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How To Save Electricity Smartly?
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This is a small effort to Smartly reduce the electricity consumption and Monthly Bill.

Rajesh, one of my friend believes he is not rich enough to spend on cheap products & I don't disagree with him. Following writing is proof to show how over the span of time you can save by spending little more in the beginning. By making some minor changes to your electrical system like below, you can save huge electricity, reduce your bill, help City and State.

I am sure you're real smart and will read till the end, because money matters to you most.

Don't add second choke to your tubelight in case they don't get illuminated because of low voltage

Adding second traditional choke to tubelight will

  • Consume more electricity: Conventional Choke is suppose to give output of 40 watts. In low voltage its output reduces to 30 to 35 watts. Adding a choke may give output of 60 watts enough to lit tubelight exrabright, but consume more electicity equivalent to two tubelights.
  • Destroy the life of Tubelight: Running the tubelight in this throttle mode will reduce the lift of tubelight. It will be useless in less than year.
  • Risk of overvoltage: In case of any occasional over voltage double chokes may give more than 80 watts to tubelight, which is a big risk and may destroy tubelight starter and choke.

Use the new Generation Electronic Choke.

Electronic chokes

  • Increase the life of tubelight
  • Consume less power, in case of under or over voltage tune itself to 40w output
  • Give 40% energy saving, which reduces your electicity bill
  • Takes less voltage to start. Works in the wide band of 100v to 300v without any problem
  • There is no starter required. This will further reduces your expenses on multiple replacements of starters during the life of tubelight
  • Starts instantly, without flickering. press the button and it is illuminated.
  • Since Electronic Chokes don't heat up, your walls are not blackened. It looks clean.
  • Weight of tubelight reduces drastically, which makes easy to carry.

Keep the Air-Conditioner on 23 or 24 degree temperature in economy mode

  • This is optimum temperature for Indian Urban Human body to live in.
  • Keeping the AC in this temperature will consume lesser electicity which will reduce your electricity Bill.
  • Economy mode will ensure lesser usage of compressor for cooling
  • It is recommended to always buy branded energy efficient Air-conditioner with temperature control. You may save some money on assembled Air-Conditioner, but will pay alot more in electiricity bill during the life of AC.
  • Some of the energy efficient ACs are O-General, National, Blue Star, Hitachi, LG.

Get some good stabilizer installed in case you don't get proper voltage for Air-Conditioner

  • Forcing Air-Conditioner to run on low voltage will decrease its cooling capability and will consume more power.
  • 2KV to 4KV Stabilizer may cost heavy initially, but give you savings over the span of 2 years.

Use 5 watt CFL for bathrooms and toilets

  • Usually the bathrooms and toilets are small and do not need much spread light. Using 5 watt CFL will reduce the electricity consumption .
  • You may put multiple 5 watt CFLs in different corners for well spread illumination.
  • They may cost high initially, but over the span of 2 years, they give good saving in electricity bill.

If you don't find any of these products in your nearby electric shops, please get in touch with Mr. Naresh K. Tell him you're visiting on reference of, he won't mind giving you good discount and service when compared to anyone else.

Hari Har Electrical Stores,
Shop No 2, Navjeevan Bldg. Main Bazar,
O.T. Section Ulhasnagar-4
Phone: 0251 - 2581998


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Shukla      [ 2011-11-22 ]
Nice tips in energy saving and we should be curios to save max energy.I am using havells Lighting in my home which do help me in saving a lot of electricity..
bheem sen      [ 2011-11-14 ]
I really appreciate these article which is helpful to resolve to save electricity problem.
Sumesh      [ 2011-11-07 ]
Nice tips on saving electricity and i want to add 1 more point that rather using so many other devices to save electricity , we can use the products which are manufactured to save electricity like havells clf
Ravi Shankar Sharma      [ 2010-11-29 ]
I am planing to start manufecturing clf and electronic choke how u can help me
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How To Save Electricity Smartly?
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