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Mohit Lalwani - Indian Idol 4
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Mohit Lalwani, Indian Idol, 52525


Mohit Lalwani was born on 21-12-1986 as the son of Shri Vijay lalwani who is a property consultant at Delhi. From the early childhood Mohit was inspired with singing skills of mother and dreaming about a career in music industry, Beside completing his graduation as student of Ramjas college he has also completed Music [Hons] from the Music faculty of Delhi University. Mohit has shared his silky, soft, touchy voice with renowned singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chouhan, Mica and many more during many stage shows/ live performances. During his college life he won many prizes and award for his singing skills.

Thar Mata Thar Song by Mohit Lalwani.

Dorie Song clip by Mohit Lalwani

Mohit means: Manmohak (One who is dear to the heart)

About myself: I am from Delhi and I completed my graduation from Ramjas College. I am a part of a rock band. My music teacher and friends encouraged me to participate in music competitions. Senior girls would make me sing for them and then give me a kiss as a reward Family: Parents and a younger sister. I am closest to mom

Inspiration: Sonu Niigaam

Put-off: I hate when close people ditch

Fear: I donít fear anything

If I become the Indian Idol, I will: Buy a house for my parents because we stay in a rented flat

One thing I would like to change in myself: I wouldnít want to change anythingóIím happy the way I am

Pals on Indian Idol 4: Sandeep, Prosanjeet (my room mates), Tulika, Purnima and Priyanka

Place: Delhi

Delhi boy Mohit is a complete music enthusiast. He believes he has everything it takes to be the next Indian Idolóthe right voice, attitude and music talent. Indian Idol for him is not only a chance to connect and meet new people, but also to take him to the next level of professional playback singing. This high-spirited boy alternatively enjoys travelling and engaging in adventure sports.

Food: Love momís cooking

Likes: Being with friends

Colour: Green, red, black

Actor: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan

Actress: Vidya Balan




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engnr barkathussain shah      [ 2011-04-03 ]
i love all the episoode in which u join..... i love u mohit and love aal the sindhis live in india........ jeay sindh jeay sindhi maanhoon best of luck my well wishes with u.. keep it us and sindhian jo nalo roshan kar jeo sindhi sapoot
JYOTI RAJANI      [ 2010-11-04 ]
Mohit You should more of sindhi songs to keep our sindhi culture live. Best of Luck in coming yeras
gopal manglani      [ 2010-06-03 ]
aap apne mp3 songs humain bhej sakte hain
aynun      [ 2009-12-26 ]
i luv ur voice, smile & specialy ur personality.u r really one of the perfect artists & competetors in indian idol......
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Mohit Lalwani - Indian Idol 4
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