Tasty breakfast for 4, only for Rs.100 at Shankar Dalwala

In these days of inflation when Rs. 500 is not enough for Pizza for 3 people, Ulhasnagar offers traditional Sindhi healthy dishes that anybody can afford. Yes, the title is right. Four people can enjoy tasty Sindhi Breakfast like Dal Pakwan or Dal Puri or Dal Koki only for Rs. 100 at Shankar Dalwala. Shankar Dalwala is a busy shop early morning & can be easily noticed near the Canara Bank, Ulhasnagar 4.

Shankar Dal Pakwan at Ulhasnagar -4

It was not an easy life for Shankar. About 35 years back when he was not doing well in embroidery business, that’s when he was offered a Canteen job at Ashok Anil Cinema by Mr. Satramdas Jeswani. Here for 10 years he mastered the art of making tasty food, working for 14 hours daily. He didn’t make much money from that. 22 years back he started his own Sindhi breakfast business by renting Haathgadi for Rs. 300 and loan of Rs. 5000 from one of his relative. His tasty breakfast dishes did wonders and today he is the owner of this shop. He has paid for good education of his three children and considers it all as grace of Gods. He is a vegetarian and only offers vegetarian Sindhi dishes.

Shankar Dalwala Sindhi Breakfast Ulhasnagar - 4

Large size Sindhi Pakwan with a container full of Dal, Mung, two Chatnis, onion, beetroot, potato etc as topping, only at Rs. 25.

Large Size Pakwan with Dal Mung cost only Rs. 25

All Sindhi Breakfast Dishes cost Rs. 25

Morning Menu

  • Dal Pakwan – Rs. 25
  • Dal Koki – Rs. 25
  • Dal Puri – Rs. 25
  • Siro Malpuro – Rs. 25
  • Mix Pakora Plate – Rs. 25

Evening Menu

  • Dal Bread Sandwich – Rs. 25
  • Batter Papdi Plate – Rs. 25
  • Dal Samosa – Rs. 25

Free Aquaguard drinking water is offered to all the customers eating at the restaurant.

Shankar Dalwala Pakoda Wada Mirch

Shankar Dalwala Dal Mung Containers Sindhi Breakfast


Shankar Dalwala / New Delhi Nashta House

Near Canara bank, Ulhasnagar – 421004


  • Open on all the days of the week
  • Morning 8:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Evening 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Closed on Monday Evening)

Shankar Dalwala Dal Pakwan Ulhasnagar 4 outside view

If you mention him that you’ve read this article on Sindhunagar.com he will give you a smile and treat you better.

Photos Courtesy:  Sanjay Keswani

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