Tasty Guru Kripa Ragda Pattice, only for Rs.30

If you are around Ulhasnagar 5 & looking for affordable & tasty Ragda Pattice, you must try it at Guru Kripa Ragda Pattice. This is located near the Bhatia Hospital on opposite side Road. Ragda Pattice comes with a Pattie, Cholla, two types of chutnies & onion all for only Rs. 30. Eat it there or take it as parcel both the options are available.

Guru Kripa Ragda Petice near Bhatia Hospital

Hot Pattice is prepared and fried in front of your eyes which is an irresistible view & you start feeling hungry looking to that.

Guru Kripa Ragda Pettice near Bhatia Hospital, Ulhasnagar 5

You can enjoy the Ragda Pattice dish along with Pav or slice bread which can cost you little more.

Guru Kripa Ragda Pettice near Bhatia Hospital, Ulhasnagar 5

We were 6 people and could enjoy Ragda Pattice Nashta in the evening for only Rs. 200. There is no place in world like Ulhasnagar / Sindhunagar where you can get tasty food prepared in front of your eyes for so less.

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