Sindhi Patrika 2013 by Sindhu Library

Sindhi Patrika 2013 covering all the Sindhi Tithis like Giyaras-1, Giyaras-2, Satnarain, Umas, Ganesh Choth, Chand. Second page of Patrika also covers other Sindhi Important days. This Patrika is provided to us by Sindhu Library, Sindhu Darshan, 2, Kala Niwas, Vency Gajnani Marg, Sindhunagar-421001.

Sindhi Patrika 2013 page 1

Sindhi Patrika 2013 page 2

16 thoughts on “Sindhi Patrika 2013 by Sindhu Library

  1. Thanks a million. V kind of u to respond to my request.
    Regards. Jyoti



  3. Haresh Thakur says:

    Thanks for uploading the Sindhi Thithis and other important dates.

  4. Dheeraj Ahuja New Delhi says:

    pls.send me sindhi tipno 2013.

  5. is there any grahan till August, I want to know this for a pregnant lady, pls let me know

  6. Hi,

    Pls. send me a patrika on my mail id. This is very important.

  7. Pls can you send me the patrika of 2013 on email & also let me know the importance of each sindhi festival in brief…thankyou

  8. raveena ajwani says:

    please send me sindhi patrika 2013 incuding tithis as chand and satnarayan

  9. kindly send me sindhi patrika

  10. sunita anand vazirani says:

    we have been awaiting some one to take this noble step and give life to our language

  11. Jairaj Bhatia says:

    Can you please let me know which date of july 2013 is Krishna Paksh Vadim.
    I am based in Sweden & my fathers death anniversary falls in this month.

  12. Can anyone share mahalakshmi ji katha, when we tied sagra

  13. حاڪم علي جمالي ،نوابشاهه، سنڌ. says:

    تنهنجي ٻولي منهنجي ٻولي سنڌي ٻولي سنڌي ٻولي ،مان وارا سائين توهان سنڌي ڪلينڊر ڏسي تمام گھڻي خوشي ٿي ،شال اڳتي سنڌي ٻولي ،ائين هر سال جيان ڪلينڊر شايع ڪندا ته تمام گھڻي خوشي ٿيندي
    سنڌ منهنجي امان سونهن تنهنجي مٿان ڇا لکي ڇا لکان هڪ قلم هڪڙو مان ڪيئن پورو پوان ڇا لکي ڇا لکان

    سنڌڙي تي سر ڪير نه ڏيندو
    سهندو ڪير معيار اويار
    اوهانجو پنهنجو اوهانجو ڀاءَ اوهان جو دوست
    حاڪم علي جمالي ڳوٺ ،سهتو جمالي
    پوسٽ آفيس حسن جمالي
    ضلع شهيد بينظير آباد (پراڻو)نوابشاه سنڌ

  14. Appreciate your efforts.
    Is it possible to get the entire Sindhi Almanac which expresses every day and date of the year
    Best wishes

  15. Plz update patrika 2014

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