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October-2006 News & Updates from the City of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar, Maharashtra, India. Ulhasnagar City News indexed across timeline for easy retrieval.

2006-10-30Third airport proposed, this one in Kalyan
If a Maharashtra Government proposal sent recently to the Civil Aviation Ministry is approved, Mumbai will get a third airport—this one in Kalyan, 53 km north-east of the city. The second one is planned in Navi Mumbai. Confirming the development, Chief Secretary D K Shankaran told Newsline: ‘’There is an old, small airport spread across 1,900 acres near Kalyan, which has not been in operation for many years. As it was lying unused, and air traffic is increasing, we thought of planning another airport. It will help divert air traffic from Mumbai.’’ Advertisement Sources said the land is with the Defence Ministry and the state will have to first acquire it. Locals like M Goel recall how the now defunct airstrip on the Haji Malang Road was ‘’an active base during British times’’. “I remember people had walked long distances in the 1970s to reach the airstrip when Rajiv Gandhi landed here to deliver a lecture at the Birla College,’’ added Manish Chauvan. Industry watchers, however, feel that the proposal for an airport at Kalyan is ‘’unrealistic’’. ‘’The Navi Mumbai airport project has taken more than 16 years to take off. And even now the project’s success will rest in connecting the airport to the city. At least in the case of Navi Mumbai these issues have been thought of, and solutions are being worked on. The Kalyan plan will have difficulties like transportation, investment, catchment area, to name just a few,’’ said an industry source.
2006-10-29Government neglects metrology office
Several basic amenities are lacking at the office of the Inspector of Legal Metrology, Ulhasnagar. This office, which falls under the Government of Maharashtra Food and Civil Supplies Department is responsible for the control and efficient functioning of all weighing machines and measuring systems in shops and workshops in the suburbs of Ulhasnagar, Ambarnath, Badlapur and Vangani. The office functions from a barrack in camp number 5. The office has a workforce of three people, namely one Inspector, one field manager and a peon. Though the government earns in lakhs as revenue from this department, pays no attention to its sorry state of affairs. The structure was constructed in 1947 when barracks came up in Ulhasnagar to accommodate Sindhi refugees. In the rains that wrought havoc last year, water seeped in through the roofs and destroyed several important documents. “Now the roof has grass growing on it. It was leaking heavily during the rains. The office needs to be repaired urgently. Further, this office has no provision of drinking water and telephone connection. If the government is not repairing the structure, the office should be shifted to a rented room,” suggests one of the officials from the department.
Government neglects metrology office
2006-10-29Meri Aawaz Suno
One can find 60- year- old Sarvar Bharti roaming around the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation building and asking passers by to listen to his poetry. Bharti, a poet with five published books to his credit has no listeners today. Bharti came to Ulhasnagar in 1980 and joined the Janwadi Lekhak Sang and since then has been devoting most of his time writing Hindi and Urdu poems, five of which have been published in the past decade. Bharti’s poems are a reflection of the present condition of society, human relationships and life’s daily problems. "I have observed and felt many times in my life that the poems which I used to write regarding family and human relationship have come to reality in my own life. I had written a poem about a person who worked as a daily wage laborer and maintained his family of six with whatever he earned. Festivals used to worry him as at that time they have holidays forcing him to sit at home without earning anything. During Diwali his four children ask for new clothes and goodies which he was unable to provide as he could not earn anything at that time. I have also faced similar problems at several occasions in my life making the story in my poetry real," sighs Bharti.
Meri Aawaz Suno
2006-10-29Ulhasnagar teacher translates Bachan’s Madhushal
Retired from work, but not from thoughts appears to be the motto of Vasant Bagul, a resident of Ulhasnagar. A retired schoolteacher, he recently received much acclaim for Madiralay, his Marathi translation of Harivanshrai Bachchan’s Madhushala - a landmark book in the history of Hindi poetry. On asked why he chose to translate Madhushala from all the other poetries, he says, he got acquainted with the poetry through Urdu shayaris that he read in Marathi. He then started to read Urdu and found that Hindi and Urdu were very closely related. About Madhushala, he says, the book was released in 1930, but has seen a steady increase of readers in every decade. Trends in poetry and literature in general in Maharashtra kept changing but Madhushala is still a favourite for many.
Ulhasnagar teacher translates Bachan’s Madhushal
2006-10-26Couple kill drunkard son
Sixty-five-year old Yashwant Maruti Pawar and wife Shantabai allegedly killed their 23-year-old son Vishwas at Madrasi Pada near Ulhasnagar railway station, Ulhasnagar (E) who was constantly harassing them after getting drunk. The police have arrested both on charges of murder. In her statement to the police, one of the accused, Shantabai finally confessed saying that her son Vishwas was unemployed and a drug addict and alcoholic. However, even then they were looking after him. But a few days back, Vishwas in a drunken state, allegedly tried to act physical with her mother and sister. Shantabai also mentioned that it was during that night that she had made up her mind to kill him and just waited for the right opportunity.
2006-10-21International astrological conference held at Ulha
In order to bring jewels of ancient sciences from all over the world together, Ulhasnagar observed an International astrological, vaastu and gemological conference. The three-day conference from October 15 to 17 was organized by Kaljayi Prachin and jyotish, Vaastu Shodh Sansthan at Hira hall situated in Ulhasnagar. “The sole purpose of organising international jyotish conference was to bring the experts of vaastu, astrology and spiritual science on a common platform,” informed Prakash Dera, Maharashtra president of the Sansthan. The conference was attended by around 50 astrologers, vaastu consultants, feng shui experts and tarot card readers, palm readers from Nepal and all over India. Over 500 audiences attended this three-day conference. Yogi Sunil Suri, director of Om Sidhh Maha Mrityunjay Yoga and Jyotish Sansthan was very upset by the growing number of ashrams and astrologers without proper training and orientation. “People end up calling themselves astrologers without proper training that results in deteriorating the reputation of astrology,” said Suri.
2006-10-2110 years of UMC’s failure
On this October 21, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) will complete 10 years of its existence. The corporation, which started off as a council on October 2, 1960, was upgraded as a municipal corporation on October 21, 1996. Ever since its inception, leaders cutting across the political spectrum have maintained a negative approach towards running the corporation. The first election to the corporation was held in 1997 and the Shiv Sena-BJP camp came to power. They ruled the corporation for the next two years. The corporation did not make any remarkable progress in these two years. In the year 2000, the NCP-Congress alliance came to power. Jyoti Kalani, wife of MLA Papu Kalani, became the chairman of the standing committee in the same year. The difference in budget figures of the corporation for the first year and the current year would make one believe that the corporation has achieved remarkable growth in the past 10 years. However, the reality is far away. In 1996-97, the UMC had proposed a budget amount of Rs 38.06 crores and for the year 2006-07, the budget amount is 197.30 crores.
10 years of UMC’s failure
2006-10-15Starters and more
What’s any festival without some mouth watering delights to go with it? So, we got two renowned chefs to share some of their best recipes for starters that will definitely get your taste buds in a tizzy Arun Pansare is a chef at Mayur Hotel, Ulhasnagar. A resident of Kalyan, cooking is his vocation as well as avocation. Besides, he likes watching football, talk shows and likes to experiment new dishes that are demonstrated by Sanjeev Kapoor and Rakesh Sethi on TV. He culls out two recipes that are a great hit with the Ulhasnagar crowd and are unique to Mayur Hotel. “These are savoury delicacies that will set your taste-buds dancing and leave you yearning for more,” he adds.
Starters and more
2006-10-15Exhibition of Diwali items
Diwali is colloquially known as the ’festival of lights.’ The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) is cashing in on the festival to bring lights into the lives of women living below poverty line. In order to display the works of self employed groups throughout Ulhasnagar, the corporation has organised a week-long exhibition of their products before the festival. The exhibition is being held at the Boat Club situated near Hira Ghat in Camp 3. The exhibition, which began from October 11, will continue till 17. "Of the 22 municipal corporations throughout the state of Maharashtra, UMC is the first to organise such an exhibition," informs Yuvraj Badhane, public relation officer of the corporation
Exhibition of Diwali items
2006-10-15Fine Dining - Suburban Style!
Dhananjay Kudalkar now rarely visits posh Mumbai hotels for that international feel and service. These days, when this Dombivli- based senior manager with a Navi-Mumbai multinational wants to unwind on weekends, he usually prefers a suburban top-notch hotel. "Till a few years ago, the distant central suburbs had practically no good restaurants. Now, things are changing fast. With the boom in expensive properties and new upscale housing projects coming up in the towns like Kalyan or Ambernath, the attendant culture of chic malls and classy restaurants have also arrived here," says this trim connoisseur. And a concomitant concept of fine dining as part of quality lifestyle has been subtly introduced in the changing scenario. "We are ready to pay for quality but want good food, prompt service and a soothing ambience that should act as a relaxant," declares Dr Mahendra Kamath, a gynecologist of Dombivli. Both Kudalkar and Dr Kamath often like to go out to high-end eating joints in neighbouring Kalyan or Ulhasnagar for that elusive thing called customer satisfaction.
Fine Dining - Suburban Style!
2006-10-12Ulhasnagar quack cashes in on citys chikungunya
While health authorities are having a hard time clarifying that the area is not yet affected by ‘Chikungunya’, a doctor from Ulhasnagar, with doubtful credentials, is making a fast buck by treating hundreds of patients for the disease. Hundreds queue up outside his clinic at Basant Bahar Road in Ulhasnagar every day, where Dr Chotu prescribes all sorts of medicine. His signboard, however, makes no mention of his qualifications, but mentions the words ‘physician’ and ‘surgeon’. The doctor, himself, claims he is a graduate in Unani medicine and surgery (BUMS), but has no answer when asked why he hasn’t mentioned his degree on the signboard. When Mumbai Mirror contacted Dr Chotu asking him to provide his registration number for verification with the Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine (MCIM), he was reluctant to give it and instead asked the reporter to visit him to ‘settle’ the issue. “Please come and meet me and we will settle the matter. Whatever you want or need can be taken care off. I have been practising for a long time and am also the special executive magistrate and have a reputation here. I gave been busy for the past few days looking after chikungunya patients who are in large number in Ulhasnagar,” said Dr Chotu. MCIM authorities find it strange and feel that the doctor in question could be a quack. “Every doctor needs to mention his degree and qualifications on his signboard. If an individual asks the doctor his registration number, he has to provide the same. In this case, the concerned doctor is a fake and by dispensing medicine, is endangering the lives of people,” said Dr C G Kolte, President, MCIM. “Under no circumstances can a doctor practise without a registration number. And he must display the registration certificate prominently in his clinic,” said Dr Kolte, adding that the MCIM will probe the matter and take action. Dr Chotu’s Aasha Deep clinic is also a five-bed nursing home with testing facilities. He charges an average of Rs 30 from each patient and prescribes medicines from his clinic. When this reporter visited Dr Chotu posing as a patient’s relative, there was no registration or degree certificate seen in his consulting chamber. When asked to provide a visiting card for future reference, Dr Chotu refused. Meanwhile, Dr Rajesh Thakur, general secretary, Ulhasnagar Medical Association denied that Dr Chotu was a member with the organisation. He is not associated even with the Indian Medical Association (IMA). “We do not accept anybody in our body who does not have a registration number or proper qualification,” said Dr Mahendra Rochani, general secretary, IMA, Ulhasnagar.
Ulhasnagar quack cashes in on citys chikungunya
2006-10-12Seven contractors serving the Ulhasnagar Municipal
When all else fails, strip! That’s what contractors serving Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) resorted to after they got tired of the lethargic administration that kept their bills worth Rs 12 crore pending for three years. Seven contractors stripped in the Ulhasnagar commissioner’s office on Wednesday afternoon to get their dues. But instead, they were detained by local police station and abused by UMC commissioner Sadashiv Kamble. Rajesh Sudhija, secretary of the Ulhasnagar Contractor’s Association (UCA) says, “The corporation has taken works that were more than their budget allocation. Our bills for the road construction, sanitation and other development works are pending since 2003. We have to answer to our financiers. Today we decided to teach the shameless corporation authorities a lesson.” All the 45 contractors gathered in the UMC corridor and sent a delegation of seven representatives inside Kamble’s cabin. “The commissioner was reluctant towards our demand, therefore we started stripping. He called the security guards and police,” says Shashi Jagtiani, president of UCA. The police rounded all the contractors, and brought them to police station. Jagdish Sangitiani, one of the contractors says, “We did not expect this kind of behaviour from an IAS officer. He just lost his temper and abused us. After our 15-day hunger strike in August, UMC had promised to pay us 1.5 crore every month. But in last three months, we have just received one instalment. What else do they expect us do, other than strip before them?” Kamble says, “The contractors were abusing my officers. I had to be tough with them. We had clearly told them that we would pay them whenever we had the funds. Their bills lack basic details such as duration work, so I sent them back. We are inspecting their works and will give the money only after we complete the review.” * The Ulhasnagar police have not registered case against anyone in the matter.
Seven contractors serving the Ulhasnagar Municipal
2006-10-07KDMC to legalise illegal structures
Following the footsteps of the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC), the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) has decided to regularize unauthorised constructions in its jurisdiction. The decision is expected to console the residents of the buildings who are in a dilemma after the writ petition filed by two residents has demanded that such buildings be erased. An all-party committee under the leadership of Mayor Pundalik Mhatre has appealed to the chief minister to penalize the users of the unauthorized buildings and legalize them. According to Mhatre, the committee also made some other recommendations. The recommendations include an empowered district officer post to be constituted to deal with the illegal constructions; an independent police station to be established under the KDMC; all relevant cases under the KDMC to be tried in a special court; infrastructure requirements to be taken into account before planning any construction; separate coffer to be reserved for development projects; and development surcharge to be levied in every ward according to the amenities required.
KDMC to legalise illegal structures
2006-10-01UMC suspends hygiene inspector
The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) has terminated the services of its hygiene inspector on charges of causing financial mess in the department. The inspector, Madhukar Ramchandra Umadkar was suspended after sweepers and cleanliness workers lodged several complaints against him. “The inspector was not paying the 760 contract workers properly. The workers were appointed on contract basis during the monsoon season,” informs UMC deputy commissioner (Health) Dr Deepak Sawant. He said that an inquiry would be conducted against the errant inspector. The suspended official paid only Rs 500 to 700 to the workers where as he was supposed to pay Rs 1,270 to each worker. The issue of improper payments to sweepers was brought to light when a group of sweepers demanded for increase in their payment and approached Vikas Kharat, president of NCP’s youth wing. He found that the inspector was paying only less money to the workers.
2006-10-01Champions do it again!!!
Boys and girls teams of ball-badminton from the Smt.CHM College have added another feather to the college’s cap by winning the title of inter- collegiate ball badminton tournament. The boys’ team has become undefended champions for consecutive tenth time by winning the title for academic year 2006-07. The inter-collegiate matches were organised by the BNN College of Bhiwandi from September 24 and 25. “Practice makes a man perfect and it is the result of hard work that was put in by the players,” proudly says the coach of the teams Sougat Dutta. The teams defeated Pillai’s college of Panvel to grab the championship title. In all, there were more than twenty teams in each group i.e. boys and girls. Winning team of boys defeated the runner up in straight sets of 29/13 and 29/05 whereas girls went ahead with 29/08 and 29/11 score to defeat the competitors. Winners team of the college were felicitated on Tuesday, September 26 by college Principal Prof. Dinesh Panjwani in presence of sports and physical director of CHM College, Prof. SB Pawar. The winners Girls’ team: - Neeta Joshi (captain) Kamala Thevar Gopika Pal Gayatri Khedgikar Amruta Rasam Mudita Shinde Rohini More Manjusha Salekar Meena Pargai Udayachandrika Boys’ team: - Loknath Swami (captain) Avinash Karde Bejoy George Dheeraj Jaware Vikram Dowari Sujay Pawar Sachin Kalikal Danish Sheikh Lalit Ghayatadke Harkeerat Singh
Champions do it again!!!
2006-10-01Threat mails are justified
The recent incidents of Ulhasnagar’s youth sending threat mails to VVIP’s has raised several questions. Payal Talreja speaks to youth to find out why their counterparts indulge in such activities.
Threat mails are justified

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