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2011-05-29Man held for wife's murder
Man held for wife's murder TNN | May 29, 2011, 12.31 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: A man allegedly killed his wife by smashing her head with a stone while she was sleeping. The incident occurred in Ulhasnagar's Sanjay Gandhi Nagar on Saturday. Central police arrested Santosh Thorat (25), a labourer, and said he suspected his wife Lata (23) of having an affair. The woman was found lying in a pool of blood. The couple has two children, the police said.
2011-05-24Cops nab Pujari's key gun supplier
Crime Branch sleuths arrested Ravi Pujari's aide, Vijay Kalyani, from his home, seized four weapons Following the threat to a builder from underworld extortionist Ravi Pujari, Crime Branch sleuths nabbed his key gunrunner Vijay Dhoopsingh Kalyani (22) in a scoop on Sunday evening. The police claimed Kalyani was nabbed from his residence near Milan Subway in Santacruz. "Kalyani was working with the Pujari gang since the past 3-4 years and was in direct contact with the gangster and his other top aides. Further investigation will reveal more details," said Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy. Breakthrough: Crime Branch sleuths arrested Vijay Dhoopsingh Kalyani from his residence near Milan Subway in Santacruz on Sunday On a tip-off, the police stormed into Kalyani's house and seized a 9 mm caliber pistol. Three other weapons were recovered from associate Neil Joram Miskita's residence, who was arrested by the Thane Crime Branch in September last year. They were wedged between a cooler's insulation, which had double layers. The Crime Branch collectively has recovered four guns and 207 rounds. Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy displays the weapons seized from Kalyani's home. Pics/Roshan Sayed Miskita has been accused of helping Pujari and threatening Ulhasnagar MLA Kumar Ailani last year. He has been booked under the Arms Act, 1959, and also for extortion. According to Roy, Kalyani used to supply weapons to the gang and aid in their other operations. He would even reconnoiter with the shooters prior to an operation. During its course, he would play a watchdog's role. "His long stint in the gang made him the most reliable man for supplying weapons," said an officer of the crime branch. After the shootout, he'd collect the weapons from gang members only to repeat the crime cycle until the next contract. Apart from keeping the weapons, he even purchases them independently. Following Kalyani's arrest, the Crime Branch is keen of catching hold of those whom he might have supplied the weapons. Kalyani's arrest comes two months after the shootout at an Amboli construction site by Pujari, in which two engineers were killed. The mobster has now unleashed a fresh round of threats in the city. One of his current targets, the builder who lost the two engineers in the attack, told MiD DAY that he continues to receive threats from the underworld don. Many deem Pujari's recent overtures as a small-time hooligan's coming of age in the underworld.
Cops nab Pujari
2011-05-10Dr. Chainani confessed to the crime of selling chi
ULHASNAGAR: The Ulhasnagar police on Monday arrested one more doctor, Beena Saxena (42), in connection with the child-selling case. Last week, Dr Chitra Chainani was arrested for selling her domestic help's sixmoth-old child to a family in Vasai. During a search at Saxena's Panchshil Nagar residence , the police recovered eight pictures in which she was shown posing with children . '' We are now investigating whether the doctors were running a child-selling racket in the city,'' a police official said. The police are also on the look out for one more accused , Devanand Kamble, who used to get customers. Last Wednesday, Chainani's domestic help had approached the police claiming that her daughter Aysha was stolen by her employer. During investigation, the police learnt that Aysha was sold off to one Nandkumar Mahatre. The police reached the Mahatre residence and rescued Aysha. While questioning the Mahatres, they learnt that Dr Saxena had approached them and told them that a woman wants to sell off her child for want of money. '' Chainani confessed to the crime. She revealed that she told Saxena that there is a child for sale. When Kamble introduced the doctors to the Mahatres, they sold the child for Rs 60,000,'' Central police station sub inspector DH Badane said.
2011-05-06Sign agreement saying we're not accountable
Want the flat? Sign agreement saying we're not accountable!' 2011-05-06 Mumbai A builder's firm in Ulhasnagar is making its buyers sign agreements accepting that if the property runs into any problems, the builder will not be held responsible Consider the situation: after much toil and trouble, you finally find your cosy nook in the city. Prices seem manageable, and you ask your agent for an agreement that will finally make you proud owner of your very own dwelling. But to your dismay, you find a clause in an obscure corner of the agreement that tells you that in case the local municipal body initiates any action against the flat, the builder will neither be accountable for it, nor intervene in the matter. Scary, isn't it? Now consider further, that the flat you so want to own is located nowhere else, but in the country's illegal building capital, Ulhasnagar. Terrifying, isn't it? Troubled tower: Sai Ram Apartments in Ulhasnagar, built by the firm Shree Laxmi Enterprises In Ulhasnagar number 4, a builder's firm is asking its buyers to sign agreements with a clause saying that the firm will not be liable for any action that is taken by any municipal or government agency, once the property is handed over to the buyer. The building under question is Sai Ram Apartments in Ulhasnagar, built by the firm Shree Laxmi Enterprises. The firm claims that they have incorporated the clause in order to ensure that they are not held responsible or penalised by the authorities for alterations done to the apartment by the owners. Sachin Ahir, state housing minister, claimed that there are many buyers who are willing to enter into such deals and sign agreements with builders, in their desperation to acquire the property. "Whatever clause has been put in the agreement is between the buyer and the builder. But the builder can always be held accountable for problems cropping up, as per provisions in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA)," he said. Expertspeak According to advocate Vinod Sampat, the MOFA Act decrees that even after handing over flats to buyers, the builder is accountable for any problems that crop up. "The act holds the builders accountable for any problems cropping up in the building due to their oversight or negligence. By inserting this clause, the builders are trying to shirk responsibility," he said. The Other Side Vinod Moryani, one of the partners with the firm said, "I signed the document, but am not aware of any such clause." However, another partner, Haresh Dhanwani said, "We have inserted the clause because flat owners often make alterations to the flats, after gaining possession of the property. We do not want to be held responsible for any such changes, in case the corporation objects to these alterations." However, these specificities are not mentioned in the clause, suggesting that the builders are trying to transfer the burden of responsibility for any problems onto the owners. When Dhanwani was informed about the MOFA Act and the minister's comment, he said, "We will keep this in mind when we draw up our agreements in future. What we mean here is clear - the buyer cannot unhesitatingly make any alterations he wishes without facing the consequences."
Sign agreement saying we

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