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2006-01-30Divided communities: Sindhis, Parsis rue Partition
Just as Delhi and Lahore are about Punjabis divided by history, Mumbai and Karachi are about Sindhis and Parsis. It's difficult to imagine that Karachi's Burns Road, a dilapidated and rather run down area, was inhabited by the prosperous Hindu trading community before Partition.
Divided communities: Sindhis, Parsis rue Partition
2006-01-26Pappu pass ho gaya, chants Ulhasnagar
MUMBAI: Pappu pass ho gaya, Pappu pass ho gaya was the chorus that residents of Rahul Palace building sang after getting a stay order of 18 months from the Bombay High Court, stopping the demolition of illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar on Wednesday. People in the area started the celebrations early in the evening.
2006-01-26HC Raps Mah Govt In Ulhasnagar Case
The Bombay High Court, while staying demolition of 855 illegal structures at Ulhasnagar in adjoining Thane district for 18 months, today pulled up Maharashtra governmment for not being capable of implementing its earlier order on demolition.
2006-01-25HC to decide on status of demolitions
It's D-Day for Ulhasnagar. On Wednesday, the Bombay high court will finally decide on the issue of demolitions in the township following the state government's decision to pass an ordinance to regularise illegal structures. A division bench of Justices R M Lodha and Anoop Mohta will hear two petitions filed by residents of illegal buildings who are seeking a stay on the demolitions.
2006-01-25HC stays Ulhasnagar demolitions for 18 months
The demolition of 30,000 buildings in Ulhasnagar has been stayed for 18 months by the Bombay High Court. On Wednesday, the court hauled up the state government for using law and order as an excuse for regularising the colony. The court said it was the government's duty to keep the law and order situation under control. The court also expressed anger over the fact that the state had first directed development without plan and later tried to regularise the same.
HC stays Ulhasnagar demolitions for 18 months
2006-01-24A Rape that inspired many!
The Bhatt family's pre occupation with making films based on real life incidences is a well known fact. While Mahesh Bhatt made the autobiographical Arth and Zakhm in the past, Vikram Bhatt follows with a film based on the recent rape of the South African model. It's unbelievable the level our moral values have stooped to. On one level we can understand the two men raping her under the influence of alcohol. But what really disturbed me was that they continued to rape her the next morning and the day after that too.
A Rape that inspired many!
2006-01-24State details action taken in Ulhasnagar
FOLLOWING the Bombay High Court’s directions, Principal Secretary (Urban Development) Nanasaheb Patil filed an affidavit on Tuesday detailing the action taken by the government in Ulhasnagar. Patil pointed out that the State had passed an ordinance regularising most of the 855 illegal constructions in Ulhasnagar and that they were implementing the Nandlal committee report.
2006-01-23How quickly to demolish?
Authorities divided over speed of demolition at Ulhasnagar as date to file report in court nears for : They are supposed to tell the Bombay High Court about the progress of demolition work carried out at Ulhasnagar but the authorities, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) and the Urban Development Department (UDD) are divided over the speed at which the demolition should be carried out, if not over whether demolition should be carried out or not. The court has left them with no choice but to go for it.
2006-01-21Ulhasnagar residents ask HC to modify order
Residents of two Ulhasnagar buildings out of 855 which the Bombay high court has asked to demolish have again rushed to the court asking the court to modify its order. Surprisingly, out of the two buildings Rahul Palace and Pancharatna, the former is one that the court singled out for demolition on a priority basis, when the demolition would restart. The residents, in their application, have argued that the ordinance took out last weekend has clearly mentioned that all buildings should follow certain criteria. The authority - Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation and the Urban Development Department - would look into any illegality that may be there and check it against the norms prescribed under the ordinance. In case the illegalities/ irregularities are found to be major under the circumstances, the municipality would issue notice to the building on which the concerned people could appeal to the authorities. If the appeal is rejected, only the demolition would take place but not before giving residents time to remove their belongings.
Ulhasnagar residents ask HC to modify order
2006-01-21Ulhasnagar civic chiefs in hot seat
Between them, these four men saw Ulhasnagar grow from a wasteland to a full-fledged township with its own municipal corporation by 1996. But Ulhasnagar Municipal Commissioner D S Patil and his predecessors were also the men in charge while illegal buildings mushroomed all over the township
Ulhasnagar civic chiefs in hot seat
2006-01-19Wanted: Demolition Man in Ulhasnagar
The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) does not even have enough staff to carry out its daily activities.The civic body, in the process of demolishing 855 illegal structures, does not have a deputy municipal commissioner (DMC) to overlook its encroachment department, which handles the demolitions. Several posts such as DMCs, qualified assistant municipal commissioners (AMC) and civil engineers have been lying vacant despite repeated pleas to the government. There are vacancies, and they need to be urgently filled by qualified senior officials, said DS Patil, commissioner of the UMC.
2006-01-18Ulhasnagar official relieved of portfolio
An Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) official was relieved of his portfolio on Wednesday for overlooking unauthorised constructions in the town. The official, however, was not suspended, citing lack of evidence.
2006-01-18We need special laws for Sindhis
Home Minister RR Patil says Maharashtra, like other states where Sindhis settled down after Partition, needs special laws for the once-refugee community. He defends the government's controversial ordinance that seeks to grant special status to Ulhasnagar by protecting its thousands of illegal buildings. The township, with its unique set of problems, needs a unique solution, he claims. Here are some excerpts from an interview.
We need special laws for Sindhis
2006-01-18 Rape victim goes to meet family in South Africa ;
Aspiring South African model, who was allegedly raped by two men here recently, has assured crime branch officials probing the case that she will return to India before the filing of charges in the case.
A number of prominent Mumbaikars have expressed their outrage at the state's blatant attempts to protect hundreds of illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar and shield the shady builders and government officials responsible for them. I blame the government and bureaucracy for not making laws appropriate for the majority. The ordinance will set a bad precedent. It says, do something illegal, and we'll fight to legalise it. Hafeez Contractor, Architect
2006-01-17BULLSHIT: Politicians are conspiring
Ulhasnagar is full of illegal constructions (30,000 according to one news report). The high court, responding to petitioner Hari Tanwani, passes an order instructing the administration to demolish 855 illegal structures. The administration drags its feet; no action is taken.
2006-01-17Ulhasnagar residents seek divine help
Fed-up of every possible effort by the government and the judiciary to solve the problem in Ulhasnagar, residents of the township are now seeking divine help. Several residents are heading for pilgrimage destinations like Haridwar, Shirdi, Tirupati and Puri, praying for the safety of the people living in the 855 illegal structures who will be displaced after the demolitions.
2006-01-16ordinance did not cover the 855 buildings
The Democratic Front government seems to have used the issue of 855 illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar to regularise 30,000 others in the township. And the entire exercise may not just help residents, but also local MLA and strongman Pappu Kalani, who is known for his proximity to NCP chief Sharad Pawar.
2006-01-16Ulhas PIL man gives up on demolitions
Hari Tanwani, the man who had filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court calling for demolition of illegal structures in Ulhasnagar, has done a complete U-turn.
Ulhas PIL man gives up on demolitions
2006-01-15Illegal buildings will continue to sprout in Ulhas
Now that the ordinance to legalise unauthorised constructions in Ulhasnagar has been finally cleared by the governor, the state plans to approach the Bombay High Court to obtain a stay on demolitions. Experts, however, say the problem will not end there. A senior official in the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) official points out that in the ordinance, while structures constructed prior to January 2005 have been granted a floor-space index (FSI) of 4, the new ones will have to be constructed at FSI 1.
Illegal buildings will continue to sprout in Ulhas
2006-01-15Slum-lovin' governor
So the governor (synonym for unwanted/ retired mantri) has done the frightening inevitable, no doubt pushed by that frantic call from Italy, oops, Delhi. He has overlooked the court's orders and has passed an ordinance okaying illegal structures in Ulhasnagar, and has thereby written the death warrant for this city.
2006-01-15Barracks were removed, plan wasn’t passed
Until Saturday, Mangal Murti was on demolition list. Post-ordinance, it's not clear if it will now be regularised
2006-01-15Ordinance on Ulhasnagar passed, HC to decide
Maharashtra Governor S M Krishna ended a week of suspense and gave Ulhasnagar its reprieve on Saturday morning, signing a government ordinance to regularise many of the suburbs 855 illegal buildings before he left on a week-long trip to Australia.
2006-01-13‘File action taken report on Ulhasnagar’
The Bombay High Court on Thursday directed the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) to file an action taken report based on the findings of the Nand Lal Committee findings, set up to look into unauthorised constructions in the township six years ago
2006-01-13Court unhappy with Ulhasnagar ordinance
A division bench of the Bombay High Court expressed unhappiness over the state government’s ordinance to regularise illegal constructions in Ulhasnagar. The bench headed by Justice R M Lodha, directed the principal secretary in the urban development ministry to personally monitor the execution of its earlier order to demolish 855 illegal structures in the suburban town.
2006-01-13Ulhasnagar has 300 new illegal buildings!
No, there are not just 855 illegal constructions in Ulhasnagar. An exposé by Mid Day, revealed that over 300 illegal structures are currently under construction! Sources in the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation said officials in the civic body were aware of the new illegal structures, but could not act due to political pressure. Mid Day discovered that four of the five buildings, we visited, were owned by prominent local politicians.
Ulhasnagar has 300 new illegal buildings!
2006-01-13Demolition to be carried out faster at Ulhasnagar
It pains to pass order but that's the least price tenants have to pay for ignorance: The ball is back in the state government's court as far as the demolition of 855 illegal structures at Ulhasnagar is concerned. The Bombay High Court, in no uncertain terms, blamed the state for pretending to support the municipality in its demolition drive taken up after the court orders, but on the other hand trying to pass a law deterrent to the court's orders. The court also made reference to the nexus between those who breach the law and those who make it. The court, asking the Ulhasnagar Municipality to hasten the demolition. About the tenants, court observed that it is the least price they can pay for their ignorance in occupying illegal structures.
Demolition to be carried out faster at Ulhasnagar
2006-01-13CM trying to convince Guv on Ulhasnagar
The state government has only a couple of days to convince Governor S M Krishna to sign the ordinance on Ulhasnagar, before he leaves for Bangalore. However, with the Mumbai High Court coming down strongly against moves to regularise illegal constructions in the township, the governor is unlikely to act in haste.
2006-01-13Congress welcomes HC verdict on Ulhasnagar demolit
Maharashtra Congress today welcomed the Bombay High Court verdict on demolition of illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar town in neighbouring Thane district. "We are against illegal structures and there is no question of a stand-off with the judiciary as is portrayed in some sections of the media," Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Sanjay Nirupam told reporters here. Asked about reports that local MLA Pappu Kalani was "behind" most of these illegal constructions, Nirupam said "I will not take any names. But action should be taken against anyone responsible for the illegal structures".
2006-01-13SA model rape accused fear gangs in Arthur Road pr
Two accused in the rape of a South African model were remanded to judicial custody till January 27, even as they moved the court stating they feared underworld gangs lodged at Arthur Road prison, and hence be lodged in some other prison.
2006-01-13Wellcome to Ulhasnagar
Legal structures rest against illegal ones, a black stream of river flows by, five million people jostle for space walk through Ulhasnagar's fractured topography
2006-01-12Now, Gandhian philosophy at Ulhasnagar college
THE Smt Chandibai Himatmal Mansukhani (SCHM) College in Ulhasnagar has become only the second college in the University of Mumbai to be designated a Gandhian Studies Centre by the University Grants Commission. Birla College at Kalyan is the other institution to have received this distinction.
Now, Gandhian philosophy at Ulhasnagar college
2006-01-12Demolish Slums, Legalise politicians houses
MR Wadhwa lives in a little city of joy Ulhasnagar a young 13.5 sq kms township. It was a jungle, chori day and night, no place to stay, the 80-year-old garment trader recalls a time in 1948 when he left Pakistan forever, making his way as a refugee to the former British military barracks now a sweaty two-hour trundle from Mumbai by local train and shared rickshaws that go up and down the length of Ulhasnagar for Rs 15.
2006-01-122 girls escaped rape by Krishnani, Morpani
Rachna and Priya (names changed) narrowly escaped rape, because they insisted on being dropped home on the night the South African model was allegedly raped. The girls had accompanied rape accused Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani, to a suburban nightclub on the night of December 28. Hours later, the duo picked up the South African model, Jasmin Sheikh and allegedly gangraped her.
2 girls escaped rape by Krishnani, Morpani
2006-01-12Ulhasnagar: HC slams state govt
The Ulhasnagar drama continues and the fate of the residents still hangs in balance. In the latest development, the Bombay High Court has slammed the Maharashtra government for stalling demolitions at Ulhasnagar. The court, expressing shock over government decision, said it views the ordinance seeking a halt on demolitions as contempt of court and as one obstructing the legal process. The court has also come down heavily on the two building which has sought stay on the demolitions.
Ulhasnagar: HC slams state govt
2006-01-12Monitor Ulhasnagar demolitions: Bombay HC
The Bombay High Court on Thursday directed the Maharashtra Government to monitor the implementation of the earlier High Court order to demolish 855 illegal structures in Ulhasnagar town of neighbouring Thane district.
2006-01-11Building Resistance
A governor's scruple, his sense of constitutional propriety, are the sole constraint, it seems, on a brute display of numbers by the political class in Maharashtra. Consider the incriminating timeline: in an April 27 order in 2005, the Bombay High Court ordered the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation to demolish 855 illegal buildings; on December 27, 2005, soon after the demolitions began, the cabinet drafted a proposal to protect the illegal constructions till January 1, 2005, and sought to push this through in the form of a hurried ordinance.
2006-01-11Patil to reply to Governor's queries
Maharashtra government has gone into a damage control mode a day after state Governor SM Krishna raised questions over the Ulhasnagar demolitions. The state government is determined to stop the demolitions at all costs, and says they will find suitable replies to the Governor's queries.
Patil to reply to Governor
2006-01-11Darker days ahead,MERC okays 12-hr cuts
Already reeling under eight hours of load-shedding, rural areas in the state will soon have to go without power for 12 hours every day. With the state's power deficit crossing 4,200 MW much before the peak summer season, urban areas too will have to suffer a marginal increase in load-shedding.
2006-01-10Ulhasnagar ordinance: Krishna seeks details
It might take longer for the government to stop demolitions in Ulhasnagar, a township near Mumbai. The proposed ordinance that regularises illegal structures in the township had been sent to Maharashtra Governor SM Krishna for approval.
Ulhasnagar ordinance: Krishna seeks details
2006-01-10Governor throws back Mumbai demolition Ordinance
Governor S M Krishna has stalled the Maharashtra government's haste to regularise, through a hurriedly drafted ordinance, hundreds of illegal buildings slated for demolition in Ulhasnagar on Mumbai's fringe. The State had hoped to get it promulgated before the matter is next heard before the Bombay High Court on January 11.
Governor throws back Mumbai demolition Ordinance
2006-01-10Ulhasnagar: Krishna returns ordinance
Maharashtra Governor S M Krishna has returned the state government's ordinance stalling the controversial Ulhasnagar demolitions. Krishna said that the ordinance amounts to contempt of court as the matter was still sub-judice.
Ulhasnagar: Krishna returns ordinance
2006-01-10‘I don’t have men, money and modern machineryâ
As high court prepares to hear Ulhasnagar case, municipal commissioner submits list of reasons why demolitions have been slow.
2006-01-09Krishnani family owns 55 illegal properties
Suresh Krishnani (32), an accused in the Jasmin Sheikh rape case is very well-known in Ulhasnagar. According to sources in the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC), the Krishnanis own 55 illegal properties in the suburb.
Krishnani family owns 55 illegal properties
2006-01-08Accused 'confess' crime to cops
The two men accused of raping a South African model have confessed their crime to the police. They reportedly told the Vile Parle police that they had kidnapped the model from Bawa International Hotel on December 27, and raped her for two consecutive days in a car as well as in two hotels in Kalyan and Ulhasnagar, according to police sources.
2006-01-08Son pines for Morpani, falls ill
They are both Ulhasnagar residents, but one is rich, the other poor. The two rape accused Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani met for the first time three years ago. Morpani lives in the Gol Maidan area, which is a popular hangout for youngsters. They met through common friends and the bonhomie continued, said a common friend.
2006-01-07Skeletons fall out of Krishnani cupboard
This is not the first time that the Krishnanis have been involved in a sex racket. According to sources, the Krishnanis own a hotel called Ambrosia in Vitthalwadi, Ulhasnagar, which has been a hub of prostitution for many years. The hotel was raided at least thrice by the crime branch between 1999-2002 and prostitutes were caught with customers, said a source. However, sources add that the Krishnanis have managed to continue running the hotel, as they have highly-placed contacts in the police and the government.
2006-01-07Man raped model as his father was dying
On December 29, when Suresh Krishnani (32) was allegedly raping South African model Jasmin Sheikh, his 70-year-old father Goonga was lying on his deathbed at an Ulhasnagar hospital. Goonga expired on December 31, the day Krishnani was arrested.
2006-01-06Exclusive pictures of rapists
The victim identified Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani without much difficulty from among the eight men paraded before her at the Arthur Road jail. Some employees of Hotel Bawa International, where pub Avalon is located, also identified the accused.
Exclusive pictures of rapists
2006-01-06No legislation from backdoor to regularise illegal
The state cabinet had overruled the law and judiciary department’s observation that the government “cannot bring in legislation from backdoor to regularise illegal constructions and encroachments in Ulhasnagar” and has decided to do exactly the opposite.
No legislation from backdoor to regularise illegal
2006-01-06SA rape victim given police protection
Gurinder Singh Bawa along with son Karan owners of the three-star Bawa International Hotel was grilled by the Vile Parle police for over five hours on Tuesday in connection with the South African rape case.
2006-01-06Restructuring urban laws
The last few weeks have seen a spate of court orders concerning urban mis-governance; and the resultant demolitions have ultimately shaken up some governments. A reported ordinance in Maharashtra on regularising illegal construction caused eyebrows to be raised.
Restructuring urban laws
2006-01-05Ulhasnagar should thank me
Former Ulhasnagar municipal commissioner Ramnath Kacheshwar Sonawane in his new office at MMRDA In his first ever interview since he quit as Ulhasnagar municipal commissioner, Ramnath Kacheshwar Sonawane (45), the man who first raised the hammer against the 855 illegal buildings, speaks to Jugal R Purohit.
Ulhasnagar should thank me
2006-01-05Now, contractor will raze Ulhasnagar building
THE Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) on Wednesday decided to appoint a contractor to demolish Ranimaa Apartments, the five-storey building the demolition squad has been razing for three days now. A letter to this effect was sent to the Ulhasnagar police on Wednesday.
2006-01-05SA rape victim identifies culprits
The South African model, who was raped in Mumbai on December 28, identified her rapists today. Assistant commissioner of police Prahlad Sonawane told mediapersons that an identification parade was held at the Arthur Road jail premises this morning, in which the accused, who were remanded to judicial custody yesterday, were paraded. The victim, identified the accused Sunil, alias Aditya Morpani and Suresh, alias Rahul Krishnan as the culprits, Sonawane said.
2006-01-05Pills, porn and a rape’s missing links
AFTER an identification parade at the Arthur Road jail today, the Mumbai Police will now piece together the sequence of incidents leading to the repeated rape of a 27-year-old South African Bollywood wannabe, allegedly by Ulhasnagar model coordinator Sunil Morpani and businessman Suresh Krishnani.
2006-01-04Rapists didn't pay the hotel
The official check-in time at Hotel Rajmahal, a dingy, four-storey lodge in Kalyan (West), is 10 am. But on Wednesday morning, Sunil Morpani and Suresh Krishnani, who have been accused of raping a 27-year-old South African of Indian origin, checked in at 6 am with the woman, stayed there for 11 hours and left without paying for the room.
2006-01-04One rapists uncle blames it on friend
Suresh Krishnani, one of the two accused of raping a South African model, is a prominent face in Ulhasnagar and his uncle, Godhumal Krishnani, is supposed to be a human rights activist.
2006-01-04Ulhasnagar ordinance still to reach governor
A week after the Vilasrao Deshmukh cabinet decided to issue an ordinance to regularise the 30,000 illegal constructions in Ulhasnagar, governor SM Krishna is yet to receive a copy of the ordinance 4.
2006-01-04Police locate second car
THE police on Monday zeroed in on the car that was allegedly used by Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani to drop the 27-year-old South African, an aspiring actress of Indian origin, outside her Andheri apartment complex after they repeatedly raped her.
2006-01-03Cops seize car used in crime
The Vile Parle police on Monday seized a silver-coloured Sonata belonging to, liquor dealer Suresh Krishnani, one of those accused in raping a model after apparently drugging her at hotel Bawa International.
Cops seize car used in crime
2006-01-03Rapists may have filmed NRI model nude
Did Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani, the duo charged with raping an aspiring model from South Africa last week, use their mobile phone cameras to film her in the nude after she was drugged? The police suspect so. "We found several pornographic clips in the mobile phone of one of the two accused and believe that they video-filmed themselves in sexual acts with various girls," said a police source.
2006-01-03SA model's rape may be a MMS clip
While the Mumbai police has nabbed two of the three accused, who raped a South African model on December 27, sources say that the victim may have been the target of a blue film racket.
SA model
2006-01-02SA model was confined in 2 Kalyan hotels
The two men who allegedly drugged and raped a South African model last week were regulars at the Vile Parle pub Avalon, police said. A bartender at the pub has identified them leaving the hotel with the victim. Sunil Morpani and Suresh Krishnani, arrested in the gangrape that took place on December 27, were remanded to police custody till January 6. Police said the duo, both residents of Ulhasnagar, were frequent customers at the pub located inside Hotel Bawa
2006-01-01Two arrested for SA B'wood aspirant rape
Suresh Krishnani and Sunil Morpani were arrested from Ulhasnagar on December 31 for allegedly raping a 28-year-old South African national.
Two arrested for SA B

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