Local Attractions

  1. Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir in, Ulhasnagar-5
  2. Swami Shantiprakash Mandir or Statue near Bhatia Chowk, Ulhasnagar-5
  3. Devotees carrying Matki during the Chaliha Sahib Festival, Ulhasnagar-5
  4. Sai Vasan Shah Mandir (Also known as Rohri’a wara, Sant Sai Vasan Shah of Rohri), Ulhasnagar-5
  5. Ambernath Mandir Built around 1060 AD (It is highly crowded place on Shivratri when people stand in queue over night for 4 hours), Ulhasnagar-5
  6. Birla Mandir constructed by Birla family near Shahad Station (around 1960s), Ulhasnagar-1
  7. Puj Jhulelal Mandir of Ulhasnagar-2 (Bhau Parsram successors who also performed on Jhulelal song in Abana)
  8. Sacho Satram, Bhagat Kanwarram Mandir was constructed few years back, from Raherki Sahib, Sindh, Ulhasnagar-3
  9. Sant Thahiriya Singh Darbar is famous for largest Prabhat Pheri during Gurunank Jyanti, Ulhasnagar-3
  10. Gol Maidan is famous place for hang out early mornings and evenings, Centre of Ulhasnagar 1,2 & 3.
  11. Barracks built during British Empire still exists, Mostly in Ulhasnagar-4
  12. Some Mass Jeans Manufacturing Production Photos, Ulhasnagar-5
  13. Crowded and congested buildings. (In year 2005, 855 buildings were ordered to be demolished, which stopped after about 25 demolitions)
  14. Gajanand Market / Sona Market, congested streets where Sindhis run low margin, high turnover business Cloth and other business. Ulhasnagar-2

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