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2009-10-31Civic body blames crash on developer
Civic body blames crash on developer Nitin Yeshwantrao | TNN | Oct 31, 2009, 03.12 AM IST THANE: The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) has filed a case against the developer of the ill-fated Sanmukh Sadan, holding him responsible for the death of two persons and injuries to six other residents in Thursday's crash. Municipal commissioner Ashok Bageshwar said the five-storeyed building in the prime Nehru Chowk area of Ulhasnagar was an illegal structure. He said the residents had applied for regularisation of the building under the special law enacted for Ulhasnagar township, but the structure was not regularised. "As of now, we have registered an offence of culpable homicide not amounting to murder against Sunil Rohara, who is said to have constructed the building. The corporation has also announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs 1 lakh to the relatives of the dead and Rs 25,000 for those injured in the crash,'' Bageshwar told TOI. He added that rescue operations were almost over, after 28 hours of laborious work of digging under the rubble. The two deceased are Swati Gaikwad and Shanti Rajkumar Chugh. The six injured are undergoing treatment at the hospital. BJP MLA from Ulhasnagar, Kumar Aylani, met Thane collector Abasaheb Jarhad in his office and demanded speedy disposal of all requests for regularisation of structures. "People have not given their consent for regularisation of their old structures. There is a dispute about the fine payable to the state government as locals here feel that it is on the higher side. We have requested the collector to expedite all cases concerning regularisation of illegal buildings,'' Aylani said. Locals said the building was constructed in 1995 on a plot which was earlier used by a printing press. Former Ulhasnagar mayor Hardas Makhija is a resident of the same building. Most of the building residents had vacated the premises 10 days ago to facilitate repair and reconstruction work. "We have reports that the residents came back a day prior to the building collapse after getting a clearance about the safety standards by one architect. We are inquiring into all aspects of the case,'' Bageshwar said.
2009-10-30Five killed in building collapse
Five killed in building collapse DEVENDRA T GOREGAONKAR | DEEPTI ACHARYA | Fri, 30 Oct 2009-02:01am , Mumbai , DNA Five persons, three of them women, died and eight were injured when a portion of a five-storey building collapsed at Ulhasnagar on Wednesday. One of those killed was identified as Swati Gaikwad, 23. The mishap took place at about 3pm, leaving 30 people trapped under the debris. Rescue work was on till late into the night. The building, Sanamukh Sadan, at Nehru Chowk in Ulhasnagar Camp 2, housed 25 flats. Locals said the building, built in 1995, was undergoing major repairs. It had been vacant until last week. Just a few days ago, building architect Mulchand Sonesar allowed some families to move back in, though the repairs were not over. Every flat owner in the building had paid Rs25,000 for the repairs, said a resident. A rubber factory, located next to the building, was damaged. Fortunately, no worker was in the factory at the time. Seven of the injured were identified as Shantiraj Rajkumar Chug, Amarsingh Labhan, Renuka Tribhuvan, Dhanvantari Ahuja, Guddi Ansari, Nishika Gaikwad, and Smitika Gaikwad. They were admitted to the Ulhasnagar Central and Sion hospitals. Rescue teams from the municipal corporations of Ulhasnagar, Thane, Kalyan-Dombivli, and Bhiwandi-Nizampur rushed to the spot. Seven fire engines from Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Ambernath, one earthmover, and eight ambulances were called in. The area being a congested market place, the rescue teams had a tough time reaching the spot. Ulhasnagar municipal commissioner Ashok Bageshwar said, “No permission was taken for repairing the building. Small repairs do not require permission. But for any major repair or renovation, prior permission is a must.” Another civic official said Sanamukh Sadan was one of the 855 buildings declared illegal in 2005. A small-scale industry unit employing 30 people was housed on the first floor of the building. Luckily, there was no one there when it collapsed.
2009-10-30Another building in Ulhasnagar coming apart
Another building in Ulhasnagar coming apart DEVENDRA T GOREGAONKAR | DEEPTI ACHARYA | Fri, 30 Oct 2009-02:47am , Thane , DNA Shockingly, within 24 hours of the collapse of Sanamukh Sadan on Thursday, which killed five persons, another building, Krishna Market, located 10 metres away from the spot of mishap, was vacated as it developed cracks and was declared dangerous by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) on Friday. Thursday’s collapse Meanwhile, the rescue operations at five-storey Sanamukh Sadan, located at Gajanan Market near Nehru Chowk in Ulhasnagar camp no 2, were on till Friday evening. Luckily, as the repair work in the building was being carried out, the residents had movedout. However, two days ago, some families had returned to their houses. But, the number of people present in the building at the time of mishap is unknown. Dhanwanti Ahuja, one of the injured, said, “Ascertaining the number is difficult.” The police have, so far, registered the deaths of two persons Swati Gaikwad, 28, and Mala Rajkumar Chug, 26. Problems faced As the building is located in a congested locality with narrow roads, the rescue teams found it difficult to carry out their operations. Rescue teams from Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC), Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) and Bhiwandi-Nizampur Municipal Corporation (BNMC), seven fire engines from Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Ambernath, one JCB, eight ambulances were deployed for the rescue work.
2009-10-29Building Collapse in Ulhasnagar
Doctor cheats death by 3 hrs By: Vaidehi Limaye Date: 2009-10-30 Place: Mumbai Eye surgeon left her clinic in building three hours before it collapsed at 2 pm yesterday The Sanmukh Sadan collapse in Ulhasnagar yesterday could have ended on a more gruesome note for the three families living in the illegal building. The 13-year-old building, which had been vacated by all but three of the around 20 families who lived there to facilitate repairs, collapsed at 2 pm yesterday. The collapse left Swati Gaikwad (25), a maidservant, dead. Six were seriously injured. Kiran Mangnani (28), an eye surgeon, who runs a hospital in the building, left the building at 11 am to visit her in-laws. Three hours later the building collapsed. ALL FALL DOWN: Sanmukh Sadan, the 13-year-old building in Ulhasnagar, collapsed yesterday killing one and injuring six others. "I lived in the building but moved out when the repair work began. However, I kept my clinic open. I closed early on Friday because I had no patients. Thank God, I left or I would have been dead by now," said Mangnani. Yet another resident Chandan K and his family, who were on the second floor of the building at the time of the collapse, had a near miraculous escape. "I was taking a nap after lunch. One moment, I was sleeping peacefully. The next, I was buried under a mesh of iron rods and debris for over 15 minutes till I was rescued. Three more hours passed before my mother and sister were rescued," said Chandan. Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner Ashok Bagesh said municipal civil engineers had warned the residents to repair the crack in the rear section of the building if they wanted to ward off an imminent collapse. "The residents had been warned that the building would fall. As predicted, on the very first day of repairs, the building collapsed," said Bagesh. Kumar Alani, the mayor of Ulhasnagar, said, "We think there are more people under the debris. We are working hard to clear the rubble as soon as possible." Eyewitness Says Priya Ramchandran (32), was cooking for her family in her home in another building when Sanmukh Sadan collapsed. "There was a deafening crash and the building collapsed like a pack of cards. I was covered in dust, so was everything around me, including the food, and furniture," she said. More Collapses March 2006: Seven schoolchildren and a teacher suffered injuries after a 12-ft compound wall of an under-construction building at Sec 25 of Camp No 4, Ulhasnagar, collapsed March 1999: A residential building Saideep Palace collapsed in lane number 4, injuring almost 28 families 855 The number of unauthorised buildings in Ulhasnagar as per the Bombay High Court
Building Collapse in Ulhasnagar
2009-10-24Pappu Kalani lost to the BJP
Thane’s bad boys lose out Submitted by Sarthak Gupta on Sat, 10/24/2009 - 18:13 Thane district’s two politicians infamous for their alleged criminal links have suffered in the Assembly polls. In Ulhasnagar, MLA Pappu Kalani lost to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kumar Ailani, while in Vasai-Virar, Hitendra Thakur’s outfit, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) lost the Vasai seat to his rival Vivek Pandit. Both Kalani and Thakur have done jail time for several years since the early1990s, under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act. In Ulhasnagar, a Sindhi-majority town in Thane district, Kalani’s loss to Ailani was the first time he lost the seat since he first won it in 1990. He was mayor of Ulhasnagar when he was elected Congress MLA in 1990. After his arrest, he was expelled from the party but managed to get reelected as an independent in 1995 and 1999, and then in the 2004 Assembly election on a Republican Party of India ticket. This time, Ailani defeated him by 7,538 votes. Kalani’s defeat comes two years after his outfit lost power in the Ulhasnagar civic body after nearly two decades. Kalani’s wife is the Nationalist Congress Party’s Ulhasnagar unit chief. In Vasai-Virar, Thakur fielded candidates in four constituencies, and won two – Boisar and Nalasopara. In political circles, the shocker was the BVA’s defeat in Vasai, considered Thakur’s stronghold. BVA candidate Narayan Mankar was defeated by Shiv Sena leader-turned-independent Vivek Pandit by 16,798 votes. Pandit has been locked in a bitter tussle with Thakur for the last two decades. Thakur, the brother of gangster Bhai Thakur, was first elected as Congress MLA in 1990, but expelled from the party after his arrest. Like Kalani, he was elected as an independent in the 1995, 1999 and 2004 elections. Recently, his candidate Baliram Jadhav was elected MP from Palghar in Thane district. Of the two BVA candidates who won this time, one is his son Kshitij (from Nalasopara), who also happens to be the youngest MLA in the new Assembly.
2009-10-22Kumar Ailani(BJP) won the election in Ulhasnagar
Mafia dons humbled at the ballot 10/22/2009, 3:30:04 PM by IANS Mumbai Oct 22 (IANS) Two former underworld bosses, Arun Gawli of Mumbai and Suresh alias Pappu Kalani of Ulhasnagar in Thane district, bit the dust in Maharashtra’s assembly polls, results of which were declared Thursday. Gawli, or ‘Daddy’ as he is popularly referred to by his supporters was trounced from Byculla constituency for his second stint in the Maharashtra legislature by Congressman Madhu Chavan. Similarly, Kalani, a four-time legislator, was humbled at the hands of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Kumar Ailani. For both Chavan and Ailani, it was sweet revenge - in the past, the duo suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of Gawli and Kalani respectively. Both Gawli and Kalani, prior to their achieving a ‘reformed’ status, encountered a variety of serious charges against them like murder, contract killings, extortion and kidnapping. Both were jailed before becoming legislators. Gawli fought the current elections from behind bars on an Akhil Bharatiya Sena (ABS) ticket. Gawli lived in the fortified Dagdi Chawl in south Mumbai. Despite the fortifications around him, he constantly dreaded the late police officer Vijay Salaskar, who was gunned down while battling the Pakistani terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks last year. Incidentally, while Gawli was once wooed by the Shiv Sena and even referred to as a ‘Hindu don’ to counter the ‘Muslim don’ Dawood Ibrahim. Kalani was first with the Congress, then with Republican Party of India and flirted briefly with Nationalist Congress Party. While Kalani wielded an iron grip over the city of Ulhasnagar, Gawli presented a soft, father-figure image before the masses. When in custody, the businesses of both the men were looked after by their wives - Asha Gawli and Jyoti Kalani. Gawli has interests in real estate while Kalani owns a liquor brewery and also dabbled in realty.
Kumar Ailani(BJP) won the election in Ulhasnagar
2009-10-12Poor infrastructure, hygiene hurt most
Poor infrastructure, hygiene hurt most KIRAN TARE | Mon, 12 Oct 2009-03:52am , Mumbai , DNA Working class dominates the six assembly segments of Kalyan parliamentary constituency - Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Kalyan (E), Kalyan (rural), Dombivli and Mumbra-Kalwa. The problems in this Marathi voter dominant constituency include power shortage, pathetic infrastructure, lack of higher educational institutes and the sick industrial units. The area is considered a Shiv Sena-BJP bastion and the alliance has scope to repeat its good performance in the Lok Sabha polls. But factors like the MNS and the Republic Democratic Left Front (RDLF) cannot be ignored. Octroi is another big issue in these assembly constituencies. The small traders have been demanding from the successive governments to abolish the same but no action has been taken on their demands. RDLF supporters will play a major role in Ambernath (SC) constituency. The constituency is the industrial hub of the area but due to financial crisis the industries are rapidly falling sick. Ulhasnagar, known for the duplicate brands manufactured here, wants to erase that image and emerge as industrial hub in real sense. But lack of infrastructure and visionary leadership has become a hurdle in the process. Kalyan (E) and Kalyan (rural) are the new constituencies as a result of the delimitation exercise. The rural areas surrounding cities like Kalyan and Dombivli included in these constituencies, need basic infrastructure like water, road and electricity the most. The villages in this area do not want to be included in the Kalyan-Dombivli municipal corporation as the villagers cannot afford the taxes. But there is a thought that gram panchyats cannot develop the area. Some political parties have demanded a collective municipal council. Though Dombivli is the most developed, the problem is the city does not have any big educational institute for higher studies. The residents are dependent on the railway for travel to Thane and Mumbai. The demand for a road parallel to the railway track is pending since a long time. Mumbra-Kalwa is also struggling against shortage of power and pathetic infrastructure. The constituency is dubbed as the most unhygienic area of Thane. Good living conditions is the only demand of the residents.
2009-10-08Rotary Club faces court ire for boys death
Rotary Club faces court ire for boy’s death MAYURA JANWALKAR | Thu, 8 Oct 2009-02:25am , DNA The Bombay high court on Wednesday asked the police why the organisers of a show, who were responsible for a 14-year-old boy dying after being electrocuted by a live wire, were not booked for causing death by negligence. Ulhasnagar resident Abhishek Malani was electrocuted at a food stall outside the auditorium that staged a show of 'Jaanta Raja', a Marathi play, on May 21. His father, Vivek Malani, moved the high court after the police refused to register an FIR, and filed an accidental death report instead. The court was informed that an FIR had been registered in August. Additional public prosecutor AS Gadkari told the court that the Rotary Club president and the event organiser were arrested and later, released on bail. Devendra Jain, president of the Rotary Club, Ambernath, filed an affidavit, stating that he was not liable for the negligence that led to Abhishek's death. Although the incident was "unfortunate", Jain's advocate, SR Chitnis, contended that the tragedy was to be blamed on the event organiser, Devendra Gupta. "It is the responsibility of you both. They blame the boy and say that he died because of his bad luck?" said an irked justice Bilal Nazki. "You (Rotary Club) are involved in charities and you say you have no liability towards the boy's family?" The court asked the police to explain why the organisers should not be booked under section 304 part I of the IPC, which refers to causing death by negligence. "If they are out on bail, we will order their arrest again," justice Nazki said. Malani's advocate Ashok Mishra said the next hearing of the case was slotted for Friday.

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