Largest Prabhat Pheri of the world 2019 from Ulhasnagar

Gurunanak Parbhaat pheris are early morning (4am) processions observed right before Gurpurab (Guru Nanakdev Saheb Birthday). Sikh devotees go around singing Kirtan and Shabads in the neighbourhood. Prabhat Pheris are procession that begin and end at the  Gurudwara organising that.

Every year Dhan Guru Nanak Darbar, Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Saheb ji from Sec 19, Bk no 850, Ulhasnagar-3 organises largest Prabhat Pheri. This year also everyday prabhat pheris are organised from 31st October to 12th November. Largest Prabhat Pheri / Duniya Ki Sabse Badi Prabhat Pheri (Procession) is organised on the last day which is Gurpurab. Also to mark this year as 550 Birth anniversary year of Guru Nanak Sahib ji.

Mahan Kirtan Darbar,  Live telecast of the program will be shown on Aastha Channel on 12-November-2019 from 9:30pm onwards.

Followers of Bhai Sahib Meharwan Singh Sahebji from Dhan Guru nanak Darbar Dera Sant Baba Thahirya Singh Sahib participate in Prabhat Pheri every year with huge number. Darbar is blessed with many saints promoting Sikhism and guidance as given by Guru Granthsahib.

  • Baba Sarbjot Singh Sahib Ji (17the Generation of Shri Gurunanak Dev ji)
  • Sant Baba Sukhdev Singh ji
  • Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji
  • Sai Chandruram Ji (Lucknow)
  • Sant baba Dalip Singh Ji Thakur
  • Swami Gauri Shankardas Maharaj Sadhubella
  • Mata Kamla Sadhusingh Ji
  • Bhai Sahib Jaskirat ji

This year Kirtan will be performed by many famous Shabd Singers including Sant Baba Chimanjeet Singh ji Lal and Bhai Sahib Amandeep Singh Ji.

Courtesy: ADI AMMA GROUP – Ulhasnagar-3
Contact: 9823178400

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