Sindhunagar (Ulhasnagar) was build as transit military camp during 2nd world war by British Government. After the war, this place became vacant and soon after came the independence of India (15-Aug-1947). India paid a huge cost for independence. This was partition. Sindh state went on the other side of India (now Pakistan) and Sindhis who un-willingly left there homes came on the bank of Bombay (Mumbai now) with no good money in hands. Looking to the situation Indian Government decided to allot the Sindhunagar (Ulhasnagar) camp to Sindhis who came here in Mumbai during Partition.

Most of the Sindhis expected this to be a temporary arrangement and they will go back to their native land. But this hope never came true and they learned to live on this land. Sindhis started re-inventing their lost home and business here on this land. It is said the total population of Sindhunagar (Ulhasnagar) in 1951 was just 80,000.

Sindhis use to get the red wheat (one which is actually given to horses for eating), milk, fuel for cooking food on ration. Having a cup of tea use to be luxury in those days. It was made only when some guest came to house. What house, there use to be Barracks (Big halls with many doors) separated by grain sacks. No proper bathrooms and toilets.

Slowly and gradually Sindhis started learning and Bombay/Mumbai became the place of business and work for them. Luckily during those days qualified Sindhis use to get preference for employment in offices in Bombay/Mumbai. Sindhis are the hard working community and very much business minded, but making something out of nothing at all is a big achievement. Sindhis have made it possible.

This city has seen lots of phases in development. There had been gang wars for the power and dominance.

There had been duplication of goods for earning daily bread of life. This is the phase when Indian people were mad about foreign products and it use to be the trend in communities. This foreign products trend killed local manufacturers. Some of the vendors started putting “Made in USA” on products to survive in that phase. When asked what did it mean? There use to be straight answer USA stands for Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association. This city also lost the reputation because of duplication during 80s and 90s. Although now city have gained heavy strength in manufacturing and exporting quality products in its own name.

There was a Construction phase in Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar. To earn the fast money few of the local contractors started building illegal constructions. By illegal it means As per the civic rule one can not build an apartment of more than 3 or 4 floors, but there were buildings with 6 to 7 floors spreading in the city.

Overall things have settled now and this is the place commerce starts in the country and spreads in the world. Well! Camps are still there but each camp represents its own taste. One can still find the same respect for God, what use to be there in Sindh. There are many of world famous places of worship here. People come from all over the world at these places. Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram is one such place. Jhulelal Mandir is famous for chaliha (40 day fast Sindhis observe during monsoon season).

The city has grown and it is population has touched around 7 to 8 lacs. There is no growth in land and density of people has increased. Sindhunagar city consists of other communities like Maharashtrians (second largest community), Gujuratis, South Indians, Punjabis, each having their own sections and areas.

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