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2008-04-27Cops bust gang of highway robbers
The Ulhasnagar police recently busted the gang of highway robbers from Ulhasnagar. The gangs, police suspect have been involved in several such robberies and were wanted in several cases in the suburban police stations. The gang was busted when on April 18, four muggers robbed the driver of a dumper and its cleaner of Rs 40,000 while they were on their way to fill sand from Belapur via Taloja MIDC Road. As they were approaching Belapur, four men in a Maruti Van (MH06 AN 3610) overtook the vehicle and attacked Jamir Shaikh (38), the driver of the dumper and the cleaner and escaped with the booty. Later, when the driver lodged a complaint with the Ulhasnagar police and depending upon the description given the driver and the cleaner, the cops started the manhunt. Acting on a tip-off, the cops arrested all the four accused and recovered Rs 2.9 lakh from their possession. The robbers were identified as Narayan Dopri (33), Subhash Patil (32), Mahesh Chaudhary (27), Dharma Chaudhary (25) and Lakshman Pardhi (25). At the time of going to the press, a case was registered against the five accused under Section 395, 394 and 341 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).
Cops bust gang of highway robbers
2008-04-26Dacoity bid foiled in Ulhasnagar
In a crackdown on dacoits operating in the suburbs, the sleuths from the Ulhasnagar crime branch arrested three members of the 'Talwar gang'. The cops swooped down on the gang when it was planning a major burglary at a cable company at Varap village in Ulhasnagar camp no-1. The three members of the Talwar gang are now in the custody of the Ulhasnagar police According to the information received from the crime branch officials, the seven-member gang were planning to rob the cable company. It should be noted that the Talwar gang is active in the cities of Dombivli, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Ambernath and many cases are registered against the members at various police stations. The members were hiding behind an electricity transformer in the Gulshan Nagar vicinity, when the crime branch officials nabbed them. The police team managed to overpower the gang after they put up some resistance. The police finally managed to arrest only three culprits, while four of the accused managed to flee from the spot in the ensuing melee. "We were tipped off by our source about the whereabouts of the gang and we managed to nab three of them. However we have started a search for the accused and are confident of nabbing them soon," informed J D More, senior PI with the Ulhasnagar police station. The arrested members have been identified as Taufiq Sikander Maniyar (19), Sonu Lalsingh Fariyar (19), and Shahabuddin Salim Sheikh (19), whereas Sohail, Shabbir, Bashir and Ramzan are reported to be absconding. At the time of going to the press, the culprits were booked under 399, 402, Arm acts and BP act 37 (1) 135 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and granted police custody.
Dacoity bid foiled in Ulhasnagar
2008-04-20Passengers demand commuter-friendly renovation at
The Central Railway is renovating the Ulhasnagar railway station. However commuters say that this renovation is going to be of no use as they are working without any development plan. The Central Railway (CR) is spending Rs 25 lakh on the renovation work. Railway commuters have been requesting the authorities to consider the demands of the passengers during the renovation process The work at the station started four months back and is still continuing. Resultantly the commuters have to face troubles because of several hurdles at the entrance area of the station. Ulhasnagar is one of the busiest stations on the Karjat - Kalyan route of the CR and currently witnesses more than 75,000 commuters daily. The station generates monthly revenue of Rs 2 crore. Initially the station premise was in ramshackle condition and the railways constructed a bigger structure in 1995. During 13 years of its existence, the CR spent approximately Rs 15 lakh on its repair work and in the present year, they are planning to spend Rs 25 lakh without any proper plan. Ganesh Patil, a regular railway commuter and an architect by profession informs, "It seems that the work is going on without any proper planning just as it was when it was constructed 10 years back. If the construction work was done with proper planning, then there would have been no need of the ongoing renovation work for the next 25 years. However renovating the premise within 13 years of its construction is not a good sign," he says. Shitaldas Harchandani, president of the Ulhasnagar passengers' association laments, "We were in constant contact with the CR authorities from the last many years for its development. However when we enquired about the development plan, the in-charge for the project was unable to give satisfactory replies. " Harchandani claims that since the development work is going on without any proper planning, the association is all set to file a PIL against the railways.Regular railway commuters using the Ulhasnagar railway station say that along with the basic structure, the railways should also work on the amenities provided within the station premises. "Several of the coupons validating machines are not working and one booking window on the West side is also usually closed. Moreover the commuters waiting for trains are harassed by beggars and stray dogs. The railways must also address these problems," complains a commuter. When contacted, the CR authorities tried to dodge the question of the poor planning of the station premises. A H Yethe, senior section engineer (Vithalwadi - Karjat) informed, "The CR had planned several development and beautification projects for the suburban railway stations. We recently completed the work at Ambernath station and have started the work at Ulhasnagar," he said. However when enquired about the pathetic condition of the station in 13 years he replied, "There was a problem in the basic structure of the station and therefore we are working on strengthening the foundation," he said. While speaking over these problems, a railway official said that the railway was planning to add five more booking windows in addition to the existing four.
Passengers demand commuter-friendly renovation at
2008-04-18Infant swallows mother's earring
Playfulness turned to panic in the home of Ulhasnagar couple Ashmita and Yogesh Kamble after their one-year-old daughter Shreshta accidentally swallowed her mother’s silver earring on Tuesday. The family was sent on a whirlwind tour of hospitals and finally received help at Wadia Hospital for Children in Parel. Doctors who operated upon her on Wednesday feel the incident can serve as a wake-up call to other parents to keep tiny objects such as peanuts, coins and toys out of the range of children. The ear-ring lodged itself in Shreshta’s right lung and had to be removed through a surgery. Ashmita says she returned home on Tuesday and took off her ear-rings by habit and was playing with Shreshta. She realised that Shreshta had probably popped the ear-ring in her mouth, when she noticed that only one ear-ring was in her hand. "I asked her to open her mouth, but she probably got scared and swallowed it," says Ashmita who has stopped wearing ear-rings since the incident. Yogesh, who works as a gym trainer was away at work, and an alarmed Ashmita rushed the child to a nearby nursing home. "We thought it was lodged in her throat because her cries made different sounds," said Yogesh, who also rushed to the hospital. While an x-ray showed that the ear-ring had reached her lungs, the bronchoscope (telescopic tube inserted through the throat) that doctors there had could only reach her throat. She was taken to another centre which faced the same problem of a small bronchoscope. The family was referred to the Wadia Hospital at Parel where Shreshta was rushed in for an emergency operation. "We performed a telescopic bronchoscopy, in which the instrument was inserted through her throat and the ear-ring carefully removed," said ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeon Dr Divya Prabhat who said the child was all set to return home. "Parents should keep toys with small parts away from children. In fact in the European Union, the government bans all toys with parts which are smaller than the windpipe of children," he added. A freak accident, Shreshta’s isn’t an isolated incident in medical corridors. "We often get cases where children have swallowed coins, toy whistles or chanas. Vegetable foreign bodies such as chana or tamarind are the most worrying as they swell up and the tissues too swell up," said ENT surgeon from Hinduja Hospital and emeritus professor at KEM Hospital Dr Milind Kirtane, adding that severe bouts of coughing are the best tell-tale sign. Meanwhile, the Kamble’s can’t wait to take Shreshta home. "Yogesh has preserved the ear-ring. He can show Shrestha, her mother’s first mistake, when she grows up," says a relieved Ashmita.
2008-04-12Civic Complaint registration now just a phone call
It’s good news for the residents of Ulhasnagar. In an effort to solve the citizen's grievances related to registering civic issues, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation has inaugurated its own round the clock call centre. The service was formally inaugurated on April 7 by Mayor Leelabai Ashan. The UMC already has the Citizen Facilitation Center (CFC) since 2005 wherein complaints related to civic issues could be registered during the corporation's working hours and it would be impossible for the residents to complain on weekends or public holidays. The UMC claims that residents will be convenienced and several civic issues will now be addressed promptly The authorities claim that the call centre service would provide error free service to the residents. The UMC has outsourced the facility and has also trained its staff to handle such complaints. All the complaints registered through the service would be directed to the specially deputed UMC staff who would delegate the issue to the concerned department. They will also up-date the status of the complaints and issue with the call centre. The focus of the service is also to solve the civic issues within a specified time frame. The Corporation has appointed two officers who will closely monitor the issue and ensure that the problem is solved within the stipulated time frame. The officers would be responsible to follow-up with the concerned officials over solving a particular complaint. "In today's complex civic management scenario, the citizens are alert and demanding, and we are trying our level best to provide them with timely and error free services. This service would definitely ensure transparency in the corporation's working style and also would monitor our officers and employee's responses to civic problems," informed Sameer Unhale, UMC commissioner. Residents also responded saying that with the launch of the call centre, they would be able to register their complaints over the phone and that too without coming to the CFC. Citizens can dial 9522- 26707320 to register their civic problems. Dial 9522- 26707320 to register civic related complaints The time frame for complaint redressals (in days) Delay in issuing birth or death certificate 7 Complaints about bogus doctors 7 Dustbins not cleared properly 7 Placing of a dustbin 15 Roads not cleared properly 15 Covering open manholes 7 Maintenance of gardens and playgrounds 7 Filling-up of potholes 7 Speed breakers 15
Civic Complaint registration now just a phone call
2008-04-12Two from Ulhasnagar killed in road mishap
Two residents of Ulhasnagar were killed in a road mishap when the vehicle in which they were travelling met with an accident near Malegaon, in the early hours of Tuesday, April 8. Raju Bhide, 30, and his three-year-old son Ganesh were part of a marriage party that was proceeding for the wedding ceremony at the nearby Shirpur village when the mishap occurred. According to the Malegaon rural police, the Tata Sumo van (MH-15-K-2593) in which they were travelling skidded off the road and plunged into a well killing four people, including two infants, and injuring 12 others.
2008-04-06Generations unite over Cheti Chand
Cheti Chand, the new year of the Sindhis is celebrated with great ado by all the generations. While the fest is revisited by the seniors of the business family in a mixed mode of memory and longings, the young generation has also accepted the festival and celebrate it with equal fanfare. The Chhoda family from Ulhasnagar is upbeat about soaking in the Cheti Chand mood "Cheti Chand was celebrated in a solemn and simple way in our times. The kids always felt excited by this festival," recalls B Chhoda (80), the patriarch about the celebrations during his heydays in his hometown in Pakistan. “The prayers were simple but spoken from the heart. The devotees would seek the blessings of the god who always seemed to be listening to our prayers," says his wife Hiral Bai (70). Speaking of the festive mood, the second generation represented by Ramesh Lal says, "Things have changed drastically and the festival is no longer simple and pure. The money culture has changed the tone of the celebrations here. Now, though we welcome the New Year in an ostentatious manner, I feel the earlier spirit is missing," he concurs. Interestingly, for the next generation, Cheti is all about celebrating the myriad culture of the Sindhis. "I feel that the festival brings the community together who bond over the meals and prayers. However, the missing elements of devotion and love should be restored to the fest by all of us to make it a really meaningful act of faith," says Shankar Lal, the third generation of the family. Echo Mukti and her husband Kailash, "Cheti Chand is the only festival when the entire community comes together and celebrates the festive mood. There might be some changes in the observation of the rituals but the other norms of the festival celebrations still remain the same. Worshipping in the temple and offering prasad of the chanas (grams), eating of the kesari rice and the palak-daal is still the same." All the generations echo that the Cheti brings them on a common platform. “Truly, Cheti, the festival of celebrations unites the generations in a common ritual of remembrances,” says the family echoing the sentiments of their SIndhi brethren.
Generations unite over Cheti Chand
2008-04-05MIDC water tank overflows in Unr; inundates houses
It was nothing less than a deluge for the residents of local Kamala Nehru nagar at Ulhasnagar on the mid night of last Tuesday. Several hutments of the residents in the Kamala Nehru Nagar that is situated near Dhobi Ghat were inundated with water due to an overflow of the MIDC water tank located nearby. More than 15 families in the vicinity were stunned to see severe water logging in their houses during midnight. "We were fast asleep and heard some strange voices and were totally stunned to see this sudden water rushing in our houses," says Aarti Jha, one of the residents. The families incurred heavy losses of property especially electronic gadgets after their houses were inundated after water from the nearby tank flowed into their houses. Raman Pandey, another resident informed, "The water rose to approximately six feet above the ground and due to this we had to incur heavy losses of our electrical appliances," he said. Moreover as the tank is located on a height, the damage done was great. Of the 15 houses, the walls of the two were almost destroyed because of the water force. The residents allege that the incident took place due to alleged negligence by the MIDC staff. The MIDC tank, constructed nearly ten years ago holds around 13.5 lakh liters water. "The incident must have happened due to carelessness of the staff members who might have neglected their responsibilities," alleged Shiv Shankar Jha, a local resident. The UMC squarely denied having any connection with the incident. "This is the lookout of the MIDC. But since the vicinity comes under the UMC jurisdiction, we also would try to compensate them," said Sameer Unhale, commissioner with the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC). When contacted, the authorities said that the chances of getting compensation incurred by the residents were bleak. "As the losses were not caused by any natural calamity, but due to a man made mistake there is little chance of compensation. However, we will send the request to the collector's office," informed Anjali Bhonsle, local tehsildar who visited the vicinity after the incident. However the residents are lamenting over the losses and are asking that the matter be investigated properly and the guilty booked for negligience.
2008-04-05Cheti Chand Shopping: Shopping fiesta in the subur
Now's the time to go shopping as Cheti Chand is round the corner. Cheti Chand is the New Year of Sindhis and they also ceelbrate the birthday of Lord Jhulelal on the same day. For them, it is the time to meet friends, to make merry and to shop. Considered as one of the most auspicious occasions to bring new things home, Sindhis prefer to go shopping and buy new things for this day. Bhagchand Lassi, a businessman informs, "It is a very auspicious occasion for Sindhis. Hence people prefer purchasing new furniture, new clothes, new electronic items and sweets. Jaiveta and Dr Narendra Punjwani, residents of Ulhasnagar adds, "This year we plan to purchase the traditional attire from the shopping centre at Japani bazaar market for some readymade garments. We are also planning to shop for some trendy lehenga-kurta this time at the outlets." Among the shopping list, the saree and other ladies wear finds a prominent place. Simultaneously, markets are also ready to tackle the hordes of festive shoppers. Shyam Tarwani, a saree shop owner at Cheeru chowk, says, "No doubt, as Cheti chand nears, the number of shoppers increase. Women start purchasing sarees for the traditional puja and mata ki jyot at the shops. There are heavy sales during the week." Vinita Khatwani, (32) a resident of Ulhasnagar, is looking forward to Cheti Chand as they had been hosting and attending parties on this occasion. She says, "As it is our new year, we Sindhis prefer to wear new clothes and shop for this big day. This time, Gudi Padwa and Cheti Chand is falling on the same day, so the markets are packed with shoppers. I have already prepared my shopping list for the day." Along with shopping for garments, suburbanite Sindhis also make it a point to savour the delicacies prepared during the festivals. Kanchan Chetwani, a teacher at New Era School, Ulhasnagar, is all geared up for the tiring but enjoyable shopping sessions and is also looking to savour the Sindhi goodies at the different mela venues in Ulhasnagar. "Amazing melas are scheduled at the Hari kirtan darbar, the Jhulelal temple, and the Chalia mandir in Ulhasnagar.” Meghna Sahajwala, 28, a young mother of two, has more plans for her kids than herself. She says, "Earlier shopping used to be necessary before the festival days. Nowadays people shop as per their convenience, when and where they feel like. Still, I am sure this year I will purchase some gold jewellery and something special for my kids." So on this happy shopping note, Happy Cheti Chand to all. All about Cheti Chand Cheti Chand, is the Sindhi New Year Day and falls on the same day as Gudi Padwa. The day is also celebrated as the birthday of the water god Sai Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal. Cheti Chand is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month known as Chet in Sindhi. The day is considered auspicious and is celebrated with delight and ecstasy. The legend goes that Jhulelal, the patron saint of the Sindhis was born with the sole motto of protecting Sindhis from Mirkhshah, the orthodox king of Sindh. The king used to force the Sindhis to convert their religion. Hence, the Sindhis started offering worship on the banks of Sindhu River for over 40 days. The answer to their prayers was the birth of Jhulelal, who protected his devotees from Mirkhsingh. The Sindhis also celebrate Cheti Chand as a thanksgiving to their deity.
Cheti Chand Shopping: Shopping fiesta in the subur
2008-04-05Cheti Celebrations in the suburbs
Chalia Saheb temple Ulhasnagar camp number 5 The Chalia Saheb temple witnesses lakhs of devotees every year on Cheti Chand. The temple developed around the military pond in Ulhasnagar was constructed nearly 20 years back. The jyot (sacred fire) of the temple is brought from one of the Jhulelal temples of Sindh, one of the states of Pakistan. The trustees claim that since then, the flame is continuously burning and many temples in Ulhasnagar have acquired the flame from here. Kishan Mulchandani, one of the trustees says, "Initially, a small hut was built around the military pond to celebrate Cheti Chand. However, after 20 years it was developed into a spacious temple." On Cheti chand, devotees offer 'akho', a pinch of rice mixed with milk and flour to the jyot. Jhulelal temple Ulhasnagar camp number 2 Cheti chand is also commemorated in the Jhulelal temple with bhajan and satsang session. The temple organises eye-operation camps and cultural programs like Chhej, Sindhi folk dance and music are performed in the temple. After the ceremony, the traditional offering is distributed to devotees that are followed by a procession of the Bahirana Sahib. The temple also witnesses celebration of Chaliho Sahab that is celebrated every year for forty days. Cheti Chand Shobha Yatra For the first time in Ulhasnagar, a 'Shobha Yatra' has been organized on the eve of Cheti Chand. The procession would start from the Jhulelal temple in camp number 2 and end at the Chalia temple in camp number 5. “A cultural event will also be organized and participants have been requested to wear cultural dresses of different states to spread the message of one India," informs N Ramesh, one of the organizers. Cultural programs have also been organized at local Town hall for Cheti Chand.
2008-04-04Women should be self-reliant
Noted social activist Sindhutai Sapkal (60) was in the suburbs recently to attend a programme organised by the UMC. Sakpal, well-known for adopting 1,042 destitute children spoke at length about the crisis in her life and trysts with social service. Sapkal better known as 'Mai', adopted several children to provide them with a better lifestyle. Sapkal, originally from Akola narrated her experiences to an assembly of women and urged them to be self-reliant and also encouraged them to be educated and empowered in life. “I have suffered a lot because of my illiteracy and have faced several upheavals in life. Several of my personal experiences encouraged me to take up social service on a large scale and help others who were in distress. Till date I have adopted 1,042 children and over 182 men and 136 married women in distress who stay in my Sanmati Bal Niketan Ashram. I have also discouraged several children from resorting to begging and have also rehabilitated them,” she says. The crusader has been presented with 72 prestigious awards for her works.
Women should be self-reliant

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