Cheti Chand Mahayatra 2013

Anu Manwani
Shri Anu Manwani
 Shri Anu Manwani Thanks to  all  Sant Mahatma’s  Param Pujya Asharam Bapu, Swami Vishwatma Sarswati Maharaj ,  Panvel wara Kishin Baba, Shri Ramesh Oberoi, All saints of Ulhasnagar City including Sai Vasan Shah Darbar ja Sant &  Bhai Sahib Jassu Singhji & Tilu Singhji from Thahriya Singh Darbar. Thaks to all Media & Police Department
Cheti Chand Ain Sindhyan Dihan Jyun Sabni Sindhiyun Khey Beshumar Wadhayun. 
Event covered by Classic Video Vision(Pankaj Jhamnani)

(Live updates of Cheti Chand Mahayatra 2013 will appear here)


Cheti Chand Mahayatra 2012 (Last Year Coverage)

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