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2013-10-30Hiranandani College of Pharmacy organises 'OPPI- A
Hiranandani College of Pharmacy organises 'OPPI- Academia Programme' at Ulhasnagar Our Bureau, Mumbai Wednesday, October 30, 2013, 14:15 Hrs [IST] Dr L H Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, Ulhasnagar in association with the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) recently organised Dr L H Hiranandani Lecture series “OPPI- Academia Programme” at the college. The purpose of lecture series was to make students aware of the challenges, opportunities and demands that accompany the different career avenues in pharma industry and also to provide a plateform for interaction with eminent professionals from pharma corporate world. Experts present at the event includes: Sanjiv Navangul, managing director, Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Vivek Padgaonkar, director – Project & Policy OPPI, K Venkatesh, director – Multispecialty UCB India Pvt. Ltd., Shivprasad Laud, company secretary & director, Roche Products (India) Pvt. Ltd, Yasmin Shenoy, director – Regulatory Affairs, Sanofi India Ltd. and Dr Ashish Gawde Country, medical director, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The lecture series had covered various aspects of the pharma industry, on getting ready to enter pharma industry, career opportunities in different fields like marketing and sales, intellectual property rights (IPR), medical and regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance.
2013-10-307 women arrested for harassing MNC staffer inside
7 women arrested for harassing MNC staffer inside ladies' coach DAYANAND KAMATH | Wed, 30 Oct 2013-09:29am , DNA The women’s squad of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on Tuesday nabbed seven women commuters for allegedly harassing a fellow passenger in the first-class ladies’ compartment of a CST-bound local over the past month. The victim, Barkha Meghani (23), is an Ulhasnagar resident who works for a multinational company at Nariman Point. Narrating the incident, Meghani said, “I used to board the empty first class ladies compartment at Ulhasnagar around 7.48am to reach Ambernath. Once at Ambernath, the same local would leave for CST around 8.10am. Since October 2, some women boarding the compartment at Ambernath had been harassing me. They would keep passing lewd comments at me and say the compartment was meant for commuters living in Ambernath, not for me.” The happenings got uglier than usual on Monday, said Meghani. “When the train arrived at Ambernath, one of the women boarded the compartment and asked me to vacate my seat. When I refused, she sat on my lap while her friends took pictures on their mobile phones and laughed at me,” she said. A humiliated Meghani then decided she had had enough, and contacted Alok Bohra, senior divisional security commissioner, RPF (Central Railway). On Tuesday morning, a RPF female squad, comprising assistant sub-inspector Sonali Nandeshwar and four women constables in plainclothes, boarded the compartment at Ulhasnagar along with Meghani. “As usual, when the train reached Ambernath, the group of seven women got in and started troubling Meghani. Immediately, the squad swung into action and nabbed all seven of them,” said Bohra. He added, “We have booked the women — Diana Fernandes, Supriya Banerjee, Manju Nair, Sneha Mhatre, Kavita Choudhari, Reeta Tiwari and Sujata Nair — all Ambernath residents, under sections 145B (creating nuisance) and 155B (not allowing a passenger to board the train) of the Indian Railway Act.” Bohra said that the Kalyan railway court levied a fine of Rs1000 on each woman and sentenced them till the rising of court. Not lady-like The 23-year-old was being victimised as she used to board the train at Ulhasnagar. The accused women used to harass her, saying the compartment was meant for passengers from Ambernath. Their antics peaked on Monday when one of the accused sat on the victim’s lap and her friends started taking pictures on their mobile phones At this point, she decided to approach the RPF and lodge a complaint against them
2013-10-307 women face music for harassing fellow commuter
7 women face music for harassing fellow commuterPRIYAL DAVE , PRIYAL DAVE : Mumbai, Wed Oct 30 2013, 01:11 hrs A group of seven women commuters from Ambernath were fined Rs 1,000 each for nuisance inside a railway compartment and made to sit in the Kalyan railway court, from Tuesday morning till 6 pm, for mentally and physically torturing a fellow commuter for a month. The women are aged 22 to 42 years. A non-cognisable (NC) complaint has been registered against 12 women with the Kalyan Government Railway Police (GRP) for threatening the victim. Of the 12 women, five, who were part of that group, did not travel and therefore escaped the prosecution Tuesday. Barkha Menghani, a 23-year-old resident of Ulhasnagar, decided to approach the railway police after one of the nuisance makers sat on her lap Monday morning. Trouble started for Menghani when she began commuting from Ulhasnagar station to go to her workplace in Kurla from October 2. Not wanting to spend 54 minutes standing in the morning, Menghani, like many other commuters, started travelling down to the next station at Ambernath to get a seat till Kurla. She would board the middle first-class compartment of a down train, from Ulhasnagar at 7.48 am, to reach Ambernath at 8 am, to get a seat in the same train, which would then leave as Ambernath Fast at 8.10 am to reach Kurla at 9.04 am. "The first day I sat in the compartment, a group of seven women boarded the train from Ambernath and told me that the middle first-class compartment was reserved for Ambernath commuters only. However, since my railway pass entitles me to sit in any compartment where I am authorised to, I paid no heed to them. From the next day, they started calling me shameless and continued to insult me in public. I started using earphones to avoid the insults. Sometimes, they would make more commuters sit on the long bench meant for only seven passengers to squeeze me so that I surrender the seat," said Menghani, who works with the French multinational corporation, Lafarge.
2013-10-30?Seven train bullies nabbed, fined for harassing w
Seven train bullies nabbed, fined for harassing woman Nitasha Natu | TNN | Updated: Oct 30, 2013, 04.43 AM IST MUMBAI: Seven women commuters were arrested by the RPF at Ambernath station on Tuesday for harassing a 23-year-old fellow passenger. The complainant, Barkha Menghani, said she was being targeted over seats for the past one month. A railway court fined the accused Rs 1,000 each.An executive working in the BKC, Menghani resides in Ulhasnagar. She boards an Ambernath-bound local at 7.48am every day. After terminating at Ambernath, the same local changes directions and heads towards CST at 8.10am. Female commuters boarding the train at Ambernath accused Menghani of occupying a seat wrongfully by boarding the rake before its journey began. "The group comprised 10 -12 women. They tried to convince me that I was breaking a law. I have found out that I was doing nothing illegal as long as I had a valid ticket," Menghani said. "The bullies then began to pass comments at me. I ignored them."Two weeks ago, one of the accused began to force a girl to get off as she had boarded from Ulhasnagar like Menghani. "I intervened and warned the bullies to back off. They threatened me against meddling. A few days later, they tricked me into parting with my seat and I had to stand the entire journey. Things worsened on Monday when one of the bullies sat on my lap when I refused to part with my seat. Her peers started laughing and clicking my pictures on their cellphones. I dialled the GRP helpline, but in vain. I got off at Kurla and told everything to a ticket-checker and later to the RPF," said Menghani. On Tuesday, a squad was deployed on the train and they nabbed seven women from the first class coach. The accused were Supriya Banerjee (40), Diana Fernandes (28), Sneha Mhatre (42), Rina Tiwari (22), Sabita Chaudhary (25) Manju Nair and Sujata Nair. Menghani has also lodged a non-cognizable complaint with the GRP.
2013-10-20उल्हासनगर में महापौर पद को लेकर घमासान
उल्हासनगर में महापौर पद को लेकर घमासान Updated: Oct 20, 2013, 01:38AM IST मुंबई।। उल्हासनगर महानगरपालिका में चल रही महापौर पद की लड़ाई थमने का नाम ले रही। शनिवार को लगभग 425 पुलिस वालों के बीच महासभा तो शुरू हुई, लेकिन चल नहीं सकी। इस लड़ाई के कारण उल्हासनगर का विकास कार्य लगभग रुक-सा गया है। यह लगातार 4 थी महासभा है जो चल न सकी और अब सब की नजर सोमवार की होनेवाली विशेष महासभा पर है। उल्हासनगर में साईं पार्टी की महापौर आशा जीवन इदनानी का शिवसेना और बीजेपी के साथ गठबंधन है। गठबंधन बनने के दौरान सभी पार्टियों का एक अग्रीमेंट हुआ था जिसमे सवा- सवा साल सभी पार्टी को देने का निश्चय हुआ था।लेकिन चूंकि शिवसेना ने गठबंधन के बावजूद 2009 में साईं पार्टी को महापौर पद देने के बजाय उनकी पार्टी को तोड़कर खुद महापौर पद पर कब्ज़ा जमा लिया था। इस बार साईं पार्टी एक तरह सेअपना बदला तो ले रही है। मुंबई।। उल्हासनगर महानगरपालिका में चल रही महापौर पद की लड़ाई थमने का नाम ले रही। शनिवार को लगभग 425 पुलिस वालों के बीच महासभा तो शुरू हुई, लेकिन चल नहीं सकी। इस लड़ाई के कारण उल्हासनगर का विकास कार्य लगभग रुक-सा गया है। यह लगातार 4 थी महासभा है जो चल न सकी और अब सब की नजर सोमवार की होनेवाली विशेष महासभा पर है। उल्हासनगर में साईं पार्टी की महापौर आशा जीवन इदनानी का शिवसेना और बीजेपी के साथ गठबंधन है। गठबंधन बनने के दौरान सभी पार्टियों का एक अग्रीमेंट हुआ था जिसमे सवा- सवा साल सभी पार्टी को देने का निश्चय हुआ था। लेकिन चूंकि शिवसेना ने गठबंधन के बावजूद 2009 में साईं पार्टी को महापौर पद देने के बजाय उनकी पार्टी को तोड़कर खुद महापौर पद पर कब्ज़ा जमा लिया था। इस बार साईं पार्टी एक तरह सेअपना बदला तो ले रही है। लेकिन कांग्रेस की जया साधवानी, राष्ट्रवादी के मनोज लासी ने महासभा में शिवसेना-बीजेपी और साईं पार्टी को आड़े हाथों लेते हुए कहा कि महापौर पद का मसला अपने घर में निपटा लें, यह उनका निजी अग्रीमेंट है इसके लिए महासभा जिम्मेदार नहीं है, और न ही उल्हासनगर की 10 लाख जनता, जो दोनों पार्टी की जिद के कारण तकलीफ सहन कर रही है। उधर एक रोचक घटनाक्रम के तहत कांग्रेस की जया साधवानी ने एक महीने का अपना पगार को लेने से यह कहकर इंकार कर दिया कि अगर वह जनता के लिए कोई काम नहीं कर पा रही हैं, तो उन्हें जनता के टैक्स से जमा पैसे लेने का भी कोई हक नहीं। शनिवार को महासभा शुरू होने से पहले मनपा में जाते समय उल्हासनगर के उपमहापौर जमनु पुरस्वानी को गेट पर रोक कर पुलिस ने परिचय पत्र मांगा, जिससे शिवसेना- बीजेपी नेता बौखला गए और मनपा के मुख्य द्वार पर बैठकर महापौर और पुलिस प्रशाशन के खिलाफ हाय हाय के नारे लगाए। वही पिछले दो महासभा में लगाए गए पुलिस बन्दोबस्त के चलते पुलिस प्रशाशन ने लगभग 11 लाख रुपये के खर्च का बिल मनपा को भेज दिया है। मनपा आयुक्त बालाजी ख़त गावकर का कहना है कि वह कोई पैसा नहीं भरेंगे, क्योंकि यह कायदा सुव्यवस्था से जुडा हुआ प्रश्न है। वे इसके लिए पुलिस आयुक्त से बात करेंगे।
2013-10-17Sachin Ahir: If buildings in Ulhasnagar could be r
Sachin Ahir: If buildings in Ulhasnagar could be retained, why not Campa Cola? DNA CORRESPONDENT | Thu, 17 Oct 2013-11:16am , Mumbai , DNA The residents of the Campa Cola Compound buildings who are facing demolition of their flats, were visited on Wednesday by Milind Deora and Sachin Ahir, their representatives in Parliament and the state legislature respectively, and extended their support to the troubled families. The two leaders told journalists after their meeting with the residents that the matter was before Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, and various legal options were being examined. The ministers also said they would seek to build political support to help save these houses. “If structures could be retained in Ulhasnagar, why not here,” asked Sachin Ahir, who is minister of state for housing. He was alluding to the ordinance issued by the state government seven years ago regularising 1.6 lakh illegal constructions in neighbouring Ulhasnagar. Deora said he had been in constant touch with the residents over the past six months after the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of 35 illegal floors in seven buildings. “I express my solidarity with the residents. I appreciate that they have led this campaign without taking the law into their own hands,” said Deora, who is also Union minister of state for communications, IT and shipping. Asked if any legal step to ward off demolition of the illegal floors could set a wrong precedent, the leaders said that this was an “unusual case”. “We will see that it doesn’t set a trend,” Ahir said. On Tuesday, members of the Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Brihanmumbai raised the issue at a meeting of the civic body and asked the chief minister intervene to regularise the floors within the permissible floor space index (FSI). The demolition has been hanging since April, after residents managed to secure repeated extensions from the apex court, allowing them time to find alternative accommodation. They are required to vacate by November 11, even as a review petition is pending before the Supreme Court.
2013-10-15?No leads in Ulhasnagar builder’s murder, say cops
No leads in Ulhasnagar builder’s murder, say cops Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Oct 15, 2013, 05.16 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: The police are yet to make any breakthrough in the case of the murder of a builder, Sajandas Mulchandani. Mulchandani's body was found at his office in Section 17, Ulhasnagar. Cops said that so far they have questioned more than 10 people. The police suspect business rivalry may be the prime motive in the crime as the assailants seem to have made away with documents and cash. The police also suspect that the murder may have taken place on Saturday night. No clues have been unearthed from CCTV footage, the police said.
2013-10-14Ulhasnagar builder killed, business rivalry suspec
Ulhasnagar builder killed, business rivalry suspected TNN | Oct 14, 2013, 05.24 AM IST ULHASNAGAR: A builder was found murdered in his office in Section 17, Ulhasnagar, on Sunday morning. The police suspect business rivalry to be behind the killing of Sajandas Mulchandani (57), whose body had stab wounds. The killers seem to have taken away a few documents and cash from the builder's bag, which was found open, the police said. Documents were found scattered all over the office. The police said Mulchandani might have been killed on Saturday night. He last spoke to his wife, on phone, at 7.30pm on Saturday and was to attend a Rotary Club programme before returning home late in the night.When he did not return home even two hours past midnight, his family contacted his friends to look for him. At 4am, Sunday, Mulchandani's son Mahesh went to his office, where he found his father in a pool of blood. Mahesh called up the Central police, who reached the spot, did a panchnama and sent the body for a post-mortem examination to Central Hospital, Ulhasnagar. "We have registered a murder case against unknown persons. We will probe all angles, including possible business rivalry," said Ashok Sakpale, senior inspector, Central police station. A few years ago, the builder's deceased sister's son Balraj was killed over "some issue". The police are probing if the two killings are in any way linked. They have collected CCTV footage from a mobile phone shop opposite Mulchandani's office. Ashok Bajaj, who runs a cellphone shop below it, said, "We are shocked. Mulchandani was a good-natured person."
2013-10-13BJP wants unauthorized buildings regularized
BJP wants unauthorized buildings regularized TNN | Oct 13, 2013, 02.19 AM IST PUNE: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will table a private bill during the winter session of state assembly seeking to regularise 66,500 unauthorised constructions in Pimpri Chinchwad on the lines of Ulhasnagar, said Vinod Tawade, leader of opposition in state legislative council while addressing a news conference at Akurdi on Saturday. He said that chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had given an assurance about regularizing unauthorized constructions in Pimpri Chinchwad by issuing an ordinance or introducing a bill. "But nothing has happened. Deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar who was in Chinchwad yesterday did not utter a single word about the unauthorised construction problem. So the BJP has taken a decision to introduce a private bill during the winter session," he said.Tawade stated that many projects have been delayed and many important decisions have not been taken by the state government with the Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) trying to outdo each other to claim credit for them. "The chief minister has kept pending a decision about cluster development in Thane. He had given assurance in the house that a solution will be found to the problem of unauthorised constructiuons in Pune, Mumbai and Thane, but nothing has happened till date," he said. Referring to the delay in catching the killers of anti-superstition crusader Narendra Dabholkar, Tawade said, "Two months have passed but the state government is unable to find his killers. The chief minister and home minister say that they have got some clues and the killers will be caught soon. But they have not been able to utilise the clues and nab the killers. Eighteen teams of the CID have been deployed for finding the killers but there is no success. It shows the inability of the state government and we suspect political motive behind the delay in cracking the case."Referring to the irrigation scam, Tawade said, "We will submit whatever proof we have to the Chitale committee investigating the scam." He demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged scam involving cattle camps set up in the state during summer. He said, "The opposition parties have enough evidence of the scam and involvement of some minister and his supporters," Tawade said. He said that there was a 26-22 seat sharing formula between BJP and Shiv Sena for the Lok Sabha election. "However the discussions on seat sharing are yet to begin. There might be exchange of some seats. We will have to give some seats to Republican Party of India (Athavale faction). The co-ordination committee meeting about seat sharing will be held next week", he added.

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