Doli Nasta, Famous for Nostalgic Sindhi Taste

Sindhi delicacies have been famous for many generations. In today’s generation everyone loves to eat spicy food. So, if anyone wants to have Tasty Sindhi food here is the place called Doli Nasta Wala in Ulhasnagar-3 where you can enjoy the delicious taste of Sindhi Nasta. Doli Nasta Wala has been providing Morning & Evening Snacks for more than 25 years. Doli Nasta Restaurant was started by Mr. Daulat Talreja and Mr. Haresh Talreja. It is located near Ulhasnagar station, opposite to Bhagat Kanwarram Chowk. It is also near to the Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College (CHM College). Many of the college students visit here for breakfast in the morning time.

If you wish to try Sindhi tasty Nasta like Dal Pakwaan, Dal Samosa, Koki etc. you must visit Doli Nasta Wala where you can taste Sindhi Nasta at pocket friendly prices.

Doly Nasta wala’s Tasty Daal Pakwan

For Early morning breakfast, Doli Nasta Wala is famous for Dal Pakwaan. So, basically Pakwaan is crispy in taste and it is made of flour. Dal is blend of chana and moong dal with dressing of coriander chutney and onion on it which is very delicious in taste.

Here, is the list of food items they provideā€¦

In morning Doli Nasta Wala provides food items such as Dal Pakwaan, Dal Plate, Sira Malpura, Koki, Beeh Ji Tikki, Sabudana Tikki and many more at pocket friendly prices.

Doli Nasta Wala Menu with Prices

For evening they have special menu in which they provides items such as Dal Samosa. Dal Samosa is another item which is very famous and it is very delicious in taste and other items like Cheese Roller, Gulab Jamun and many more at very affordable prices.

Doli Nasta wala Morning, Evening menu with cold drinks & Sweets Menu

So, if anyone is looking for Sindhi Nasta in Ulhasnagar. One must try Doli Nasta Wala where you can enjoy best delicious Sindhi Snacks at very affordable prices.

Morning Breakfast Menu at Doli Nasta wala

  1. Dal Pakwan – Rs. 30
  2. Dal Plate – Rs. 20
  3. Bhajiya Plate – Rs. 25
  4. Vada Plat – Rs. 24
  5. Sira Malpura – Rs. 30
  6. Masala Sandwich – Rs. 35
  7. Dhokla Plat – Rs. 35
  8. Dahi Plate – Rs. 30
  9. Koki – 2 pc – Rs. 30
  10. Dal Koki – Rs. 30
  11. Chola Plate – Rs. 20
  12. Chola Pav – Rs. 30
  13. Pav 1 – Rs. 4
  14. Idli Chutney – Rs. 25
  15. Beeye Tikki – Rs. 15
  16. Sabudana Tikki – Rs. 15

Evening Snacks Menu at Doli Nasta Wala

  1. Dal Samosa – Rs. 30
  2. Sada Samosa – Rs. 15
  3. Dal Sandwich – Rs. 35
  4. Bread Pakoda – R.s 30
  5. Soyabean Cutlet – Rs. 15
  6. Vada Plate – Rs. 24
  7. Bhajiya Plate – Rs. 25
  8. Dhokla Plate – Rs. 20
  9. Khamdi Plate – Rs. 30
  10. Gulab Jamun 2 pc – Rs. 20
  11. Pav 1 – Rs. 04
  12. Cheese Roller – Rs. 20
  13. PNR Chese Sandwich – Rs. 30
  14. Beeye Pakoda 1 pc – Rs. 20
  15. PNR Cheese Cutlet 1 pc – Rs. 20

Cold Drinks & Sweets Menu at Doli Nasta Wala

  1. Tea – Rs. 10
  2. Coffee (Full) – Rs. 30
  3. Coffee (Half) – Rs. 15
  4. Bengali Sweets – Rs. 25
  5. Rabdi 100gm – Rs. 40
  6. Lassi (Full) – Rs. 30
  7. Lassi (Half) – Rs. 20
  8. Rasmalai 1 pc – Rs. 25
  9. Angoori Glass – Rs. 50
  10. Rasgulla – Rs. 15

Directions for Doli Nasta wala on Map from Ulhasnaagar Station

Doli Nasta wala route from Ulhasnagar Station

Coverage by : Heena Parsramani

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