Chetichand Mahayatra 2012

Anu Manwani
Shri Anu Manwani
Humble Invitation by Shri Anu Manwani to  Sindhi Community all over the world to come and witness biggest Sindhi Event celebrated like nowhere else in the world but in Sindhunagar. Lakhs of Sindhis will support and come on streets like last four years. Sant Mahatma’s will shower the devotees from Helicopter. Param Pujya Asharam Bapu, Panvel wara Kishin Baba, Shri Ramesh Oberoi, All saints of Ulhasnagar City including Sai Vasan Shah Darbar ja Sant &  Bhai Sahib Jassu Singhji & Tilu Singhji from Thahriya Singh Darbar.
Cheti Chand Ain Sindhyan Dihan Jyun Sabni Sindhiyun Khey Beshumar Wadhayun. 
Event covered by Classic Video Vision(Pankaj Jhamnani)

Also Check: Mahayatra SindhiSMS

I’m Personally thankful to All those Volunteers Who Made their efforts to Make this a very Successful Event.
– Anu Manwani
Event Covered by. Classic Video Vission, Sonu Chhapru, Jaggu Movies, Sudhesh & team.
Live on Konark DEN USA Cable Ulhasnagar.
Special Thanks.
Technical Support. Nand Chhapru, Babu Jhamnani, Sahil Ramrakhia, Manu Jhamnani, Sridhar Mukute & Pankaj Jhamnani.
An Event organised by. Chetti Chand MahaYatra Samiti Ulhasnagar.


The 14th and the Last Episode of this Historical Event..
Rituals of Bahrana Sahib held at Chaliha Sahib Ulhasnagar



The 13th Episode for Chetti Chand Mahayatra @ Ulhasnagar
reached at Pawai – Ulhasnagar 421004

The 12th Episode for Chetti Chand Mahayatra @ Ulhasnagar
reached at Pawai – Ulhasnagar 421004


The 11th Episode for Chetti Chand Mahayatra @ Ulhasnagar
They already planned to make to Ulhasnagar look like DISNEY LAND…

The 10th Episode of Chetti Chand Mahayatra at Ulhasnagar 2012.
You Can find the Prasaad’s Everywhere in the City…..
there are many stalls of Thadal, Sharbat, Milkroz, Rice nd Much More
… Enjoy the Video if you have missed any one of the above  


The 9th Episode of Chetti Chand Mahayatra at Ulhasnagar 2012.
All the peoples are very excited and everyone are sitting
wherever they find place to sit.




The 8th Episode of Chetti Chand Mahayatra at Ulhasnagar
Jassu Bhai Sahib and Tilu Bhai Sahib are expressing their views.

The 7th Episode of Chetti Chand Mahayatra at Ulhasnagar
The Jhanki Darshan.


The 6th Segment of Chetti Chand Mahayatra…
@ Siru Chowk Ulhasnagar


The 5th Episode of Chetti Chand Mahayatra SindhuNagar 2012
@Jhulelal Mandir
Sain Asharam Bapu is talking about Unity in Sindhis…


The 4th Segment of the Chetti Chand Event
@ Sadhubela Girls High School Road
with the Sant Asharaam Bapu ji..


Here is the 3rd part of the Event
Watch to Get the Blessings from Asharam Bapuji…
Here We Goes….


Gulan ji Kahani Kaliyun likhi,
Aasmaan ji Kahani Sitaran likhi,
Na Rahya Sindhi Kahn ja Ghulam Chho jo,
Sindhiyun ji Kahani JHULELAL likhi..

The 2nd Part of the Video..
Stay Tuned for more Updates


The wait is Over.. Ulhasnagar is going to make History…
Crowded Maha Yatra at Jhulelal Mandir, Ulhasnagar (Sindhu Nagar)
The Yatra Begins from Jhulelal Mandir….Here is the 1st Video of the Event…



Maha Yatra –  2012 Videos Coming Sooon

till that watch these Glimpses of Chetti Chand Mahayatra 2008-2011

Mahayatra Promotional videos



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