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2011-03-31Indias win is a treat for Central suburbs
India's win is a treat for Central suburbs 2011-03-31 Mumbai Residents to receive free milk, tonga rides, courtesy dairy owners and corporators AMONG the billion prayers sent up to the heavens for a Team India victory yesterday, those of the residents of the city's central suburbs must have been the loudest tinged, as they were, with more direct self-interest. For, a host of freebies from milk to tonga rides awaited the residents if India won, which it did."We will distribute more than 600 litres of milk, free of charge, to residents of Doodh Naka in Kalyan from 11 am on Thursday," said Mohammad Ghulam Nabi Fareed, working president of a dairy owners' committee, who had promised to do so if India beat Pakistan. Kalyan residents will also be able to avail of free tonga rides today thanks to Bal Hardas, corporator, Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation. He had distributed coupons two days before the Indo-Pak clash, valid for free rides only if India won. Ulhasnagar residents, meanwhile, enjoyed a grand bash while the match was on. Amar Jethani, owner of Sapna theatre in the area, had distributed free passes for a screening of the match there. More than 500 people were invited and cheerleaders were also present to enliven the atmosphere. "I had also distributed free audio CDs a day before the match. This is the least I can do for my country. It was great to cheer for India together," said Jethani. He added that a cocktail soiree was also organised after Team India's victory for the VIPs present at the screening.
Indias win is a treat for Central suburbs
2011-03-24Thane ACB nabs sub-inspector
Thane ACB nabs sub-inspector TNN | Mar 24, 2011, 12.09 AM IST KALYAN: The Thane anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on Wednesday nabbed a police sub-inspector 10 days after he had allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 1 lakh from an Ulhasnagar activist, despite being on leave. The sub-inspector, K P Kengle, from the Bazarpeth police station, had also filed a false case against him. ACB officials produced Kengle in the Kalyan court, which remanded him to police custody till March 28.
2011-03-22Corporator, four others attack couple
Corporator, four others attack couple Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Mar 22, 2011, 06.00 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: A 40-year-old man and his wife were allegedly attacked by four men, including a Congress corporator, in Ulhasnagar on Sunday night. The victim, Raja Basita, was beaten up while his wife, Bharti, was stabbed. Bharati has been admitted to Central Hospital for treatment. The Central police registered a case against Congress corporator Tulsi Basita and three of his relatives, Surjya, Sunny and Jitu. While three have been nabbed, Tulsi, who also holds the post of group leader in Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, has been missing since the incident. On Sunday evening, Raja intervened in a fight in which Jitu was involved. Enraged, Jitu started beating Raja and then followed him home with his uncle, Tulsi, and other relatives in tow. The group beat up Raja and his wife. According to Suraj Mulani, investigator from Central Police station, "They beat Raja up and stabbed Bharti with a sharp instrument. Bharti had to be rushed to Central Hospital where she is being treated for her injuries." The police produced the accused in Ulhasnagar court on Monday. They have been remanded in police custody. A 40- year-old man and her wife were allegedly attacked by four men, including a Congress corporator, in Ulhasnagar on Sunday night. The injured person and his wife were identified as Raja Basita and Bharti Basita. Bharti who suffered severe injuries in the incident is admitted to Central Hospital for treatment. The Central Police has registered case against Congress corporator Tulsi Basita and his three relatives who are identified as Surjya Basita, Sunny Basita and Jitu Basita. Out of four accused, police have managed to nab three accused while corporator Tulsi Basita is absconding after the incident. According to investigators, on Sunday evening when corporator's nephew Jitu was fighting with area based youth, during that time complainer Raja who resides in same vicinity came in to intervene. Angry over Raja who tried to interfere in matter Jitu started beating him up.In the meanwhile Raja then managed to run away from spot but Jitu later followed him at his residence where he later called his corporator uncle Tulsi Basita and other relatives , who later rushed to the spot with iron rod, sticks and sharp weapon to beaten up Raja. According to Suraj Mulani, investigator from Central Police station, "It was around 10 pm when Raja was at his residence when Tulsi alongwith other three entered at his residence and started beaten up Raja and her wife who had come to rescue him". In this incident accused stabbed Bharti with sharp weapon, she was later rushed to the Hospital for treatment. Absconding Tulsi Basita is also holding post of group leader in Ulhasnagar Municiapl corporation. The police on Monday produced accused in Ulhasnagar court, where they remanded in to police custody.
2011-03-1511-year-old Commits Suicide after Mother Discovers her Friendship - Daijiworld.com
11-year-old Commits Suicide after Mother Discovers her Friendship Mar 15 2011 01:17:38 PM Mumbai, Mar 15 (Mumbai Mirror): An 11-year-old student of Holy Family School in Ulhasnagar committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon after her mother had read her diaries in which she had written about her friendship with a classmate. Enraged, her mother had gone to school on Tuesday morning to complain to the authorities. When she returned home at 1.30 pm, she found her daughter hanging from the ceiling fan in her room, still in her school uniform. The police have registered a case of accidental death, saying they would record the statements of the parents after the funeral. Sayoni Chatterjee, who studied in standard VI, was friendly with a boy in her class and the two used to regularly exchange letters. Sayoni Chatterjee, 11, exchanged this last note with her classmate at Holy Family Convent School on Monday morning. She apologises to him about her mother finding out about their relationship. He writes back, “Now ur mother will tell to teacher.” She scribbles an emphatic ‘No.’ But later that morning Sayoni’s concerned mother landed at school demanding to see the principal which upset her greatly In a note she wrote to her classmate on Tuesday morning, at around the same time Shampa Chatterjee was waiting to meet the principal, Sayoni wrote a note to her classmate saying her mother had gone through her shelf the previous evening and found her diary. “Having already confronted Sayoni, the mother came to meet the principal in the afternoon to discuss the matter,” a school official said on condition of anonymity. “On seeing her mother in school, Sayoni was visibly upset and tried persuading her to not talk to the principal.” Since the principal, Sister Blossom, was busy at the time, Shampa met Sayoni’s class teacher, who promised to counsel both the children and asked Shampa to return the next morning. “The mother, however, insisted on meeting the principal right then and all this time, Sayoni, was standing by her side pleading with her mother to let the matter be,” said the official. While the mother waited for the principal, Sayoni left school. And by the time, the mother got home, without having spoken to the principal, Sayoni was already dead. In the letter to her classmate, Sayoni wrote, “Yesterday I had gone to my aunt’s house. My mother and sister were at home. I had gone with my father. When I was not there she (mother) opened my shelf and read my personal diary. In this diary every one and all things are wrote.” When Mumbai Mirror contacted the school’s principal, she confirmed that the child’s mother had come to school with the problem for the first time. “As I was busy with HSC and SSC exams I asked her to come the next day. Sayoni Chatterjee’s father Subhash Chatterjee (right) says he can’t believe that she would kill herself In such cases, we counsel the children and then counsel the parents. In this case, however, even before we could act, this unfortunate incident took place. Probably the child was scared of being humiliated in class,” said Sister Blossom. The principal added that they would counsel all students in light of this incident. “We will have to deal with the kids in a sensitive manner. We will devise a proper plan to deal with this issue,” she said. The girl’s father, Subhash Chatterjee, who works with a chemical company in Rabale, said, “I can’t believe my daughter is no more. I have no reason why she killed herself. She was bright girl who was good at her studies,” he said. Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty said that in such cases it’s important for parents to understand that their child is in distress. “They need to make their child understand that they are with them. It should not be taken as a bad behaviour as then the parents will react with anger instead it should be taken as sad behaviour so that parents take an understanding approach toward the child. In such cases it is best for the parents to seek help from a counsellor who can guide them so that the child can be counselled and hitting or getting angry at them would only make the matter worse.”
2011-03-1511-year-old in Mumbai kills herself over her diary
Mumbai: After her mother allegedly read her diary, an 11-year-old was found hanging in her bedroom at her home two hours from Mumbai. The suicide was reported on Monday afternoon in Ulhasnagar. The police is investigating how Sayoni Chatterjee arranged for the rope that she used to hang herself from a fan. She left behind a note, apologizing to a boy in her class who was a close friend of hers. Entries in her diary suggest the two children often wrote to each other. After reading Sayoni's diary, her mother went to her school yesterday to meet the principal. In her last letter to her friend, found in her bedroom, she wrote, "I am sorry...when I was not there, she (Sayoni's mother) read my personal diary..." "When we examined her, we found there was a wound on her neck. We asked her mother how did this happen. Her mother told us that she was tense, and she committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan...no suicide note was found," says DF Patil, a senior police officer handling the case. Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/11-year-old-in-mumbai-kills-herself-over-her-diary-91831?cp
11-year-old in Mumbai kills herself over her diary

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