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May-2008 News & Updates from the City of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar, Maharashtra, India. Ulhasnagar City News indexed across timeline for easy retrieval.

2008-05-30Ulhasnagar civic body chief booked for theft
Ulhasnagar central police on Monday registered a case of theft against Ulhasnagar municipal commissioner Sameer Unhale and six other senior officers. In his complaint, Hardas Tharwani alleged that acting on Unhale’s orders, Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) officers took away banners, placards, and a tent collectively worth Rs66,000. He said that the tent was put up on private land and not on UMC premises. In April, Tharwani had staged a solo protest against UMC officials alleging that they were involved in corrupt practicesand lodged a complaint at Ulhasnagar central police station. “A case has been registered against the UMC officials,” said deputy commissioner of police Sanjay Enpure. Unhale, however said, “Tharwani’s act was politically motivated. We did what was stated in the code of conduct.”
2008-05-25Ulhasnagar jewellers targeted in two incidents
Cops from the Ulhasnagar police station foiled a dacoity bid at a jewellery store at Shahad phatak in Ulhasnagar-1 on Tuesday, May 19. Three men who were trying to loot Vaishnavi jewellery store in the area were nabbed by the police who were acting on a tip-off by a source. The police nabbed Kishore Pawar, Aditya Tandulkar, and Sidram Mahadu Kale from the area and recovered some arms from their person at around 8.45 pm. According to constable Sonawane from Ulhasnagar police station, the men were possible rookies and the police were further investigating the situation. At the time of going to the press, the three men were remanded to police custody and the police had slapped an offense under Sec 399, 402, 37, and 135 of the IPC against the men. In another freak incident, the owner of a jewellery unit in Ulhasnagar had to cut short his honeymoon trip after he learnt that one of his employees had made good with gold from his unit. Yogesh Ghanshani (26), owner of Yogesh Gold, a jewellery unit in Ulhasnagar had to return home after his servant of 15- years allegedly decamped with 500 gm of gold worth Rs 6 lakh from his unit. The cops from Ulhasnagar police station registered a case of theft and after taking the statements of all the employees deduced that the servant was behind the crime. The police are further investigating the case.
2008-05-24Duplicate electronic goods seized
In a breakthrough of sorts the Vithalwadi police raided an electronic shop and confiscated machineries worth Rs 50 lakh including a screen printing unit, duplicate musters and other machineries from the premises recently. Branded electronic merchandise worth Rs 3 lakh was also recovered during the raid. Acting on complaints, the police raided a company named S K Electronics, situated in Mahadev Nagar and seized duplicate electronic goods bearing resemblance to products of reputed companies. The seized materials included tube lights, chokes and starters that were allegedly sold with the company's logo inscribed on it. "An NGO informed the police about such duplicate electronic goods at the local SK Electronics and consequently we raided the spot and managed to seize replicas of the company goods. To our surprise, we also found duplicate electronic merchandise of other branded companies," informed PI Shankar Kengaar of the Vithalwadi police station. Consequent to the raid, the police sealed the company premises and arrested Kailash Asrani, owner of the company under the copyright act. At the time of going to the press, the cops were closely following the case and also interrogating the accused to get more information about those involved in the offense.
2008-05-24Ready for the rains?
Considered to be one of the biggest sources of problems for the neighbouring areas of Shanti Nagar and Meenatai Thackeray Nagar in Ulhasnagar, the unclean Waldhuni nallah poses chances of inundation this year also. As seen in the picture, the flow of the water is completely choked with plastic and other solid waste. Plastic and other waste have blocked the flow of water in Waldhuni nallah With the flow of water completely stopped because of the waste material dumped into it, the nallah threatens to create more problems for the nearby residents. Badlapur station- West Problem The road parallel to the railway tracks near the railway station on the east suffers from flooding every year. The station road that is on a low level sees water logging mainly near the tracks. The shops along the road parallel to the railway tracks gets inundated with water because of unclean nallahs Residents complain that the small drains and the nallah running along the tracks are often clogged with plastic waste blocking the free passage of water. "Every year during heavy showers, the area gets inundated and the authorities have the same excuse," complains a local resident. Solution The nallah needs to be cleaned at the earliest. Prakash Borse, CEO of KBMC agreed that the spot was affected and also assured that they would clean the drain before the coming monsoons. Solshe market Problem The mukhya (main) nallah running along the city roads of Badlapur badly needs to be cleaned near the culverts below Badlapur station. Along with several areas, areas around the main nallah like Solshe market near ST stand in Badlapur West see water logging. The debris and mud waste will prove to be harmful for the flow of water in this main nallah of Badlapur Presently, though the nallah seems to be largely free of any solid or plastic waste, the debris left over from some construction work within the flow of the nallah is complicating the situation. "Every year, water from the nallah inundates our shops and we suffer heavy losses. The authorities must do something to tackle the situation," says a local shop-owner. Solution: "The nallah will be cleaned at the earliest and I'm not aware of any such situation of debris lying in the flow of the nallah. However, I will get the flow cleared before the monsoons," assured Borse.
Ready for the rains?
2008-05-17SDO officers nabbed for accepting bribe
In a shocking incident, officials from the Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) in Ulhasnagar were arrested by the Anti-Corruption department for demanding and accepting bribe for providing information under the RTI. The ACB arrested officer Raosaheb Govind Bhalerao (57) and Ramchandra Dhaklu Gavit (46), a senior clerk red-handed while accepting the bribe. According to sources, Gulshan Sachdev (38), a resident requested details of plot number 619 in Ulhasnagar-2 under the RTI to the SDO office on February 2. He also sent a reminder on April 21 to the concerned officer requesting them for the information. However when Sachdev visited the office, the officers demanded Rs 5000 bribe from him for providing him the information. When he coughed up the money, the officers gave him photo copies of the 42 pages of information, but the pages weren't attested as is the procedure. When he realised the situation, Sachdev demanded the attested pages, but the officers allegedly demanded Rs 12,000 for sourcing the same. When he refused, Sachdev was asked to file a request again and he accordingly filed another request on April 21. As the officers weren't cooperating, he again sent a reminder again on May 2 and when he approached them on May 6, the officers asked for the money again. This time however, Sachdev acceded to their demands and informed them that he would bring them the money if they showed him the attested papers. When they showed him the same, he promised to return the next day with the cash. In the interim, Sachdev informed the ACB about the situation and on their advice, he returned the next day with marked notes and five officers from the department as witnesses. The ACB team led by PI S D Chavan laid a trap and as soon as the officers accepted the money, the officers swooped down on the duo . "The complainant informed us that the officers had asked for money to provide information under the RTI. Accordingly we laid a trap and arrested them when they were accepting the money," informed DySP Dattatray Datar of ACB, Thane.
SDO officers nabbed for accepting bribe
2008-05-17Two UMC members selected in Metropolitian Planning
The civic bodies from the suburbs got a decent representation with seven seats in the elections for the Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) of the MMRDA. Two corporators from Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation (BNCMC), two corporators from Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporators (UMC) and three from Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) have been elected to the MPC. The polls were held last week and results declared on May 9. The two BNCMC corporators won a seat include Mayor Javed Dalvi, and Santosh Shetty (Congress). Ansar Ali, the third corporator, withdrew his nomination at the last moment thereby allowing the duo to get elected without much problem. Two members selected from the UMC are Dhananjay Bodare (Sena) and Raju Jagiasi (NCP) while J Idnani (Lok Bharati) lost the seat. Similarly, three corporators from KDMC also won the elections to become a part of the 30-member committee. Corporators Sachin Walsre, Ravi Patil and Mukund Desai were amongt the six candidates from KDMC. Corporators Nilima Patil and Milind Patil withdrew their nomination to facilitate the appointment of Ravi Patil, while Congress corporator Santosh Keni also withdrew his nomination at the last moment. MMRDA has been undertaking a series of developmental projects for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region at the behest of the state government. The MMR includes the towns of Bhiwandi and Kalyan-Dombivli apart from Ulhasnagar, Ambernath and Badlapur along with Thane. However, there were allegations that MMRDA was concentrating more on the development of Mumbai and Thane and the remaining civic bodies used to get very little share of developmental funds. Due to this, the state had been under pressure to form a committee of corporators from the civic bodies under MMR. The committee was supposed to run the developmental affairs of the MMRDA autonomously. The state decided to form the 30-member MPC for the purpose of which 26 members were to be elected from various civic bodies under the MMR while two were to be elected from the Thane Zilla Parishad. The remaining two members are to be nominated to the committee by the state government. (Inputs by Sudesh Malvankar)
2008-05-13BJP defeats NCP, wins Deputy Mayor’s seat in Ulhas
In the second victory for the saffron alliance after its win in Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) mayoral elections last week, the BJP bagged Deputy Mayor’s seat in the the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation. In the deputy mayor elections, the contest was between BJP’s Kumar Aliyani and NCP’s Anil Ailani in the 76-member UMC. Kumar bagged 58 votes while Anil could only garner support of 12 NCP corporators. Kumar, who owns a water park in Lonavla also had contested Assembly elections against Pappu Kalani on a BJP ticket. Interestingly, six Congress and five Republican Party of India corporators also voted for the BJP’s candidate. Division was clearly visible within the NCP as out of 15 corporators only 11 voted for Anil — two did not turn up for voting while other two turned up late. Two corporators of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena abstained from voting. Ulhasnagar had witnessed elections in January last year when the Kalanis were dethroned from theUMC. The Gangajal Front (Lokbharti Party) also emerged victorious along with the BJP and the Shiv Sena. Leelabai Ashan from the Gangajal Front was elected as the Mayor while Ramesh Chavab of the Shiv Sena was elected as the Deputy Mayor. There was a coalition agreement that the post of Deputy Mayor would be given to the Shiv Sena for a year and three months after which BJP’s candidate would take over the charge. The victory has given a shot in the arm to the ailing BJP in the state and also to the saffron alliance that has fielded its candidate Anand Paranjpe in the LS by-elections in Thane.
2008-05-10Quack nabbed by Ulhasnagar cops
The Ulhasnagar police arrested a man practicing medicine from camp no-2 in the city. The culprit identified as Gopal Tejumal Vazirani was arrested from a structure in the city from where he was operating. According to information received from police sources, Vazirani, a resident of Ulhasnagar, used to pose as an Ayurvedic doctor and practice in the slum area of the city. The police informed that the culprit was running the dispensary from last 15 years. Vazirani, initially used to assist his brother, who is a practicing Ayurvedic doctor. Consequent to the completion of his studies, he started his own dispensary. However, his con was exposed when his patients registered a complaint with the local police. Some of his patients got doubtful of his credentials and they requested the police to enquire about him. Soon the police landed up with startling facts. The fact that he was not an actual doctor was confirmed when he failed to produce any certificates and it was found that his name was not registered with the Maharashtra Medical council. It should be noted that it is mandatory for a doctor to register his name with the respective state's medical council. "Some of his patients came to us with complaints about him and requested us to investigate the credentials of the doctor. When we interrogated him we found out that he had a certificate issued by Bihar Yunani Chikitsa Parishad. However, we are further investigating the authenticity of the certificate and looking into whether he has any cases registered against him," informed PSI R D Bhawar of Ulhasnagar police station. At the time of going to the press, Vazirani was booked under Section 33 and 36 of Maharashtra Medical Practitioner Act, 1961.
2008-05-10UMC: Main hoon na!
Next time you visit the bustling Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) for some civic work, chances are that you will find the clerks friendlier and more positive. The reason behind this startling change is 'Main Hoon Na,' a recently introduced training programme for the 3,000 plus employees of UMC. The programme, brainchild of the UMC commissioner Sameer Unhale aims to sensitize the employees to the needs of the public in their day-to-day life and deliver fast and efficient services to them. Along with bringing about reforms in the civic administration, the programme also intends to sharpen the employee's social skills and improve their emotional intelligence and time management skills. The programme launched in September 2007 was divided into several batches and each batch had two members from each department. Every batch had maximum 30 members, right from the lower rung to the level of Head-of-Departments. All the employees from the 19 departments of UMC participated in the programme, which will now be an ongoing year-long programme. This programme was scheduled to be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The UMC hired a Pune based professional agency, Indira Research and Development Centre as consultants and also invited professionals from various fields. "The emphasis is on civic administration, quality and project management, and e-governance. Besides, training on the latest equipments and technology would also be given by the experts. Innovation and motivation are key elements of the public administration and we at UMC want to bring about a change in the way civic bodies interact with the common public," says Unhale. Adds Mukesh Ailani, executive engineer, electricity department, also the programme coordinator, "The main aim of this programme was to promote a sense of involvement, motivation and empathy among the UMC employees. We were also looking towards capacity- building of the employees who would render timely and error-free services to the citizens. We are hopeful that this will also improve the quality of the services and new techniques of municipal management will develop. The very title 'Main Hoon Na' shows the commitment of the employees for the common man and a willingness to address the public grievances," says Ailani. An application has been sent to Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) for giving funds to this programme that can be shared with adjoining corporations and councils.
UMC: Main hoon na!

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