Demolition of 800 shops to widen the road to 100ft

More thanĀ 800 shops demolished today to widen the Kalyan Badlapur Road to 100ft width. Entire Ulhasnagar 3 main road was covered with security and bulldozers to demolish shops and buildings that are interfering in the road widening process. 4th December, 2015 demolition date notice was served to all these shops. There was huge security on the roads from Shanti nagar to Radha Soami Satsang Hall.

Many Politicians like Kumar Ailani, Gurmukh Jagwani, Anu Manwani & also Jyoti Kalani tried their best to stop this, but this time Government is very stern. Some experts say that road widening is directly considered as need of National security. This is no more the matter of city municipal corporation, but state level decision for National Highway.

ulhasnagar demolition road widening 4-dec-2015 Ulhasnagar-road-widening-demolition1

In the view you can see 17 section to Tilson shopping center in Ulhasnagar-3.

Ulhasnagar-road-widening-demolition3 Ulhasnagar-road-widening-demolition4


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