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2011-10-21Body found in forest, 3 held
Body found in forest, 3 held Nitasha Natu | TNN | Oct 21, 2011, 02.08 AM IST MUMBAI: After a search operation spanning 36 hours, the police finally found the body of Dahisar collegian Kaushik Jalawadia in the forest near Film City on Thursday. Three more persons have been arrested, including a woman, taking the total number of arrests to four. Kaushik was abducted and murdered over an old family feud. "We arrested Nitin Nisar (42), his sister Yogini Khirani (37) and Sunil Bhanushali alias Jadya (22)," said senior inspector Ansar Peerzade. A day earlier, the police had arrested Nitin's brother-in-law, Khajappa Dhar, who was instrumental in the abduction. The family feud dates back to 2008 when Kaushik's brother-in-law, Bharat Nisar, died after falling into a well at Bhavnagar in Gujarat. The Nisars suspected the Jalawadias of foul play. "Nitin and Yogini had given a contract of Rs 4 lakh to professional killers for bumping off Kaushik. Yogini is married and stays with her family at Matunga (Central). Nitin ran a shop, Star Electronics, at Dahisar East and was assisted by Khajappa," a police official said. Bhanushali resides at Borivli East and worked as a chauffeur. The Maruti Zen used for abducting Kaushik was driven by Bhanushali; it has been seized by the police. "We are looking for the contract killers-Laxman Shettiyaar, Raju Kalia and Don. A tribal who was roped in for disposing of the body is also being hunted," an official said. Investigators have learnt that Shettiyaar has a lengthy crime record and was the gang leader. "He has past cases of robbery registered in Ulhasnagar," said ACP Sunil Deshmukh. On Thursday, Khajappa led the police to the location where the body was buried.
Body found in forest, 3 held
2011-10-20Robber pulls woman off train, flees with handbag
Robber pulls woman off train, flees with handbag Dayanand Kamath, DNA Oct 20, 2011, 05:16 AM IST Mumbai: A 22-year-old woman fell off a train between Vittalwadi and Ulhasnagar stations on Monday night when a robber hiding behind a railway pole snatched her bag with a stick. She suffered injuries on her hands and legs. Robbers have been targeting women commuters using the same modus operandi. Ulhasnagar resident Pinki Sarang (name changed) was travelling in the second-class compartment, as she usually does, while returning from Dombivli, where she works in a private company. "The Karjat-bound train was crowded. When the train left the Vittalwadi station, I came near the door of the compartment to get down at Ulhasnagar," she said. The train slowed down between Vittalwadi and Ulhasnagar stations. When it reached below the flyover bridge, a man hiding behind the railway pole extended his stick fitted with hook and pulled her bag. "I lost my balance and fell off train. I was scared and screamed for help. The women commuters travelling in the same compartment tried pulling the alarm chain but the train didn't stop. While I lay on the ground injured and in pain, the robber snatched my shoulder bag and fled," said Sarang. She had Rs 1,000 and a mobile phone in her bag. Ten minutes later, a policeman and four railway porters arrived with a stretcher. "My head was bleeding profusely and my legs and hands were injured. I was rushed to the Central Hospital at Ulhasnagar," said Sarang. She was discharged from the hospital the next day. She said she could see her assailant's face clearly in the dark as he was wearing a cap. "We have registered a case of robbery and a manhunt has been launched to nab him," said senior Inspector AR Jagtap.
2011-10-17NGO owner whistleblower faces rape charge third ti
NGO owner whistleblower faces rape charge third time YOGESH PAWAR | Mon, 17 Oct 2011-08:30am , Mumbai , DNA If you thought warnings, assaults and murder threats are all a vengeful mafia can do to get back at whistleblowers, think again. Hira Bulani who runs Foundation One India, a Thane-based NGO, knows better. Bulani has been thrown into prison twice on rape charges which have been proven false. While he sought bail after 70 days of incarceration in the first instance, this time, 55 days later, Bulani has refused to seek bail and said he wants the police to nab the betting mafia, which is framing him for exposing them. His distraught wife Shivar broke down and wondered why she and her daughter were being put through such misery. “It all began in June 2009 when my husband sold his Ulhasnagar flat to Anil Jaisinghani who reneged on the payment. While fighting it out, he was asked to back off due to the latter’s connection with the betting mafia,” she alleged. “Hira went on pursuing the issue and exposed how the gang was using Indian students studying abroad for opening accounts in London betting companies and operating them from India dealing in hundreds of crores through an international betting syndicate spread over India, Dubai, Australia and London.” “He was warned that he will be bumped off or framed in long-winding cases,” she recounts, “I had a foreboding that these weren’t good people, and kept fearing the worst.” And sure enough, Bulani was booked by sub-inspector Ajay Kamble of the Ulhasnagar police station, for rape on the complaint of a woman who the Bulanis claim they have never seen or met. This led to 70 days in custody from August 4 till October 7, 2010, when he was given bail by the high court. This too was challenged by the other side but the Supreme Court threw their petition out. On August 22, 2011, the police came to arrest Hira over another rape charge. “We tried telling sub-inspector Digambar Bhadane the background and pleaded that this case was being falsely foisted, but my husband was taken away while we watched helpless,” she said. Ulhasnagar DCP Shivaji Rathod later found that “the rape case had been filed without verifying facts or following due procedure,” and suspended Bhadane on September 19. Rathod said, “In light of the new information and the forensic reports, we are looking at the case afresh. I have given instructions that we should ensure that due procedure is adhered to.” “While I know he will come home absolved of all charges, every passing day makes me wonder how long we will have to wait for justice,” said Shivar.
2011-10-12Cop hit for funky hairstyle of boy
'Cop hit me as he didn't like my funky hairstyle' 2011-10-12 Mumbai 24-year-old collegian says senior inspector from Kolsewadi police station abused and thrashed him after he found his hair 'like a girl's' Comb down the cool quotient if you walk by Senior Inspector Jagdish Lohalkar; he cannot tolerate trendy hair dos, claims a collegian whose hairstyle allegedly raised the hackles of the cop high enough to assail him. Rajesh Keshav Ram (24), a student of CHM College in Ulhasnagar, has complained against the inspector from Kolsewadi police station in Kalyan for assaulting him for sporting a funky hairstyle. Incidentally, he wears his hair long. A resident of Shantabai Chawl, Kalyan (E), he has written to the police commissioner of Thane and the home minister against the alleged atrocity.On October 8, a little after noon, Ram dropped by a diner in Katemanivali area for brunch. "My parents are out of town so I have been eating out," he explained. According to his complaint, around 12.40 pm Inspector Lohalkar came to Jaya restaurant. The inspector saw him and started spewing profanity for no apparent reason. When Ram asked him why he was behaving rudely, the officer commented on his hair - reportedly too effeminate for him - and started slapping him. 'Too girly' "The inspector abused and thrashed me, saying that I had worn my hair like a girl," Ram said. "He grabbed me by the hair and hit me across the face many times, following which I lost my balance and crashed on the street." At this point, one of his knees got injured severely and started bleeding, he said. According to Rajesh, his funky hairstyle peeved Lohalkar no end. "He then started accusing me of teasing the girls in the area," Ram said. "After venting his rage, he forcibly took away Rs 400 from my pocket." Ram claimed that he saw more than six other youngsters loaded in Lohalkar's police jeep. After the incident, Ram penned a complaint letter (copy with MiD DAY) to Lohalkar's superiors, including a DCP, Police Commissioner, Thane, and the home minister, seeking justice from the authorities. Sources say Lohalkar is prone to abusing his power, and residents in Ulhasnagar are fed up of the officer's autocracy. "Lohalkar makes a bad impression on the youth. He abuses youngsters and even women when he patrols the area," said an NCP leader on the condition of anonymity. The other side Lohalkar denied all the allegations made by Ram, and made some new ones. "Rajesh is an associate of a kidney thief called Suraj Khan. He lives in an area under the command of another police station and comes to eve-tease girls in my jurisdiction. Local women have welcomed the action I have taken against him," said Lohalkar. "These claims are rubbish. You can judge by my record that these accusations are not right."
Cop hit for funky hairstyle of boy
2011-10-11Bumpy roads led to her birth!
Bumpy roads led to her birth! 2011-10-11 Mumbai Doctors say that the potholed ride towards the maternity home, unknowingly built adequate pressure inside the womb to safely deliver a healthy baby girl While potholes have left most of the Mumbaikars with sore backs, broken limbs, miscarriages and at times even loss of innocent lives, Rekha Chaudhari, a 25-year-old Ulhasnagar resident, owes her 'safe delivery' to a stretch of one such pathetic road. Rekha, who was on her way to Ulhasnagar Central Maternity Home in Camp number IV with her husband Shankar, delivered a healthy baby girl en route. According to the doctors, the jerks that Rekha received while travelling in an autorickshaw on a stretch of pothole-ridden road unknowingly helped her build adequate pressure inside the womb to safely push the baby out. The scene Rekha started experiencing labour pain in the wee hours of Monday morning following which Shankar immediately arranged for a rickshaw, so that she could be shifted to the maternity home. But before the Chaudharis could safely reach the hospital, the bumpy ride miraculously aided Rekha to safely deliver the baby girl. Rekha said, "I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and my husband owns a grocery shop in Subhash Tekdi. I was scared after the auto started wobbling over every pothole. My husband tried supporting me, so that I could remain steady and don't harm the baby. I am happy that my child is safe." Here, Shankar added, "It's a miracle. Every time the vehicle passed over a pothole, I had my heart in my mouth. Thankfully, God was with us." It's a miracle The route to Subhash Tekdi via Kamnai Road, which the Chaudharis were plying on, is ridden with potholes. Every time the auto driver would hit a pothole, the couple cursed him. However, now they can't stop thanking him. "The potholes built pressure on Rekha's womb. The jerks, in fact, helped her to push the baby out of the womb. It was the father who caught the baby and rushed them to the hospital," said Nanda Sawant, Dean of the hospital. "We immediately took Rekha and the baby to the surgery room and cut the umbilical cord. The baby weighs around 2.75 kgs. Both, the mother and the child, are doing well."
Bumpy roads led to her birth!
2011-10-08Policemans daughter calls hubbys cop bluff
Policeman’s daughter calls hubby’s cop bluff Pradeep Gupta | TNN | Updated: Oct 8, 2011, 06.40 AM IST Kalyan: A Kalyan resident, who posed as a cop to impress women and marry them, is now cooling his heels behind bars after his second wife, the daughter of an actual policeman, exposed him. The thrice-married man has turned out to be a driver with a car rental agency. The local crime branch, which arrested Mahesh Aaglave (30) from his home on Mohane Road in Kalyan (W) on Friday morning, said he would introduce himself as a policeman as he thought that with his "powerful profession", he could easily seduce women. Though none of the women was aware of Aaglave's other wives, it was his second wife who started having doubts about his profession. Familiar with a policeman's life, she suspected something was amiss as Aaglave never mentioned any criminal case or received any call about his assignments, the police said. Sceptical, she contacted the officers of the Ulhasnagar crime branch—where Aaglave claimed to work—and learnt that he was not part of the force. Following that, she approached the Kalyan crime branch that arrested Aaglave from his home; they also recovered a duplicate police identity card and his motorcycle that had a "police" sticker on it. "Though Aaglave was caught for impersonating policeman, an investigation revealed that Aaglave was married thrice. He would mostly targeted divorced women; both his first and third wives are divorcees," said Bharat Nimbalkar, senior inspector from the Kalyan crime branch. He married the first wife, a woman from Sholapur, seven years ago and the two of them have a six-year-old daughter. Aaglave separated from her two years ago. In July, he started hanging around Birla College in Kalyan where he targeted one of the students, said the police, adding that he started having physical relations with her after promising to marry her. They got married in August and within a few weeks, Aagalve got involved with a third woman, a resident of Ulhasnagar, the police said. He married her two weeks ago. Based on the second wife's complaint, six members of Aaglave's family—parents, brother, sister and two relatives—were arrested as they were aware of his fraud and were party to it. The police are now probing if Aaglave have cheated other women. He has been remanded in police custody till October 10.
2011-10-06Maharashtra stares at power cuts again
Maharashtra stares at power cuts again Chittaranjan Tembhekar | TNN | Oct 6, 2011, 01.31 AM IST MUMBAI: Maharashtra as well as parts of Mumbai will once again face load-shedding due to power shortage. In urban areas, cuts may last for between two to six hours, while in the rural areas, it could last between four to 11 hours a day.In the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), areas like Mulund, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan-Dombivli, Bhiwandi, Ulhasnagar, Nalasopara, Vasai-Virar, Panvel, Alibaug and Badlapur already face power cuts for a minimum of two hours a day. Shortage of coal due to the recent Telangana agitation has affected power generation. The October heat has triggered high power demand. There has also been a rise in power consumption by the agriculture sector. Moreover, the state power regulator, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) recently rejected state electricity distribution company MSEDCL's application for interim tariff hike to recover a deficit of Rs 5,097 crore. According to officials, MSEDCL has submitted a review petition for a hike of 60 paise per unit to tide over the crisis."Foreseeing the surge in demand, MSEDCL had already planned and tied up the required quantum of power from different sources. Power is also available in the market. But due to extreme financial crunch, the company is not able to pay for it. Earlier, load-shedding was resorted to because of non-availability of power. Now it is happening despite power being available. This is because of MERC refusing interim tariff hike," said a senior official in the power ministry. However, MERC has been strongly objecting to the attitude of the state power generation and distribution wings in giving proper financial details of power plants and generation which, MERC sources said, was affecting tariff calculations. "There are chances that load-shedding hours might get increased further after October 10," said power ministry sources.

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