Cheti Chand Greetings from Sindhu Library

Every year we receive Cheti Chand Greeting from Dada Rochiram who is managing Sindhu Library in Ulhasnagar-1.  Dada Rochiram is Savior of Sindhi culture and language who never leaves any opportunity to promote Sindhi. Look at the Envelope , At least title is repeated in Sindhi language. From Sindhu Library Address is stamped in Sindhi and English. And he ensures there is Bhagat Kanwarram Stamp on the envelope. This is complete Sindhi Card. When this card travels the post offices across the districts and states, everyone on the way is assured that Sindhi Language exists.

All his cards are hand made in Sindhi Language even though his eye sight is week and he is into eighties. For Ulhasnagar he travels on his own for hand delivery, climbs building stairs where no lifts are available. 100 Salutes to him who has kept fire burning for mother tongue even in this age.




6 thoughts on “Cheti Chand Greetings from Sindhu Library

  1. sindhin jo udere waro jhule lal sabhani jo aash pujainder ain har ghariy me paar karan waro sindhin jo devta janh khe varun devta je nale sa bhi asan pukarinda aahiyu. sabni sindhin khe vadayun daulat jadwani ulhasnagar-421003

  2. ramesh ramrakhiyani says:

    lal shah samjbhni jo bhalo kare


  4. masoom sindhi says:

    hind maan nikrandar newspaper and mag study karan lai mushkil saan milan tha, awhan net t pahunji web zareay sindhiat ji seva kare sutho kam kario tha asha atham t awhan sarwani kanda bio iho t sindhi font m sindhi lipi m web khe change kario

  5. daulat jadwani says:

    v r thankfull mr dada rochiram,s activities for wake up sindhi communities &get togather & know them respect to sindhi language & culture writting sindhi cards with lovely greetings .how to make it alives? v r congratulate mr dada & salute dada alot after reading that his one eye is weak but dada keeping show must go on the way he goes to sindhi who have not lift but going by stairs .thanks u sir jai julelal.daulat jadwani ulhasnagar 3

  6. surinder mandhwani says:

    Jhooley lal sadai beda paar – sindhi jithey rahan khoosh rahan

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