Which are the well known colleges of Ulhasnagar ?
Ulhasnagar is hub of education for most of the people in surrounding cities. There are many well-known colleges here for higher education.

No. College Name Phone Number
1 Chandibai Himatmal Mansukhani CollegeĀ (CHM): Ulhasnagar – 421003
RKT College: Ulhasnagar – 421003
3 Pharmacy Polytechnic: Ulhasnagar – 421003 2554163
4 Bombay Institute of Technology: Ulhasnagar – 421003
5 National College – Ulhasnagar – 421004 2529404
6 Shri. H & G H M Institute of Management, CHM College Campus, Ulhasnagar-421003 2571867

Which are the well known schools of Ulhasnagar?
Following is the list of some good schools organized as per camp numbers

Location School Name Phone
Ulhasnagar -1 K.A. HINDI PRIMARY SCHOOL Brk. No 378, Near O.T. Section Ulhasnagar 1 2543471
Ulhasnagar – 2 JHULELAL PRIMARY SCHOOL Brk No. 742, Ulhasnagar 2 2549905
SES BOYS HIGH SCHOOL Bk No. 301, Ulhasnagar 2 2544922
SES GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL Ulhasnagar 2 2540037
Ulhasnagar – 3 BHARTIYA HINDI HIGH SCHOOL Behind Regent Talkies, Ulhasnagar 3 2550140
JAI HIND ACADEMY Nr. Chopra Court, Ulhasnagar 3 2541038
LITTLE ROSES ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Ground Floor, Silver Apt, Behind SBI Ulhasnagar 3 2554860
MODEL ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL Behind Chopra Court, Ulhasnagar 3 2541871
NEW ERA HIGH SCHOOL Nr. Press Bazar, Furniture Market Ulhasnagar 3 2550014
PET OXFORD ENGLISH SCHOOL Bk. No 871/1027, Punjabi Colony Ulhasnagar 3 2546722
Ulhasnagar – 4 BABA SAI SCHOOL Near Panch Dukan, Ulhasnagar 4
GURUNANIK HIGH SCHOOL Kurla Camp Road,Ulhasnagar 4 256007
HOLY FAMILY CONVENT SCHOOL Lal chakki, Ulhasnagar 4 2522355
SATYA SAI SCHOOL Sambhaji Chowk, Ulhasnagar 4 2521806
SIND NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL O.T. Section, Ulhasnagar 4 2580295
ULHAS VIDYALAYA Brk. No. 1368, Section 32, Station Rd., Ulhasnagar 4 2524086
NEW ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL Netaji Bus Stand Ulhasnagar 4 2524946
RGS ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL, Bhaji Market, Ulhasnagar-4
Hare Krishna NCT Convent School, Near Suchak Petrol Pump, Ulhasnagar – 4
Ulhasnagar – 5 B.G. TILAK HIGH SCHOOL Nr. Chalia Sahib Mandir, Ulhasnagar 5 2520120
HOLY CHILD CONVENT SCHOOL Gandhi Road, Ulhasnagar 5 2530298
NETAJI HIGH SCHOOL & JR. COLLEGE Near Jai Baba Dham, Netaji Rd Ulhasnagar 5 2524923
SWAMI SHANTI PRAKASH SCHOOL Govinddham , Ulhasnagar 5 2520001

Do you have any similar list like this for Coaching classes?
Considering significant pressure on studies and unavailability of highly educated person in the family, coaching classes business is in boom all around. Ulhasnagar is no exception. There are also specialized classes for dancing, cooking, english speaking, fashion designing, Computers. We’ve started compiling this list for everybodies convenience. Please use the comment box below to add any classes in Ulhasnagar not covered in the list.

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