja, who runs a snack centre at Shivaji Chowk, knew the victim for the past three years. According to the Ulhasnagar police, Talreja asked the victim to marry him six months ago. The girl then informed her parents, who initially agreed to the alliance. However, things went downhill when the victim's sister discovered Talreja was a drug addict and alcoholic. The family then vetoed the marriage. "He had threatened to harm me if I did not marry him. A few days ago, he told a friend of mine that he would damage my face. I never imagined that he would do such a thing," said the victim.
Hunt on for jilted lover who scalded ex-girlfriend
2013-07-15Of Hingoranis, Hinduja hosp and 'half truths'
Of Hingoranis, Hinduja hosp and 'half truths' MAITRI PORECHA | Mon, 15 Jul 2013-10:54am , DNA It has been three weeks since the Ulhasnagar-based couple Mahendar and Rashmi Hingorani slapped a legal notice on Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, for gross medical negligence after Rashmi, 41, went in for a kidney stone removal surgery and ended up getting discharged with an amputated leg. In spite of multiple requests that the hospital provide them with detailed medical records from May 20 to July 2, 2011 of Rashmi’s condition, Mahendar alleged that a part of those records were not returned to them. Following a legal notice stating that the hospital would be sued for Rs5 crore by the Hingoranis, Mahendar shot another request letter to the hospital on July 9 asking for Rashmi’s electronic medical records. The request went unheeded by the hospital authorities. After sending in the first legal notice, the hospital provided the Hingoranis with 523 pages of records on June 28. But electronic data related to CT scans, ultra sonography and digital X-rays had not been given. The letter which was forwarded to Hinduja Hospital (a copy of which is with dna) states, “I have not been furnished with any of the electronic record and data pertaining to the various investigations performed upon me, including ultrasonography, Colour Doppler Studies, CT Scan, Digital X-rays etc., as also the electronic data and record of the various monitors and other gadgets which were used during the course of treatment.” Mahendar said that the hospital has not yet replied to the letter. Despite repeated attempts to contact Dr Sanjay Agarwaala, the newly-appointed medical director of Hinduja Hospital, he remained unavailable for comment. Former medical director of the hospital, Dr G Daver, was one of the six doctors from the hospital who was served a legal notice by Hingorani. The other doctors mentioned in the legal notice and involved with Rashmi’s multiple surgical procedures include Dr Sharad Sagade, consultant urologist, Dr Khusrav Bajan, consultant physician, Dr Simran Singh, consultant physician, Dr Navnit Kumar, consultant cardiologist and Dr C Balakrishnan, consultant rheumatologist.

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