Sindhunagar Metro Station in Ulhasnagar, assures CM Devendra Fadnavis

Visual representation of Sindhunagar Metro Station in Ulhasnagar
Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra

On 11th of October, 2019 during BJP party worker’s rally in Ulhasnagar, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra assured Metro Train line will come up to Ulhasnagar and not till Kalyan. Metro line 5 project which was originally proposed from Thane Kapurbawdi to Bhiwandi and Kalyan APMC market will be extended till Ulhasnagar and metro station in Ulhasnagar will be named as Sindhunagar.

Ulhasnagar city is densely populated with Sindhi Community which was allotted this military barrack camp to Hindu Migrants during independence of India. Hindu Sindhis were forced out of their homes in Sindh during partition as Migrant muslims in Pakistan claimed homes of Hindu Sindhis.

In 1947 the place, then known as Kalyan Camp, had deserted military barracks, originally used in second world war to accommodate soldiers, arms and ammunition. There wasn’t any railway station and there were no shops or any infrastructure in place. It was difficult to thrive in such conditions. Sindhis, with their survival instinct, converted the place in a habitable city and wanted to name it Sindhunagar on 8th August, 1949, when the foundation was being laid. Another group wanted to name it as Ulhasnagar as it was situated on the banks of Ulhas River. Both the names inspired by the water.

Shri C. Rajagopalachari, then the Governor General of India recommended not to fight and asked to go ahead with the temporary name Ulhasnagar, meant to be changed to Sindhunagar, once Municipal office turns operational. That’s how city was named as Ulhasnagar in 1949.

Since then there has been many attempts to change the name of the Ulhasnagar city or the railway station as Sindhunagar, but all have failed. In the year 1999, Bala Saheb Thackery of Shiv Sena Party also announced that the name Ulhasnagar will be changed to Sindhunagar just like Bombay became Mumbai. Sindhis not only themselves rose like phoenix from ashes but also played a significant role in establishing & flourishing the city by constructing colleges, hospitals, Dharamshalas and markets.

With announcement of Sindhunagar Metro Station by Shri Devender Fadnavis, there is revival of hope that ancient Sindhunagar name will find some place in Ulhasnagar City.

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