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1) How one can you earn more from the Business in Sindhunagar(Ulhasnagar) ?

Long Term Vision: Instead of targeting the customers for one time sale, one should target re-visit of customer. For re-entry of customer it is necessary to provide good quality and economic price. Once the customers gains the trust he/she will never counter check the quality or prices from anywhere else and he would be ready to pay even more for the same quality. So keep track of competitors and give better quality and economic price. Establishing the Brand of business is very essential for re-visit.

Brand recognition: Brand is a unique title/name/logo or design assign to product, service or business. This is point of recognition against which customer is ready to pay the required amount of money. Take the example of Coco cola or Pepsi. What do they sale. It is actually water with flavor nothing else but we pay them whatever they ask for that brand. There are thousands of brands well known around the world for their quality and service and association with filmstars or sportsmen. Adidas, FILA, Nike, Reebok, Reid and Taylor, Wrangler, Omega, National, Casio, Kodak, Cadbury, Johnson and Johnson, Nokia, Samsung etc.

There are also some national brands famous in the country like, S. Kumars, Bombay Dieing, Bata, TATA, Birla, Haldiram and many more.

There are some local brands that have achieved the similar level of recognition like Satya Narayan Papad, B-Peppermint, Ashok Pickles etc.

Let customer recognize you by brand and your generations will earn from that.

Complimenting instead of Competing:¬†Start complementing instead of competing. This is the worst of part ever noticed in Sindhunagar. Anybody finds some one is earning good from some business starts the same business with less quality and cheap price. This hampers everybody’s revenues and margins. If you’re really thinking of making money by benefiting the city, you should have long vision and think of what ad-on to existing business you can provide. The very basic example, which affected the city, is Ready-made Garment business. All the people jumped into this business and now the margins have gone down. Only few who survive longer with that margin are continuing the business.

One could have thought intelligently of complementing the business instead of competing by introducing supply chain concept to this. This is a well-known phenomenon that hit the Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble in US. This is still a successful model. This is the mechanism of identifying the demand in the market and manufacturing of additional units only when necessary.

One could complement to Ready Made garments by becoming economic and doorstep delivery raw-material supplier.

One could come up with economic mode of delivering finished good s across the nation Someone who is good at international market can apply the stringent quality policy with these local manufacturers and export these finished products. These mechanisms allow you to keep manufacturing more and let some one else take care of delivery part.

So whenever you think of somebody is making good business, don’t compete him and better you ask how can you complement his business and both of you earn well. This will make the city rich and even the low level local workers will enjoy the better life.

Remember Customer is God so be Polite:¬†Never let your customer know that you’re angry with him. Give him a feel of valued customer. Show him that you serve him better. Keep involved in his life professionaly. Professionaly involvement is knowing and remembering the family events of the customer and serving him best accordingly on those events. Giving value added services like bulk purchase discounts, Credit Period, Free home delivery etc.

Punctual:¬†When you commit time to some of the customer, try to be maximum punctual on that. If you can’t deliver on time, convey him the delay in delivery. Don’t keep the customer in the loop, where he is relying on you that you’ll deliver him on time. Because of your commitment he is also not going to other sellers. This is serious specially when you’re serving some high profile salaried customers. They will become easily angry if time commitment is not meant. This category of people have limited time to do some of the things, they become ready to pay bit more for the reliability, and in that case if you break the time or quality commitment, customer will never turn back to you.

Self-Sufficient: City should try to manufacture maximum goods and services and depend less on nearby cities or states. This will keep the money rotate inside the city.

No Bargain : This is a very controversial topic. How would you know the real price and quality of product and service. By bargaining vendor can reduce the quality of product and service, which you may not come to know. The best way as a businesmen is to discourage bargaining and sell with same price to all. One should not sell the same product or service to two different people at different cost. As a customer you should choose the place where bargaining is discouraged or look for the fixed price shops.

Spend the money inside the city: reduce the spending outside

Quality Improvement: ISO, ISI, AGMARK,

Credit Card Acceptance: Credit cards are become quite common while spending money in middle class group. Acceptance of credit card gives added trust to the customer.

Intuitive Marketing for Local Manufacturing, Discounts to residents Show you care for city Service Oriented and not the Product Oriented Tie Ups for selling the products, which are not that much famous

Don’t hold back the Money, Invest or Spend is the idea. Keeping heavy cash at home kills the Market. If you’re concerned about the future think about the Insurance Policies.

Give the opportunity to local workers instead of taking non-residents at low remuneration. This will keep the money within the city and it will rotate back to you. Little more to the local worker will give more indirect returns.

2) How to do the Business on Internet from Sindhunagar(Ulhasnagar)?

Own Website or tie up with web-site

Courier Tie Up

Bank Account

Understanding the Packaging Online

Phone or Personal support

May Have Shopping Cart Support on Internet

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