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November-2007 News & Updates from the City of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar, Maharashtra, India. Ulhasnagar City News indexed across timeline for easy retrieval.

2007-11-30Youth set ablaze, in-laws held
Ulhasnagar police have arrested four persons from a family for trying to kill a youth by setting him ablaze. The accused are the victim’s wife, her father, mother and grand mother. Ganesh Laxman, 25, a resident of Vitthalwadi, had been to his in-law’s residence in the same locality on Sunday to bring back home his wife Archana after a quarrel between the two. Archana refused to go back with him and a quarrel started between the two after which Laxman lost his temper started abusing Archana. The quarrel took place in front of Archana’s parents Kashinath and Mangala Ranadive.
2007-11-30students cycle to spread AIDS awareness
Students from suburban colleges of Mumbai University undertook a cycle rally from Ulhasnagar to Nashik to spread AIDS awareness among the rural regions in Thane district.The AIDS awareness programme is being undertaken as a run-up to the World AIDS day on December 1, 2007. About 85 students from colleges in Dombivli, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Ambernath covered a distance of 179 km and staged street plays in villages along the route as part of the programme organised by the National Service Scheme, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) and Smt CHM College of Ulhasnagar. The cyclists led by B S Bidwe the district coordinator of NSS left Ulhasnagar at 5 pm on November 26. Enroute, NSS students from Smt CHM College performed street plays on the theme of AIDS in the towns of Kudus, Wada and Khodala. From there the cyclists took to Trimbakeshwar and it was 11.30 am that the cyclists covered the final leg of 32 km and reached YCMOU campus on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning the cyclists were welcomed at the YCMOU University campus at Nashik by its vice-chancellor Dr Rajan Velurkar and Mumbai University Vice-Chancellor Vijay Khole. Khole said that he was proud of his students who had taken-up the social cause of spreading AIDS awareness through the adventure sport of cycling. “Only Mumbai University students could undertake such a task,” said Khole. Other colleges which participated in the event were R K Talreja College (Ulhasnagar), Model College (Kalyan), Model College (Dombivli), C D Kharkhanis College (Ambernath), S B College (Shahpur) and Shivla College (Murbad). The documentary CD of the cycle rally will be presented to President Prathiba Patil.
2007-11-24Yoga for all
Yog Vidya Dham, Nashik hosted an eight day Pranayam and Yoga workshop in Ulhasnagar. The yoga workshop was a first of its kind for the general benefit of people and especially children of Ulhasnagar, the main target audience of the workshop. "Yog Sadhna is an ideal way of life, and people today have forgotten the many benefits that it offers," explained Yog guru Nilesh Wagh, who had specially come from Nashik for the workshop. With the ever increasing awareness of people about yoga and its wholesome goodness, the workshop was a blessing. "We wanted to conduct this workshop here specially for children, we have realised the importance of yoga much later in life, the children shouldn't suffer. The earlier they are inducted in yoga the smoother their life will be," said Dr J P Ramnani, Chairman of the Ulhasnagar branch. Yog Vidya Dham has been in the service of imparting Yoga knowledge for the last 28 years. The organisation is headed by Shri Vishwas Mandlik and has 150 branches all over Maharashtra. The organisation has its branch in Ambernath for the last ten years. The Ulhasnagar branch is an offshoot of the A similar workshop was organised last year at P D Karkhanis College, Ambernath. "The workshop last year influenced us to conduct a similar workshop in Ulhasnagar," said Nilesh Wagh. The organisation conducts such workshops annually, this time it was planned on a larger scale as they feel that the awareness and volunteers for yoga have considerably increased in Ulhasnagar. The workshop was conducted purely on the basis of the knowledge imparted in ancient Patanjali and Hath yoga. The organisation is an NGO and had hence kept minimum fees for the workshop. The proceeds from the workshop will be utilised for the development of the Vishwa Yoga Darshan at Nashik. Further explaining their programme Yoga guru Pramod Niphadkar from Chichwad said, "Yog shastra is very important for children in these changing times. Our guruji has designed a proper syllabus for children, and the syllabus is divided into modules for every age group." Yog Vidya Dham believes that every age group has their own set of troubles and hence each of them should be addressed separately. Practicing yoga enhances intelligence, hidden talents and overall personality of the children. Impressed by the knowledge imparted in the CDs and books published by Shri Vishwas Mandlik, Yashwantrao Chavan Open University (YCMOU) has tied up with the Kendra. The reference material used for teaching yoga in the university is supplied by Yoga Vidya Dham. Stressing the importance of yoga and its relevance in the modern times, Dr Ramnani said, "The benefits from yoga are unbelievable. We recently conducted a small research and tested the benefits of yoga on HIV+ people. We divided them into two groups and gave medicines to one group. To the other group we gave medicines and also made them practice yoga everyday. The results are phenomenal. The CD4 count in the second group went up from 150 to 400. We are planning to continue the trail."
Yoga for all
2007-11-10Baby girl found in dustbin
A baby girl was found lying in a dustbin near the Kurla Camp, in front of the Kali Mata Temple in Ulhasnagar Camp 4, on Friday around 11:45 pm. The baby was crying, when the local residents noticed it. They then informed the police, who in turn shifted the baby to the Central Hospital. Resident doctors of the hospital said the baby was stable and healthy. The child weighed 4 kg and after analysing the baby's reflexes and activities, the doctors said she should be at least two months old. The police have lodged an offence against the unknown mother under section 317 of the Indian Penal Code. After obtaining an order from the secession's court, the police shifted the baby to the orphanage in Padhaga near Bhiwandi. (With inputs by Santosh Shinde)
Baby girl found in dustbin
2007-11-10Fire guts shops
Three shops in Camp 5, Ulhasnagar, caught fire in the wee hours on Monday. Located near the Dudh Naka, the three garment shops were on fire for over two hours. By 3 am, the three fire engines from Ambernath, Ulhasnagar and Kalyan were able to douse the fire. While two shops were completely gutted, one was saved. According to the fire brigade officials, the fire was caused by a short circuit. With Diwali round the corner, all the three shops had stocked full of garments.
Fire guts shops
2007-11-10UMC rallies to stop illegal constructions
On Tuesday, November 6, Ulhasnagar witnessed a rally of different kind. This rally was not organised by any political party or a religious wing, but by the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC). Like the rally, its purpose too was very different. The rally aimed to educate the residents about the ill effects of illegal constructions. "We want the general public to understand the problems caused by illegal constructions. Hope they will desist from such activities," says Samir Unhale, commissioner of the UMC. The rally was carried out by officials with the UMC. They carried banners and placards depicting the various aspects of illegal structures. The banners also explained the legal sides of the issue. The issue of city's 855 illegal structures had received much media coverage in the past year. The government had to intervene and introduce special legislation to save these buildings. The regularization process of these illegal structures is yet to complete.
UMC rallies to stop illegal constructions
2007-11-04Breeding Shelters for Homeless Birds
The birds are coming soon to roost, at the famous RK Talreja College campus-literally. One of the leading colleges of Ulhasnagar, RKT as it is popularly known, launched an imaginative Bring-the-Birds-Back programme on October 26. The science department of this oldest college got together and started first-of-its-kind project-providing breeding shelters for the homeless birds of the area. Present on the occasion were the forest officer, Alibaug division, DD Patil and Dr L Natarajan, principal of the college, fire brigade officer N Bathija, nature lovers Sanjay Haraskar and Pramod Hardikar. More than 15 waterproof plywood boxes of assorted shapes and sizes were set up on trees of campus garden. In fact, birds-the house sparrows, robins, bulbuls, fantails and sunbirds, among others-have already flown away from our towns and cities. For the rehab of these birds, the boxes will act as a safe shelter. Faculty members and large number of students witnessed this bird-friendly two-hour programme on the big campus of the college. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Natarajan said: "Few years back when I joined this college, I could see sparrows and birds everywhere on the vast premises but now there is no chirping of birds. I earnestly wish to hear the soothing chirping again. Let our feathered friends return to us again on our campu." Botany department's Dr Geeta Menon told the audience: "Decreasing trees in the area has resulted in this grim situation. Planting local trees like peepal, jamun, bel, mango, is the best solution to end this nightmare." Another professor of biology, Rahul Khot said: "I am planning to survey the use of these shelters by birds and then make some suggestions in the design of these breeding boxes." In-charge of the junior college, Radha Vaswani was equally impressed by the idea: "It is a sacred work, providing the shelter to the shelter-less. I am seriously thinking of adopting this topic in our project of environment study and involve students of the junior college." Land developer Sanjay Haraskar made a promise, "I am really happy by the response of the students and teachers here. If the programme is successful, then I would donate such breeding boxes to other educational institutions of this area." Chief guest DD Patil congratulated the organisers for this initiative and said: "The laudable attempt of giving all-weather nesting places to the destitute birds is going to be very productive. It will allow the birds to breed and multiply. This way, the homeless birds will be given a safe shelter and these species will be preserved for posterity. Good luck to the excellent plan!" We would like to add, Amen!
Breeding Shelters for Homeless Birds
2007-11-03Drink Water At Your Own Risk
If Santosh Keni, a Congress corporator of the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) is to be believed, then the civic administration has little concern for the quality of water supplied in the twin cities. The corporation area has a population of around 12 lakh and large sections of the people are affected by water borne diseases throughout the year. Obviously the reason should be the bad quality of water. According to Keni, the standing committee meeting on October 25 saw heated arguments between the administration and corporators. He says that he was shocked to see the careless attitude of the officials towards such an important issue. "Some months back DK Plus had published an article about the dirty state of affairs at the KDMC pumping station near Mohane on the Ulhas River. Thereafter, I made few visits there and learned that the situation was gravely worse. So, I decided to raise the matter in the standing committee meeting," says Keni. Majour portion of the drinking water required by the KDMC is lifted from Ulhas river through the pumps at Mohane. "When I brought up the issue in the standing committee meeting, the officials' approach was very indifferent," he says. Reportedly, the officials attached to the water department also walked out of the meeting. This prompted the corporators to demand disciplinary action against the officials. "The standing committee has passed a resolution to take punitive action against the water department officials. In stead of discussing and finding out a solution to the problem, they just walked out of the meeting room. This shows how little concerned they are about the poor quality of drinking water," he adds. The Ulhas river is very highly polluted near Mohane. Sewage lines and drains from Ulhasnagar, Vittalwadi and Kalyan pour their waste contents here. Further, immersion of idols takes place here. What makes it most dangerous is the fact effluents from several industrial units are thrown into the river. "One will fall sick by just looking at the state of the pumping station. The water is very dirty near the pumping station. It's a major health hazard for the people. It could be the reason why many people are falling ill frequently," he explains. "A private contractor has been appointed to look after and maintain the pumping station. However, he does nothing to ensure that the area surrounding the pumping station is clean. The KDMC, state irrigation department and pollution control board are the concerned authorities. However, there is no coordination between these government agencies," charges Keni. When contacted Ashok Baile, executive engineer, water supply department, KDMC, tried to push the blame on the irrigation department. "The river belongs to the irrigation department. We are just lifting water from it. Several times we complained about the pollution in the river to the irrigation department officials. However, they aren't moving. What can we do? Regarding the contractor, the committee has decided to discontinue him," he says. • The KDMC has a population of around 12 lakhs. It requires a total of 240 mld water daily, which it gets from different sources such as MIDC (95 mld), KDMC project at Mohane (142 mld), Raite project (one mld) and NRC company (2 mld). The pumping station at Mohane gives maximum quantity of water to the KDMC.
Drink Water At Your Own Risk

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