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Prabhat Pheri 2008
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Prabhat Pheri 2008, 1st Nov to 13 Nov, Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar. Dera Sant Baba Thahiriya Singh Sahebji

Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar

Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Sahebji, Ulhasnagar -3.

More than 3500 followers everyday for Prabhat Pheri.

More than 50,000 followers expected on 13-Nov-2008.

Live telecast on Aastha channel.

Sprinkling flowers from Helicopter all over the place.

Invitation Video 1
Invitation Video 2
Invitation Video 3    

Waheguru Simran Album
Singer Gurpreet Singhji
Freely available for listening and dowload


Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar website


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Suggestions/Comments/Views Submitted
aneel      [ 2011-03-27 ]
hiii i want vachan oF GURU NANAK DEV of and also bhjan simran and many more and ium also sindhi
pankaj utwani      [ 2010-11-15 ]
Instead of spending time on Facebook or any other we should grow this website n show the show or strength so ppl join as many as u can get the blessing of DHAN SRI GURU NANAK DEV
moni      [ 2009-08-17 ]
try to show new add which is cumming pheri n i want ur cont no
A H Budhrani      [ 2009-01-19 ]
All other programes in darbar are also shown in this sindhunagar site regaularly
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Prabhat Pheri 2008
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