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Sindhi Speaking Population as per Census
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Sindhi Speaking Population as per Census

We have observed that absence of not enough Sindhi speaking people has resulted in many hurdles.

As per 2001 census data there were only 25,35,485 people speaking mother toungue as Sindhi.
( Twenty Five Lakh, Thirty FiveThousand, Four Hndred & Eighty Five Only )

Lets see how 25,35,485 is calculated. This number also includes Kachchhis and other people.

This year (2010) again the census data will be collected. You'll find administration people visiting your homes and asking how many people in your family can speak, read & write Sindhi.

Many people even though Sindhis by birth can not speak, read or write Sindhi and they are shy to mention that they are Sindhis. This has overall reduced the Sindhi population count.

We are deeply impacted with this count.

We have sacrificed whole of state in partition. Today we can not ask for separae state from Indian Government, because we are not many.

We are facing great difficulties in demanding 24 hour DD Sindhi Channel from Government

Since we do not have state that has indirectly impacted our language, culture and traditions. Since these are not practised much.

Not many urban young kids like being called Sindhis.

Some of the facts.

Growth of Sindhi Speaking Population since 1971

Sindhi Population Gender wise / State wise.


Dear Sindhis,

We have once in the decade opportunity to regain our position. If you are Sindhi and can not speak or read your mother toungue, Lets learn Sindhi and proudly tell everyone that we are Sindhis. This will not only help you to restore your identity but will also estabilish one more link in the survival of our culture, language & traditions.

Lets Learn Sindhi CD is can be ordered or can be freely downloaded from Sindhology site.

CD detail link
download link -174MB

Sindhunagar Team



Suggestions/Comments/Views Submitted
love j. kakkad      [ 2011-09-19 ]
sindhi boli amar rahe...proud to be bole sonihar...sastriakal....shree wahe guruji ki khalsa shree wahe guruji ki pateh....
Ramesh Belani      [ 2011-07-29 ]
Intresting sight.Curios to know more about sindhis.I am proud to be sindhi, Ramesh
Himanshu motwani      [ 2011-07-06 ]
Proud to be a sindhi maakhe paanje sindhi hujan te daado daado garva aaye
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Sindhi Speaking Population as per Census
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