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Which are the Cinemas (Theaters) in Ulhasnagar?
Ulhasnagar is also famous for number of good Cinemas (Theaters). People keep visiting from nearby cities & villages to see movies here.

No. Cinema Location in Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar Rating Family Viewing
1. Anil 421003 A Yes
2. Ashok 421003 A Yes
3. Sapna 421003 A+ Yes
4. Jawahar 421003 B Yes
5. Bharat (Regent) 421003 B Yes
6. Shreeram 421004 B- No
7. Venus 421004 B- No
8 Aman 421002 B- No

What are Amusement options in Ulhasnagar?
There is no such Resort or Amusement park inside Ulhasnagar City
, but one can have good fun at these locations.

  • Shiv Sagar Hotel has many rides and childrens train
  • Regency Hotel has inflated Micky Mouse Baloon to jump and slide.
  • Gol Maidan has many rides for kids and 2 Mini trains.

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