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February-2008 News & Updates from the City of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar, Maharashtra, India. Ulhasnagar City News indexed across timeline for easy retrieval.

2008-02-24UMC budget up 300 per cent, residents hope for maj
The Ulhasnagar municipal commissioner Sameer Unhale recently presented the budget for the year 2008-2009 at the UMC headquarters. The budget this year saw an upsurge of around 300 percent from last year's budget. The budget for last year was Rs 147.88 crore while this year the UMC has tabled Rs 436.35 crore. Compared to last nine year's budget this year has got a huge budget and a slew of infrastructure projects and upgradation of some of its present services this year. The JNNURM also finds place in the race for development in Ulhasnagar this time. Amongst the new projects that the city would get are the 53 new roads that would be built within the city, constructing of 2,400 toilet blocks under the Nirmal Abhiyaan project, provision of hearse and ambulances, upgrading of fire fighting systems, constructing of the Mayor's and Civic commissioner's bungalows, along with renovation of five gardens within UMC and developing two Ganesh Ghats in the suburb. The major sources of income for the UMC are octroi, property tax, water tax and regularization of water connections and regularization of unauthorized structures. The UMC also plans to garner funds through various grants and funding from agencies. The major expenditure areas for UMC would be salary and other expenditures, along with water charges, repayment of loans, constructing basic infrastructure like roads and JNNURM projects. The UMC presented a deficit of Rs 87 crore for which it proposed to hike taxes, which were mowed down by the standing committee. However when asked about the generation of funds to cover up the deficit, the standing committee recommended to tighten the procedure of recovery of several taxes. However the corporators hiked their funds from the existing Rs 5 lakh - 15 lakh. According to the budget all 81 UMC corporators will get tech savvy and get laptops valued at Rs 30k each. domkalplus@gmail.com The money's coming from * Rs 94.91 crore Octroi * Rs 27 crore Property tax * Rs 11 crore Water tax * Rs 5 crore Regularization of unauthorized structures * Rs 4.66 crore Grants * Rs 171.98 crore Funding from agencies New projects Roads- Rs 3.75 crore 53 new roads to be developed for Ulhasnagar city Toilet blocks- Rs 35 crore 2,400 new toilet blocks to be constructed under Nirmal Abhiyaan Fire station- Rs 10 lakh A new fire station would come up behind the UMC headquarters Mayor's and commissioner's bungalow- Rs 1 crore A new bungalow for the mayor and the civic chief would come up The money's being spent on * Rs 41.8 crore Salary and other expenditures * Rs 62.15 crore Water charges to MIDC * Rs 33.69 crore Repayment of loans * Rs 67 crore Basic infrastructure like roads * Rs 178.79 crore JNNURM projects Upgradation of existing infrastructure * Fire fighting- Rs 25 lakh The existing fire fighting equipments would be upgraded * Central automation of streetlights- Rs 70 lakh The streetlights in Ulhasnagar would be centrally controlled * Garden makeover- NA Five gardens, currently in derelict state, would be revamped * Ganesh ghats- Rs 10 lakh Two immersion points for Ganpati idols to be properly developed
UMC budget up 300 per cent, residents hope for maj
2008-02-23Residents still waiting for proper infrastructure
Residents of Junagaon area, now in Ulhasnagar are faced with a unique problem. The area that was delinked from the limits of Ambernath municipal council in 1999 and merged in Ulhasnagar Corporation is yet to get proper amenities. It may be recalled that when the Ulhasnagar Taluka was bifurcated in 1999, to form the Ambernath taluka Junagaon area was shifted in the limits of Ulhasnagar taluka. Residents of Junagaon are harassed with water scarcity in the area. This is one of the several problems that they are facing because of the apathy shown by authorities The area encompasses Durgadevi pada, Dhanaji Patil colony and Ekta Nagar, all residential colonies with a collective population of around 25,000. However if the residents are to be believed then the authorities haven’t cared to provide them with the basic facilities after it was separated in 1999. Residents claim that indifference shown by the authorities deprived them of proper civic infrastructure. The cement concrete passage between the structures is either non-existent or in very poor condition. The two public toilets in the area are also in pathetic condition. Residents complain that they have been sourcing water from unclean sources for the last several years. Says Asha Patil a resident of Durga Devipada, "For the last several years there has been nothing done in the name of infrastructure. We haven't ever heard of water coming through the taps for the last 15 years. For the last several years we have to source water from unclean sources. Even if we get water, it is only for two hours," she says. With crumbling water supply and an equally dismal drainage system, the area witnesses flooding every year. If the locals are to be believed then many illegal constructions in the area are creating flooding further problems. Pointing to a construction that has come up in between a nullah, residents allege that the abundance of these is because of no proper governance. "There is a 25 feet wide drain passing through the area. However because of a structure that has allegedly come up in between the course, there is severe flooding during the monsoons. Just because the authorities don't act the nearby residents of 500 huts are submerged every year," alleges Ashok Davne, a local resident. Since the last several years we have been paying property tax but we haven't ever got any returns in terms of infrastructure. It was only in February last year that the residents of the area got voting rights as residents of UMC. Along with Gaikwad pada, they were allocated ward number 76 in the UMC. "Till the last few years we were residents of Ambernath and now that we have been pushed to Ulhasnagar, our only expectation is that they should equate our area in terms of development as any other ward in Ulhasnagar city," said another resident. When contacted, the authorities confirmed the situation and also informed that the standing committee this year has made an appropriate budgetary allocation for the area. "The area got attached in the Ulhasnagar taluka in 1999. However the standing committee collectively decided to give some additional budget for the development of the area. The standing committee according has allocated a special budgetary provision of Rs 25 lakhs for upgrading the infrastructure in the area," informed Ram Parwani, chairman of the UMC standing committee.
Residents still waiting for proper infrastructure
2008-02-23Cops file murder case year later
A year after 23-year-old Umesh Lalwani, a resident of Ulhasnagar, died under suspicious circumstances, the police have finally registered a case of murder. With the Bombay high court demanding action for official laxity, Thane police commissioner D Sivanandan has instituted an inquiry against three police officers who failed to investigate the murder and dismissed it as an accidental death. Additional public prosecutor Poornima Kantharia on Friday submitted an affidavit by the Thane police before a division bench of Justice Bilal Nazki and Justice Sharad Bobde. In the affidavit by deputy commissioner Sanjay Shintre, on behalf of Sivanandan, the court was informed that a preliminary departmental inquiry had been initiated against senior inspector Subhash Patil, inspector D R Sonar and sub-inspector Vinayak Gore of Bazaar Peth police station in Kalyan. The inquiry would focus on the “lapses in performing their duties,’’ said the affidavit. The affidavit further added that a case of murder had been registered and the probe transferred to the Kalyan crime branch. The court has scheduled the matter for further hearing on February 26, 2008. The HC had directed Sivanandan to take action following a petition filed by Ulhasnagar resident Laxmandas Lalwani seeking a probe into his son Umesh’s death. Umesh had died at his work place at Mahavir shopping complex, Kalyan on January 10, 2007. The Kalyan Bazaar Peth police registered a case of accidental death accepting the claim of his employer Mahesh Pahuja, who said Umesh had died after injuring his hand. The lie was nailed following a chemical analysis report of the viscera by the Forensic Science Laboratory at Kalina, in Sept 2007, which revealed that Umesh had died of fatal poisoning with “poxixur’’ or Baygon pesticide. Despite this report, the police failed to register a case of murder inviting the court’s censure. On the next date of hearing, the court is also likely to take up the issue of proceedings against N G Keni, assistant chemical analyst, at FSL, who took over six months to submit his report.
2008-02-22 No place for Hindi in Mumbai Corporation, says Ba
Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Thursday rejected the Congress’ demand for partial introduction of Hindi in administration of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and warned against any attempt to undermine the importance of Marathi. “Marathi has been the official language of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Then why is the question of Hindi being raised now,” Mr. Thackeray said in a statement in the party organ Saamna. “This will not happen, no and we mean no,” he said. The Shiv Sena-BJP alliance is in power in the civic body. Leader of the Opposition Rajhans Singh had demanded that Hindi be given a place in the working of the corporation to help non-Marathi members. He gave a notice demanding a discussion on the matter. But it could not be discussed on February 14 as the House adjourned after paying homage to social activist Baba Amte, who passed away recently. Now Mr. Singh has to give second notice. ‘Let circulars be in Hindi’ His demand is that at least notices and circulars given to members be in Hindi. Though the official language of the corporation is Marathi, it is customary to issue such notices and circulars also in English. Municipal Commissioner Jayraj Pathak said the official language of all corporations in the country was the State language. Even in Ulhasnagar, which neighbours Thane district, the civic body functioned only in Marathi though the majority members were Sindhi. Mr. Thackeray could have directed his party leader in the civic body to reject the suggestion in the civic debate. But he chose to make a public statement and instruct his corporators to oppose the demand in the wake of his nephew Raj Thackeray’s recent attempt to claim a slice of the Marathi constituency. The Saamna also carried an editorial denouncing the demand for limited use of Hindi in the civic body. It saidthe leaders demanding Hindi should be arrested and prosecuted criminally. ‘Advice’ to Lalu Prasad It also ridiculed Railway Minister Lalu Yadav for saying that he would perform “Chhath puja” in Mumbai and advised him to have it on the Marina Beach of Chennai, for the DMK was his ally.
 No place for Hindi in Mumbai Corporation, says Ba
2008-02-20Whose Mumbai is it by the way?
WHEN WE talk of the city of Mumbai, the first thing that normally captures our imagination is that this was the city made by joining seven islands and on June 23, 1661, the city, then named Bombay was given in dowry to the Portuguese princess Catherine de Braganza on her marriage to the British King Charles II. Since then the city has thrived as a special city due to its international status as the commercial capital of India. The country’s first train under the Great Indian Peninsular Railways ran a distance of 33km from Victoria Terminus (Bori Bunder) to Thane on April 16, 1853, at 3.30 pm, taking 57 minutes and carrying 400 passengers. It had 20 coaches and three steam engines. A 21-gun salute was given and the day was declared a public holiday to enable people to attend the function of this great achievement of the city that received ships carrying imports mainly from the UK. Today, in the 21st century, the city proudly awaits the advent of the Mumbai Metro on the lines of Delhi Metro so that like Delhiites they also joyously say ‘Mumbai Metro, Mera Metro’. The Mumbai Metro may also come to its people within the next three to four years and carry millions of Mumbaikars from their places of residence to places of work and back. The city of Bombay also carries the pride of India’s first air flight from Bombay to Karachi on October 15, 1932, with JRD Tata and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the only two travelers in the plane. The significance of Bombay has been globalised today by many a FII investing in the ‘Bombay Stock Exchange,’ which now breathes along with the New York’s Wall Street! The city holds the pride of showing the cinema first in India at the Watson Hotel on July 7, 1896, when rich people of the city were astonished beyond imagination to see a train moving on the screen instead of a still photo and also workers leaving a factory. Now the city has Bollywood, which beginning with Dada Saheb Phalke, the father of Indian Cinema, has come to a status where it can stand alongside Hollywood, some of its films having made it to Oscar too. The latest ‘Tare Zamin Per’ is really a blessing to cinema, which has drawn attention of not only the ordinary moviegoer but also even top intellectuals and educationists of the country. The question, therefore, is whose Mumbai is it after all? Is it the city of a section of people speaking some particular language, or the city of achievers ranging from builders of many a flyover, many stations and factories and the latest Bandra-Kurla complex, which boasts of emulating Mumbai to Shanghai? Is it not the city of those numerous labourers who, in May 1888 built the Victoria Terminus station in the Italian-Gothic style under its builder Frederick William Stevens at a cost of Rs. 16 lakhs; the station that since July 2004 holds pride of place being a World Heritage under protection by UNESCO? Today, Frederick William Stevens is in eternal slumber somewhere in Mumbai and the numerous labourers too remain in the recorded memories of this very city. When the station’s name was changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, people enjoyed a media joke that this was the greatest sex change of the century! I remember having read more than a decade ago that Balasaheb Thackeray, the self-styled self-righteous ‘Protector-General’ of what he calls the Maratha Pride, had suddenly trained his guns on the Bangladeshis present in the city. He had even managed to get some of them ousted through litigation and prominent Bengali author Subhash Mukhopadhyaya had to travel to Mumbai to say that regarding the Bangladeshis, there was need for some broadmindedness. This article doesn’t intend to defend the presence of any foreign nationals in the country anywhere but certain interesting facts do capture attention. The issue of the Bangladeshis was shouted at the top of the voice first by the BJP but when L K Advani became India’s Home Minister and Mamta Bannerji’s Trinamool Congress was also a part of his NDA government, one could simply laugh heartily at a statement by Advani that the Bangladeshis were not infiltrators but had come here in search of employment! Some more articles ironically stated that the Bangladeshi labourers were very much a blessing to many contractors in the city as they charged virtually half the rate, which an Indian labour would usually do. So the contractors making flyovers, roads and other infrastructure were always on the look out for such hapless Bangladeshis who would accept much less wage in lieu of the work they were offered. The contractors would obviously pocket hefty amounts by taking signatures on full amounts from these needy labourers. These ‘foreign’ nationals can obviously claim some credit in the making of a city called Mumbai. Certain reports brought other fantasies to light for instance that some well to do Bangladeshi nationals had got their daughters married off to rich Maharashtrians and were playing existentialistic games by handsome donations to politicians in Mumbai! How the question of ‘outsiders’ from UP and Bihar came up is also important and who is actually responsible for increasing their numbers in Mumbai during the last decade is equally interesting. In the year 1995, it was Balasaheb Thackeray who promised that he would make free flats for the jhonpri (hut) dwellers in the city and this attracted many persons in Lucknow and other cities of UP and Bihar to rush to Mumbai without realising the hollowness and the gimmick that the lofty promise was. Prior to the bifurcation of Bombay state too Mumbai had people of all communities in large numbers; of these the north Indians were working in many factories in the city and the suburbs. There were South Indians whom Bal Thackeray would abuse as lungiwallahs. Gujaratis and Sindhis too were there in large numbers as were Parsees who were in comparatively lesser numbers. Even after bifurcation their presence in the city remained intact as not many Gujaratis migrated to the newly formed Gujarat state. An indirect proof of is that when in the year 2005 there were bomb blasts in some local trains of Mumbai perpetrated by putting explosives in pressure cookers, the TV channels clearly reported that the targets were the pockets where more Gujaratis lived. It will not be out of context here to say that today, Anil Ambani, a Gujarati is providing electricity to Mumbai of course in addition to the power supplied by the city’s corporation. If we just travel by a fast train from any station of Mumbai to the nearby suburbs of Ulhasnagar, now also called by its old name Sindhunagar, we find the presence of a population of 10 lakh Sindhis, many of whom metamorphosed the refugees’ colony of Ulhasnagar into a Mahanagar (metro city) by virtue of their trading talents and years of perseverance. They had nothing when they came from Sindh as refugees after partition but are now among the richest rung of the society there. Many Sindhis can also be seen traveling in crowds in the morning by locals to their places of work in Mumbai, which range from MNCs to the Maharashtra state government offices and other concerns. They can easily take pride in their contribution to the making of the city. To the credit of these Sindhis one may say that many of these refugees who once craved for a separate Sindh state as they had come after leaving their beloved land of Sindh in Pakistan, have now sobered down their desire and live happily as a part of Maharashtra. One may just ask Balasaheb Thackeray for the sake of asking; will he separate this Sindhunagar from Maharashtra, as a separate state called Sindh? The answer is an obvious strong no.
Whose Mumbai is it by the way?
2008-02-16MNS wreaks havoc on suburban streets
After the news of the arrest of MNS leader Raj Thackeray broke out, several supporters of the party spilled on the streets of the suburbs to protest against the arrest. Many of the agitators were found to be resorting to violence and damaged public property. Though the DCP of zone III, Anup Singh claimed that the situation was normal in the suburbs, there were some sporadic incidents of violence reported in the area. While few shops in Kalyan were closed, and some buses attacked, Dombivli was comparatively quite and the police managed to maintain peace. Ulhasnagar also witnessed some incidents of violence but the situation was brought under control. Stone pelting on moving buses and vehicles was reported on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway However to avoid any untoward incident, para-military forces were deployed at sensitive spots in Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Dombivli and parts of Ulhasnagar. At the time of declaration of Raj Thackrey's arrest MNS activist had tried to seal all the exit points connecting Mumbai and Nashik cities to suburbs.,As several MNS office bearers were already detained by the police as precautionary measure, violence was largely reported on the fringes. The agitation affected several suburbanites and traders who had to shut shop for a larger part of both the days.
MNS wreaks havoc on suburban streets
2008-02-10Man robbed in broad daylight
NAGPUR: In yet another daylight robbery, two unidentified miscreants allegedly snatched a bag containing Rs 50,000 from a 65-year-old man near Siddeshwar School on Manewada road on Saturday morning. Police said the complainant Ganpat Dharaskar, a resident of Plot number 105, Ulhasnagar on Manewada road had gone to Allahabad Bank and withdrew Rs 50,000. "On way to home, two men came from behind and snatched the bag containing the cash," police said. Police added that before he could understand, the miscreants fled the spot. Dharaskar soon approached the Ajni police and lodged a complaint. Police said further probe is on.
2008-02-10Dead boy's dad wins battle's first round
A year after his 23-year-old son died under mysterious circumstances, the Bombay high court has come to the rescue of an Ulhasnagar resident who had been pleading with police authorities to register a case of murder. A division bench of Justices Bilal Nazki and Sharad Bobde recently directed two senior officers of Kalyan's Bazarpeth police station to explain their failure to register a case of murder despite the chemical analysis report concluding that it was a case of fatal poisoning. "The (police officers have) to file their personal affidavits in the matter as to why they did not register the offence under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code and why four months' precious time was lost even after getting the report from the chemical analyst," said the judges. The Kalyan police had dismissed Umesh Lalwani's death last year as an accident despite his father Laxmandas insisting that it was a case of murder. Umesh, who used to work at Mahavir Shopping Complex on Agra Road in Kalyan, died at his workplace on January 10, 2007. Umesh's employer Mahesh Pahuja claimed that he had died after injuring his hand. The Kalyan police bought the story and entered the case in their accidental death register (ADR) file. The post-mortem report was inconclusive and the viscera was sent to the forensic laboratory in Kalina. With the police stonewalling his request for an investigation into his son's death, Lalwani approached the high court. Additional public prosecutor A S Gadkari submitted the chemical analysis report which revealed that Umesh had died of fatal poisoning with "poxixur". According to Dr Rukmini Krishnamoorthy, director of FSL, it is poisoning with carbomite and petroleum hydrocarbon, more popularly known as Baygon pesticide. The fact that no action was initiated even though the chemical analysis report was made available to the police by September 2007, invited the court's ire. "More than four months have passed, even then no case was registered nor any investigation was carried out," observed the judges. They have asked Subhash Patil and V G Deore, senior police inspectors at Bazarpeth police station, to explain the delay in filing a case of murder. The forensic laboratory too did not escape the court's wrath over the six- month delay in submitting the report even though the chemical analysis had been conducted on March 28, 2007. The court has issued a notice to N G Keni, assistant chemical analyst to "explain as to why he reserved his opinion for more than six months". The next hearing is scheduled for February 15.
2008-02-09UMC still awaits ambulance and hearse
It seems that the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) feels that it is above the official rulebook. At least this is what seems from its actions. While the chapter six of the BPMC Act 1949 clearly states that it is the duty of the respective Municipal Corporation to have an ambulance and a hearse for the service of the residents, the UMC doesn’t have any in the service for the last seven years. While the only hearse it had in now almost scrapped and the ambulance is also in dire straits. This is the situation for the last several years. Last year after DK+ reported on the issue, MLC Ramnath Mote raised the issue in the Assembly. Accordingly speaker Vasant Davkhare got the funds sanctioned from his kitty. However due to some political differences, the issue was held back by the earlier ruling party of the UMC. However before she quit office, the out going mayor reportedly sanctioned around Rs 20 lakhs for both the utilities. Ironically even the new party that came in power in the UMC neglected the issue. However the party in a meeting dated on July 20, 2007 came up with a fresh tender process. However as the process is yet to be completed there is nothing concrete development. This absence is creating inconvenience for the residents especially from the lower strata of the society. Says LB Patil, a resident of Sriram Nagar in Ulhasnagar camp- 4, “Recently a woman from our locality met with an accident. When I tried calling the UMC, I was told that there was no ambulance service available with the UMC. Finally we called a private ambulance service that charged us extra,” he says. Residents allege that private ambulance owners often benefit from the situation. There are 150 private nursing homes and hospitals in UMC limits and two government run hospitals. There are 12- 15 private ambulances in the township that ferry around 75 patients every day to hospitals across the suburbs and Mumbai. Social workers and medical people say that there is a pressing need for the ambulances and the hearse. It may be noted that the UMC has an annual budget of Rs 1.38 crores for vehicles, of which Rs 31 lakhs is earmarked for new vehicles and Rs 77 lakhs for hiring vehicles. Rs 30 lakhs is earmarked for fuel and maintenance. Interestingly in the last financial year, the earlier commissioner Kamble bought a new Honda city for Rs 8.5 lakhs. “Ideally an UMC ambulance service should cost us not more than Rs 300, but private owners charge Rs 800 or Rs 1750 in case of any emergencies,” says a social worker refusing to be identified. He says that extra money isn’t important but the time lost is saving the life is what is vital. “The poor cannot afford these services. If the UMC can start its own service, several people from the lower rung would also get instant medical treatment,” he says. However neither the UMC nor the elected representatives are taking this seriously. When contacted, Dr SS Jinde, medical health officer of UMC confirmed that the problem persisted but preferred to dock the situation and laid the blame on another department. “We have had no hearse for several years and the only ambulance is in pathetic condition. However I’m unable to quote anything in this matter as the authority to look into the arrival of new vehicles lies with the Deputy Municipal Commissioner of vehicle department,” he said.
UMC still awaits ambulance and hearse
2008-02-09Paramour kidnaps child of woman
It was sheer bad luck for Mansingh Jogi (25) who kidnapped the four- year old son of his paramour in a bid to woo her into marrying him. A phone call made by him to his paramour in Ulhasnagar proved to be the nemesis for him as the police traced his whereabouts from his cell company. It all happened when Jogi met Sheela Sable a widow and a resident of Hira Ghat Panchsheel Nagar, Ulhasnagar- 3 at her workplace in Mumbai. According to the police, Jogi used to frequently visit Sheela's house in Ulhasnagar. >> The accused Mansingh Jogi (in yellow shirt) being led by the Ulhasnagar police However after three months he allegedly told her that his landlord had thrown him out of the space and was looking for a proper space to stay. This is when he convinced her into letting him stay in her house and also agreed to pay some money to her towards household expenses. “Jogi told her that he had no place stay. He also told her that if she allowed him to stay in her house as a paying guest, he would pay her Rs 2,000 per month,” informed an officer from the police team. However things went sour between the two when Jogi reportedly proposed marriage to her. Fearing backlash from her relatives, Sheela refused his proposal and also asked him to vacate her house at the earliest. This is what irked him and he swore revenge. Finding an opportune moment, he managed to kidnap Aman, Sheela’s four-year-old son. When Sheela didn’t find Aman on January 27, she lodged a missing person's complaint with the police. She also named Jogi as an initial suspect and his absence confirmed their suspicion. However Jogi was traced after he called Sheela on her mobile phone asking for ransom in lieu of her child. “Last week Jogi called Sheela on her mobile informing her that Aman was in his custody. He also threatened her that if wanted him back she should either have to marry him or pay him Rs 30,000," SI Umrao Bangar of Ulhasnagar police station informed. When Sheela informed the cops, they immediately sprung into action and contacted the mobile service provider. The call was detected to have been made from Jaipur and the police team along with Sheela laid a trap for Jogi. He was arrested after he came to Jaipur railway station to meet Sheela at the pre- determined spot. After asking about his whereabouts the police reunited Aman with his mother. A case of kidnapping (CR num 21/ 2008) has been registered with the Central police station Ulhasnagar. The accused has been charged with Section 363 and 503 of the Indian Penal Code.
Paramour kidnaps child of woman
2008-02-02Better garbage disposal systems needed
I feel that the KDMC isn't doing a good job. Every time we move out of our house we can see the garbage dumped on the roads for a long time. The KDMC must see to it that the garbage is lifted quickly so that it doesn't spread diseases. Also the entire area surrounding the bin should be disinfected. Soumya Bhat- via email There is lot of garbage scattered on the road in our area. We never see the garbage disposal van coming frequently in our area. The municipal corporation should understand that garbage on the streets not only give the suburbs a bad image but can also lead to health hazards. The suburbs definitely need better garbage disposal systems that can be very helpful for the residents. Sunil Kini- Dombivli Kudos to DK+ for raising such an issue of overflowing garbage in the suburbs. These overflowing bins attract several street dogs that feed on the garbage. Moreover the place also presents an unhealthy sight. we cannot understand why cannot the KDMC ensure that the garbage is collected on time. The garbage should be cleared at least twice a day. Kartik S Iyer- Kalyan
Better garbage disposal systems needed
2008-02-02The shining Utsav
It was an event thousands were looking forward to in Ulhasnagar. The crowd that turned up to witness the festival reflected just that. The New Education Society along with various partners across campus is committed to providing enrichment through life long learning process. As a part of this mission, they organised the grand event Utsav- 2008, in association Dombivli-Kalyan Plus from January 23- 28. The function was celebrated with great enthusiasm for all the six days. All the students and the teachers of New Education Society worked hard and participated with great enthusiasm to make this event a grand success. Along with joy rides, food stalls, amusement games, etc cultural programs were a highlight for all the six days. Students from K G Section upto College participated in the event. The first day kicked up with notes of positivity, students of K G Section danced along the lines of the chosen theme. "Everyone was delighted to see the colorful program of tiny tots of K G Section," feels Jyoti Gurnani, Principal, New English High School and Jr College. Several dignitaries like Leelabai Aashan, Mayor of Ulhasnagar, Kumar Ailani, President, BJP, Ulhasnagar, Meena Sonde, Corporator, Shivram Parab, President, New Education Society, attended the event. The second day was marked by Krishna Leela that was organised by the children of primary section. "The program depicted true colors of small children and also showed that a child without a mother is like a fish in shallow water," remarked Prakash Gurnani, Manager, New Education Society. Amidst the fanfare, the students of the secondary section arranged for a play titled 'Bomb Blast'. The play gave the message of how to appreciate, overcome and utilise the power of emotions in managing oneself and others. Thousands of enthusiastic viewers came for the play. The fourth day of the Utsav was the Republic Day, a befitting tribute was given to Bharat Mata by several students from the college. "The show displayed that India is the cradle of the human race, the birth place of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of traditions,” said Jyoti Gurnani, proud of his students' talent. Students had the best time on the fifth day of the Utsav, when their teachers and principals swayed on the music; in a specially choreographed program. "It was fun to see our teachers open up like this and perform wholeheartedly for us. This will be the most memorable thing to happen in the entire Utsav," said a beaming Dhanraj B, a commerce student from New English Jr College. The finale of Utsav left a token of selfless love that the New Education Society has for the residents of Ulhasnagar. It marked the inauguration of Ulhasnagar Sports Association (USA). Dignitaries like Principal Kalwani, Bharat College and journalist Kiran Sonawane inaugurated the sports club. Ulhasnagar Sports Association is the biggest sports club that along with New English Jr College will take care of every sports activity to be held in Ulhasnagar. "We want many more students to come forward and participate in sports activities, due to which we conceptualised and made this centre that will aid the deserving students financially," explained Prakash Gurnani. The celebrations do not end here, the New Education Society promises to bring in the next year with more aplomb as it will be celebrating its golden jubilee. • The show displayed that India is the cradle of the human race, the birth place of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of traditions” - Jyoti Gurnani, Principal, New English High School and Jr College • We want many more students to come forward and participate in sports activities, due to which we conceptualised and made this centre that will aid the deserving students financially - Prakash Gurnani, Manager, New Education Society
The shining Utsav

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