Buy Sindhi Audio/Video CDs DVDs

Swami Sangeet Sansaar Store specializes in Sindhi Music and Movies. You can buy all the original Sindhi  CDs/DVDs from here.

You can buy Original Sindhi Music collection of these Artists

  • Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib,
  • Bhagwanti Nawani
  • Prof. Ram Panjwani
  • Mahesh Chander
  • Ghansham Vaswani
  • Azad Sufi
  • Chandru Aatma
  • Kaajal Chandiramani
  • Raj Juriani
  • Koshi Lalwani
  • Lata Bhagtiani
  • Vipin Shewani
  • Saral Roshan
  • Gurmukh Chugria
  • Kamlesh Kapoor
  • Parmanand Pyasi
  • Sindhi Sangat CDs and many more.

You can also buy new and old movies CDs DVDs like Abana, Shal Diyar Na Jaman, Jhulelal, Parewari, Hal Ta Bhaji Haloon, Ummar Marui, The Awakening by Koshi Lalwani, Pyar Kare Dis, Hik Ba Tey Baba Gudi Aane Dey and many more.

Original Sukhmani all the volumes of Bhagwanti Navani on Single CD is available only for Rs. 99 (Venus Music)

Swami Sangeet Sansar Music store


Swami Sangeet Sansaar
Haresh Talreja,
Near Nehru Chowk,
Phone: +91  (0251)  2565266
Mobile: 9763416100 (Whatsapp)

Time:11:00am to 9:00pmMention copoun code “SABSINDHI113″ for discount on selected items.
Payment options of Cheque or Electronic Money transfer available.
CDs & DVDs will be couriered as per agreed shipping mode & cost
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11 thoughts on “Buy Sindhi Audio/Video CDs DVDs

  1. Dinesh Dawrani says:

    I want to buy some sindhi vcd/dvds plz send me the complete price list.
    I will be highly obliged to you.

    • Rukmani samyani says:

      Dada tawaha wat kehri kehri sindhi movie ju cds athav. Mankhe sab khapan. Nsala and price budhayo please. Delhi mrin mokle saganda?

      • Please note Swami Sangeet Sansaar store is only reachable by phone.
        Phone: +91 (0251) 2565266
        Time:11:00am to 9:00pm

  2. how many titles of ghasham vaswani do you have..and what is the can i pay and how you send the cds? plz reply


    Please tell me the price list of dvd of songs and movies.
    i want to purhcase atleast 10-20 dvd

    • Most of these CDs/DVDs are in the price range of Rs. 50 to Rs.100. Few are even cheaper than Rs. 50.
      If you could specify the required CDs/DVDs on phone, we can share the details with best offer price.

  4. Ritiesh Kundnani says:

    Jai jhulelal dada mukhe sindhi ladan ji cd chalea sahib ji ja bhajan aaen aarti sahib kapen mukhe reply urgent kajo plz.

  5. I want to buy sindhi lada cds of raj juriani n koshi lalwani . Any other singers u hav

    • Please note Swami Sangeet Sansaar store is only reachable by phone.
      Phone: +91 (0251) 2565266
      Time:11:00am to 9:00pm


    I am interested in buying the complete collection of the following artists.
    1. Bhagat Kanwar Ram
    2. Prof. Ram Punjwani
    3. Chandru Atma
    4. Bhagwanti Nawani

    Please let me know how I can get the list of CDs so that I can select the ones I do not have.

    Also please provide the phone number where I can place my order. I tried calling the number on the website, but could not get through.

  7. shina hardasani says:

    I wanna buy sindhi movies dvd in ahmedabad please let me know the add if possible

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