Ganpati Festival Photos from Ulhasnagar

MM Group, located near Ulhasnagar Station (W) 421003. It is one of the most visited and famous group of Ulhasnagar. This year they had idol comprising of 321 different idols.

mm group ganpati


Darya Shah Group, Ulhasnagar

Darya Shah Group

UMC Award for Ganpati


Jai Kali Group from Section 39, Ulhasnagar-5

Jai Kali Group Section 39 Ulhasnagar-5


Home Ganpati from Girish


Ganpati Adi Amma Group

Sarvajanik Ganpati Opp UMC

Jai Bhavani Sindh Group Sec40 Ulhasnagar 5

Sarvajanik Ganpati Sec30 Ulhasnagar_4


Friends Group Sec26 Ulhasnagar4

Ganpati at Mohan K home

Mohan K Home Jyot in Oil Glass

If you wish your Ganapti to be added to this list on Please send the photo with group & location details at our facebook page

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