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Teejri-Women Fast for wellbeing of their spouse
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Teejri Fast

Teejri is about the fast which is observed by Sindhi women, very much like karwa chouth in North Indians. This fast is observed by young girls from the childhood. It is believed that any girl who keeps this fast gets good husband. Married women do fasting for wellbeing of their husband.

1. Assur

All the elder and young women wake up early morning at about 3:00 am to have some food, so that they can sustain whole day without any food. This process is known as Assur (Early Morning when there is no sign of Sun). Usually they have Koki with Milk Rabri or Sweet Mithai. You can find more about how to cook Koki on SindhiRasoi here.

Eat Koki

2. No Toothpaste but Musaag

Musaag Herb
Musaag is the herb used to clean teeth.

3. No water until offering Jal to Temple

Water is not consumed until Jal(water) is offered to Tulsi Plant in Temple

4. Apply Mehandi/Heena on hands

Dholandas Patangwala/Mehandiwala is famous for Mehandi Cones in Ulhasnagar.

5. Strict Fast, No Fruit. Can Have Milk/Water/Tea

This is strict fast where no food item is consumed for whole day.

6. Listening to Teejri Mata Katha

No water consumption after listening Teejri Mata Katha, till you See Moon rise.




"Teejri Mata Katha" by Smt. Kanta from Tulsidas Darbar, Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar 421004.

Download Teejri Mata Katha MP3

===== Play Teejri Mata Katha =====

Teejri Ji Katha

Lakshmichand nale hikro seth dhani ain Dharmatma ho
Once upon a time there was a man named Lakshichand

Hunakhe hikri kanya ae ba putta hua
He had one daughter and two sons

Huna pehnje kanya jo vivah doordesh me karayo ho
His daughter got married far from him

Huna ja bai putta anya nandaa hua
His both sons were still young

Seth Lakshmichand khe yagna karar jo vichar thiyo. Una laye brahmand kha
Mr. Lakshimchand wished to do Yagna, and so a brahman was called in

Mahurat kadae pehnje bini puttan khe pehenje khe pehenje kanya khe vathi achar laye moklio
to find out an auspicious day. He then sent both his sons to bring his daughter

Bai bhaura pehnje bher je ghar pauta ae huna khe gadhi vathi vanyar chayo, par una je bher khe Teejri jo virt ho.
Both brothers reached their sister's house with the intention to take her back with them, but she had observed the Teejri fast and did not want to leave before offer her prayer to The Moon.

Jiye ta bhauran khe Teejri je bare me khabar kona hui, hik bhav var te chari kare pehnje bher khe thali dekhare chayo "dis chand nikto thai"
Unaware of the significance of Teejri, one of the brother climbed on a tree and showed his sister a thali (a round metal plate) and told her that The Moon appeared.

Rupwanti thali khe chand samjhi arg dei bhojan kayo ae virt toriyo. Virt je bang thiar je kare, Rupwanti jo murs gehri nind me hali viyo.
Rupwanti mistakenly saw that thali as moon, offered her prayers and had her dinner, thus completed her fast. Since the fast was wrongly completed, her husband fell into a very deep sleep

Jade Rupwanti khe kuch bhi samjame kona piyo ache, Unan je bhauran una khe sabh sach budayo.
In order for Rupwanti to understand what was wrong, her brothers confessed to her what they had done

Rupwanti pehnje suhaag khe god me sumare sajo sall seva ae puja kandi rahi.
Rupwanti laid her husband on her lap and for a whole year kept praying and took care him

Vari Jade Sawan jo mehno ayo, tade Teejri jo virt rahi raat jo chandrama khe kache kheer me khand viji arg dinai.
The following year, during the month of Sawan (sometime in August), she kept the Teejri fast, and at night offered the moon her prayers and uncooked milk with sugar

Jade bachal kheer pehnje murs je vaat me vidai, tade unajo murs chaak channo bhalo thi viyo
When she fed her husband the remaining milk, he woke up and became well

Jeko bh premi sachi nishchaye san Teejri jo virt rakhi katha prem sa Parando ya budandho, hunanju sabh manokamnaun sidh sakar Thindiyun.
Whenever a woman, with a clean and true heart keeps Teejri's fast and reads or listens lovingly to Teejri's story, all her wishes will be accepted




7. Offer Milk Rice to Moon as the moon rise.

Teejri Moon Rise in Ulhasnagar

Teejri Moon Rise from Thane in 2009

Teejri Moon Rise from Thane in 2010

Teejri Moon Rise from Thane in 2011

After doing pooja of moon and offering Milk rice preparation, fast can be broken by having prasad. After this Sindhi Ladies have most common dinner of Dal Rice with Fried Potatoes.

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Teejri-Women Fast for wellbeing of their spouse
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