9 thoughts on “Sindhi Tipno/Panchang 2012

  1. Sheela Dhansinghani says:

    Thankyou very much for sindhi tipno !!!!

  2. CA PItamber S Jagyasi says:

    Nice effort… I came across iTunes app… can we also have Android one?

  3. Please send me the tipno by email.

    thanks and regards,
    geeta jani

  4. need a sindhi tipno

  5. ghansham das ahuja says:

    sindhi tipno hitre disee dhadi khushi thi awahn dhanyvaad ja patra aahiyo.sabhin bhawran aen bhenuran khe vintee aahe pahinje ghar mein baran sa/baen bhatin sa aen ken bhi sindhi sa milo sindhi mein gaalayo.taden hi pahinji boli jindee rahandi.

    (I am very happy to see Sindhi Tipno here.thank you very much.I request all sindhi bro & sis please please talk in Sindhi language at home with your kids/other family members & any Sindhi person you meet.then only our language will survive.thanks for reading this msg.)

    Ghanshamdas Ahuja from New Panvel

  6. Thank you

  7. dr. heera nand rathore says:

    tawhan bhauran khe dhanyawad aa jo etri mehnat asanji sindhi boli kayo tha….
    please send this tipno on my email thanks im waiting

  8. mohammad waseem noonari says:

    plz send e my tipno

  9. meri tareek janam thadri k din 1986 ki hai main ye janena chahta hn k us din date kya thi

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